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Kellye Joswick Reflects On Alumni Day - Washington Huskies

Kellye Joswick Reflects On Alumni Day

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On May 14, 2011 the UW women's and men's soccer team hosted their Alumni event at the Dempsey indoor facility. This is an annual event that takes place in order for previous players to reconnect and duke it out in a competitive Dawg Bowl soccer match. While the women alums played on one side of the Dempsey, the men were set up on the other side. It was divided by a "kid zone" where alum's children could go to play and the present UW players would babysit them. I have attended the alumni event the past three years as a player, so I knew what to expect and how fun it was going to be. After ending my career this year, I was extremely excited to finally be able to participate as an alum.


A Dawg Bowl game is 10 minutes long (2X5) with double elimination.  For the most part, the teams were broken up by classes and the years you played as a Husky. Since some of girls in my class could not participate this year (McKenna Waitley, Jane Mitchell, and Kendyl Pele), Hannah Grieg, Makenna Brinster, and I were put on the U36 team.  These were the women who were the first group of players to be coached by Lesle when she came to UW. It was great mingling with them and hearing about their experiences at UW.


The other teams/participants included:

Team 1: Molesagna

Cheryl Gies

Suzanne Hart

Tami Nguyen

Melissa Dunckley

Dana Harrison

Liana Pence

Megan Sussman

Erin VanPaemel

Andrea Morelli

Allison May

Darcy Bond

Terry Richardson

Melinda Torre

Amy Griffin


Team 2: BOL (Bus of Losers)

Dani Bridges

Katy Dowling

Robin Alexander

Katie Hall

Cathy Johnson

Dana Stirn

Shaela Ward

Kim Furniss

Lizzay Showman


Team 3: Hot Dawgs

Nikki Leith

Jenna Robison

Chelsea Bumbaugh

Nikki Murray

Katie Buser

Erin Foley

Alex Kirk

Siana May

Nikki Nease

Alex Philips


Team Four: U-36

Angie Crivello

Erin Bowser

Adrienne Sellers

Dana Kimble

Casey McCormick

Kiki Pheasant

Stacy Ramakers

Jana Wilson

Kellye Joswick

Hannah Greig

Makenna Brinster


The Dawg bowl games were competitive and exhausting but I really enjoyed playing against all the former Huskies. The "Bus of Losers" team won the Dawg bowl tournament this year and was rewarded after during the ceremony. Although my team didn't win, being a part of such a tight bond really made me realize how lucky I am. It was amazing to see the how many incredible people continuously support UW soccer and come out each year to reconnect with everyone. It shows a lot about how special this program is and I am so fortunate to be able to call myself an Husky alum!


On the men's side from assistant coach Brandon Prideaux:

We had a very successful Alumni Day. We were able to gather 33 alums in our second year doing this event which doubled last years attendence.  We were thrilled by their support.  We crowned a champion since we were able to have a ligitamate 4v4 tourney with 6 teams participating.  The championship team was Kyle Fukichi's team below:


Kyle Fukuchi

Marc Barros

Zac Tallman

Dayo Oyetga

Sean Giudice


We are really looking forward to next years event.  Go Dawgs!  



men's team.jpg group.jpg 


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