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2016-17 Basketball Season Ticket Renewal


More New At Husky Stadium: 700 Televisions, Tunnels Lined in Northwest Wood

The first addition fans will likely notice about the concourses inside new Husky Stadium are how many televisions there are. More than 700 state-of-the-art ones, in fact. That’s about 600 more than the previous Husky Stadium had, ensuring you won’t miss a play while heading out for more snacking. In fact, designers say “it will almost be impossible to miss a part of the game – whether while getting food or walking to meet other Husky fans.”

And those TVs above the concession stands, in the concourses – heck, even in the bathrooms of the luxury suites -- are a little bit larger than your smart phone’s screen, too. The concourses have 42-inch flat screens, and the suites have 55-inch screens.

You remember the old concourses, with asphalt surfaces that helped them make feel like one, big, dimly lit garage? The new concourses have bright, concrete surfaces and modern lighting that are more living room than garage.

Each tunnel from those concourses to the seating areas has more than just walls with a numbered sign telling you where to go. It has native Northwest wood – dark, finished pine from British Columbia, in fact -- over the top and down the side walls. That same wood is underneath the top lip of the new football operations center on the stadium’s west end. Directly over each section tunnel entrance is the iconic gold, block W.

In addition to new, purple signs trimmed in gold that direct fans to sections and to the Don James Center and suite levels, for instance, the concourses also have digital signs with real-time game data.

The restrooms are all new. Guys will notice the troughs are gone, replaced by urinals. Women will appreciate there are 105 more restrooms for you than there were in the old stadium, up to 447 including suites.

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