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"The Locker Room is Off The Charts, Man."

Sure, there’s $261 million of awesome throughout all of new Husky Stadium.

But for Keith Price and most of his teammates, the Dawgs’ gigantic new locker room may be the most awesome asset of all.

“The locker room is off the charts, man. It’s huge. It’s HUGE!” the senior quarterback said this week, upon the Huskies moving into it.

The Barnard Family Locker Room just off the west end zone of the re-done stadium is about three times larger than the team’s old one, which was in the basement of Alaska Airlines Arena. The new room ended up being in the rough shape of a W, with huge lockers for each player in sections that branch off from an open center with a W sewn into the carpeted floor. There are flat-screen, high-definition televisions galore; seven on the walls that are Xbox compatible, plus nine more without frames at the room’s front center. Those middle screens can display one, huge image – such as team motivational videos -- while coach Steve Sarkisian or anyone else addresses the team.

“All the flat screens around; I don’t even think we need all those flat screens,” Price said with a laugh. “They are everywhere. Everywhere you turn there’s another flat screen.”

Another popular perk: Helmet-gold, over-sized, beanbag-like, Fatboy-brand pillows on which the Huskies can lounge. Those are spread across the exquisitely carpeted floor.

Players, coaches and staff access the locker room with key-card entry through one of two front, glass doors. Or, for practices and games, players can exit and enter en masse through two large garage doors that open and close electronically.

The lockers are open-facing to the center of the room to promote team chemistry. Each has jewel-box light set within it to highlight each player’s helmet shelf. Each locker also has a personal storage area protected by a locking device the player activates with a personal code he punches into a keypad. There is a charging port for electronics inside each mini safe.

There is also player’s lounge area built within the locker room. Just steps away: the weight room, training room, meeting rooms and a nutrition bar that supplies smoothies, energy bars, bagels and other healthy.

So yes, the Huskies’ exquisite, new locker room is truly a player’s home away from home. And a wowing one, at that.

“Oh god, the locker room!” linebacker John Timu gushed on the first full day he occupied it. “It’s so big!

“Like, I don’t even know where to go to lie down. You walk in -- and drop.”

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