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More Summer Check-Ins From UW Baseball - Washington Huskies

More Summer Check-Ins From UW Baseball

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Here's are two more entries from UW baseball players and their summer-ball adventures. Today, we hear from Adam Cimber and Tyler Kane:

TYLER KANE, Mohawk Valley Diamond Dawgs


Hi there again from Little Falls, N.Y. The DiamondDawgs just snapped a 10 game losing streak tonight! It was a brutal week and a half. Other than losing so many games things are going great here. I've gotten into a routine of going to the YMCA every day to lift, some days I run there and back. After that I head over to the field for our games.


The best part of this summer has been some of our off days. Just this last Monday I went to Fenway Park for the first time and it was incredible. I even got to see Travis Snider who plays for the Blue Jays and is from my home town, Mill Creek, Wash. He also played with Husky teammate Geoff Brown in high school. On a day that we got rained out at home we had a great time with tarp sliding. We had about six inches of water on the tarp and would run and slide about fifty feet.


Baseball couldn't be much better for me right now. I'm in the closer role as of right now and am proud to say I have not walked one person. I am actually getting a start this Saturday at home and pumped for that. Not too much else to report but I'll be checking in later on.


ADAM CIMBER, Green Bay Bullfrogs


What's up? Checking back in from Green Bay. Riding a bus to Wisconsin Rapids as I write this. The weather's gotten a lot warmer since my last post. Hasn't been raining as much and most days are clear skies. Hot and HUMID. With the increase in heat comes an increase in bugs.


Before I got here I talked to people who knew the area, and they all said be sure to bring bug spray. Then I got here and was like "Ehhh, bugs aren't that bad." This past week has been unbelievable though.


Mosquitoes run this city. Apparently when the Bullfrogs were formed a few years ago, we were almost called the Green Bay Skeeters, 'cause of all the pests. Right around the seventh inning, a cloud of them just cruises in and eats everybody alive. My buddy in the pen counted yesterday and has 108 bites on him. It was a manic panic in the dugout yesterday, everyone fighting to grab the single can of bug spray we had with us. You look out at the field and see guys at every position dancing around smacking themselves trying to kill them. It's gross.


Baseball-wise, I'm having more fun than ever. Doesn't get much better than sleeping in, hitting the gym, playing a game, and hanging out with the guys in between. It's a good group of guys and I think we've got a good shot at making the playoffs. The way the Northwoods works is the season is divided into two halves. The winner of the first half gets a playoff birth and the winner of the second half gets the other.


With two divisions, four teams go. We just came up short the first half, one game back of the first place team.


Personally, I've been throwing well. Put on five pounds already. Working hard and having fun. Miss my UW family though and can't wait to see them in a couple months. I'll be checkin' back in soon. Later!

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