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2016-17 Basketball Season Ticket Renewal


Sightlines: What a View! 

That may be the lasting take-away of the new Husky Stadium, regardless of where one sits.

Go beyond the one-of-its-kind vistas of the Olympic Mountains, Lake Washington and the Cascade foothills; those remain. What’s gone are the former stadium’s obstructed-view seats at ground level. They were ground into cement gravel and recycled as the basis for the new lower north stands. Also gone: The track that separated the field like a rubberized moat, setting the stands far back.

In the new stadium, the stands are about 45 feet closer to the field all the way around. Now, the seating area begins above sideline personnel, atop an approximately 5½-foot wall that separates the field from the stands. So row one is now a prime-view seat rather than a blocked one.

Old Husky Stadium had obstructed-view seats in the first few rows all the way around the lower bowl. The number of obstructed view seats in the renovated stadium: Zero.

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