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Getting To Know B.K. Santy - Washington Huskies

Getting To Know B.K. Santy

| No Comments | No TrackBacks got a minute to catch up with senior catcher BK Santy.


Santy, a team captain and leader from San Diego was a JC transfer in 2010 from Palomar College. He caught 43 games last spring for the Dawgs, hitting .288 with seven doubles, one home run and 18 RBI.


We wanted to find out some more about the man behind the mask. Here is what we learned:


Q & A with Sr. Catcher BK Santy



Why did you choose Washington? I chose UW because I wanted to play in the best conference in the nation, and I knew this was the best option in terms of academic prestige.


Do you have a pre-game ritual? A pre-game ritual I have is visualizing success a few minutes before the game, and singing some of my favorite songs to calm myself.


As a junior college transfer, what has been the biggest different from JC to the Pac-12? In JC ball there are a few guys on each team that are special in terms of their ability to play baseball at a high level. In the Pac every guy has that ability no matter who you play, and every game is going to be a challenge and a grind.

What sport would you play if you didn't play baseball? If I didn't play baseball I'd either be a beach volleyball player or play professional dodgeball player.

What do you like to do during summer vacations? During summer vacations I like to go to the beach all day, surf, and play volleyball.

What's your favorite thing about Seattle and why? My favorite thing about Seattle has got to be the beautiful surroundings. It's always fresh and clean everywhere which is extremely refreshing.

What's your favorite class you've taken at UW and why? My favorite class at UW was probably history of the Vietnam War. It was great learning about Vietnam's brutal history and get an in-depth glimpse of the Vietnam War.?

What does it mean to you to be a Husky? Being a Husky means working hard not because you have to but because you want to. This year we have bought into this motto and the attitudes of every individual player on our squad is something I'm pumped about.

Which teammate is the biggest comedian? The biggest comedian on the team is sneakily Zack Wright. Anything that guy does makes me laugh.

What are you most looking forward to about this season and why? This season I'm looking forward to playing with a dugout full of Huskies who want to win just as bad as I do. I want to prove people wrong and leave the UW on a positive note, knowing that I was an important part in the transformation of Husky Baseball. Above all else I want to win, and make the post-season tournament.

What do you want to do after your playing career is over? After my baseball career is over I want to be a high school history teacher and baseball coach somewhere. I love working with people and socializing, and I can't see myself becoming bored with a job like that.

What is your favorite place to play an away game in the Pac-12 and why? My favorite place to play in the Pac 12 is probably USC just because it's closest to home which allows my family and friends watch me play, because USC is only an hour and a half north of San Diego.

What musical artists are currently in your iPod? Music artists currently on my iPod are Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, ACDC, Jack Johnson, and Tribal Seeds.

What are you majoring in, and why? I am majoring in history, because it's the only subject that doesn't bore me, and I'd like to teach to teach it one day.?

Who is your favorite major league player, and why? My favorite MLB player is Derek Jeter, mostly because I am a huge Yankee fan (blood not bandwagon), and he is the ultimate symbol of class, respect, and consistency in the game of baseball.

What family member has been most inspirational to you? The most inspirational family member for me is a tie between my mom and dad. My dad has always been my coach and great teacher of the game, but at the same time he never put too much pressure on me, and wanted me to enjoy playing the game of baseball. My mom on the other hand did care about baseball, but much more about me succeeding in life, and being a good person. She has shown me nothing but love and support in every aspect in my life, and I am blessed to have such great and devoted parents.

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