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A Little More UW at Stanford TV Information - Washington Huskies

A Little More UW at Stanford TV Information


Thumbnail image for n74295466223_6573.jpgThe Pac-10 announced today that they have worked out an arrangement to televise the Washington at Stanford football game next weekend (Sept. 26) at 6 p.m. on FCS.  The game was not selected as part of the league's three-game television package for that day by ABC, FSN or Versus.  Once that decision was made, UW officials contacted the Pac-10 office and Stanford officials to find a workable solution that would provide a way for Husky fans to watch the game.

After spending several days examining options - including a potential closed-circuit showing in Husky Stadium - the league office brokered a deal with FSN to televise the game on one of the network's digital channels, Fox College Sports (FCS).

Kudos should be handed out to the Pac-10, FSN and FSN Northwest (which is obligated to show the Washington State/USC game that is part of the league package - but agreed to take a potential ratings hit to provide Husky fans a way to watch the Dawgs play) for working to find a solution that benefits everyone - especially Huskyv fans!

For information on how to receive FCS, please click here or call your local cable provider.  FCS is generally part of a "Sports Tier" of programming, so your local cable provider should have that information available.  If you have Comcast as your cable provider, the number to call is 1-800-COMCAST.

Here is a pretty good website that has channel listings in various parts of the country.


Way to go athletic department for getting this done! finally the VOICE OF THE FAN has been heard!

Will this game be available on DirecTV?

No one wants to see USC beat WSU by 60+ anyway. This way they get the match up they should have had in the beginning.

This is not a good deal for us Husky fans. I would suspect few Husky fans subscribe to the expensive upgraded Fox Sports Package. I am very disappointed in this as I was looking forward to watching the game on a channel that most everyone gets. Disappointed loyal fan in Mukilteo.

I must say that I am disappointed as well as to the coverage for Husky games. Being on disability I cannot afford to pay for premium channels and can't even find the games on radio much anymore. I have been a fan for over 39 years and this is not good for anyone! Thanks for screwing this up for everyone!

Don't know this station that the game will be on so would like to know where to watch it in the Longview area (sports bar, tavern?)

Im excited that I'll be able to watch this from my house in Nashville,TN - Go Dawgs - The march to the top continues!

The cost was about $5 - very affordable!

Airing the UW-Stanford game, or any UW game for that matter, on FCS is no solution. If the UW wants to be thought of as a "big time" program they are going to have to make ALL their games available to standard package viewers. Telling loyal, local fans to "upgrade" to an expensive sports package in order to watch conference road games is unacceptable....PERIOD. Especially in this economy!

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