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Staff Directory

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Washington Intercollegiate Athletics

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics | University of Washington
Box 354070, Graves Building, Seattle, WA 98195

Main Phone: (206) 543-2210 | Tickets: (206) 543-2200

Executive Staff    
Name Title Phone (206)
Scott Woodward Director of Athletics 543-2212 huskyad
Jennifer Cohen Senior Associate Athletic Director 221-4850 jcohen
Lance Lopes Senior Associate Athletic Director 543-9876 lopesl
Shondell Reed Senior Associate Athletic Director 543-4621 sdreed3
Stephanie Rempe Senior Associate Athletic Director 685-2634 srempe
Robert Sasaki Senior Associate Athletic Director - Chief Financial Officer 685-7554 sasakirh
Athletic Administration 616-4334 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Nina Ellen Keaney Executive Assistant to the Director 543-2212 keaneyne
Ann Higgins Assistant to Sr. Assoc. AD (Rempe) 543-2279 higginsa
Frank Hodge Faculty Athletic Representative 616-8598 fhodge
Pabail Sidhu Analyst, Sports Programs and Business 849-7106 pabail
Janet Sukraw Receptionist and Asst. to Assoc. AD OPS & Capital Projects 543-2210 jsukraw
Academic Services 543-0611 | 616-5813 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Academic Services Tutorial Services 543-2427  
Kim Durand Associate Athletic Director for Student Development 221-3551 durand
Ink Aleaga Asst. Director, Campus & Community Engagement - FB, GYM, MTENNIS, VB 221-4265 aleaga
Matt Bannerman Program Support Supervisor 543-0611 mbann91
Liberty Bracken Academic Advisor - MCREW, FB, SOFTBALL 543-3701 lpatos
Lisa Bruce Learning Specialist - MBB, FB, WGOLF, VB 616-4133 lrbruce
Anthony Gabriel Assistant Director, Administration - MBB, WSOC, WT&F 543-5265 apg52
Robyn Hefner Academic Advisor - BASEBALL, WTENNIS, MT&F 616-3709 hefnerr
Rod Jones Academic Coordinator - FB, MBB 685-6621 rodjones
Kiaira Ladd Director of Football Academics - FB, M/WGOLF, MSOC 543-9087 kladd
Rob Post Assistant Director, Academic Advising - WBB, WCREW 543-0610 rpost
Pam Robenolt Director, Learning Resources - FOOTBALL, MGOLF, GYM, SOFTBALL 616-2351 proben
Alafiani Washington Tutorial Services Coordinator 543-2427 icatutor
Edward Jones II Student-Athlete Development Coordinator 616-6284 ejonesii
Kirsten Schumy Learning Specialist - BASEBALL, M/WCREW, MSOC, M/WTENNIS 616-3784 kschumy
Athletic Communications 543-2230 | 543-5000 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Carter Henderson Assoc. Athletic Director for Public Relations & Communications
685-8879 chender2
Jeff Bechthold Director of Communications (FB) 685-7910 bechtold
Brian Tom Assoc. Dir. of Com. (FB, BASEBALL) 897-1742 briantom
Mike Bruscas Assistant Dir. of Com. (VB, XC, T&F, SVB) 543-2331 mbruscas
Ricky Brackett Assistant Dir. of Com. (WBB, MSOC, M/WGOLF) 790-6368 rbrack
Ashley Walker Assistant Dir. of Com. (MBB, M/WTENNIS) 240-3899 awalker1
Justin Green Grad. Asst. of Com. (WSOC, GYM, M/WCREW) 543-2230


Traci Bode Grad. Asst. of Com. (SOFTBALL) 543-2230

Mason Kelley Director of Content Creation 685-8764 makelley
Brian Wagner Manager of Digital Media / Internet Services 384-8317 brwagner
Ryan Hueter Manager of Social Media (360) 460-7047 rjhueter
Business and Finance 616-6198 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Robert Sasaki Senior Associate Athletic Director - Chief Financial Officer 685-7554 sasakirh
Tanya Bacon Administrative Specialist 543-1744 tbacon
Julia Ramos Athletic Business Manager 543-2863 jramos
John Brotherton Budget/Fiscal Analyst 543-3255 jbrother
Ronda Grazen Procurement Specialist 685-1306 rlgrazen
Bill Egan Fiscal Specialist 543-2639 began
Kelsey Whitcomb Fiscal Specialist 616-2437 kelsew2
Kirsten Rarich Fiscal Tech 685-2178 kraich
Compliance 543-0981 | 616-5813 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jackie Mynarski Associate Athletic Director, Compliance 543-6468 jmynarsk
Marilou Michelena Director of Compliance 685-8048 mariloum
Kiley Strong Director of Compliance 221-4097 kstrong1
Chase Meyer Compliance Coordinator 543-0981 cmeyer27
Tony Hong Compliance Coordinator  543-2290 tonyh9 
Computer Systems    
Name Title Phone (206)
Erik Jones Chief Technology Officer - Associate Athletic Director 543-8940 ejones5
Trevor Baglien Director of Information Systems 543-7412 baglient
Equipment 616-6197 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Bart Fullmer Director of Equipment Operations 221-6239 bfullmer
Karen Gunderman Equipment Manager 543-9719 kgun
Daniel Matusalem Laundry Equipment Operator 616-8836  
Gary McGuire Equipment Manager 685-6647 mcguireg
Jose Naguit Equipment Manager 685-0102 jnaguit
Ashley Kroll Equipment Manager 616-0167 krollab
Anthony Schimizzi Equipment Manager 616-8949 schimizz
Phillip Velasco Laundry Equipment Operator 616-8836 pvelasco
Event Management and Facilities    
Name Title Phone (206)
Facilities Main Line 543-7373  
Event Management Main Line 543-2246  
Chip Lydum Associate AD Operations & Capital Projects 616-2026 clydum
Janet Sukraw Asst. to Assoc. AD OPS & Capital Projects
543-2210 jsukraw
Dan Gaston Asst. Athletic Director Events & Operations 616-3014 gastond
Dan Erickson Director of Events & Guest Services 685-2570 dgerick
Jacquie Mattson Director of Athletic Facility Sales and Rentals 685-3290 jacqm
John Terry Assistant Director of Events 685-8442 jterry2
Lisa Nielsen Assistant Director of Events 685-2305 nielsenl
Megan Welsch Assistant Director of Events 685-1093 mwelsch
Sheila Donavon Asst. to Asst. AD Events & OPS Program Supervisor 543-7373 sdonavon
Scott MacVicar Grounds Manager 543-8470 macvicar
Peter Young Audio Lead 616-8838 pyou
Kramer Stephenson Duration Appt/Utility Worker Lead 543-7373  kramer12
Tyler Haggett Utility Worker Lead 616-9077 thaggett
Alex White Utility Worker Lead 685-1596 awilmw
George Blas Utility Worker Supervisor 616-1596 blasg
Julio Calvio-Borja Utility Worker Lead 616-1596 borjaac
Wayne Mortenson Utility Work Supervisor 685-2130 waymor
Peter Baker Painter Lead 543-7373 bakerp2
David Stubbs Painter Lead 543-7373 stubbs88
Eric Kittilson Stadium Manager 310-0319 erikk2
Juan Argumedo-Hernandez Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 seattle7
Jose Basurto-Barajas Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 basurto
Roberto Cabrera Maintenance Custodian 616-1596  
Domotilo Calderon Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 domtic
Carolyn Chaney Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 cchaney
Celia Carcia-Linares Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 celiag2
Zenon Izazaga Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 izazaz
Robert Preisinger Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 preising
Don Larson Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 dml22
Ricardo Estrada-Mateos Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 remateos
Monique Garcia Maintenance Custodian 616-1596 mdgar81
Joshua Teuscher Grounds Lead 616-9331 teuscj
Tyler Clay Grounds Lead 616-9331 clayt2
Luther Martin Gardener Lead 616-9331 ism3
Dean Pearson Gardener Lead 616-9331 deanp42
Advancement 543-2234 | 685-8933 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jennifer Cohen Senior Associate Athletic Director 221-4850 jcohen
Laura Cañate Asst. Director for Stewardship 543-8587 lcanate
Cathy Ellis Program Support Supervisor 685-1284 canuck
Alicia Fox Development Services Officer 221-3664 foxam
Bobby Weigand Program Coordinator 685-4416 rweigand
Lee Grever Major Gift Officer 685-9619 lgrever
Shannon Kelly Assoc. AD for Advancement 616-9470 shannonk
Regina Paolucci Major Gift Officer 616-3624 paolucci
Mike Plonski Director of Membership 685-1946 mplonski
Krista Rammelsberg Asst. Director of Development 221-3588 kramm
Dean Suddath Assistant Director of Development 543-2460 dsuddath
Mike Keller Major Gift Officer 616-3385 makeller
Karen Young Asst. Director of Events & Donor Engagement 616-1180 kgyoung
Carolyn Kach Asst. Director of Advancement 724-5168  kachc
Husky Band and Cheer 543-7383 | 616-2194 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Dr. Brad McDavid Director of Athletic Bands 897-1408 bmcdavid
Josh Chaney Program Coordinator 543-7557 jtchan
Cody Brick Co-Ed Cheer Coach 616-3599 coedch
Sheila Sampatacos Dance Coach 616-3599 wdance
Cory Meals Graduate Assistant Director 543-0824 cdmeals
Edd George Graduate Assistant Director 897-1463
Marcus Pimpleton Graduate Assistant Director 897-1463 mjpimp
Ben Gary Band Instrument Repair Technician 897-1464 bengary
Ruby Galen Undergraduate Assistant 543-2920 rubyg
Husky Authentic543-1137 | 543-1641 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Terry Walcutt General Manager 543-1137 twalcutt
Spencer Politeo Assistant Manager 543-1137 spoliteo
Marketing543-3086 | 685-4668 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jenifer Barsell Associate AD for Marketing and Fan Engagement 221-8210 jbarsell
Ryan Madayag Director of Marketing and Game Day Experience 616-6194 rvm
Jonathan Soriano Design Director of Digital Displays 221-7191 jsoriano
Terrence Santos Design Director of Video Production 303-7815 tjsantos
Zoe Gano Assistant Director of Marketing and Game Day Experience


Eric Guttorp

Assistant Director of Marketing and Game Day Experience


Daniela Hoag Marketing Assistant

Janet Sukraw Receptionist/Prog. Asst. Marketing/Charitable Donations Manager 543-2210 jsukraw
Simon Legaspi Creative Services Production Coordinator 422-4566 simoncl1
Marc Castillo Video Production  


Sports Operations 543-2279 | 616-1523 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Karen Baebler Assistant AD for Sport Operations 685-7853 kflor
Nicole Marsh Travel Manager 685-7653 nmarsh
Herb Pierce Program Coordinator - Olympic Sports 685-0287 pierceh
Jamie Bonter Manager, Nordstrom Tennis Center 543-8184 jbonter
Sports Medicine 543-2239 | 685-3521 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Pat Jenkins Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training/Head Athletic Trainer (MBB) 685-8419 pjenkins
Mike Dillon Associate Athletic Trainer (VB, MGOLF, T&F) 543-9972 mldillon
Jennifer Stueckle Associate Athletic Trainer (WBB, M/WCREW) 221-6279 jennrat
Katie Green Assistant Athletic Trainer (T&F, XC) 543-3178 kgreen2
Daren Nystrom Assistant Athletic Trainer (FB) 221-6281 dnystrom
Robert Scheidegger Associate Athletic Trainer/Head Football Athletic Trainer 221-6278 scheidig
Cristina Getto Assistant Athletic Trainer (FB) 221-6276 cgetto
Chris Melton Assistant Athletic Trainer (WSOC, CREW) 221-6277 cdmelton
Brian Sahalov Assistant Athletic Trainer  (MSOC, MTENNIS) 685-6687 bdhs
Jake Statz Assistant Athletic Trainer (BASEBALL) 616-0156 statzj
Chelsea Larsen Assistant Athletic Trainer (GYM, WGOLF) 221-0263 chelcl
Ellyn Mangialardi Program Coordinator 543-4482 ellyn
Cassie Pasquariello Sports Psychologist 616-4565 cassiep1
Jesse Steinfeldt Post Doc Sport Psychologist 685-2780  jesstein
John O'Kane Head Team Physician/Medical Coordinator 598-5434 jokane
Michelle Nemetz NCAA DOC Concussion Study (847) 962-3970 mnemetz
Strength and Conditioning 685-1677 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Tim Socha Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 221-7654 timsocha
Henry Ruggiero Dir. of Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning - BASEBALL, MSOC, GYM, VB 616-8048 hrugg
Torre Becton Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - FB


Daniel Shapiro Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - MBB 543-7396 dshap
Rose Baker Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - WSOC, T&F, MCREW 221-2948  rjbaker
Lauren McGuigan Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - WBB, WCREW, WTENNIS 221-7654 lmcguig
David Rak Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach - BASEBALL, XC, M/WGOLF, Throwers (978) 425-1872 davidrak
Dustyn Baethke Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 897-2253 dbaethke
Jeff Bourque Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 616-6206 jbourque
Mike McDonald Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 685-7516 mlmd2
Tickets 543-2200 | 616-1761 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
David Gravenkemper Associate AD of Ticket Sales & Service 543-6205 gravendm
Jonathan Garfunkel Director of Ticket Sales 221-0617 jgarfunk
Bess Hampsch Director of Ticket Services 616-4179 hampsch
Libby Johnson Assistant Director of Ticket Services 616-3619 lajohns
Michelle Mrkota Assistant Director of Ticket Services 616-3283 mmrkota
Season Ticket Services543-2200 | 616-1761 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jim Herrmann Director of Retention & Engagement 616-4067 jimh10
Matt Glover Account Manager, Ticket Services 543-4639 mglove2
Rachel Rice Account Manager, Ticket Services 543-3519 ricer3
Nick Winn Account Manager, Ticket Services 543-2847 nwinn
Tickets Sales Account Executives543-2200 | 616-1761 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Andrew Garlock Ticket Sales Account Executive 616-2473 agarlock
Clayton Bush Ticket Sales Account Executive 685-8429 cbush
Gwen Montague Ticket Sales Account Executive 221-5519 gmontague
Barry Kamen Ticket Sales Account Executive 897-2241 bkamen
Jeff Wiener Ticket Sales Account Executive 897-2256 jwiener
Tickets Inside Sales Representatives543-2200 | 616-1761 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Jimmy Froio Inside Sales Representative 685-5770 jfroio
Giovanni Pena Inside Sales Representative 685-4536 giopen
Chloe Treleven Inside Sales Representative 685-1929 chloe90
Video Operations    
Name Title Phone (206)
Bill Wong Director of Video Operations 543-7387 ykwong
Nick Irving Director of Football Video 616-8966 nickoxt
Chris Mitchell Assistant Director of Football Technology 616-1532 cmitch2
Yler Mayeo TV Video Equipment Operator 616-2466 tjmayeno
Washington IMG Sports Marketing 221-3239 (Fax)    
Name Title Phone (206)
Andre Riley General Manager 221-3742 andre.riley
Scott Boone Sr. Account Executive 221-3071 scott.boone
Sonny Sixkiller Assoc. General Manager 221-7102 sonny.sixkiller
Cameron Wong Sr. Account Executive 897-1727 Cameron.wong
Crista St. John Sr. Account Executive 616-6842 crista.stjohn
Angela Sgarlata Partner Services Coordinator 221-6926 angela.sgarlata

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