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 Husky Stadium will be rocking on Saturday.
For all those who cannot watch the UW-Fresno State game live at Husky Stadium, is going to provide yet ANOTHER way fans can follow the game from their homes in front of their computers.

Editors of and hopefully a few special guests will be writing about game day events as they happen. We are hesitant to call this a blog or a chat, it's more a combination of both....maybe a chlog!

Anyways, we're going to let the action dictate what we talk about and we're also going to let you, the fans, send in comments or questions during the game.

So Saturday afternoon, pull up a chair, tune into the game action provided by the ISP Sports Network on the Dawg Channel All-Access (it's FREE!!!), load up the Gamertracker to keep stats, and keep me company by following our comments as the action unfolds.

And don't be shy...we want to hear from you!!

We're aiming to start all the action by 3 p.m...Go Dawgs!! Helllo Dawg fans....Brian Tom here with you all...there's just under 32 minutes on the clock. It's a beautiful, sunny day at Husky Stadium....there were rumors of chances of poor weather, so this is a pleasant surprise. Both teams are finishing up their warmups and the Husky Band is lined up and ready to start their show. It's also Band Day today, so TONS of high school bands are making their way into the stadium. Looks like FSU traveled well to this game and their fans are scattered throughout the stadium.

Donald (spokane): How much is Washington going to win by? I am not a betting man...a) I can't since I work for the athletic department and b) if I could, my heart gets too involved in decisions like that!!! But for fun, if Washington can control the ball and establish the run like they have the past two games, Washington should be game for a good fight. UW is also going to have to find a way to stop Dwayne Wright while also keeping FSU's tough wide receivers under wraps. I am expecting a close game with UW using the home field to their advantage a the end.....GO DAWGS!! 25 minutes on the clock!!! By the way, I got here about 12:30 and went and hung around the Montlake Cut where a group of my friends tailgate....had a brat and a bacon wrapped-tuna skewer...mighty delicious. If you had a dream tailgate, what kind of foods would you guys have? There are two other Pac-10 games going right now ... over at Qwest Field, Baylor is up 9-0 over WSU with about 6:30 left in the 2nd quarter and in Eugene, the Ducks just tied it 20-20 early in the 4th.

Frank from North Bend: Condolences to Dan Howell and the rest of his family. We'll miss him on the field today, but it's good he can be at home after the death of his father. I'm sure he'll be in the thoughts of his teammates today. It really puts it in to perspective of what's REALLY important in life. I'm really glad to hear he chose to go home to be with his family...his family away from home, the Huskies, wish Dan and the entire Howell family condolences. Dan is a true Husky and from talking to him, loves being a Dawg! Can't wait to see you back on the field. 12:42 on the clock...the bands out there playing Aha's Take Me On...

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Is there any way I could keep progress of the game with stats in here? Hey Silentwolf...good to have you on board again. Unfortunately, you'll have to open up a different window on your computer to get Gametracker. Are you going to be able to watch the game on FSN in KS?? Under 10 minutes...the Husky Band is getting ready for the National Anthem....there will be over 3,000 band members for Band Day joining them.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Unfortunately, its not showing in KS. I believe its shown regionally. A major bummer..... Sorry man....Fresno State is coming out on the field. Husky Fans are greeting them appropriately. HERE COME THE DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Husky Captains are Louis Rankin, Kenny James, Scott White and Tahj Bomar today...FSU will receive the kick off, and the Huskies will defend the closed end of the stadium to start the game. Huskies having a little trouble wrapping up Wright early. That will need to improve. TD FSU....too easy. 11:21, FSU 7, UW 0. We'll have to answer to get the crowd back in the game.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: If Stanbeck can run the offense, make timely passes, Rankin keeps up his torrid pace, Huskies has a chance to keep up with Frenso State Yes they will....but they'll still need to stop FSU's offense. Very impressive start for FSU. 10:47...IS completes his first pass...good sign. 3-and-out for the Dawgs...

David, LA: Let's go Huskies!!! Come on show us something! Huskies get their first first down. Hopefully that's the start of much more to come. Early observation about FSU's defensive. They are tough guys that are laying some licks and not giving up any extra yards. Russo bobbled it, but held on for 12 yards. Huskies better get a grip!!! Reese makes his second carch of the day...this time a 39-yard completion on 3rd and 18. Welcome to Washington Marcel!!!!

Jim Sacramento: Why isn't the audio working so we can listen? CLick on the second audio link...I had the same problem and dropped down to the second link. Just talked to CSTV online...they're workin on it!!! TOUCHDOWN JOHNIE KIRTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jeff (La Quinta): i get error message for both links. It works when I click on the second one. Just tried it. Hopefully it's just a burp in the system?? I did a video interview with Johnie Kirton earlier this week...he's a great kid, that called me 'sir'. He seems kind of shy, but he is definitely coming out of his shell and seems to be a great day of game performer. End of First quarter...tied at 7-7. Early observations/questions...Isaiah looks like he's going to have a good throwing day, especially with Marcel Reese...Can the Huskies stop Dwayne Wright???

Ian (Santa Clara, CA): Looks like the Dawgs are getting it done through the air today. Do the Huskies plan to use James and Rankin as usual or will they focus on one runner? Also, the stadium looks more full than against SJSU. Are there acutally more people? P.S. Say hello to everyone in the press box for me. "HEY EVERYONE....IAN SAYS HI!".....everyone, "HI IAN!"...the crowd is definitely larger today...Band Day has helped fill the horse shoe. THe student section is rather crowded despite school not being in session and the sororities having rush functions going far as James and Rankin, Rankin is in right now.

John T. from Bend, OR: Anything out of Louis Rankin yet today? 2 carries....0 yards.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Huskies gotta contain Wright, if not stop him completely.... Agreed. UW needs to keep FSU in passing situations. Oregon just took the lead 34-33 with under a minute to go. Dwayne Wright typifies all the FSU Bulldogs...tough and mean!!! Jordan Reffert started today...he's made a few plays. SCOTT WHITE...laying some thunder!! Ducks comment. 8:47 left in the 2nd....Crowd gets a rousing "GO HUSKIES" chant going. Good job Dawg fans!!

Jeff, La Quinta: Oregon was given the win. OMG what kind of horrible officiating was that at the end of the game! Don't know what happened, but I heard there was a questionable penalty on OK late that moved them inside the 20. Huskies sneak for the first on 4th and 1...I like the call! 3:28...I think we just saw the best run ever by a Husky QB TD RANKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another Great Husky run!! Just when it looked like it was going to be a long day for the Husky ground game...the play will be reviewed, but I think he stayed in...his left foot was close at the five though. no TD....guess they thought there was conclusive evidence. TD review necessary!!! His run that set it up, was 36-yards up the middle, weaving between defenders. Interesting stat...that was the Huskies second 13 play scoring drive of this game and our fifth of the season. Lucky Number 13? 2:30...Braunstein with a TD saving tackle...the D needs to be stout so the Huskies can go into the locker room with the 14-7 lead. 1:13...Wright's a BAD MAN...84 yards so far in the first half. We'll be seeing him play on Sundays. The CROWD IS LOUD!!! Good call by FSU to rush on 3rd and 2....better D though bye the Huskies. 4th and 7 and looks like FSU is going to let have to decide what they want to do from the Husky 24....I SAY PUNT!!! 0:25....Wide left....Huskies will probably take a knee. Halftime...Huskies 14, FSU 7...the Dawgs will get the ball first in the second half. I'm going to take a break and be back in the second half. Band Day....playing some Grease. I've ate too much grease today....2 dogs, 4 diet pepsi's...a bag of for dinner later. Football is going to cost me 2 years of my life!!!

Yo, Baghdad: Thanks for the updates GoHuskies. Keep em' coming. It's hard to get connection out here in Iraq. No, thank you for protecting us from afar. I'm glad you're able to tune in to us from out there!!!

Smitty from Selah: Looks like a pretty decent first half for the Dawgs against a pretty good team ... I'll look forward to seeing how the two teams come out of the lockers after halftime. The Huskies have had some issues of maintaining the momentum after halftime, so hopefully UW can come out with some momentum. Note: with 2:00 minutes on the clock, UW has been out here for a good 3 minutes and there is no sign of FSU.

P Mackenzie (cali): Am upset that there is no game on tv down here but thanks for the much time till kickoff Paige is that you? Almost ready for the kickoff. Dawgs will get the ball. How you swingin' em? Been following you on the LPGA if that's you!! Keep up the good work!

George from Spokane: Isaiah's having a good game, isn't he? This is a big game for him .. We'll hope he can keep it up. Interesting Stat: Huskies 5-of-8 on third down, FSU 1-of-5.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Seems like Huskies is having a good start. Their defense will need to hold up for the rest of 2nd half and make an effort to keep ball out of Wright's hands. The offense will also need to keep clicking like they did in the late 2nd quarter. IS is 10-of-15 passing...he's had 3 or 4 dropped. TD FSU...great pass by Brandstater to Paul Williams....12:16 in the 3rd, 14-14. Let's go Dawgs....we need to respond!!!

Wes (Springfield, MO): I don't get to watch it because of the region I am in, this sucks. How good are the huskies playing compared to fresno today Sorry Wes....10:47 to go in 3rd, FSU ball. The Huskies have stalled on their first two drives. I think it's real important that they stop FSU on this possession otherwise FSU's momentum could get out of hand. Stats are relatively even, so hopefully the Dawgs can force a turnover here. 10:27....Dwayne Wright just eclipsed 100 yards rushing on the day. Starting FSU lineman, Cole Popovich is slow to get up. 9:49....C.J. Wallace just collected his 10th tackle, but FSU has another first down. The Huskies need to get stout against the run.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Wes, I'm with you, man..... No TV between Huskies and FSU in my area too Go Huskies! We need to step up! 4:29...everytime FSU runs, good things happen for them it seems....third and 9, we'll see if the Dawgs can stop the dogs. Today's attendance...57,012. 2:56....Husky offense has not had much of anything so far in the third...let's go Dawgs!!! 3rd and 10 upcoming. 2:10...big catch by Marcel Reece. Huskies get first 1st down of second half, followed by another 1st down pass to Sonny Shackelford.

chris ( virginia): i think ty is doing a good job getting the program in the right direction. we have to be patient. i am optimistic about 6 wins and a bowl game this year. GO DAWGS! Chirs, thanks for following along from Virginia. I couldn't agree more with you on all points.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: That's a good sized crowd today. Still 14 to 14? 1:24 left in 3rd...still 14-14. TOO MANY DROPPED PASSES...not the best day for Husky wide receivers. 1:09...FSU ball on their 20. Let's hope the D can keep them pinned back. Heading to the 4th quarter...tied at 14-14. 3rd and 10 for FSU. Mark Pattison is the Husky Legend today....most famous for his game in the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma. By the way, I'm six Diet Pepsi's into this....If I could stand up and cheer, I would. THe crowd just caused a false start...3rd and 15...good job Dawg fans!! Great Defensive series by the Huskies!!!

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Nebraska 3 USC 0 in 1st quarter Thanks for the update! 12:35....IS has 70 yard rushing now....Rankin and James have combined for 26. Huskies do a little dipsy doo to Marlon Wood. Kirton absolutely lit up a FSU defender...3rd and inches for the Dawgs on the 16. TD SHACKELFORD.....Tough catch in the corner of the end zone...Husky 21, FSU 14, 9:54 to go.....LET'S GO D!!! FSU just got a break on the kickoff...after an 11 yard pass they're at the UW 41. 9:00 minutes, 4th....Huskies still lead 21-14. Gonna have to step up D. Wright's over 130 yards...big third down!! All, I'm handing over the blog to Benton Strong...I need to go on the field for the last few minutes. Tune into live to the Tyrone Willingham video press conference after the game and check back later for player's reactions!! Hey everybody, Benton here as Fresno gets set for the biggest third down of the game. This place is as loud as it has been in a long time. The TE just dropped the 3rd pass. Fresno goes for it on 4th. QB run and he got it on 4th down With a last gasp reach over the goal line, Wright scores THE HUSKIES BLOCK THE EXTRA POINT!!! CEASAR RAYFORD, A JUNIOR, BLOCKED THE XP, HUSKIES STILL LEAD BY 1!!

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Looks like Huskies is on a roll.... They'd need one more touchdown to put game out of reach or maybe two.... With 2:48 left a score would help put the game out of reach. Huskies had to punt, but Sean Douglas pinned FSU back at the 16. Timeout FSU with 1:45 left. That's their last timeout. It's 2nd and 8 at the FSU 18. All the Huskies need to do now is get the ball back and take a knee. Let's go D!!! The entire stadium is going crazy because Matt Fountaine just had an interception, but no one saw the flag at the line. False start on FSU. This crowd is going CRAZY and really affecting FSU's O-Line. THIS TIME IT COUNTS! Mesphin Forrester intercepts Brandstater and returns the ball to the 1-yard line! Husky ball! The Huskies will take a knee and run the clock out. That's going to be it here at Washington. HUSKIES WIN! 21-20 the final here as Washington moves to 2-0 at home, 2-1 on the season.

Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Last week Sean Douglas had two punts, one at 82 yards and another at 81 yards.. Isn't it a NCAA record for having two punts over 80 yards each? It was an NCAA best for the season, not sure if it is for the two in one game. Both were Husky records when they happened. Be sure to tune in live to the postgame press conference with coach Willingham and come back next week when the Dawgs host UCLA. THEY ARE DANCING ON THE "W" HERE AT HUSKY STADIUM. HUSKIES WIN!

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