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    For all those who cannot watch the UW-ASU game live at Husky Stadium, is going to provide another way fans can follow the game from their homes in front of their computers.

    Editors of and hopefully a few special guests will be writing about game day events as they happen. We are hesitant to call this a blog or a chat, it's more a combination of both....maybe a chlog!

    Anyways, we're going to let the action dictate what we talk about and we're also going to let you, the fans, send in comments or questions during the game.

    So Saturday afternoon, pull up a chair, tune into the game action provided by the ISP Sports Network on the Dawg Channel All-Access (it's FREE!!!), load up the Gamertracker to keep stats, and keep me company by following our comments as the action unfolds.

    And don't be shy...we want to hear from you!!

    We're aiming to start all the action by 3:30 p.m...Go Dawgs!!

  • Brian Tom: Hey Husky Fans!!!! Just signing, sorry so late. We're about 7 minutes from kickoff and the national anthem just wrapped up. It is a beautiful afternoon...around 57 degrees and sunny. Looks like we'll be pushing 60,000 fans today. Lou just gave us his signature "Hello Dawg fans"

    Ryan (spokane): whats going on there? what really happened to Bonnell?
    Brian Tom: Hey Ryan...Carl's ready to roll. He hurt his non-throwing shoulder last week, but will be the man tonight.
    Brian Tom: Juan Garcia, Dashon Goldson, Dan Howell and Mark Palaita are today's captains. They're meeting at midfield right now with ASU.
    Brian Tom: Looks like the Husky game is going to come on FSN late as the USC-OSU game is going long. USC just scored to draw within 2 pts with 7 seconds remaining. They didn't get the 2 pt. conversion!!!!! Looks like they're going to lose.

    Jessica (Bellevue): Sort of wierd that there's no clear favorite in today's game ... what do you think? How does that affect things?
    Brian Tom: Good observation. This game should be close. It's a big game for both team with each needing a win to continue their bowl hopes. Both teams need to be able to run the ball if they want to win. But, your guess is as good as mine as who is going to win this one. Hopefully home field is the difference.

    Sean (Lake City): Any sign of Kenny James today? Is he suited up?
    Brian Tom: Hey Sean, he is on the sidelines in uniform, but I understand that he probably will not play.
    Brian Tom: 7:19 in the first: ASU has the ball. Freshman Donald Butler, just made a nice stop of Ryan Torain for minus one and ASU just committed a false start.
    Brian Tom: Husky defense looks stout early. They'll start their third drive of the afternoon from the ASU 46. Hopefully they can move the ball and get something going!
    Brian Tom: Johnie Kirton just got the carry on 2nd and 1. He got the first down. Looks like the Huskies are going to counter the issues they had in short-yard situations with Kirton. So far, it looks good. That was his first career carry.
    Brian Tom: ASU just got a pick off a tipped pass and returned it 26 yards. They are in Husky territory for the first time on the day.
    Brian Tom: ASU has the ball on the UW 37 and its a 4th and 6. They are going to go for it.....after a timeout.

    Brian (Vashon): Man, I hope we can stop them on fourth! Seems like we've had a hard time with that this year. Could be a momentum turner.
    Brian Tom: Husky defense makes the stop! They'll take over on their own 33 as the second quarter begins: UW 0, ASU 0.
    Brian Tom: After the Huskies last 10 turnovers, the Huskies have given up just one field goal. Pretty awesome!

    Nick (Seattle): Hey Brian....thanks so much for keeping us updated! It is much appreciated! How is the crowd? Does it seem pretty full and are they into it?
    Brian Tom: The empty seats are in the horse shoe and upper corners of the upper deck. They haven't had much to cheer about yet, but they seem to be into it. 13:23 in the 2nd, 0-0.
    Brian Tom: ASU has a 4th and 7 from the UW 35. Looks like they'll go for it.
    Brian Tom: Screen play good for the first down.
    Brian Tom: 3rd and 10 from the UW 12 for ASU. They had to burn their third and final timeout. We'll see what they can do. So far, Torain and Keegan, both tailbacks have been Carpenter's main targets.
    Brian Tom: Carpernter just completed a 12 yard TD pass to Jamaal Lewis, another tailback to take the 7-0 lead with 8:53 on the clock. That was a long drive by ASU. The UW hopefully can answer with a long drive of their own to get the defense some rest.
    Brian Tom: Huskies keep getting penalties in key situations....they'll have a first and 15 from the ASU 34.
    Brian Tom: Palaita makes his first carry of the year on 3rd and 1 and gets 2 for the first.
    Brian Tom: Roy Lewis just juggled a possible touchdown and dropped it. Not the best pass in the world, but the catch probably should have been made. Huskies have a 3rd and 9 on the 17.
    Brian Tom: Braunstein hits a 27 yard field goal. ASU 7, UW 3. The Huskies drive was 12 plays, 56 yards and took 6:35 off the clock. Very solid answer to ASU's TD, but 7 would have been nice!
    Brian Tom: 19 yard touchdown run for Herron. ASU scores in 5 plays, 80 yards...only one pass. Plus, Jason Wells is down on the play.

    Huskies burned two timeouts and got ran all over. Not a very pleasant experience to watch overall.

    Brian Tom: Bonnell gets the ball tipped as he's throwing it. ASU easy pick. Looks like they can score again.
    Brian Tom: Missed FG wide left.....Huskies escape a bad situation. Halftime, ASU 14, Huskies 3.

    Bill (Vancouver): What's up with the Dawgs?
    Brian Tom: They couldn't stop the ASU running attack late in the second quarter and were unable to convert a TD on their best opportunity of the afternoon. They'll need to pick up the defense and offense in the second half. I'm sure Willingham will let them have it.
    Brian Tom: The Husky Hall of Famers are being introduced right now. Jim Lambright got a huge ovation! The Husky Hall of Famers this year were men's swimmer Jody Braden, former women's crew coach Jan Harville, Greg Lewis, Todd MacCulloch and track and field's Aretha Hill Thurmond.
    Brian Tom: ASU starts with the ball in the second half. Let's see which Husky team shows up. It is noticably colder since the start of the game....hopefully ASU can feel the cold....Voodoo hex....B-B-R-R-R-R-R!
    Brian Tom: Dawgs ball on the ASU 22 to start their first drive of the second half.

    Jeff(Bellingham): Is Jake Locker suited up and do you think they might use him
    Brian Tom: He has been suited up for the every game this year. He'll probably only play if something happens to Bonnell.
    Brian Tom: Gunheim sack on 3rd and 8. Greyson is having his best game of the year. Huskies will start just their second drive of the second half at the 5:45 mark of the 3rd from the 25. They really need to get one in the endzone.
    Brian Tom: Rankin had to leave the game. Shelton Sampson is in for the first time this season at RB.
    Brian Tom: Huskies were moving the ball pretty well but just got in their own way. 2nd and 13. Russo was just interferred with on a pass play bailing out the Huskies. First and goal from the 9.
    Brian Tom: Braunstein hits a 25-yard FG to make the score 14-6 with 1:34 in the 3rd. Huskies must stop the Devils!!!!
    Brian Tom: ASU scored on a 65-yard run by Keegan Herring on 3rd and 1 play....good call by ASU. Instead of going up the middle they pitched it wide left. Extra Point failed. Huskies trail by 14, 20-6 with :11 second left in the third. Let's hope this comes back to haunt ASU.
    Brian Tom: Calvin Jones is the Husky legend tonight. Official attendace is 58, 822.
    Brian Tom: 13:58 left in the game, Huskies have to burn their first time out. 3rd and 2.
    Brian Tom: Huskies are their own worse enemy today. Incomplete pass to Russo. Looked like he was open, but Carl just underthrew him. Pretty symptomatic of the whole day. Having trouble tackling and can't move the ball. ASU starts the drive from their own 15. If the Huskies realistically want to win this, they'll need a 3 and out and then a TD.
    Brian Tom: So the three and out happened. Let's see if the offense can wake up. They'll start on the ASU 41 after a shanked punt. Hopefully this is what the doctor ordered?
    Brian Tom: Trick play for the Huskies ends up in a TOUCHDOWN!!!! Sonny Shackelford gets the backwards pass and finds a wide open Anthony RUsso for the 41 yard TD. ASU 20, UW 13.
    Brian Tom: GOOOOO......D-FENSE!!!! GOOOOOO.....D-FENSE!!!!
    Brian Tom: ASU muffs the kick off and will start from their own 10....what's that I smell? Opportunity!!
    Brian Tom: IT IS LOUD IN HERE! ASU hasn't been to Husky Stadium since 1999 and the crowd is finally getting back into it.

    Rudy Carpenter just crossed the line of scrimmage and threw the ball....YOU CAN'T DO THAT...2nd and 10 from the 6.

    Brian Tom: Isaiah Stanback is being shown on the JumboTron pumping up the crowd....the illegal pass is being reviewed.
    Brian Tom: The replays don't show irreputable evidence, in my biased mind, so I think the play should stand as called on the field.

    Ethan (St. Louis): BT, great job as usual. Is ASU backed up in the enclosed side or the scoreboard side?
    Brian Tom: Thanks Noah....the refs overruled the call. I disagree. ASU is in the closed end. I don't get Pac-10 Refs???
    Brian Tom: 2nd and 2 on the 18 now.
    Brian Tom: C.J. Wallace just lit up Torrain when it looked like he would get the 2 yards easily. 3rd and 1.
    Brian Tom: NO WAY says the Husky D!!!! 4th and 1. They'll have to punt.
    Brian Tom: Best kick of the game for the ASU punter. Huskies will start from the 37 yard line. 55 yard punt by Jonathan Johnson.
    Brian Tom: Carl Bonnell just got hit late. He's hurt. Let's see if Durocher or Locker comes in. Looks like its going to be Durocher, but I can't say for sure.
    Brian Tom: Durocher it is.
    Brian Tom: Looks like Bonnell's neck is hurtin'
    Brian Tom: Durocher completes a screen pass to Rankin for a first down. Smart first pass call for Johnny.
    Brian Tom: Holding on Huskies on 2nd and 3. That hurts.
    Brian Tom: Durocher hits Cody Ellis for the first....NICE!
    Brian Tom: I've got to head to the field. Benton Strong will take over. Hopefully we'll be talking about a Husky comeback win later!!!
    Benton Strong: After a one-handed catch by Rankin, 3rd and 5.
    Benton Strong: The Huskies catch another break on a pass-interference call and get the ball at the 10-yard line, 1st down. This is it.
    Benton Strong: TOUCHDOWN HUSKIES!!!!! Durocher to Sonny Shackelford, the PLAYMAKER for a HUSKY TOUCHDOWN. XP is good and its 20-20, 2:19 left.
    Benton Strong: On second and 21 Carpenter slipped to the turf at the four yard line. Third and forever (29) for the Sun Devils.
    Benton Strong: After getting the ball back with 11 seconds left the Huskies were unable to score, sending the game to overtime for the second-straight week.

    Benton Strong: This place was absolutely thundering when ASU had the ball. We'll see if it's like that again after UW takes their OT chance with the ball.
    Benton Strong: Braunstein converts on a 47-yard FG on the Huskies possession. Now here comes the crowd.
    Benton Strong: First ASU play, incomplete pass.
    Benton Strong: Carpenter took a lick, but appears alright.
    Benton Strong: Carpenter hits a wide open receiver in the back corner of the endzone and ASU celebrates while Washington drops their second-straight heartbreaker in OT.
    Benton Strong: Make no mistake about it, this team battled all night. From 14 down in the fourth quarter to push the game into overtime. They overcame the injury of a quarterback, again, and continue to play pretty solid football.
    Benton Strong: Thank you for joining us on our Gameday chat. Final score, ASU 26, Washington 23. See you in two weeks for the last home game of the year against Stanford.

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