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Facilities Reservation Application

University of Washington
Intercollegiate Athletics
Facility Rental Information Packet

Dear Prospective User,
Thank you for your interest in renting a facility with the University of Washington Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. We are honored to be part of the Seattle community and take pride in offering a wide variety of rental facilities to accommodate special events of all types. These events include games, practices, banquets, career fairs, meetings, auctions and weddings.

Facility Rental Criterion

To begin the process of renting an athletic facility at the University of Washington, please contact the Event Management office at 206-543-2246.  Please be prepared to discuss the following:

  • Type of event ?“ Practice, game, meeting, banquet, etc. 
  • Date and Time ?“ Facility availability is based off our athletic schedules.
  • Number of participants ?“ To determine an adequate facility.
  • Facility setup ?“ Table and chair configurations.
  • Audio and Visual needs ?“ Music, microphones, power point presentations, etc.
  • Parking ?“ Rates vary based on the day of the week and the time of event.
  • Catering ?“ The renter can choose any caterer in all of our facilities except the Conibear Shellhouse, where Bay Laurel Catering has the right of first refusal.

After the availability of your event has been confirmed, the Event Management office will initiate the paperwork to complete the reservation. Please refer to the Check list and General Policy on the following pages for more information about the rental process. See the information on the proceeding tabs for requirements.

Thank you,

Event Management Team


Facilities User Checklist

Checklist for Users of UW Athletic Facilities

1. _____ Contact Event Management Office - Please call the Event Management Office at 206-543-2246 to speak with someone regarding the availability of our athletic facilities and the specific information of your event (dates, times, facility, number of participants, equipment needed, catering, parking requests, etc.). Availability of the facility and viability of the event is determined by the Event Manager.

2. _____ Confirmation from Event Management Office ?“ Based on the availability of our facilities and the viability of your event, the Event Management office will confirm that the UW ICA Department can host your event.

3. _____ Complete the FRA (Facility Reservation Application) ?“ After confirming your event, the Event Management Office will email an electronic version of the FRA. Please complete the FRA and return it to the Event Management Office via email or fax (206-616-1523). Please include specific details for your event, including all equipment needs and set-up instructions.

4. _____ Sign the Contract ?“ After the FRA has been received and approved, the Event Management Office will send a contract to the requesting organization. This contract must be checked for accuracy, signed and returned to the Event Management Office prior to the event.

5. _____ Complete the UUF Online Form ?“ To be in compliance with University policies, the event coordinator must fill out and electronically summit the Use of University Facilities online form located at the following website: Please input “UW Athletics” in Line 11 and use the name and email address of your Event Management contact in Lines 12-13. Both the Event Management Office and the UUFC must approve the event.

6. _____ Obtain a Certificate of Insurance - Requesting organizations assume full responsibility for any loss, damage or claims arising out of use of ICA facilities. Proof of Liability Insurance of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence must be submitted to the Event Management Office prior to the event. UW Groups do not need to provide a certificate of insurance.

Insurance Requirements for Use of University Facilities Events produced by non-University organizations may present a risk of injury to participants or third parties. In such cases, proof of appropriate liability insurance coverage is required prior to approval of the requested use (WAC 478-136-060).
  • Provide limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence;
  • Name the Board of Regents of the University of Washington as an "Additional Insured for losses arising from the operations of the Named Insured";
  • Provide for 45 days notice of cancellation; and
  • Be on a form and from a carrier acceptable to the Office of Risk Management. In addition, if in the requested use includes participation in athletic events, the policy must include athletic participation. The certificate or attached endorsement must indicate this coverage with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.

In addition, if the requested use involves the service of alcohol, the policy must include liquor legal coverage. The certificate or attached endorsement must indicate this coverage with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence. Other additional insurance requirements or increased limits (such as child care, volunteers, vendors, etc.) may be imposed in response to the nature of the risks presented by the requested use.

7. _____ Facility Rental Payment- An invoice for facility rental cost will be sent to the requesting organization by the Event Management Office. Payment for facility rental expenses is due prior to the event. The Event Management office will provide the requesting organization with the due date for the rental payment. Additional expenses (i.e. rental equipment, additional clean-up, damage, etc.) will be billed at a later date. Groups can pay with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or a check made payable to the University of Washington.

Additional Documents (if necessary)

_____ Food Service Application - If food will be served and is to be provided by any group other than a University food service (Bay Laurel), a Temporary Food Service Event application must be filed with the Dept. of Environmental Health and Safety. Please complete the form online at

_____ Alcohol Permit - If any type of alcoholic beverages will be served at the event, the Authorization to apply for a Banquet Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages must be submitted to the Provosts Office of Special Programs. Applications may be obtained online at Please complete all steps outlined on the banquet permit website. Additional regulations apply (see application; there is a non-refundable $10.00 application fee).

If you plan to sell alcohol, you must obtain a Special Occasions License to Sell Alcoholic Beverages and receive approval from the Event Management Office. The process requires at least 45 days for consideration and must be submitted to the University Use of Facilities Committee at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Please speak to the Event Management Office if you want to sell alcohol at your event.

_____ Open Flame Permit ?“ An open flame permit is required for the use of more than one candle. A permit can be obtained through the Seattle Fire Department. For more information, go to

General Policy


University of Washington
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
General Policy

The facilities and fields managed by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics are governed by provision in the Use of University Facilities (WAC 478, Chapter 136) and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Facilities Use Policies, herein contained.


ICA Rental Facilities/Fields" are the ICA Facilities/Fields that are available for use by authorized users for a set fee as stated on the ICA rental rate schedule. The facilities/fields are listed below:

Husky Ballpark
Husky Softball Field
Lloyd Nordstrom Tennis Center Courts
Dempsey Indoor Practice Facility
Husky Stadium - All or Lower Stands
Husky Stadium Turf
Husky Stadium Track
Husky Stadium East Practice Field
Alaska Airlines Arena ?“ Main Court
Alaska Airlines Arena ?“ East Court
Alaska Airlines Arena ?“ Harshman Court
Don James Center - Center Room
Don James Center - East or West Wing
Conibear Shellhouse
Founders Club
Meeting Rooms- Various

"Authorized Users" are those groups that are allowed to use the ICA Rental Facilities/Fields. These user groups are categorized as follows:

  1. ICA: The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.
  2. RSP: The Department of Recreational Sports Programs.
  3. Other UW Groups: University organizations other than ICA or RSP.
  4. Educational: K-12 educationally sponsored events.
  5. Non-Profit: Groups with a 501(c)(3)
  6. Outside: Non-university organizations sponsored by a University academic, administrative unit or executed location agreement of filming.
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