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History and Tradition Define New Team and Position Meeting Rooms

The tradition and legacies of 120-plus years of Husky football – plus the convenience of being just steps away from the locker room and field – define the new team meeting rooms beneath Husky Stadium.

Nearly every aspect of a player’s daily life as a Dawg – from weight lifting to meetings to film study, rehabilitation, ankle taping, changing into uniforms and even fueling with nutritious smoothies, bagels and energy bars – takes place within 50 yards or so of the Husky Stadium field. That is a monumental increase in efficiency and convenience over the team’s previous setup of coaches’ offices upstairs in the Graves Annex building, the team’s weight room being in that building’s basement, the training room being in the basement of Alaska Airlines Arena across the way, and the practice and game fields being a long walk from that.

The largest of the meeting rooms is the 100-plus seat team room across the hall from Husky Stadium’s new locker room. The Joanne Acheson Team Room includes a wall mural of the iconic, gold W helmet. The new “Husky football” shield logo that coach Steve Sarkisian is introducing this season is painted on a wall to the right of the large projection screen at the front of the team room. The inscription, “THE DAWG IS LOYAL TO THE PACK; THE PACK IS LOYAL TO THE DAWG; YOU WILL NEVER RUN ALONE” is painted in gold on the purple wall to the left the main, team-room screen.

To the immediate left of that room is the defense's room.

Each of the two rooms have rows of seats, each row higher than the one in front of it. Each seat is oversized, black, and theater-style, with a purple, block W inscribed on it. The chairs have retractable desks on which the players can take notes.

Smaller, position meeting rooms are a few steps down the hall, maybe all of 10 steps from the locker room. Each position room includes a wall mural with in-game photographs of Husky greats of that position from when they were starring at UW.

The Steve and Stephanie Sarkisian quarterbacks’ meeting room is so named because of a significant donation the Huskies’ coach and his wife gave to the construction of the football operations center. That room has game images of Mark Brunell, Cody Pickett, Jake Locker and Marques Tuiasosopo staring over Keith Price and the current Huskies passers as Tuiasosopo, their quarterbacks coach, tutors them.

The team rooms are linked electronically by XOS, a leader in football coaching technology. XOS provides the Huskies with wireless coaching software inside the football operations center. The software is compatible with the iPads each player and coach has for game planning, film study and scheduling. A coach can draw plays on his iPad upstairs in his office using the XOS system. He can then take elevators down to the bottom floor to present those plays on a projected screen to his players in their position meeting room. The players can follow along on their own iPads and download the coach’s strategic creations.

Between the locker room, the weight room and its adjacent training room, the team meeting rooms, the digitally-linked position rooms and the field on which the Huskies not only practice but play, it’s all right here in UW’s sparkling, new football operations center.

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