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The Rangers -- consisting of Brandon Choate, Erik Forgione, Alex Schmidt, Will Sparks, Jared Fisher, Alex Hardy and Tyler Davis -- won the tug-a-war to clinch the championship of the Omaha Challenge.
Baseball Pays Tribute To Troops With Omaha Challenge
Release: 11/27/2013
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The Omaha challenge was designed to honor our troops and special forces who put their lives on the line every day to keep our country safe.  Over a three day period our seven man teams competed in various physical challenges requiring strength, stamina, speed, agility and mental toughness.  By the end of day three the last two teams standing competed in the tug of war, winner take all.  It’s incredible to see the blood sweat and tears of 12 weeks of strength and conditioning come down to two teams pulling on a rope.  And while only one team walks away a winner, our entire program learns the value of hard work, courage, sportsmanship and teamwork.  For those reasons and many more, we say a special thanks to all those amazing people who work to keep our country safe, and along the way teach us to be better people, better competitors, and better teammates.
--The Omaha Challenge Creed

The Husky Baseball team culminated three days of competition (The Omaha Challenge) on Tuesday in the Dempsey Center and when it was all said and done, one team emerged victorious. The seven-man squad, the Rangers -- consisting of Brandon Choate, Erik Forgione, Alex Schmidt, Will Sparks, Jared Fisher, Alex Hardy and Tyler Davis -- won the tug-a-war over the Nighthawks to clinch bragging rights for the fall.

The Omaha Challenge wrapped up a spirited  fall for the Husky Baseball team that saw the squad bond through teamwork and competition. Five teams consisiting of seven or eight players participated in 17 events. The top two teams after 16 events advanced to the tug-a-war finale.

Although it was close, the Rangers proved to be too strong in the end and pulled its way to victory.

“What a great way to wrap up the team portion of our fall," Coach Lindsay Meggs said. "All five teams had a chance to win, and all five teams left it all on the field.  I was very pleased to see how each team reacted when they found themselves outside their comfort zone.  That’s what this thing is about, and our guys handled it great.”

The winning team was presented special Husky camoflauge hats. Every player wore shirts with "Leave No Man Behind" etched on their backs, following the mantra of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Coach Meggs wrapped up the day with a reminder that today was the last day his team would be separated into five different units. He told them when they come back from Thanksgiving they would be a whole unit and a team all with a unified goal -- working to get to Omaha.

Training with the same mentality that the Armed Forces trains will hopefully help them in their goals. The team utilized the theme of "I am purple" to remind them of their goals every day.

I Am Purple

I am a baseball player at the University of Washington.  As a Husky,

I will do anything I can do to help my team.

I made the choice to be here, knowing it would not be easy and that I’d be pushed to the limit.

I know that I’ll be asked to make sacrifices, leaving friends and family behind, with only the security of my teammates and coaches.

I will keep my mind and my body right, alert and strong, for this is my debt to my teammates and program.

I will not fail those whom I line up beside.  I will never embarrass my teammates, my coaches, or my program.

I will stay in great shape, and take pride in our facilities as this is our home, and we hold it sacred.

I will never stop pushing regardless of the score.  If I am winning I will continue to fight, and if I’m losing I will find a way to win.

My goal is to be purple regardless of the circumstances, and to wake up the next day and do it again.

I am a Washington Husky and I know what that means.  I’m one of a chosen few who can change the world.  I am Purple.

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