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For Immediate Release - August 10, 2011

University of Washington Introduces The Drive For Husky Stadium

Seattle - University of Washington athletic department officials introduced The Drive For Husky Stadium campaign, Wednesday, including the launch of, a website dedicated to providing information about the Husky Stadium renovation.

"The Drive For Husky Stadium is about more than a construction project and more than a capital fundraising campaign," Jen Cohen, Senior Associate Athletic Director, said. "It's about Husky fans coming together during a time of change to make sure that Washington Football remains in its rightful place of prominence among the NCAA's elite programs."

The campaign will carry fans through a transition year at CenturyLink Field and into a vastly-enhanced gameday experience in a renovated Husky Stadium. provides details of the renovation's improvements through a 360-degree virtual venue system. The site also offers users the first intricate look at the stadium's premium seating offerings and allows interested parties to place deposits on premium opportunities including 25 luxury suites, 30 patio suites, and 2,500 seats in Club Husky. Information on seat pricing and Tyee Club donation levels for the 2013 season are also provided on the site.

The renovation's financial model calls for $50 million of the project's overall $250 million price tag to be raised through philanthropic giving. Department officials have confirmed that $42 million of that target has already been raised. The remaining $200 million is to be financed through 30-year-bonds, and will be covered by new annual revenues associated with the stadium including new premium seating opportunities, increased Tyee Club donations, new ticket revenues and naming rights. The entire project will be financed privately by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, with the funding model calling for no money from the state or the university.

For Immediate Release - May 5, 2011

The University of Washington is proud to announce a variety of naming opportunities for the Husky Stadium Renovation project. Listed below are the opportunities offered for individual, family or foundation naming. Limited corporate naming rights are available. For further information on any naming opportunity, contact the Tyee Club Office at 206.543.2234 or

Football Field $50 million
Football Operations Building $10 million
Field Tunnel Reserved
East End Promenade $2 million
Husky Locker Room Reserved
Performance Training Center $1 million
Recruiting Lounge Reserved
North Plaza $1 million
Northwest Plaza Reserved
West Plaza Reserved
Southwest Plaza Reserved
South Plaza Reserved
Head Football Coach's Office Reserved
Team Meeting Room/Auditorium Reserved
Player Lounge $500,000
Training Room $500,000
Football Office Suite $500,000
Assistant Head Football Coach's Offices (2 total) $250,000 each
Coaches Locker Room $250,000
Press Box Coaches Suite $250,000
Tunnel Seat Entrances $100,000 each (30 reserved)
Position Breakout Meeting Rooms (8 total) $100,000 each (1 reserved)

For Immediate Release - January 11, 2011

UW Announces Vision For Student Experience In Renovated Husky Stadium

Seattle ?“ In the next step of project development, the UW department of intercollegiate athletics announced a vision for the student game-day experience in a renovated Husky Stadium. The plan, which keeps tickets affordable for students and does not implement a student fee, includes an enlarged Dawg Pack section which will move to the west side of the stadium.

?Gathering student feedback was a priority for us, and after hearing from a wide range of sources we feel confident in our process,? UW athletic director Scott Woodward said. ?We heard consistently that students were opposed to a student fee and that ticket affordability was important, and we are happy that our vision is aligned with both of those student priorities.?

The $250 million renovation will be entirely privately financed, with $50 million to be raised through major gift contributions, and the remaining $200 generated through new annual revenues associated with the stadium. Overall seating capacity is expected to remain similar to the current capacity. Groundbreaking is scheduled for November 2011, and UW has announced it will play the 2011 Apple Cup and its 2012 home season at Qwest Field.

?There is no better time to complete the project than now,? Ron Crockett, Husky Stadium Advisory Committee member said. ?Financially, this is an aggressive campaign and we all need to be prepared for changes with the renovation. The end result will put us all in a much better place.?

With state-of-the-art amenities, a dedicated student entrance, student concessions, closer proximity to the field, engineered stadium acoustics, sustained ticket affordability, and improved video-board presentation, the student experience in a renovated Husky Stadium is expected to shift in a positive way.

?The renovation means so much to Husky Football not only from a recruiting and student-athlete development and competition standpoint, but from a fan perspective as well,? Steve Sarkisian, head football coach, said. ?A renovated Husky Stadium will be the very best college football venue in America. It will give Husky fans something to be very proud of, and we look forward to making the Dawg Pack the best student section in the country as well.?

In developing the vision, UW ICA leadership has met numerous times with student groups including the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW), UW greek system representatives, the Washington Student-Athlete Advisory Council (WSAAC), UW graduate students, and current members of the Dawg Pack. ICA will now assemble a Dawg Pack Task Force who will aid in creating and implementing ideas for the student experience.

?Student involvement is huge to us,? Woodward said. ?In meeting with our project architects, we have expressed that developing a tremendous student experience is a top priority. We will make sure that the Dawg Pack stays together, stays loud and affordable, and stays a focal point of Husky Stadium.?

Student Experience Q&A
Q: Does the decision have to do with finances?
A: Yes. Financially, UW ICA is a rarity among athletic departments in the NCAA. The athletic department is entirely self-sustaining and is not receiving financial support from the state or university for the renovation project. Furthermore, UW students do not have an athletics student fee associated with their tuition, as students at many other NCAA institutions do. The regent-approved funding model has determined that ICA must raise an additional $15 million annually to cover debt service associated with the renovation, and the location where the Dawg Pack previously sat is prime seating inventory. ICA must generate increased revenue from that area to meet its funding model. Without a move of the student section, the renovation is simply not possible from a financial standpoint.

Q: Where do students currently sit in Husky Stadium?
A: When factoring in the seating that the band occupies, the average student seat is on the 20 yard line. Only approximately 275 of the 5,960 Dawg Pack seats are located between the 40 yard lines.

Q: Is the student section important to ICA?
A: Students are at the core of what we do. What students bring to Husky athletics from a home-field advantage is so important that we?™ve assembled a task force to help make decisions about the student experience as we move forward with the project.

Q: Will the Dawg Pack remain as big as it currently is?
A: Yes. Depending on decisions made by the Dawg Pack Task Force, the department is hopeful that the Dawg Pack will increase in size. Regardless, it will not be smaller.

Q: Will the band stay together with the Dawg Pack?
A: Yes. The energy created from the blending of the band and the Dawg Pack creates a great amount of enthusiasm. The band will move to the west side, along with football and athletic department guests and prospective student-athletes.

Q: Who has UW ICA leadership met with through the process?
A: UW ICA leadership has met with the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW), the Washington Student-Athlete Advisory Council (WSAAC), graduate students, and current members of the Dawg Pack. Additionally, UW ICA has held focus groups with UW students on the subject.

Q: What are other institutions doing?
A: 14 schools that have renovated or built stadiums in the last decade (including Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State and Virginia Tech) do not have students seated on the 50-yard line, and over half of the 14 institutions have a student fee which helped fund the renovation.

Q: What are some of the unique features about the new student experience?
A: A dedicated student entrance on the west side of the stadium. Architectural decisions based on the feedback of the Dawg Pack Task Force. State-of-the-art amenities, student concessions, closer proximity to the field, engineered stadium acoustics, sustained ticket affordability, and improved video-board presentation.

For Immediate Release - November 18, 2010

UW Board of Regents Approves Husky Stadium Renovation

Seattle ?“ At its Thursday meeting, the University of Washington Board of Regents approved a $250 million renovation of Husky Stadium, to be completed by the start of the 2013 UW football season. The renovation?™s funding model includes no public, state or university contributions, and the UW department of Intercollegiate Athletics will be responsible for all funding.

?We are pleased that the Board of Regents has given us the approval to move forward with the renovation,? UW athletic director Scott Woodward said. ?The approval allows us to take the next steps in a project which is vital to the success of our football program and our department.?

The renovation will restore iconic Husky Stadium to one of the finest college football venues in the country. Plans include the complete demolition and reconstruction of the lower bowl and southside upper stands. The track will be removed, and the field lowered four feet to bring seating closer to the playing surface and improve sightlines. A state-of-the-art football operations facility including team meeting rooms, recruiting facilities and coaches offices will be incorporated into the west side of the stadium. Premium seating opportunities, including 25 suites, 25 loge boxes, and over 2,500 club seats, will be built into the facility. Overall seating capacity is expected to remain similar to the current capacity.

?The renovation will not only make our program more competitive, but it will also greatly enhance the fan experience,? Steve Sarkisian, UW head football coach, said. ?The project will provide the best of modern amenities, but still preserve the unique and long-standing tradition of Husky Stadium that is loved by so many.?

UW ICA will use 30-year bonds to cover the project?™s $250 million cost. Under the funding model approved by the Board of Regents, UW ICA will raise $50 million through major gift donations and generate the remaining $200 million through new revenues associated with the stadium including naming rights, increased Tyee season ticket revenue, and premium seating opportunities.

During the renovation, UW will play its 2012 home football season, and the November 26, 2011, Apple Cup game against Washington State at Qwest Field.

First and Goal will serve as the host of the 2011 Apple Cup, pricing and consigning tickets to UW to sell with first priority to their season ticket holders. Any unsold tickets will then be returned to First and Goal, who will open sales to the general public and assume any financial risk associated with hosting the game. The other six UW home games in the 2011 season will be played at Husky Stadium. UW?™s 2012 home season in Qwest provides a different financial arrangement, with the university pricing, allocating and selling all season and single-game tickets and providing a fee to First and Goal for usage costs associated with the event.

For Immediate Release - September 2, 2010

UW Releases Latest Renderings of Husky Stadium Renovation

The University of Washington has released the latest renderings of the Husky Stadium renovation, along with a fly-over video which provides a general vision of the stadium after the renovation. The renderings and fly-over have been generated by local developer Wright Runstad & Co., who will lead the development team for the renovation. (More below)

"We wanted to provide a general vision for what the stadium will look like after the renovation," Scott Woodward, UW athletic director said. "We may still make adjustments to these plans, but it's exciting to get an idea of what the home of Husky football will look like going into the future."

The designs represented in the renderings are subject to change, as UW and Wright Runstad & Co. have yet to formally agree to a predevelopment agreement. However, university officials feel that the renderings present a generally accurate representation of the final appearance of Husky Stadium after the renovation is complete.

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