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GAMEDAY: #24 Dawgs Travel To Stanford - Washington Huskies

GAMEDAY: #24 Dawgs Travel To Stanford

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Follow the Huskies throughout the game today on the Dawg Blawg!

We'll have a running blog throughout the game to give you an inside view of the Dawgs' trip to Northern California to face Stanford.  So, check back throughout the game for updates. If you have questions or comments, feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

We'll also have periodic updates on the official UW Twitter page (@UWSportsNews).

There is also some really great content from this weekend's trip to Stanford on!

After the game, don't forget to check out comprehensive coverage of today's game on! There will be a photo gallery, quotes, notes and stats as well as a recap of the game.

Thanks For Following The Dawg Blawg (8:41 p.m.)

The Washington athletic communciations staff will be leaving the press box in a few minutes to go to the field for postgame press responsibilities.  Thanks for following this blog and our Twitter feed (@UWSportsNews) tonight.  Check after the game for a full recap, statistics, photos and more.

Stanford Drives After UW Turnover On Downs (8:39 p.m.)

The Cardinal flexed its rushing game muscle to drive halfway down the field after the Huskies failed on its second fourth down conversion of the game to take a 34-14 lead with 9:20 left in the game. 

Strange Night, Indeed (8:29 pm.)

Another strange play in the game occurred early in the third period.  With third down and long, Locker takes the snap and drops back to pass.  As the pocket collapsed, he fumbled the ball.  Locker recovered while the ball was falling out of his hands, grabbed it and took off running around the left side of the line for 11 yards and a first down.  The crowd had assumed the play was dead earlier but was silenced with the first down.

End Of The Third Period (8:25 p.m.)

The third quarter ends with the Huskies driving.  Washington gave up just three points in the quarter despite Stanford holding a major edge in possession time.  For the game, Stanford leads the rushing stats battle 208-85.

Huskies Losing Turnover Battle (8:12 p.m.)

After a scramble on third down and two, Jake Locker tossed an ill-advised pass into the middle of the field and Stanford's Delano Howell grabbed his second interception of the game.  The Huskies now have one fumble and two interceptions, while forcing the Cardinal into two fumbles - giving the Huskies a minus-1 in the turnover category.

Bronson Sees First Career Action (8:08 p.m.)

Freshman Demitrius Bronson entered the game with just more than 8:00 left in the third period, his first action of his career.  A native of Kent, Wash., Bronson signed with the UW in 2008 but missed that season due to academics.  He entered the UW in the spring and was able to go through spring practice.

Halftime Photo Gallery (7:52 p.m.)
CLICK HERE for a great photo gallery courtesy of

Tough First Half For The Dawgs (7:33 p.m.)

Washington heads into the locker room down 24-14 at the half.  A couple of solid offensive drives keep the UW hopes alive as the defense has had a tough time keeping the Stanford rushing game in check.  The Cardinal rushed for a total of 194 yards on 25 carries in the half.  Stanford senior running back Toby Gerhart rushed for 156 yards on 13 carries (12.7 yards per rush).  Jake Locker went 9-for-16 for 125 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT in the half.  Chris Polk led the Huskies on the ground with 52 yards on 11 carries.


A nice four-play drive by the Huskies after holding Stanford to just a field goal was culminated with a 19-yard touchdown pass from Jake Locker to Jermaine Kearse!  It sure doesn't seem like it since he has several key catches this season, but that was Kearse's first TD pass this season.  Stanford leads 17-14.  After the TD, the Huskies gathered on the sideline and jumped up-and-down mosh-pit style!  The Huskies seem fired-up, for sure.

It's Going To Be A Strange One! (6:43 p.m.)

Before anyone could even take a breath, Stanford's Toby Gerhart took a handoff around the right end and went 61 yards for a touchdown.  Cornerback Desmond Trufant (one of two true freshman starters, along with Talia Crichton) had the best shot at him inside the 10 yard line but was blocked.  It was the longest run of Gerhart's career at Stanford.  The score is now 14-7 Stanford with 1:43 remaining in the first period.


One of the strangest plays of the season resulted in a Washington touchdown!  Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck rushed forward a few yards, then inexplicably passed it just a tad behind the running back, who missed the toss.  UW's Justin Glenn picked it up and ran it 51 yards untouched for a touchdown.  The play was reviewed and called a TD.

UW Losing early Turnover Battle (6:36 p.m.)

With a third down and one-yard to go, Jake Locker and Ryan Tolar's exchange from center was mishandled and fumbled.  The Stanford defense covered it for its second takeaway of the game.  This, a play after a Locker timeout narrowly averted a false start penalty when Goodwin was in motion and Paul Homer jerked forward.

Huskies Get A Break (6:27 p.m.)

With Stanford driving to Washington's 17-yard-line, the Husky "D" rose to the occasion and forced a fumble of Cardinal running back Toby Gerhart.  After a short gain, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim forced a fumble that was recovered by E.J. Savannah at the 11-yard-line.  The Huskies have forced at least one turnover in each of its three games this season.

First Drive Ends In Howell's Hands (6:18 p.m.)

The Huskies' first drive looked promising after Quinton Richardson took the opening kickoff 35 yards, then some tough running by Chris Polk drove the ball into Stanford territory.  But, a Locker pass intended for D'Andre Goodwin was intercepted at the 2-yard-line by Delano Howell.  Husky fans might remember Delano's brother, Dan, a linebacker for the Huskies a few seasons ago and a frequent visitor to Husky Stadium these days as an alum.

Stanford Takes Early Lead (6:10 p.m.)

Well, that wasn't the start the Huskies wanted.  Stanford's Chris Owusu returned his third kickoff for a TD this season - tying a Pac-10 record in just the third game of the year for the Cardinal.  It was the first kick returned for a TD against Washington since UCLA in 2007.


Washington Wins The Toss (6:08 p.m.)

The Huskies won the toss for the second week in a row and elected to defer to the second half.  The UW will kickoff and will defend the North end zone.  Jake Locker, Donald Butler, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim and Ryan Tolar were captains.  Greg Walker and Nate Fellner were honorary captains for this week.

(Right) Scribes from Seattle are pecking away at their laptops so it MUST be gametime!

Stanford Band takes the field (5:45 p.m.)

One of the more (ahem) "interesting" marching bands in the country, the Stanford Band has taken the field for their pre-game show.  They are currently playing "Spoonman" by Soundgarden and running all over the field.  A few of them are playing catch with oversized frisbees.  A giant pink Pig appears to be circling...  kinda kooky.  (updated:  apparently it is some type of a tribute to Swine Flu?).

Thumbnail image for IMG_2532.JPGAt Stanford Stadium (5:35 p.m.)

The team is warming up and things are starting to cool off here at Stanford Stadium.  The temperature here is currently 89 degrees and reportedly got as high as mid-90's.  The Huskies are wearing purple pants and are sporting the new white jerseys that Husky fans had a chance to see for the first time (on a mannequin, of course) at the Spring Game.


Gameday Preview Links

Here are a few UW and Stanford-related links on pregame coverage today (notice a theme?):


Answers to a few things you might have wondered:

Q:  What's does the team do on the road?

A:  Once the team leaves campus, usually early afternoon on Friday, it takes a charter flight to the city of its opponent (this week, the team flew into San Jose).  Usually, they will board a bus and go straight to the stadium and check out the locker room and the field.  Generally this "walk-through" is designed to simply give the players and coaches a chance to stretch their legs and get a feel for the environment.  The team will then either head to a restaurant or the hotel, eat a good meal then settle into a couple hours of meetings and preparation before bed.  On game day, the team will wake-up and have breakfast, conduct more meetings, have a pregame meal, get taped and head to the stadium.  It all depends on the game time.  This week, with the late game time, there will be a little more rest time than usual.

  rondeau.jpgQ:  Do the UW radio announcers travel with the team?

A:  Yes.  Bob Rondeau, Chuck Nelson and Elise Woodward, along with Terry Ryan - the engineer, travel on the team charter.  There are a few other folks, such as spotters and statisticians, who travel separately.  It takes a pretty big crew to be able to provide radio broadcasts to Husky fans and they do a great job!

A:  How do the television announcers know so much about the two teams, particularly since they don't follow them all year?

Q:  Generally, the head coach and both coordinators meet with the television announcers sometime before each game.  Sometimes, they all talk via conference call.  Most of the time, however, they will meet in person on Fridays.  At home, that meeting usually takes place early in the afternoon - before the team walk-through.  On the road, those meetings are often at the hotel after the team arrives.  The TV meetings are usually pretty interesting because the coaches go through a great deal of "insider" type of information in order for the broadcast to go well.  It also provides a great opportunity for the coaches to promote the positive aspects of the program - which almost always gets discussed on the telecasts

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Husky athletics,
Love the new look on the uniforms. I was a little disapointed with the purple pants and black socks on away game this week. I was thinking that the look was gold or white pants with stpipes and white socks???? Why the change since we saw the look at picture day.....Chris

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