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All Three Husky Boats Advance In San Diego
Release: 04/05/2014
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SAN DIEGO, Calif. --- The University of Washington women’s rowing team had an excellent Saturday to kick off their competitive season. The top boats traveled down to California for the annual San Diego Crew Classic where they won all three prelim races to qualify for the grand finals on Sunday, while the rest of the team stayed in Seattle to battle it out with Western Washington and Seattle U on the Montlake Cut.   

The varsity 8+ prelim was up first for women in San Diego, and their victory was a decisive one. Though the crews from UCLA, Gonzaga, University of San Diego and Grand Valley would try to top the Dawgs, they would not achieve it. At the 1000-meter mark, the crew had already claimed an open water lead of a boat length. They would end up cruising into the finish and picking up an easy victory in 6:29.693. 

The finish and time were good enough to qualify them into the Women’s Collegiate Invitational Grand Final to race for the Jessop-Whittier trophy. The other crews battling it out for top honors include three conference foes: USC, Washington State and UCLA and will also feature San Diego and Wisconsin. That race will by at 9:55 a.m. PT Sunday morning.

Next up was the 2V8+ race where the Dawgs once again took on UCLA and USD but were also joined by Texas, San Diego State and St. Mary’s. The field was once again not an issue for the Dawgs as the second 8+ also cruised to a victory of about a length with a final time of 6:38.758.

They will join the V8+ Sunday in the Grand Final races, though competing for the American Specialty Health Cup at 10:40 a.m. PT. The race will also be filled mostly with Pac-12 boats including USC, Cal, WSU and UCLA. Wisconsin will also help round out this race.

The novice 8+ race would finish out the Dawgs for the day at the Crew Classic. The women took on UCLA, Texas, USD and UC-Santa Barbra in their heat, but none of the competing crews would prove to be a challenge for them. They had already secured their lead by the 1000m mark and would hold on to it firmly through the finish.

Their open water victory in front of UCLA clocking in at 6:50.557 secured them a spot in the Collegiate Novice Grand Final, which is set to start at 12:10 p.m. PT against Cal, UCLA, WSU, USD and USC.

Meanwhile back on the Husky home course, the women also were dominate in the field.

To start off the women’s races in the Husky Open, the V4+ boats took to the cut. UW’s top two boats were entered into the field and ended up finishing first and second. The UW A boat would barely beat out the B crew with times of 7:15.6 and 7:20.1, respectively. The Seattle U V4+ rounded out the top three with a time of 7:42.3 followed by the Western A and B boats.

The 8+s were up next, starting with an open 8+ dual race between the Huskies and WWU. UW took a commanding lead at the beginning and saw it through to the finish, where they crossed at 6:53.5 a whole thirty seconds in front of Western (7:23.9).

The novice 8+ boat that stayed in Seattle was up next, again in a duel against Western. This race was a much closer finish, with only four seconds separating the crews. UW would once again pull out the victory, though with a time of 6:50.9 with WWU just behind at 6:54.6.

The marquee race of the day for the girls in Seattle was the V8+. With the top two 8+s down in San Diego for the weekend, the fight that the UW boat in this race put up was extremely impressive. Against the top boats from both visiting schools, the UW boat (7:01.0) was only about half a boat behind the top crew from Western (6:54.3).

Up next for the women after the Grand Finals Sunday morning is a home battle against conference and cross-state foes Washington State Sat. April 12, with races scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. PT.



San Diego:
Novice 8+
cox - Marlow Mizer
stoke - Abigail Ernst
7 - Valerie Vogt
6 - Vanessa Whattam
5 - Anouschka Fenley
4 - Ana Chilczuk
3 - Jennifer Wahleithner
2 - Danielle Hansen
bow - Margaret Phillips

cox - Hannah Lukanuski
stroke - Grace Spoors
7- Phoebe Spoors
6 - Kathryn Brown
5 - Ruth Whyman
4 - Kaitlyn Garlock
3 - Elisabeth Odland
2- Allie DeLarge
bow - Courtney Thompson

Varsity 8+
cox - Madeline Johnston
stroke - Patricia Obee
7 - Fiona Gammond
6 - Kirstyn Goodger
5 - Amy Fowler
4 - Natasha Gay
3 - Elizabeth Vogt
2 - Sarah Doughtery
bow - Madeline Cordner

Husky Open:V4+:
cox - Allison Welty
stroke - Sayra Engh
3 - Camilla Anderson
2 - Hannah Allen
bow - Giuliana Chilczuk

cox - Reilly Dever
stroke - Rose Filer
3 - Danielle Olson
2 - Eleni Englert
bow - Sophia Dalton

Open 8+:
cox - Samantha Storey
stroke - Melanie Barstow
7 - Shelby Fanning
6 - Megan Smith
5 - Maja Chelstowska
4 - Samantha Yewman
3 - Allison Barstow
2 - Margaret Dobrowolski
bow - Kathryn Stivers

Novice 8+:
cox - Delaney Goetz
stroke - Emily Roach
7 - Sophia Baker
6 - Hannah Pickett
5 - Rachelle Frets
4 - Sarah Hartigan
3 - Quinn Fredrickson
2 - Kaitlyn McGlothlen
bow - Emily Moseley

Varsity 8+:
cox - Samantha Potter
stroke - Hannah Aikman
7 - Gabrielle Halula
6 - Kenzie Jorgenson 
5 - Taylor Paddock
4 - Natalie Harshman
3 - Charlotte Kehoe
2 - Tessa Briggs
bow - Zoe Vais

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