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Husky Fans,

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests from fans, we invite you to submit your thoughts and well wishes for Isaiah Stanback here.

We will be posting your thoughts throughout the day.

Please fill out the fields below and we'll post your comments.


Isaiah just called us to say Thank you to EVERYONE who has responded here. He is truly touched and says that this really helps him during this hard time.

He also added that the surgery went well!

Thank you Dawg Fans!!!!

Seattle: Isaiah, We miss you dearly and hope you have a very speedy recovery. See you in the NFL!

Newport Beach: All the OC Dawgs are pulling for you down here. Your devotion to the team was unparalleled and it did not go unnoticed. We can only to hope to have a great leader like yourself in the future. Hope everything goes well and wish you the best down the road. Go Dawgs

Alex, Seattle: Isaiah, I am so sorry to hear about your injury. You mean so much to the Husky Family. Have a safe and quick recovery. Thinking of you and thank you for making Husky football so much fun to watch! Take care.

fernando sanchez, seattle: i am the assistant women's tennis coach at uw. i just got here and you are an inspiration to many student athletes. i wish you all the best and get well soon. we need you

TT, Snohomish: Isaiah - The Husky Nation appreciates you and wishes you the best. I wish you success on the field and in life. You deserve it! Thanks for bringing the pride back to Husky football.

Jacob, Dallas, Tx: Good season. Hope you do well in the next level.

Jennifer, Seattle: I am sorry to hear of your injury, but I did want to say a special thank you for all you have done throughout your time at the UW. You have shown class and integrity and it is appreciated. Good luck to you in your future!

Matthew Herrick (Ann Arbor): Isaiah: Your best footbal is ahead of you so stay positive. Thank you for your toughness and leadership this season.

Dave (Woodinville): Thanks so much for having such a great attitude through so much turmoil. You helped bring this program back where it belongs and no one will forget that. Get well and show them what you can do on Sundays.

Seattle: Keep your head up and know that although you are not on the field you are still in the hearts of all the Husky faithful!! Thank you for all the great highlights and husky moments this season and see you at the next level

Your friends at Cingular, Seattle: Thank you for all the energy you have given your team and our community!! You've had an incredible impact - thank you and best wishes!

Bellingham: Dawg Fans in Whatcom County wish you the very best. Thank you so much for bringing back the Dawgs!

Vancouver, BC: Good luck Isaiah! Thank you for your tenacity and leadership as the husky qb. You've inspired many this season and we are behind you 100%. Go Dawgs!

Dave DeFelice (Spokane): All Husky supporters owe you a big thank you for playing a big part in reviving this program from the recent depths. You will do well in the future in whatever you choose to undertake. Get well, and help this program well into the future, you are a model person.

Todd, Los Angeles: Thank you for staying the course and being such a good leader. After you recover, we'll see you in either a bowl game, or the NFL.

Coug in Seattle: Was hoping to see you in the Apple Cup (as I am sure you were). Good luck in the NFL next season.

jeff (Springfield): Keep your head up and God's speed to a full recovery. I can't wait to see you at the next level showing us all what you were forced to leave unfinished on field,

Danielle, Snohomish, WA: Thank you Isaiah for your incredible work on the field. You have grown so much in your five years at the UW, we will miss you very, very much. Get well quickly, and good luck at the next level!

B (Renton): As a huge fan of yours I'm saddened by the way this turned out for you. Please try and stay positive. Your team needs you now as much as ever. You WILL be back.

Scott (Seattle): Isaiah - here's wishing you a speedy recovery. You've played great this season and thanks for being a great leader and giving us hope again! You're a true Dawg! Best wishes.

Donnie (Dallas, TX): Isaiah, I do not think that I, or many of my fellow Dawg fans throughout the world, can quite express in words the sincere thanks that we owe to you for your efforts and leadership of this football team. The performance of this team is a direct result of your leadership abilities and positive attitude. I hope that we all can draw inspiration from and learn from the example that you have provided to us all. I wish you the best in your recovery and have no doubt that you will be successful in the future in whatever endeavor(s) that you pursue.

Leven (Palm Springs, CA.): Isaiah, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you the absolute best through this difficult time. Thanks for always being there for this program during the tough times in the past. Keep at it you will be a great asset for some team in the NFL. Thanks!!!

Seattle: You are an amazing quarterback and you give the Huskies so much strength. Hopefully you will be back in time, but if not, thank you for taking the Dawgs so far. They have had the best season so far in 3-4 years! Good luck in surgery! We'll miss you at Husky Stadium! GO HUSKIES!!!

Keith(Lake Oswego, Ore.): Best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery. Thank you for your dedication to the husky program. Best of luck at the next level.

Tom (Federal Way): Isaiah, thank you for playing with all of your heart for our beloved Huskies. I hope you excel at everything you put your mind to. Go HUSKIES!!

Tom Beachler (Woodinville ): Isaiah...You'll rebound & get to the next level. Thanks for making the program get on the right track.

Wes (Vancouver): I suffered a Lisfranc injury in my right foot a few years ago. I can tell you that I am 100% and competing in all the sports I used to. In fact, I feel I'm a better athlete. With your conditioning and strength you should be even better off than me. My advice is for you to take your time and not rush the recovery. When you can bear weight in a couple months the therapy will progress quickly. You will have down days ahead of you. Stay close to your friends/family and keep doing those things you did before you were hurt that don't require your right foot. You are a fantastic athlete and have been so much fun to watch. Keep your chin up and have faith you will be fine. Cherish this time-out from your career and plan for your next step in life.

Frank (Rochester, MN): To a speedy recovery. Best wishes in all your endeavors, now and in the future

Sterling, Tonasket, WA: Hello Isaiah: You "touched more people than you realize; you might be surprised who respects you with that remarkable good attitude. I know that you will have an interesting future.

Seattle: I have already spoken to you but wanted to be a part of this wonderful get well wish!! You keep your head up and get well soon and as the posting have before me have said see you on Sundays burning up the NFL!! WR

Justin (Vancouver, WA): Isaiah, your perseverance throughout the last few years is a true testament to your character. It was a privilege watching you play a big role in starting to bring back the husky football program to what it should be. You are one of the most exciting college football players to watch in the country and I'm sure an even better person. Stay positive, and here's to many good Sundays in the not too distant future!

Jay, Seattle: Thanks for being such a great Husky, Isaiah. Here's to a speedy recovery and seeing you running around on the gridiron again soon.

Anil (U-District): Isaiah, as a UW student and huge sports fan I would like to thank you for all that you have given and will continue to give to this program. Since I came to UW I had not experienced a winning Husky team until you and your teammates changed that this year. Though your days as a husky are coming to a premature end, your role in the Husky Football “turnaround” is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. With the attitude and desire to win you displayed, I am sure you will be successful in whatever you choose to pursue going forward. Thanks for the memories and I wish you good health and a swift recovery. Go Dawgs!

John (Edmonds): Isiah: Keep your head up, you are an inspiration to all of us Dawg fans, the best times in life are ahead of you! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Nancy from Virginia: Isaiah, thank you for all you have done for Husky Football. You have tremendous courage and I wish you all the best in your recovery. Good luck in the future...hope to see you play on Sundays. I love my DAWGS!!! WOOF!

Gregory McKie: Isaiah, U da Man!

Char (Snohomish): Keep your spirits up! We wish you a speedy recovery and will be seeing you in the pros!

Joe (Seattle): Thanks Isaiah for all you have done and all the memories that you have given us. You have been a great Husky and your best football days are ahead of you Dawg! Get well and get ready for the NFL combine! Go Dawgs!

Jeff, Seattle: Thanks for sticking things out during a very tough time in the history of Husky F-Ball. You are a big reason this program is headed in the right direction. Keep your head up and keep working hard and I have no doubts your best football is ahead at the next level. Go Dawgs!

Jack (Tenino): Thanks for your contributions to Husky FB, get well and play in the league

Shawn, Maricopa Arizona: Isaiah, I hope you get well soon and have a solid recovery... we will need you at the bowl game!! GO DAWGS!!!!

Adrian Lozano (Baghdad): Your spirit and determination to excel as a person and a player are truly admirable. You are the consummate team player and should be proud of your accomplishments on and off the field. Good luck to you after school and I thank you for all the great memories I will have of you wearing Purple and Gold.

Jim (Bothell): Thank you for your many contributions to the university.

Miguel (Los Angeles): IS - You epitomize Husky Football. Get well soon and fast and make us proud in the League.

Jared (Sammamish): You are the essence of what purple pride is all about. I have no doubt that we will see at the next level you have amazing talent. For the Husky true, you will always be remembered as playing one of the biggest roles in the rebuilding of a proud and victorious institution. I look forward to your return to Husky Stadium years from now, after your many future accomplishments, when you recieve one of the biggest ovations in Dawg history. All the best.

Scott Williams (Yakima): Dear Isaiah, You are a winner in every sense of the word. You will be in my prayers for a swift and complete recovery. John 16:33

Bill (Vale,OR): Thank you for your magnificant contribution to the University of Washington. You are the type of man that makes me proud to be an alumnus. All the best in the future.

Marc (Seattle): Feel better Isaiah, good luck with your recovery, and thank you for everything you have done for Washington.

T.J. (Lynnwood): Thoughts and prayers are with you for a healthy and speedy recovery. Thank you for your many contributions on and off the football field. You are a class act!

Mike Grace (Iowa City, IA): Thank you for helping the best college football team on it's way back to glory.

Dave (Albuquerque): Isaiah, We've enjoyed watching you develop to your potential. Thanks for being a Husky, good luck with the surgery and best wishes in your bright future. We'll always be your fans!!

Jasmine, Maple Valley: We will miss you Isaiah! Good luck.

student athlete (San Diego, California): your one of the reasons i committed to the university of washington promising good things for the whole athletic program

Lisa, Seattle: Isaiah - your tenacity and determination will serve you in your recovery as they did on the field. Thank you for bringing your spirited play to the Husky Nation - we're all behind you and appreciate your contributions more than you will ever know!

Dave (Ashland, OR): Thank you for your outstanding leadership. You have done a great job representing UW.

Horace (Seattle): You have lifted the team, Husky fans, and the community with your will and talent. I'm sure your will shall not be denied and I will see you on the gridiron again

Breanne: Isaiah, you know I will still be rocking the #4 jersey on Saturdays! Take care of that foot, we are all rooting for you. :)

lake stevens: thank you for the amazing season. you're a great leader and I can't wait to watch you on Sundays

Lester91: Good luck Isaiah! I know you will have a full recovery. You were amazing this year! It was great seeing you improve each year. The sad thing for me as a Husky fan is that although you have been great, I felt you were on the verge of showing us at your very best! I will just have to wait to see it all when you're wearing a NFL Uniform. You will always have Fans from the Dub following and cheering for you through your NFL career (As a QB!). Good luck and thank you for being a key part steering this proud program back onto the right course. You are first class! Best wishes and best of luck Isaiah!

Patti, Seattle: You are the best Isaiah! keep your head up...we will miss you.

udubdawg: Isaiah, dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true. Here's to a successful surgery and a 100% complete recovery!

Zlatko P. (DC): Isaiah- Hang in there man! You should be proud of what you have accomplished in your career at the UW; and not just on the Football field. You are a class act and I am proud to root for people like you! Go Dawgs

Mark (Seattle): IS, you make me proud to be a Husky.

Andrew, Bellevue: Isaiah, All current and future Husky athletes and students should look at your time at the UW and work as hard as you clearly have. Good luck and heal fast...The NFL will be calling soon!

GO (Marysville): Thanks for all your effort and great attitude over the last 5 years. You always put the team first, your a great Husky. You'll bounce back from this, good luck on Sundays.

John Lamb Tacoma: hey Isaiah sorry about the bad news you did a great job leading this team and i hope you get better fast go luck and GO DAWGS

Jared (Ellensburg): You are still the leader of this team and can have a great impact on the rest of this season. Cheer hard from the sideline... coach the younger players during practice and games... your inspiration and legacy will continue... Thank you for keeping the pride in Husky athletics. We will miss watching you play.

The Vaughns (shoreline): Praying that God's will will be done and that you will make a full recovery.

Nick (Seattle): Isaiah, Best wishes on a speedy and full recovery. I have every confidence that you will presevere and excel in the NFL. Thanks for staying true to what it means to be a Husky....tough and determined.

seattle: Hoping you have a speedy recovery Isaiah! I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for you as a student-athlete and person. Go Dawgs!

June (Tacoma): I will miss seeing those dreds at QB Isaiah keep working hard and you will have a great pro career. best of luck

DOUG (FREMONT,CA): ISAIAH- I want to wish you a speedy, healthy recovery. I will miss your competitiveness. YOU are all college athletics are about!

Linda Walton: I wanted thank Isaiah Stanback for what he brought to Washington football. I wish him the best of luck, and I hope with all my heart that a pro-football team still drafts him. Thanks for the excitement Isaiah.

Rex (Snohomish): Isaiah, you stuck through a difficult time in Husky history, and were playing such a HUGE part in leading the Dawgs back to where we all want them to be. It's a disappointment that we won't be able to see you put on the purple and gold anymore and lead the Dawgs the rest of the way. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery and best of luck in the days ahead!

Craig (Seattle): Thanks for never giving up. Can't wait to follow you at the next level!

O'Connor (Bellevue): Isaiah, you've been a playmaker when you were most needed, especially during a tough time in Husky Football. Thanks for all the exciting years, and playing where you were wanted (especially as a receiver, even though you wanted to play quarterback). You are an amazing athlete and a champ at heart. Have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! Good Luck! #4 FOREVER!

Ron {Marysville}: Hope that We get to see Isaiah on Sundays next year and I know He will still be helping the Dawgs this year

Randy (Pasco): Get well soon! UW needs to in the bowl game! You have been a great role model for young kids and an excellent player and more important, PERSON!

Scott: Halfway through this season and already we'd won twice as many games...great job!

Chris (Burien): Thank you Isaiah for all your hard work these past years. You gave us your full effort and for that the husky nation is truely grateful. When your name is called on Senior Day versus Stanford the stadium will shake from the ovation you will recieve. I wish you all the best in your recover and I cannot wait to watch you at the next level! Thanks again Isaiah, you're the man.

Fred(Kennnewick): Hey Isaiah, My entire family wants to wish you a speedy recovery. Dawg fans everywhere love you man. Take care. God Bless.

Teri (Snohomish): My family has greatly enjoyed watching your athleticism on the football field. Wishing you a speedy recovery from the surgery and an uneventful rehab.

Patty (Los Angeles): Love you Isaiah! I am praying for you. God will bless you for your unselfish contributions.

Luke Seattle: I am sorry that had to happen to you Standback, you were truely having a great year and leading the team like a true champion, I know you can make the NFL and have confidence in your ability to continue playing, I hope your recovery is as quick as it possibly can be, again sorry

Daniel Honolulu: Aloha from all the tropical dawgs, I wish you the best Isaiah and hope your recovery goes well, I still have complete faith in the huskies

Kevin (Portland, OR): Isaiah, I admire you're toughness and great leadership this season, thanks for bring back the huskies to winning.

P (Seattle): Isaiah, you're the man, i cry myself to sleep at night reliving one of the more devistating moments in my 22 years as a dawg. best of luck.

Bobby (Edmonds): Nice Season, thank you for your leadership. Hope you get well soon, and I hope you get a shot at the NFL. Thanks and Take care.

N. Seattle: Thanks Isaiah for all of your dedication and hard work as a husky. Please continue helping the team this season with encouragement and advice for Carl in your absence. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Ken (Las Vegas): Gell well Isaiah, you did a great job leading this team. You will make your dream come true of making it in the NFL as a Quarterback. Don't let nobody stop you, see you at the UW bowl game.

Linda (Seattle): WOW, so many people have already expressed my feelings. You are an incredible young man; I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thank you for all you have done for Husky football.

Alexander, Laguna Beach CA: Isaiah, you are an amazing man and I am impressed in all the changes that have occurred while you were a dawg. I look up to you as a big role model in my life and was sad that your season ended like this. I prayed for you all day and I hope the surgery goes successfully.

Silverdale: Here's to a speedy recovery. The best of luck to you and thank you for putting the effort and leadership into our team. You've been awesome.

Jon (Gig Harbor): Isaiah, you've developed into one of the great leaders in UW football. Thanks for sticking with it and giving your best for the program. We pray for a speedy recovery and wish you the best. We'll miss you out on the field on Saturday!

Dawgpound (Tyee Lot): Dawg, We are going to miss you so much! Thank you for all you have done for this football and athletic program! Our prayers are with you! The Dawgpound

Ralph T ( Kalama WA ): Thank You Isaiah for showing what true leadership is. All our prayers for your safe recovery.

J.D. (Spokane): As a husky in cougar country it is always harsh, but you have helped make the huskies a threat to any team once again. Thank you, and good luck in your recovery process.

Gary, DAWG4LF (Bellevue): Isaiah, I've had the opportunity to meet you a few times and always appreciated your friendliness and positive attitude. I admired your diligent, tireless preseason work (film study, drills, weights, etc.) that allowed you to perform so well this season. It's a shame when an injury happens to any athlete (on any team); I wish you a successful, safe, and quick recovery. You proved all the "naysayers" wrong this year with your excellent leadership on/off the field; I'm confident you would have continued to improve with every game. Thank you for your determination and desire to win. You have the "it factor" to play at the next level, and I hope to see you in the NFL next year. You will always be a DAWG Isaiah! God bless.

portland oregon: we will always remember you and measure you, not by the number of times you got knocked down, but by the number of times you got back up. gordon osaka.

Steven Martin, Bothell, Wa: Isaiah, you've been a joy to watch since your days at Garfield chewing up our Bothell defense. Your future remains bright and your hard work and poise will pay off. Keep the faith, bra. Hoping you heal very fast. Thanks for the great memories. You're now an important part of the rich Husky history.

Jared, Jen, and WIll (Seattle): As devoted Husky fans, we took our newborn son to see his first win with you as the leader. We admire your courage, dedication, strength, and character. You are truly an exceptional role model. For these reasons, we thank you and will never forget you. We wish you a rapid recover and the best of luck.

Kirsti Seattle: Isaiah, thanks for doing such a great job in lead the Huskies in victories and sticking with them in the worst of times. You helped change the football program to something great again. You will be missed in the remaining games. I hope you have a quick and full recovery. I along with many other fellow huskies will continue to pray for you.

Justin (Ellensburg): Isaiah, I hope your surgery goes well and that everything is ok, I'll miss seeing you out on the field, you are a fantastic player and leader for all the dawgs, I pray for a speedy recovery.

Edmonds: Isaiah, Thanks for reviving the program. You will always be known as the QB that brought success back to Washington! Get well soon and enjoy your career in the NFL!

SG (Seattle): Isaiah - you have endured so much and I respect what you have done as a person and as an athlete. You have restored pride, toughness, leadership and hope to Husky Football and Husky Nation thanks you for that. Good luck, you will be successful in whatever you do. You are a Dawg for Life!

(Beaverton): My thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery. Good luck to you, I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things you will accompllish in your life, on and off the field. Thanks for setting a great example.

Udam (Federal Way): I'm so sad that you didnt get to finish this year as the QB for the huskies and enjoy a good year.. I love your toughness and your attitude when things were going so badly for us.. Thanks for being a great fighter.. and many people will remember you for trying your hardest and having husky spirit when things were not going well in Montlake. Thanks again!!!!

Dan, Boise ID: Thanks for giving us hope in the "W" again!!! Get well soon!

Mr. C (Grays Harbor): Isaiah, you shall be greatly missed. I have been a Husky fan forever and you are probably the best athlete to come through Washington in a long time. You are the main reason we are doing so well this year. With or with out you, the Dawgs have had a winning season. Get well very soon!

Nathan Ware (Kenmore): Isaiah, I appreciate everything you've done for Husky football. Your dedication, hard work, and leadership have been a great example to all Husky athletes. Watching you play football the last couple of years has been incredibly fun and has made me proud to be a Husky fan. What happened Saturday is just a road bump for you. You will succeed in life because you have such a great spirit and positive attitude.

Dave (San Francisco): Isaiah, all the best on a full recovery. Just wanted to let you know I have really enjoyed watching you over the last couple of years and was really impressed with your progress. You were a bright spot for the team, and a class act from everything I have seen and read about you. I'm glad you are a husky.

Leslie (Olympia): Isaiah-Here's to a full and speedy recovery. Best wishes for great success in your future.

Traci (Issaquah): Isaiah, I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for your tenacity and dedication to Husky Football. I have a picture with you from your first picture day and I am so proud to display it. Get well soon.

Brandon (Ventura, CA): Get well soon and good luck Isaiah. I was at the USC game and you wouldn't believe how many Trojan fans were impressed with the game you played. We didn't get our noses rubbed in it like we expected, instead all we got were "that's one heck of a quarterback you got there". We think so too.

Jon (Olympia): Thanks for helping to get the Huskies back where we belong. Get well soon!

Chris (Vancouver): I have always and still am a Coug, but you have been a blast to watch this season, your a great QB!!! Good Luck

JRegis (Seattle): Isaiah, Thank you for your contributions of bring life back to UW Football. You will not be forgotten, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors. Regards

Bigsonny: Isaiah you have given us all many thrills this season none of which we will ever forget. Stick close to your team you're still the general.

Mike (Mukilteo): Thank you for your leadership and representation of our University, especially in getting your degree. You are a great Husky.

Mic (Selah): Your passion for a Husky recovery is appreciated by all!! You're leadership and devotion will take you to the next level.

Jordan ( Mount Vernon): You have made us die hard huskies very proud. Your efforts in rebuilding the program will not be forgotten. you are a great competitor and a great husky. you have been a major part of bringing the team back to glory. Well done Isaiah.

Allen (Seattle): You are a Husky Legend. You brought back the hope are roar to Husky Stadium and Nation. Thank you and all the best.

Trev (Seattle): Thanks for the great year. Cheer them on with us!

Andrew (Vancouver, WA): Isaiah, one could not thank you enough for all your efforts in turning this program around back towards it's former glory. I wish you a speedy recovery, and the best of luck to your future. I hope to see you in an NFL uniform soon. And thanks again.

Aaron (Seattle): You've been a great inspiration to the team and a big deal to your fans. We are all hoping for a speedy recovery. This has been the best year of husky football I've had in my past 3 years here, and I do believe you are most responsible for it. Good luck in your future athletic career.

Paul (Renton): Isaiah, I just want to thank you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to the success of the UW and it's football program. You are definitely appreciated, and you'll always be a Husky! I wish you a speedy and complete recovery, and look forward to see you playing on Sundays.

aj: your the man bro.. your fun to watch and i hope everything goes well in the NFL!

Ty (Seattle): Thanks for reviving husky nation, see you in the pros

K.C. (Cali Dawg): Bro , so sad you went down.Thanks for the highlights and helping the program get respect again. Get well soon

Alli (Los Angeles): I've enjoyed watching your development as a QB. You are an amazing athlete and an inspirational leader for this team. Good luck with all your future endeavors. I wish for you a full and speedy recovery.

Dan, West Seattle: Thank you for being a true Dawg! Good Luck to you in your recovery.

Bert (Houston, Texas): Thanks for the great job, well done! Best of luck recovering and good luck in the NFL. We will remember this turn around season and what it means. Thank you.

ROCK (in the Couve) Vancouver: Isaiah, you brought the Huskies to another level of excitement. i hope for a quick and full recovery from your injury.

Scott: Isaiah it was fun watching you play! Heal up and God Bless you.

Matt (Issaquah): Isaiah, your injury is truly heartbreaking and I wish you a full and speedy recovery. My deepest thanks go out to you in particular for turning this program around by way of your tireless efforts, positive attitude, and true leadership. Best of luck in the NFL!

Stephen (Spokane): Isaiah you're an amazing man. You showed a lot of heart and determination this year. I'm truly sorry your year has been cut short. I know you can and will fulfill your dream of playing on the next level. Good luck and if all possible...hurry back to the field. God Bless

Shoreline: WOW this is awesome with all the well wishes. Thank you for all the great moments you brought to the stage during your time here as a Husky. Here is to a speedy recovery and like so many others have said hope to see you on Sundays. Take Care wr

Barry(Seattle): Isaiah, Wishing you a speedy recovery and all the best in your future career. Thanks for making Husky football exciting! We'll miss your heart and spirit on the field. Take care.

Joe (Portland): It is clear you have won the respect of everyone in the Pac-10 conference as a player and person. Best of luck and I look forward to watching you drive defensive coordinators in crazy on Sundays.

Louie (Seattle, UW): Isaiah you've progressed so much in your career here. I wish you the best with your recovery and in your future career. Take care.

MOESHA (Moses Lake): Isaiah, wishing you a healthy & speedy recovery! When all others had no belief, I ALWAYS THE BELEIVED THE DAWGS HAD THE FEVER TO DO IT! I've enjoyed watching you play over the years. It took an awesome coach (Willingham) to see the talent there all along and to beleive you were the one to bring us back, thanks! Thanks for being a team leader on and off the field! DAWG FAN 4 LIFE!!

Amit Bhavan: Wishing you a speedy recovery from surgery, and thanks for bringing excitement back to Husky football!

Doctor Doom, Renton: Dearest Isaiah, thank you for bringin the ruckus back to the UW football program. The ladies love you....peace and hair grease

Scott: Isaiah you are the man! You're tough and you never gave up, worked hard and brought this program back! God Bless you and get well! Scott

Cheryl, Seattle: Isaiah, You are a true leader and inspiration for all who watch you in action. Thoughts and prayers are being sent your way for a speedy recovery and the best wishes for your future. GO DAWGS

Jason,16 (seattle): Thanks you so much for all that you have done for this program and i hope you recover quickly and that perhaps we might see you in the nfl or mlb best of luck!

Bryan, Tucson: I was hoping to see you win against Cal, but thanks for helping making U Dub football good again.

Matt (Seattle): Isiah, hope all is going well with your surgery and recovery. I wish you well bro! It was great watching you this year. . . I always knew you had it in you to be a great Husky quarterback. Good luck, get well soon bro!

John (Phoenix): Isaiah, thanks for all the memories as one of the great Husky leaders. We have a program to be proud of again. God bless you and I hope you will have a speedy recovery.

Annette (Seattle): I've enjoyed watching you play and prove the naysayers wrong. I'm sorry to learn of your surgery and hope you have a successful recovery. Follow doctor's orders and focus on your degree. All the best!!

Patrick (UW): It's been fun watching Mike Vick in a UW uniform the last couple years. Thanks for helping revive our program's winning ways.

Rodney (Everett): Get well soon, you are the best!!! Be there for these guys, they need you more now then ever... Good luck in the future whether you are chasing down fly balls in center field, or tossing 40 yd TD passes, you will be successful and do greatÂ...

Maurice ( Alabama ): Isiah, thank you for restoring the faith back into husky nation! You are a tremendous person for all that you have been through, I thank you for staying home and wearing the purple and gold with pride and honor. You will recover and you will be better than ever!

Oregon Dawg: Isaiah, you've become a fearless leader this year. You helped the team make achievements that still seemed unreachable. You've motivated people on and off the field and every dawg fan is proud of that. We'll all see you in the NFL- The Oregon Dawg

Brian (Longview): Hang in there dude see you in the NFL

Double D (San Fernando, Ca): Keep your head up. There's a million Huskies that got your back. Make us all proud!!

Mike (Seattle): Thanks for your hard work and leadership. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Brad, Kent: Isaiah it has been a great pleasure growing up and watching you play you an amazing player and an amazing person. You have brought the great Huskie tradition back to seattle thanks for the great memories.

calfan (Phoenix, AZ): Thanks for all the effort and heart you showed during your career. You are a credit to your University and and the PAC-10. Speedy recovery and good luck in the NFL combine.

Zach (Spokane): Isaiah, Thanks for your hard work and dedication to UW athletics. It's people like you who make me proud to be a UW alum here in cougar country.

Scott - Mukilteo: Isaiah, Your a class act and a great athelte and I wish a you a speedy recovery and I am sure you will have a great NFL career.


Lindsey (Puyallup): Good luck and godspeed.

Steve Dougherty: You are a winner with a capital W; you set high goals for yourself and the team and showed a burning desire to achieve them. You have made the games at Husky Stadium the highlight of my week, you will be greatly missed. Hope to see you next year in an NFL uniform and you will always be remembered by me as a GREAT Husky QB.

Ron-Ferndale: Your faith will pull you thru this tough time in life. God knows the desires of your heart. You will play in the NFL someday. Be Strong

Anthony Mc (Burien, WA): Thank you for being a Husky! You have made us all very, very proud. Many people are praying for a quick, 100% recovery, as I am. I look forward to watching you on Sunday. Go Dawgs!

Katie (Seattle): I'm so glad to hear that your surgery went well. You are an amazing player and you took the Huskies so far this year! The Huskies had the best season that they have had in 3-4 years! I am a huge Husky fan and I will miss watching you lead the Huskies to victory at Husky Stadium! Husky fans will miss you! GO HUSKIES!!!!!!

Dave: Vancouver, WA: Thanks for jumpstarting the Husky program back to repectability. Here's to your speedy recovery.

Will Murphy (Spokane): Isaiah, I am extremely proud of you. From the days that I had the honor of playing with you what I remember first is the incredible person that you always were/are, which says a lot considering the kind of rare, special athlete that you have become. You have lifted Husky fans' hearts everywhere this year with the unstoppable athlete that you are and there is no one that I look forward to watching play on Sundays more than you. You are truly what being a Husky is all about. God bless, and I hope you recover as fast as you run!

USC Country: You brought excitement and pride back to the UW. All the best and thank you for your efforts.

Bill -- Lakewood, WA: Thank you for taking us to the next level!! You are indeed a warrior!!

Tyler (New York, NY): much love.. and get well soon -from all the east coast dawg fans

Seward Park: Fam, I remember when it didn't look like you would ever play quarterback in college let alone help turn a program around and be the face of the team. I always believed you would because you always believed you could. I'm not worried about your injury or recovery at all because I know you know, all things will work out. I always want my friends to succeed in whatever it is they attempt and I see you put in the work everyday and I know how bad you want it. You know you can always count on me for help in anything, what's mine is yours brother, just ask.

Curt Stimpson (Redmond): Isaiah - When history looks back on the Husky Football program you will be the one player everyone will say brought us back. It was your spirit, effort and leadership and it will not soon be forgotten. Thank you so much and good luck to you always.

Jim & Joy, Scottsdale, Az.: Isaiah, We thank you for the thrilling games this season, and all your hard work. We wish you the best during this hard time. We know you have a great future ahead!!!

Rob - Chandler, AZ: Thanks for bringing Washington back. You will be missed but we look forward to watching you in Sundays!

Ed - Danville, Ca: #4 your a class guy and player. Thanks for the great season and effort!!!! Good luck in the Pros! Go Dawgs......

Alex (Sammamish): Isiah, you will never be forgotten by many Dawg fans, including me. I am glad that your surgery went well. My prayers are with you and good luck with the rest of your football career. Go Huskies!!!!!!

V & G (Seattle): Isaiah, despite the ups and downs of the past few years, you've hung in there and made believers out of many. We look forward to your recovery and fighting back to play on Sundays. Thanks for making Husky Football exciting again.

Alec (Tacoma): Good luck in your recovery and thanks for a great season. Never underestimate yourself, you are the next Michael Vick.

Husky Hockey ( Seattle): Isaiah, Best wishes from the Husky Hockey team. Come on out and check us out when you feel better. Go DAWGS!

Larry Blaine (Kirkland): Get well soon Isaiah. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all you've brought to the program.

Nancy (Portland, OR): Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Your perseverance over the past few years has been very admirable and will serve you well in the future. Thank you for being a Husky!!!

Devin Engledew, Seattle: Thank you Isaiah for your leadership both on and off the field as a Husky as well as a community role model. As a bulldog, as a Husky I admire your integrity, determination and strength to always stay positive. Thank you.

Dave Wight,Tacoma,Wa: Stanback you were really great for Husky the Nation.god bless with a full recovery and cant wait to watch you on Sundays. Go Dawgs

Steve (Gainesville): Hope you get well soon. I'm a big Florida fan but was devistated when I saw you go down. Always root for the Dawgs on the west coast.

Larry Haaga,Tacoma: You will be remembered as the one who brought Husky football back. Our prayers are with you.

Rob (Seattle): Isaiah, Thanks for bringing the pride back to Husky Nation. You are a great athlete and a true leader and we will miss you. Get well soon. GO DAWGS!

Rick (Seattle): Isaiah, THANK YOU for everything you've given the program. Your legacy will not be judged by wins & losses but by the heart and courage you've shown during your entire career. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, can't wait to see you in the NFL.

Angela (Auburn,WA): Isaiah, Thanks for such and incredibly uplifting and magical season. You are an inspiration to your team and Husky fans everywhere. Good luck and a speedy recovery.

Marty Merceri (Seattle) 12: Hey see you at the draft, i may be 12, but if a team has half of a bain, you will go early. Good luck healing

Robbie Dodson-Portland, OR: Hey Isaiah, I'm an Oregon State fan but I still wish you luck on your recovery, and I am sorry that you got hurt. Good luck for the remainder of the season! Robbie 15 years old

Eric Sequim Wa: Your a class act. Thank you for all you have done for the Dawgs. Good luck in the future!!!!

Alex (Centralia, WA): Isaiah, thanks for everything you did for Husky Football. It was a pleasure watching a young man with such a positive attitude, even during the not so good times. Good luck in whatever you pursue.

Mark (Atlanta): Issaih - Thanks for everything you've given this program. I hope to see you on the sidelines still leading this team emotionally. Heres to a speedy recovery.

Barbara (Seattle): Best wishes for a speedy recovery to one of those Huskies that will always be remembered as one of the special ones. See you on Sundays!

Shannon (Kenmore): Isaiah, I hope now you have a much better and perhaps clearer/balanced picture of how well thought of you are by Dawg fans. I have marveled at your perseverance and character given what you walked into at the UW. Even so, you stood by your school and team and did it with style. Aside from all that, I loved watching you play! Coming to games has become fun again and I thank you for your contribution. There is no doubt you are prepared for wherever life takes you. You're the whole package, education and all. God bless you and the path you take!!!

Chris (The University of Washington): Thank you Isaiah for all that you have done for this program. Your attitude to prove all the nay-sayers has truly helped this program and it has showed. Get well and see you on sudays!!!

Cousin Ken (Oakland): Get well Cous well see you soon!!!

Alex (Seattle): Thank you for everything you have done in revitalizing this program Isaiah. Take care of yourself - you may be done playing in college, but you will continue to bring glory to Washington in the NFL!

Kyle (Seattle): Isaiah, the incrdible effort and leadership you gave to UW was inspirational. Your a UW hero to me.

Drew (Seattle): Isaiah, The 69 yard pass at Arizona last year before the half will always stand out in mind as the begging of the turn around for the dark days of recent Husky Football past. Like Nate Robinson's buzzer beater in basketball against Oregon State in 2004 was start of the new era for Washington Basketball, you have done the same for our beloved football team. Don't forget that. Rally the team for the remainder of the year to get us to bowl game baby! You have been fun to watch at the college level and Husky fans can't wait to see you at the next level. Thank you.

Cody (Albany, OR): I wish you the best man. You will allways be one of my favroite qutarbacks ever. Good luck, see you on sundays!

Matt (Woodland): Thanks for never giving up Isaiah. You have represented The UW as good as anyone I have ever seen. Thanks for always staying positive and for never losing that smile even when the odds were stacked against you. You will succeed and be a winner wherever life takes you. Good luck and God Bless You Isaiah.

K Dub (Clackamas, OR): Isaiah, "Above all else, Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Prov. 4:23 Remember you aren't a Football Player, you are a Child of God who plays football. You are in His Hands, brother.

(Auburn): get well soon and see you in the NFL!

Marc (Hamilton, MT): You should be very proud of your success here. Just reading some of the get-well comments shows how many people support you and are thankful for all you've given to Husky football. I wish you the greatest success in sports and life.

Jeff (Kirkland): you were the real deal...the truth. i thought you would get things done this year and you totally stepped up. i'm proud of you and expect greatness from you after a full recovery in the future. get at em IS.

Jacob C. , Federal Way: Isaiah, keep your head up, you will make it through this. When people are down, as I am sure you are, I like tell tell them about Isaiah 40:29-31. 40:31 is most popular, but I like going back afew more.I think it is especially appropriate coming from the book of Isaiah. 29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. 30 Even youths grow tired and weary,and young men stumble and fall; 31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

David (Tacoma): Wanted to say you have been a role model to everyone in the Seattle area, and especailly me. We wont have a Husky QB that is as down to earth as you for a long time. See you THROWING in the NFL soon Isaiah!

Brian (Everett): Isaiah It was a true pleasure watching you. How will I remember you? Can you say Reggie Williams, Marques Tuaisosopo, and others? Why? Because starting this year you never wanted to miss a moment when you were on the field. We will be back at Husky Stadium on Oct 28th louder than ever to get to that 6th win soon. I'm not sure you had coaching plans in your thoughts for years but now you are a very important coach. You have until end of December to be a coach. Don't make any late Dec plans because we will be bowling for the first time in a long time! Here's to a speedy recovery and make the Dawg fans proud in the NFL. If that doesn't work out hopefully the Mariners can get ahold of you. Thanks for the memories!

Alan (Seattle): Thank you for everything you've done for this school and football program. You've shouldered such a weight over the years, time and time again your talent and daring have made amazing things happen. You'll always be one of my favorite quarterbacks. Get well soon!

Steve (Redmond): You brought a lot of excitement to the Husky Nation, Isaiah, and it's going to be strange not seeing you out there on Saturdays, but I know you'll heal just fine and we'll be watching you on Sundays for sure. Take care of yourself and live life to the fullest! From all your friends at RealDawg.Com!

Ben, University Place: Hey Isaiah, man dude, im a coug, but i must honestly say i was sorry to hear about your injury, it was such truly a sight to watch you play, a true player who always had a grin on your face winning of losing, i hope you get well soon, and I WILL see you in the NFL soon, look forward to seeing you on the field. Bets wishes

Scott Kennewick WA: Isaiah I got to shake your hand after the Fresno game at Red Robin! All the best to you! Get healed up and keep supporting the DAWGS!

Biggs: isaiah, its been fun watching you grow and mature as an athlete, but most of all as a Quarterback. i will most seeing you on saturdays, but im sure i can tune in and see you running like a wild man at the next level. good luck with everything bro & take care

Gary (Federal Way, WA): Hang in there, Isaiah. You will play football again. Take your time with your recovery. You have a lot of support amongst the Husky faithful.

Laura (10) and Josh (6) (Selah, WA):: We hope you feel better soon! You played really well this year. You have inspired us to convince all our friends to become loyal Husky fans. Thanks for always trying your best and we look forward to seeing you play football in the future. We love ya! You're the best! Go Isaiah! #4 always in our hearts!

Dave (Spokane): Isaiah, You're the spark that will turn this program around. I wish you the best.

Mary, San Bernardino, CA: Isaiah, we'll miss the excitement that you've brought to Husky football. Wishing a speedy and full recovery. Hope you'll continue your talent at the next level. Thanks for all you do for Husky football. take care!

Clare (Seattle): Isaiah, See you in the NFL!

Jerry Lundberg Apple valley ca: Thanks for helping the Huskies. I admire your great athletic ability. I am Linda Davies brother

Alan (Seattle): Isaiah, here's praying for a miracle in recovery for you. You deserve the "purple heart".

Jeff (Los Angeles): Isaiah, You are a phenomenal leader and a tremendous athlete. It was one of my greatest privaleges to be able to watch you play this year in person. You have made me proud to be a Husky. Best of luck to you in the NFL and whatever you go on to do.

Jame (Gainesville, FL): Thanks for the great season. Hope you get well soon, and best of luck in all you do from here on out Thanks James

Kristi & Jeff (Spokane): You are a wonderful leader and we will miss seeing you on Saturdays. We look forward to watching you in the future wherever your path takes you. Heal quickly and thanks for your hard work!

Loren, Poulsbo: Isaiah, your actions and leadership on the field helped bring the Dawgs out of a dark time. I'll be looking for you on Sundays next year. Get well soon.

brian (Davis, CA): Take care of yourself and get better - the game of life is full of ups and downs....and unexpected twists. Keep up the faith...

Al (Seattle): Despite the odds stacked against you and some wierd vibes from fans at the beginning, you stuck in there and won us all over not only with your athletic ability, but with your heart and courage. You will be missed as a great Husky quarterback.

Nikki (Sacramento): Wishing you a speedy, full recovery. You are a superb athlete and your actions on the field and in the classroom make it easy for younger kids to strive to go to college and become the future. Your talent on the field will surely be missed.

sy (Tustin CA): Isaiah, I love you. Kick butt in physical therapy, see you at the bowl game.

Mark (Hillsboro, OR): Thanks for "leaving it all on the field" and providing us (in Duck country) a source of pride. Get will soon.

Kyle & Genie (Tacoma): It was such a thrill to watch your leadership on the field. We can't wait to see more of your athletic precision in the future. Have a speedy recovery and know we'll miss you come Saturday afternoon!

Marvelous (Spokane): Thanks for the great career at UW. It's been a pleasure watching you develop into a great husty QB. Good luck next year in the NFL.

Lindsey (Lake Stevens): WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! You had a wonderful season and i hope you are feeling better, hope to see you next year in the NFL

Kevin Palacpac (Seattle!): Isaiah - This is Kevin from your public speaking class. Just as you brought excitement to our class, especially in your red square speech, you brought that same type of excitement back to Husky Stadium. Besides Coach Willingham, you are the only other person who we can truly credit with the revival of the Husky Football program - that's an incredible legacy that you leave behind. The Huskies are indeed on the verge of becoming the "vicious animals" again that Coach Willingham spoke of at his first news conference and we can thank you for that. Dave and I send our prayers for a speedy and thorough recovery and can't wait to substitute you in as the starting QB in Madden 2008. PEACE, thank you and God Bless.

Mark (Portland): Isaiah- Enjoyed watching you play over the past few years and want to thank you for being a spark that made Husky Football important again. Obviously, you've got a good head on your shoulders and it'll do you well on Sunday's in the very near future. Good Luck!

Jonathan (Kennewick): No one who ever watched you play football will ever forget your courage, athleticism and will to win. As an alum, I'm delighted you chose to attend UW. Best of luck at the next level--and with your drive and talent I am confident we'll see you there. But in any case, I know you'll be a big winner in life.--jkk

Quenton (Richmond KY): Hey Isiah, im a senior in high school this year and I broke my leg, had surgery and it pretty much ended senior year, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW DISAPPOINTED YOU ARE and i know how much you wanted to take this team to a bowl game. ive been a huge supporter of you ever since you came to the program years ago to back up cody. I hope all goes well, good luck man and god bless

DAVE (UNITED KINGDOM): Get well soon, from a English Dawg fan.

Kai: Hi, and hope you get well soon:)

ai: so sorry about your injury and miss you a lot! but really hope get well soon and see you in NFL. Thank you and GO DAWGS!

wenatchee wa: i am so sorry to see you hurt man you were doing so good next is the pros goog luck in your future football

The Clapp Family: Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery Isaiah. Thanks for all the great plays and your humble Dawg leadership. We will eagerly await watching you as you take your career to even higher levels!

B (Los Angeles): Isaiah - You continue to represent the best of Husky student-athletes. Thanks for being the model for those to come! Get well soon and good luck!

Liddle (Corona,CA): Isaiah - You're a winner. You really impressed me and my at the USC game when we saw you kneel at mid field after the game. You future is bright. Is 26:3&4- Blessings

Q (NJ): awesome job this year man. Wishing you a speedy recovery and will be watching you tear it up at the next level... no doubt!

Rich Lindvall (Philomath, OR): "...He who has begun a good work in you will complete it..." Phil. 1:6

Bryce (Auburn): You are the man, Isaiah. We all wish you a speedy recovery. You have a bright future in the NFL and good luck. When we look back in 20 years at how the Dawgs have become dominant again we will look back and remember that you were the catalyst for the RETURN OF THE DAWGS!!!!

James (Gig Harbor): Thanks for all the hard work this year, you truly are the leader of this team. When we make it to that bowl game, we will have you to thank. Good luck in the NFL, there is no doubt with your talent that you will succeed there.

Robert from Valdosta, Ga: Thanks for all your hard work you've done to help us get back to respectability. You are a fine Husky and one that we are proud to have had you as our starting QB.

Derek, Seattle: If you so choose, I look forward to seeing you on Sundays. Get well and thanks for all you've done at UW

Will (Eugene): As a proud Husky in exile in Eugene, I've heard a lot of abuse the last few years - but you and your guys really have turned it around this year. We actually met briefly after your 5th place finish in the 100m at Hayward Field ("We've got the 5th fastest man in the Pac-10 as our QB!") and you could not have been more gracious. The Ducks were fearing your return to Autzen and we'll just have to get it done regardless. Most importantly, you need to get better soon so we can continue to watch you make incredible plays in the NFL! We'll always be big fans - thank you for being a great Husky and a great person.

Angie (Enumclaw): Thanks for a great season!! I have been coming to see the huskies play for years, and it's great to see the team have the old spirit and enthusiasm back. Take care and I wish you a speedy recovery.

taylor (shoreline): you were fun to watch. thanks for the great career at UW. im looking forward to watching you on sundays

Werda (seattle): Hope to see you soon!


Teddy Tacoma: an old Japanese saying: "Seven times fall down, eight times get up". Heal well.

Dokubo, Seattle: How many ways can I sing your praises, Isaiah? Ten thousand and more and yet they will not be enough. Valiant warrior, you left it all in the great arena. And when you fell, a comet fell. But, star-ringed dawg, your star has gone into abeyance only for the moment. You will rise reborn to greater deeds, and a thousand bards will script your story from Dawg Nation to the NFL and the vaster arena beyond its famed horizon. Stand tall then, great dawg. Look near. Look far. Look deep into the moments after now, when countless laurels will garland your worthy and noble spirit. Go dawg!

Your fans in Bonney Lake: Get well soon Isaiah, you have a great NFL career ahead of you.

saltlake city utah: ha isaiah get well soon your great person and leader on and of field.from biggest fan in utah

Dave (Anchorage): Thanks for pulling the team up so far. I truly hope you heal well and quickly. I know you will be with the team and continue to provide fantastic leadership. You are the heart not just the foot of the team.

garyn: i love the huskies

Dana - Boise: Best of luck on a speedy recovery. You are, and have been, a true husky and will be remembered in turning a new page in Husky Football.

Tischer's (Cathlamet): Isaiah -Thanks for putting Washington football back on the map...Great athletes come and go but the one's with heart we never forget...Good luck to you

Jake Portland, Orgon: I'm probably one of your only fans from Portland but I had a great time watching you light up the field this year. GO DAWGS!!!!

JW (San Antonio): Isaiah, I can only admire your toughness. Will miss you for sure. You have a very bright future in the NFL. I look forward in seeing you play on Sundays. Hopefully for the team I root for!! God Bless.

San Diego: Navy DJ stationed here but Miss Washington to Death even with all the rain!! Hope you get well we miss ya!! Hope to return home soon so I can Go to the Games!!! Get Well!!

Troy (Everett): Thanks so much for making Husky Football fun to watch again. You have not come close to your full potential. Good luck playin on sundays.
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