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5 Questions With Kirstyn Goodger
Release: 05/13/2013
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May 13, 2013

Goodger, a junior from Auckland, New Zealand, has been a fixture on the varsity eight since her freshmen year. Each year she’s been here the Huskies have steadily improved and they are hoping to make a run at Pac-12 and NCAA Championships. sat down with Goodger to talk about her experiences as a Washington Rower and how the team has been preparing for the upcoming championships. As a junior this season, have your long-term goals changed since your freshman year?

Before I came to UW I really only had one long-term goal and that was to one day represent my country at the Olympics. I established this goal long before I even knew what rowing was, I still remember the exact moment I knew the Olympics were my dream in life. Since my time here at UW this dream hasn't changed if anything it’s become more real to me, seeing how many huskies attended the 2012 Olympics made me realize that I came to a University that pushes you to the top. Although the nature of my goals have remained the same, I have striven to achieve more with my future as new doors have arisen due to the opportunities  UW has provided me with. Things that I never thought were possible at a younger naive age now don't seem to be so far out of reach. Many athletes have superstitions when they compete. Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I wouldn't say I have any pre-race rituals that are out of the usual. I will consume as many carbs as I can, drink a lot of water, get a good night’s sleep the night before things I’m sure most serious athletes do. Something that I do on race day though is to make sure I look the way I want too. One of my old fellow huskies Erin Lauber 12' would always say "look good, race good" and I believe that except every person has their own idea of what looking good is, for some girls it’s their hairstyle, for some guys its wearing clothes that make your muscles look good to psyche out the competition, for me it’s my shades. As soon as I put my racing shades I’m in the zone and it’s just me, my boat, my oar and my girls. How does your training change as the Pac-12 and NCAA championships get closer?

NO MORE ERGING!! Before racing season rolls around all of the UW rowing athletes have to endure what we like to call "the Winter Grind". It consists of rowing in any weather (snow, hail, rain) and getting off the water when it gets dark only to go inside get down an erg (rowing machine) and with the help of your teammates remind yourself that you love rowing. 

Once spring comes around it’s all about the time early in the morning on the water, watching all the sunsets Seattle might offer us and being ready race whenever your coach's tell you too. As we train all through winter developing our fitness once Pac-12s and NCAA approaches its all about the speed and anaerobic development. Were constantly racing and trying to develop a united explosive aggression that will counter anything our competition tries to throw at us. After rowing for varsity as both a freshman and sophomore, do you feel like your experience has made you take on any sort of leadership role?

My time as a freshman and sophomore has helped teach me that a great team is a team of equals. I would like to think that I lead by example, being focused; always bringing everything I can every day, treating my teammates with integrity. But most importantly always remembering that you can get more out of yourself whether it is in terms of fitness, strength, technique and mentality. I never want to consider myself above my teammates as they are the ones through my years of rowing that have taught me the most. If I ever take that for granted I know I will never achieve my dreams. How important have your teammates been in helping you are so far away from home and family in New Zealand?

I have always had an extremely close relationship with my family due to the cultural morals I was raised to believe in. Leaving my family was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life and I still miss their influence on my life every day. My father telling me it never enough and my mother always supportive and providing amazing meals to come home to after a hard row. But my teammates here at UW have become my family, they are always there and whenever its hard they pick me up they are the mother I miss and the boys with all their amazing successes reminding me just like my father it’s not enough just to win but to break every record. Whenever I’m at UW I miss my family in Nz but everyday I am reminded of the amazing new family I have here, and whenever I go home I find myself torn between the two. 

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