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Summer Check-In From B.K. Santy - Washington Huskies

Summer Check-In From B.K. Santy

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On Monday, we posted summer updates from Austin Voth, Joe Meggs and Aaron West. Since that, we got another missive from Husky catcher B.K. Santy. Here's what he had to say:

B.K. SANTY, Anchorage Bucs


What's up guys? BK Santy here reporting from Anchorage Alaska, with the Anchorage Bucs. We are nearing the final stretch and are only two games back from the leading Kenai Oilers. Although we are losing guys and a lot of guys are banged up after a long season and a long summer, we are playing loose and keeping the game fun no matter the circumstances because after all, it's a fun game. We have some games remaining with the Oilers so those games will be crucial. This has been an experience that I'll will never forget, and I encourage anybody to play out here because of the good competition and phenomenal atmosphere.


In terms of living I'm now living all alone. Peanut Afenir left a couple weeks ago due to a minor injury. Now my time away from the field is seldom at my host house. I lift with guys from Dallas Baptist and Rice ... Texans know how to lift, trust me. As time has gone on I've actually grown very fond of the majority of our players.


Being one of the older guys on the team from a Pac-12 school, I find a lot of the younger guys look up to me in terms of how to act on and off the ball field. I'm expecting to have that role next year at UW and can't wait to start with a new bunch of talented studs. I'll enjoy the remainder of the summer but I am STOKED about a new year at UW. Go Dawgs and adios from the AK!


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