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Tyler King was third at the Sundodger in 24:05, a ten second improvement over the previous year.
The Finishing Kick With Tyler King
Release: 09/20/2013
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Without any seniors on the roster this fall, third-year sophomore Tyler King is already one of the most experienced runners on the squad, and the native of Coupeville on Whidbey Island is looking to follow a strong track season with an even better fall. King was a top-25 finisher at the Pac-12 Cross Country Championships last year in his first conference meet, finishing 22nd. He then made the NCAA West Prelims first round at 5,000-meters, finishing 26th overall. The former 1A state cross country champ got his season off to a great start with a third-place finish at the Sundodger last Saturday, helping UW to the team win. You guys had a strong start at the Sundodger, how do you think the team is looking overall?
Tyler King:
Team-wise we’re looking pretty good. We had a great debut at Sundodger across the board from top to bottom. We had like ten runners under 24:50, which is a lot better than we have been in the last couple years. We had some freshmen who ran really good, and the older guys were pretty solid. Training has also been going really good. The team really has a good vibe going right now. I think everybody is just really excited and positive about where we’re at right now.

GH: How are you personally feeling with your fitness level? How was your summer?
Summer was pretty solid. This fall things have gone pretty well to start. Sundodger was a PR, so I’ve got no complaints there. I think in training we’re just now starting to work out. Before Sundodger we’d maybe done two workouts, so legs obviously weren’t sharp or fresh or anything like that. I’m training more than I have been so hopefully I can start tapering and be ready to go.

GH: The team has ten newcomers and eight freshman this year, how do you think they’re adapting?
It’s always kind of difficult when you have ten new guys and they make up almost half of your team. It’s sometimes hard to keep those guys wrangled in. But the freshmen are doing a great job, and so are the transfers. I think it would be hard transferring into a program that’s already pretty tight knit, but they’ve meshed in great. They’re really positive guys and we’re happy to have them.

GH: It’s a pretty large contingent of local guys now. Is there a sense of local pride?
That’s one of the coolest parts for me. Coming in, my class—me, Aaron (Nelson) and Meron (Simon)—we had quite a few Washingtonians. And this group coming in has a lot of guys from Washington plus A.J. from California. It’s pretty cool to be able to represent your high school in the state.

GH: You guys don’t have the typical senior leader this year so is it sort of leadership by committee?
We don’t really have outright captains. I think as long as things stay positive it works great. The upperclassmen, we all have our strengths and weaknesses as leaders, but I think we mesh really well to create good leadership through four or five of us.

GH: How did you feel about your track season last spring? You set several PRs and made it to the NCAA first round.
I was happy to make the first round in Texas. You always would have liked to run a little bit faster, and the Pac-12 meet really went the opposite of how we thought it was going to go. The season had its ups and downs and that’s one thing I really want to work on this year. In my first two years I’ve had good races and bad races, kind of like a roller coaster. You learn from that and try to learn how to be more consistent.

GH: How has your training changed or been adjusted heading into this season?
My mileage is higher now than it ever has been. I feel pretty good so I think we’re going to keep holding it at about five more miles than I was running last spring. So far it’s been pretty easy to handle, and it helps that there’s no class. We upped the volume a little bit, but we’re keeping intensity controlled so we’re not running junk mileage. I think other than that workouts have been pretty patient.

GH: Obviously with you guys being so close to NCAAs last year, that must be the big goal this year. Is there anything else the team has talked about?
Our primarily goal is making it to Terre Haute. We haven’t really sat down and written it out, but I think it’s just kind of known. I don’t personally like to make a big deal about writing it out because we know what we want to do and we know what it takes to get there. As far as myself, I want to be in Terre Haute and I’d much rather be there with seven other guys.

GH: What was your summer of training like?
I was at Whidbey Island most of the summer. I was up here a couple times a week running with some guys around here, but I was working on the island and running by myself most of the time, which was kind of unfortunate. I still think it worked out okay.

GH: There must be some nice runs on Whidbey Island.
I’m a little biased, but it’s definitely one of my favorite places to run. There’s a good amount of trails, and I really have no complaints. It’s a beautiful place.

GH: Where are your favorite runs around here?
On Sundays we like to go out to Redmond, either to the Watershed or 60 Acres Park. There are some nice trails and you don’t have to worry about roots or those kinds of things. Then just from here we go through the Arboretum twice a week out Madison to Interlaken, and also run to Green Lake pretty regularly.

GH: How was the camp experience at Seabrook this year?
It was really fun. I felt like we grew as a team quite a bit. When you have 18 guys in one house it gets a little messy, but you also bond pretty well. I think it was a really positive experience. We definitely found out who the worst dishwashers were and the people who didn’t like to clean the kitchen.

GH: Do you live with anyone else on the team?
TK: I live in an apartment with Brad Whitley. It’s just the two of us, so it’s pretty quiet. That helps me concentrate on getting the homework done, getting enough sleep, that kind of deal.

GH: What sorts of activities or hobbies do you like to do now when class still has not started?
We’ve gone out to the lake quite a bit this pre-season which is cool. I just like hanging out honestly. I’m pretty tired from running most of the time, so I just like to hang out with teammates and friends. I also like to read. I’m reading Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage right now, and it’s pretty interesting.

GH: Have you settled on your major yet?
TK: I’m declared as Environmental Science & Resource Management, so I want to do that, maybe get into forestry. My brother is actually a forester with BLM [Bureau of Land Management] so he kind of told me about his job and it sounded pretty fun. Part of me also might want to get into coaching, and your major doesn’t really matter there. We’ll see where the road takes me.

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