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Husky Golf Center

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The Husky Golf Center is a cutting edge training facility located on the concourse level of Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion that opened on June 6, 2009 at a cost of $1.7 million. The center provides a campus home for Husky golfers complete with a team lounge, coach's offices, kitchen and locker rooms as well as a large putting green, hitting areas with multiple video camera angles, and a high-definition golf simulator. The 4,260 square-foot center also serves as a place to showcase the tradition and history of both the Husky men's and women's golf programs.

Here are just several of the gadgets in the Husky Golf Center that allows Washington golfer's to train, relax, study and play year round:

Trackman- Trackman is a launch monitor that measures ball spin rate, club head speed, ball speed, launch angle, direction, distance and more. The Husky golf teams use it in the golf center to help with driver fittings and controlling their distances. It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

V1 Software- The Huskies use the V1 swing analysis software in two different locations of the Golf Center. One station is where player's utilize two camera angles to analyze their full swing. Student-athletes replay their swings on 52-inch LG plasma monitors. They also use the V1 software at the putting station. There are two camera angles to help analyze the stroke and roll of the golf ball. The video is also replayed on a different 52-inch LG Plasma screen.

Workbench- The teams are able to maintain their equipment at a club repair area in the lower area of the Golf Center. There are two Mitchell Gauges. one to adjust loft and lie angles for irons and wedges. The other Mitchell Gauge is to adjust lie and loft angles on putters. PING custom built a golf club re-gripping station that is similar to the one they use in their tour department. It allows the Student-Athletes to re-grip their clubs with any grip they would like. On the workbench there is an 8-inch grinding and buffing wheel to grind the bounce on their wedges and polish their shoes. There is also a drill and spikes to change out spikes in shoes.

TV's- There are four 52-inch LG Plasma screen televisions located throughout the golf center that are linked so they can all have the same program on or they can have individual programs. The TV's have the capabilitiy to play DVD's and each is equiped with DVR that can play on any of the screens.

Internet- The Husky Golf Center is equipped with Wi-Fi and has Ethernet plug-ins located in the facility to help the golfers access the internet to aid in their studies. Upstairs there are plenty of tables and study areas the Student-Athletes can utilize. In addition, there are several couches the golfers can either relax, watch TV or study.

Locker Room- Every golfer on the men's and women's golf team has their own locker in the Husky Golf Center.

Ping Pong Table- There is a ping pong table on the second floor for the players (and coaches) on the teams to enjoy.

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