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    For all those who cannot watch the UW-Stanford game live at Husky Stadium, is going to provide another way fans can follow the game from their homes in front of their computers.

    Editors of and hopefully a few special guests will be writing about game day events as they happen. We are hesitant to call this a blog or a chat, it's more a combination of both....maybe a chlog!

    Anyways, we're going to let the action dictate what we talk about and we're also going to let you, the fans, send in comments or questions during the game.

    So Saturday afternoon, pull up a chair, tune into the game action provided by the ISP Sports Network on the Dawg Channel All-Access (it's FREE!!!), load up the Gamertracker to keep stats, and keep me company by following our comments as the action unfolds.

    And don't be shy...we want to hear from you!!

    We're aiming to start all the action by 12:00 p.m...Go Dawgs!!

  • Brian Tom: Hey Husky fans...21 minutes until kickoff. The Husky band is taking the field as I type.

    spencer(wenatchee): The Dawgs need this win and with stanford's QB out this game should be ours!!! GO DAWGS!!!!
    Brian Tom: Stanford will be missing a lot of bodies for this game, as they have been all season long. While they have struggled to compensate for their lost quarterback, you can argue that so have the Huskies...0-4 with no Stanback. So, something's got to give today.

    spencer(wenatchee): That is very true but 2 of the 4 games have been decided on the last play (in OT) Carl Bonell has done a very good job
    Brian Tom: Carl has done well. He needs the team to rally around him and realize that 6 wins is still a possibility and so is a bowl....hopefully they all can keep it together and beat a very down Stanford.

    Noah (St. Louis): BT! What's the weather like?
    Brian Tom: Hey Noah....what's up!!!! The weather is cold. 48 degrees with a 14 mph wind making it feel colder. There is no rain yet but there is a chance.
    Brian Tom: We just had the seniors come out and get honored. The last four captains announced and selected by their teammates were Isaiah Stanback, Dashon Goldson, C.J. Wallace and Sonny Shackelford.

    All the seniors came out and were introduced. Isaiah got the best reception of all...I think the fans wanted to give him one last nice ovations for all he did.

    Kenny(Des Moines): Bonnell has been great and the addition of James back in the line-up may be the breaker.
    Brian Tom: What meny people forget is that we have been without both our starting running back and quarterback for the past three games. It will be nice to have another option out there at running back.

    spencer(wenatchee): The thing we can't do is come in cocky like we did when we played Oregon state and we all see what happens when we get cocky
    Brian Tom: I doubt we'll come out cocky. Our tails are between our legs too right now...these guys are sick of losing and we'll see if they can do anything to stop this streak.

    The Huskies will kick off.

    Brian Tom: Stanford will start on the 15.
    Brian Tom: The Cardinal will go three and out, only gaining two on a run play. The Dawgs will start on their own 41 after a shanked punt. It looked like Quintin Daniels was able to get in their and partially block the punt.
    Brian Tom: The Huskies had to punt after Bonnell took a sack deep in UW territory on third. Stanford will start on the 5 for their second drive.
    Brian Tom: The Huskies will start their second drive on their own 48.
    Brian Tom: Huskies are stopped again in Cardinal territory...and Douglas shanks a 12-yard punt. Stanford will start from the 28.
    Brian Tom: The Huskies stopped Stanford on a 3 and long two yards short of getting the first, but accepted the penalty and moved the Cardinal to a 3rd and 22. Stanford then did a quick kick!!! On third down!!!!

    Elaine (Sumner): How's the crowd? Is it a sellout today? Are they loud?
    Brian Tom: The crowd is growing as the game goes on. It seems like we have a LA crowd today...late arrivers. Still, there are a lot of empty seats in the horse shoe, but the North side looks a lot like the other games during the season. The crowd isn't too loud...not too much to cheer about yet.

    dave(tacoma): Bonell has had a chance and he's 0-4. Give Durocher a shot.
    Brian Tom: Bonnell has been pretty solid so far this game. He has ran for two first downs on 3rd and long to keep this drive alive. I'm guessing Johnny couldn't make those's not really his game. Carl is in there to provide the mobility, while Johnny's more of a pocket passer.

    I think Carl just fits the game plan better at this point, but don't be surprised if Johnny comes in for a few series.

    Huskies have 3rd and 2 on the Stanford 19 with 1:07 left in the first.

    Brian Tom: Durocher just subbed into the game and was going to run a play, but the first quarter expired. Looks like Dave in Tacoma will get his wish. I can't tell if Carl is hurt or what, but he is behind the bench riding a stationary bike.
    Brian Tom: And Johnnie Kirton has rushed the ball the last 3 times for the Huskies. I like it!
    Brian Tom: Michael Braunstein hits a 28 yard field goal that barely got over the cross bar...Huskies take the 3-0 lead with 13:32 left in the 2nd quarter.
    Brian Tom: Bonnell has a right thigh bruise and his status of returning is in question.
    Brian Tom: 11:58: Stanford gets its first 1st down. They have 24 yards of total offense...UW 67
    Brian Tom: Huskies had a fourth and 1 inch...they got 2 inches. If they wouldn't have made it, Stanford would have go the ball on the Washington 35.

    Greg (san antonio): Is the defense that good or Stanford that bad?
    Brian Tom: Stanford definitely has had it's share of offensive woes all season long. They are using back ups and walk ons at numerous different positions on offense. It might be unfair to ask any Pac-10 team, except USC, to go out and compete week in and week out without their top players.

    That said, our defense is definitely doing a fine job today.

    Brian Tom: Stanford will start on their own 20 after the Huskies had to punt. 7:20 left in the second, UW 3, Stanford 0.

    Shauna , Arizona: Do you think the Huskies will win today?
    Brian Tom: Yes....but can the Huskies lose this game? Yes.

    If Bonnell is out for this game, they're going to have to move the ball and put some points up. While Stanford has only scored over 10 points in a game just ONCE, you can't put all the pressure on your defense. So far in this drive, they have caused a negative yard rush, had a Gunheim sack, and now a Reffert sack. Stanford will have to punt from their two yard line....UGH for them!!!

    Brian Tom: UW will start this drive on the Stanford 23 after a wonderful Marlon Wood punt return.
    Brian Tom: The Huskies have now had the ball four times in field goal range and are only going to end up with 1 FG attempt. Penalties and untimely sacks are really hindering the offense right now.

    After an 18 yard Douglas punt, Stanford will start on the 22.

    Greg (san antonio): I'm only "watching" thru the game tracker, what happened on the Stanford long pass?
    Brian Tom: Stanford managed to get two long completitions. Ostrander is like any other Pac-10 QB...give him time and he's likely to hurt you. Our DB's were turned around on both plays too.
    Brian Tom: Stanford got real conservative and basically lined up in the middle of the field for a 22 yard field goal attempt with 2 seconds left in the quarter.
    Brian Tom: 30-yard FG good. We're at halftime tied at three. The Huskies will get the ball first in the second half.

    Overall analysis of first half, both teams are going to struggle offensively. The difference is that I feel the UW defense is a little better and hopefully can stand stout against Stanford. I'll be back later to continue the chat.

    Brian Tom: Huskies will start the second half on their own 20. Durocher is still at quarterback.
    Brian Tom: First pass is picked off at the 50 yard line. Stanford ball.
    Brian Tom: Huskies will force Stanford to punt from the 42...they'll take a delay of game.
    Brian Tom: Huskies will start their second drive from the Stanford 11.
    Brian Tom: Huskies come out of the gate and it looks like it could be a struggle for them. Stanford on their 37 yard line to start their second drive. Looks like this could be a field position type of game. The Huskies need to cause a turnover and get their offense in position. I know it's unfair to put all the onus on the defense, but it looks like it could be necessary.
    Brian Tom: Stanford going for it on 4th and 1 on their own 47. They really have nothing to lose by going for it...unless of course this leads to the Husky turn around!?!?!
    Brian Tom: Stanford is lining up to punt
    Brian Tom: Durocher just got picked by McNalley and he took it back 49-yards for the's his second pick of the game and the Huskies are trailing 10-3.
    Brian Tom: The Huskies are putting Carl Bonnell back in. It looked for a second like Felix Sweetman was coming in. 7 yard completion for Carl.
    Brian Tom: Offense not much better on that series. Picked up one first down and had to punt. Stanford will start from their 19.
    Brian Tom: Stanford looks like they have all the momentum right now. They just had a 19 yard carry on first down. It's amazing what a little confidence will do for you.
    Brian Tom: The defense has done a great job on third and short today. Stanford will have to punt from their 47. The punter fumbled the punt and the Huskies will get the ball on the 34. They did a great job of capitalizing on turnovers last week against Oregon. Let's see if they can keep it going.
    Brian Tom: Fifth time in the game the Huskies will start in field goal range and come out with just one attempt. A muffed reverse was their demise this time.
    Brian Tom: End of 3rd quarter. Stanford 10, UW 3.
    Brian Tom: The Huskies are going to honor Steve Emtman right now for his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Maybe this will wake up not just the crowd, but the team.
    Brian Tom: Pass Interference keeps Stanford's drive alive. 1st and 10 from tjhe 31.
    Brian Tom: 74 yard pass Ostrander to Sherman. The Cardinal have eclipsed the 10 point mark for just the second time this season. 14:36 left Stanford leads 17-3.
    Brian Tom: Stanford's Richard Sherman has five catches for 158 yards.
    Brian Tom: Well, the Huskies are stopped on 4th and 6. The D has to have a 3 and out right now or I honestly think this game is over. The Husky offense hasn't done anything all day. They'll need a finish like they had against ASU to make this a game....and unlike the ASU game, play better in overtime. Third and 8.

    adrian (Bagdhad): Brian, what is up with the passing game. QB, drops, Stan defense?
    Brian Tom: Everything is going bad for the Dawgs right now. It's a total snowball effect. Stanford just converted on 3rd and 8 to keep the drive going. It's not one thing, it's the ENTIRE thing right now.
    Brian Tom: Huskies make a stop on 4th and 1. They'll get the ball back on the 27 with 9:29 on the clock and trailing by 14. I believe this could be the last realistic opportunity for the Huskies to get back in the ball game.
    Brian Tom: Huskies throw the ball deep three times for no luck. They'll have to punt.
    Brian Tom: 8:57 on the clock. I expect Stanford to run the ball and then run some more.
    Brian Tom: Husky fans, thanks for joining me for home games throughout the season. The Huskies will have to go 97 yards with 6:50 on the clock and then get the ball back. GO DAWGS!
    Benton Strong: Hey everybody, Benton Strong with you here as the stadium gets a little louder for a brief moment. Huskies trail by two scores with 6:28 left and a lot of field to go.
    Benton Strong: Huskies have no chance but to go for it on 4th down on their own 29.
    Benton Strong: Pass is tipped and intercepted at the line. Stanford has it at the WASH 26-yard line, 5:43 and counting.
    Benton Strong: There are some die-hard fans in the student section that just began the, "let's go Huskies," chant. Stanford cannot convert on third down so they will likely kick a FG.
    Benton Strong: Stanford FG attempt is good. So with 4:24 left the Huskies need three scores with no timeouts.
    Benton Strong: A 23-yard pass to Shackelford gives the Huskies some offensive life.
    Benton Strong: On 4th and 11 Bonnell's pass down the middle is batted down and that will likely be it. Stanford can probably run out the final 2:40 for their first win of the season.
    Benton Strong: One note is that Felix Sweetman will get his first snap as a Husky. It was handoff that was fumbled out of bounds and that's all.
    Benton Strong: Thank you for joining us all season long on The final score at Husky Stadium: Stanford 20, Washington 3. Have a great evening. We'll see you next year.

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