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Student-Athlete Academic Services Staff

Kim Durand
Associate Athletic Director for Student Development
(206) 221-3551
 Hometown: Danville, CA
Education: University of Oregon, MS Educational Policy & Management; University of Oregon, BS Psychology, BS Rhetoric & Communication
Why student-athlete academic services: If allows me to combine my passions of education & intercollegiate athletics and work with the best student-athletes and staff in the country.
Favorite food: A great steak
Favorite movie: Dead Poets’ Society
Favorite sports team: The University of Washington Huskies (every sport)
Most memorable sports moment: UW softball and volleyball winning national championships
Interesting fact about you: I enjoy studying Russian history

Ink Aleaga
Associate Director, Campus & Community Engagement
Football, Gymnastics, Men's Tennis, Volleyball
(206) 221-4265

Hometown: Aiea, HI
Education: University of Washington, BA Dbl Major: Sociology & American Ethnic Studies; University of Washington M.Ed. Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Why student-athlete academic services: Good to get involved in another form of coaching student-athletes.
Favorite food: Anything that my mom cooks…oh yeah, my wife too.
Favorite movie: Don’t have a favorite movie, but I find myself watching the 10 Commandments starring Charlton Heston every Easter.
Favorite sports team: 5th grade St Francis boys basketball team, I’m one of the coaches
Most memorable sports moment: 1st start as a Husky FB player. I was a freshman linebacker, and very nervous. I must have done well because I earned “player of the week” honors.
Interesting fact about you: I believe I am one of four players in Husky FB history to earn back to back all first team Pac-10 honors at my position, linebacker.

Matt Bannerman
Program Support Supervisor
(206) 543-0611


Hometown: Ferndale, WA
Education: University of Washington, BA in Communication; University of Washington, M.Ed. in Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership
Why student-athlete academic services: It is a really fulfilling job working with student-athletes and watching them succeed not only in their sport, but in the classroom. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with a world-class staff and help our student-athletes prepare for life after sport.
Favorite food: Seafood
Favorite movie: The Blind Side
Favorite sports team: All Husky Sports
Most memorable sports moment: There are two that I witnessed in person that stand out to me. The first, Isaiah Thomas’ “cold-blooded” shot to win the 2011 Pac-10 Tournament Championship game over Arizona in OT. The second, UW Volleyball defeating USC 17-15 in the 5th set to advance to the 2013 Final Four at KeyArena in Seattle.
Interesting fact about you: I was Harry the Husky during my undergrad at UW.

Liberty Bracken
Assistant Director of International Programs
Men's Crew, Football, Softball
(206) 543-3701

Hometown: Born in San Francisco, CA but grew up in Seattle
Education: University of Washington, BA Psychology; University of Washington, M.Ed. Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership
Why student-athlete academic services: I have always wanted a career that would allow me to help others and counseling gives me that opportunity. Athletics and education have been key parts of my life as well so Student-Athlete Academic Services gives me the best of both worlds.
Favorite food: Cheese on everything
Favorite movie: Chances Are
Favorite sports team: Seahawks and Huskies of course
Most memorable sports moment: Aside from the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, Edgar Martinez’s double in the 11th inning of the 1995 ALS division series to send Ken Griffey Jr. home and beat the New York Yankees to take them to the ALS championship series.
Interesting fact about you: I am the youngest of nine children

Lisa Bruce
Assistant Director of Learning Resources
Men's Basketball, Football, Women's Golf, Volleyball
(206) 616-4133

Hometown: Arlington, VA
Education info each advanced degree: New York University, BA History; University of Washington, MA in Teaching
Why student-athlete academic services: I love teaching and the university environment.
Favorite food: Mac n’ Cheese
Favorite movie: Mulan
Favorite sports team: The Huskies
Most memorable sports moment: Watching Cal Ripken Jr hit a home run the same night he tied Lou Gehrig’s record of 2,130 baseball games played in a row, never missing a single game. Sadly, we didn’t have tickets for the next night, when he broke the streak.
Interesting fact about you: I have a pet python.

Rachael Dunn
Learning Specialist
Women’s Basketball, Football, Softball, Men’s & Women’s XC / TF
(206) 616-2407

Hometown: Providence, RI
Education info each advanced degree: University of Washington, MA English Language & Literature; Rhode Island College, BA English Language & Literature
Why student-athlete academic services: Working with UW’s student-athletes has been incredibly rewarding. SAAS allows me the opportunity to use my education to help student-athletes maneuver their own, and our staff is world class.
Favorite food: Thai yellow curry, cupcakes, ice cream, pretty much any dessert.
Favorite movie:  Mrs. Doubtfire
Favorite sports team: New England Patriots and the UW Huskies
Most memorable sports moment: If by memorable, you mean BEST… the last few minutes of Superbowl 49. Sorry, Seattle!
Interesting fact about you: I was vegan for two years and still enjoy cooking vegan food often.

Anthony Gabriel
Associate Director, Administration
Men's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Women's Track & Field
(206) 543-5265

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Education info each advanced degree: Stanford University, BA Psychology, BA Sociology; University of Washington, M.Ed. Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership
Why student-athlete academic services: I like paying it forward to current student-athletes in recognition of those who helped me along my own student-athlete journey. And I simply enjoy being around athletics.
Favorite food: Hotdogs; A bingo plate from First Samoan Congregational Christian Church of San Diego: fried chicken, rice and chop suey (and an off-brand soda)
Favorite movie: Tombstone – Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer were great.
Favorite sports team: San Diego Chargers
Most memorable sports moment: Having my parents on the field for senior night before my last home football game at Stanford. Also, taking my sons, Daylon and Myles, to the first game in new Husky Stadium was pretty cool!
Interesting fact about you: When I was younger I told myself I would never drink coffee because only adults drink that stuff (and I never wanted to grow up). For this reason, I don’t drink coffee to this day.

Robyn Hefner
Academic Advisor
Baseball, Women's Tennis, Men's Track & Field
(206) 616-3709

Hometown: Eugene, OR
Education: University of Oregon, BS Psychology; BS Sociology; Seattle Pacific University, MA Sports and Exercise Leadership
Why student-athlete academic services: I feel blessed and pretty lucky when I look all the positive things athletics have brought into my life. Working in SAAS gives me an opportunity to give back to the athletic community and help students navigate their way through college and life beyond college.
Favorite food: A nice rare steak
Favorite movie: Band of Brothers (I know it’s a miniseries)
Favorite sports team: Mariners, Seahawks, UW and my running team Oiselle
Most memorable sports moment: Marathons number 4 (2nd Boston Marathon) & 7 (California International Marathon)
Interesting fact about you: I’m a triplet

Edward Jones II
Student-Athlete Development Coordinator
(206) 616-6284

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Education info each advanced degree: East Carolina University, BS Journalism
Why student-athlete academic services: It is a great opportunity to work with and teach student-athletes about life after sport. Being a former student-athlete that was unsure about who I wanted to become, it fulfills my purpose to help students identify their strengths to accomplish their dreams and goals.
Favorite food: Anything edible, but being from the south, if it is called “pie”, I love it! Especially sweet potato pie.
Favorite movie: Coming to America, 48 Hours, Nutty Professor; basically anything with Eddie Murphy
Favorite sports team: UW Huskies, ECU Pirates and Dallas Cowboys
Most memorable sports moment: Walking on to the football team
Interesting fact about you: I auditioned for a high school play by reenacting the entire dinner scene of the Nutty Professor (with Eddie Murphy). Voices and mannerisms of each character.

Rod Jones
Academic Coordinator
Football, Men's Basketball
(206) 685-6621

Hometown: Richmond, CA
Education: University of Washington, BA American Ethnic Studies
Why student-athlete academic services: A great opportunity to give back.
Favorite food: A great Pizza
Favorite movie: The Book of Eli
Favorite sports team: Husky Football/Seahawks
Most memorable sports moment: Beating the Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl 1985
Interesting fact about you: I don’t like swimming in the Ocean because of the fear of Sharks!

Kiaira Ladd
Director of Football Academics
Football, Men's & Women's Golf, Men's Soccer

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Education: University of Miami, BS Broadcast Journalism and African American Studies; Seattle University, M.Ed. Student Development Administration
Why student-athlete academic services: Working with student-athletes is an extremely fulfilling job.  From seeing students excel in the classroom and in their respective sports, to seeing them graduate and begin their lives as young adults, I love having a positive impact on the lives of my students.  Also, by working in student-athlete academic services, I am able to combine my two passions: education and sports.
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite movie: Lady Sings the Blues
Favorite sports team: Miami Heat
Most memorable sports moment: Watching LeBron James score 50 points in Madison Square Garden & being at the Rose Bowl when the University Miami football team won the national championship
Interesting fact about you: I won the Washington state long jump title my junior year in high school

Rob Post
Associate Director, Academic Advising
Women's Basketball, Women's Crew
(206) 543-0610

Hometown: Edmonds, WA
Education: University of Washington, BA Communications; University of Washington, MA Communications
Why student-athlete academic services: I’ve always enjoyed academia.  When I was TAing on campus, I met some student-athletes and really enjoyed working with them.  The next quarter I began tutoring in SAAS to supplement the TA stipend and never left.  I found working with our athletes incredibly gratifying.  I feel really fortunate to have discovered a career that I love, where I look forward to coming into Conibear each morning.
Favorite food: East Indian
Favorite movie: Raising Arizona
Favorite sports team: 2000-2001 Husky Women’s Basketball team that went to the Elite Eight
Most memorable sports moment: Wrestler Dan Gable winning the Gold Medal at the 1972 Olympics without giving up a single point through his six matches… with a severely injured knee.
Interesting fact about you: I screwed up when I was an undergrad and didn’t do an internship until my final quarter, which is when I discovered that I was a few weeks from completing my broadcast degree and now had no desire to go into broadcast.

Pam Robenolt
Director, Learning Resources
Football, Men's Golf, Gymnastics, Women's Soccer
(206) 616-2351

Hometown: Monroe, WI
Education: University of Washington, Ed.D. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; George Washington University, MA in Education and Human Development; Lakeland College, BA in Business Administration
Why student-athlete academic services: I love working with students and I am energized by the campus environment.  I find student athletes to be very dynamic individuals who have accomplished incredible things in their lives.  They are very fun to work with and appreciative of the support to help them manage their very busy schedules. 
Favorite food: Being from Wisconsin I do love my cheese but seafood, especially crab is one of my favorites.
Favorite movie: The Heat
Favorite sports team: Besides the Huskies in all sports, Green Bay Packers
Most memorable sports moment: UW Women’s Softball winning the National Championship in 2009! 
Interesting fact about you: I am a Returned Peace Corp Volunteer who served in Zaire, Africa which is now called the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kirsten Schumy
Learning Specialist
Baseball, Men's Basketball, Men's & Women's Crew, Men's Soccer, Men's & Women's Tennis
(206) 616-3784

Hometown: Marietta, GA/Charleston, SC
Education: College of Charleston, BA in History and Political Science; University of Washington, M.Ed. Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership
Why student-athlete academic services: Because every day I get the opportunity to help someone make his or her life and future better 
Favorite food: BBQ
Favorite movie: Up
Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers and obviously UW
Most memorable sports moment: Either setting the 4x4 school record at College of Charleston or winning my first wrestling match
Interesting fact about you: I’m amazing at Mario Kart and Connect Four

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