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 Tyrone Willingham will introduce his fourth recruiting class while at Washington on Wednesday.
The newest class of Huskies is ready to sign their National Letters of Intent TODAY and is the place to be to find out all the scoop.

Throughout the day, will report the latest signings in this Signing Day Chat. As soon as the Washington coaching staff has received each athletes' LOI and the fax has been verified by the UW Compliance office, we'll report it here FIRST! Only then, are the members of the 2008 class officially HUSKIES!

If you have any comments or questions as we verify LOI's, we welcome you to submit them here. We'll post some of your thoughts and answer as many of your questions as we can.

We'll have updates throughout the entire day; including pay-per-view video updates with Bob Rondeau, Sonny Sixkiller and special guests at 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m. Plus we'll have an interactive chat with UW recruiting coordinator Chris Tormey at 12:00 p.m., plus free live video of Head Coach Tyrone Willingham's press conference at 2:30 p.m.

Stay tuned all day to the Husky Signing Day Central! Hello everyone! What a great day to be a Dawg! We will get started with today's Signing Day chat sometime around 8:30 a.m. (Pacific). Go ahead and submit your questions/comments and we will do our best to answer them... The coaches have been in the offices well before sunrise and are fired-up about this year's class. A quick note: Despite reports from various sources, and the Washington athletic department want to emphasize that no letter of intent is valid until it is confirmed by the UW compliance office and announced right here on Signing Day has officially begun and UW compliance director John Morris has arrived and double-checked the national letters of intent that have already been faxed in this morning. A total of 13 NLI's have arrived and been certified this morning and they are all listed on Signing Day Central! Don't forget to join Bob Rondeau and Sonny Sixkiller at 9 a.m. for the breakdown on the latest signees. They will also interview Chris Polk, a member of the 2008 class that has already enrolled in school.

Also, feel free to submit questions to Bob and Sonny here! Here's a quick list: Cody Bruns, Allen Carroll, Terrance Dailey, Justin Glenn, Jermaine Kearse, Senio Kelemente, Luther Leonard, Adam Long, Craig Noble, Bradly Roussel, Alameda Ta'amu and Terence Thomas. Chris Polk did not sign a letter of intent today since he signed a financial aid agreement and is currently enrolled as a freshman at the UW. He is, however, a member of this year's class of signees. It is worth mentioning that Chris Polk's initial scholarship will count toward the 2007 season and not toward next year.

Scott (Kennewick): Coach What were the positions of most need in this class? Do you think any of these true freshman have a chance to be in the two deep next season? Any defensive lineman? Thanks and GO DAWGS!! Scott, I think at the end of the day the UW coaches will be praised for a balanced class that addressed several needs. There are several freshman who should play next year. Maybe Coach Willingham will give some insight on that at his 2:30 press conference today. Don't forget, we are about 10 minutes away from the first of three pay-per-view shows hosted by Bob Rondeau and Sonny Sixkiller right here on The cost of $6.95 and you can watch live or on delay anytime. Click on Signing Day Central for the links. The mood in the football offices today are really upbeat. Every year the coaches are excited about the new class (Did you ever hear a coach say 'Boy, our class stunk this year'?). I think they certainly feel a sense of accomplishment that this class will make a major impact at Washington. A quick Happy Birthday shout out to Jermaine Kearse. How cool is it that National Signing Day is on his birthday? There's something to remember forever! Chris Polk has arrived for his interview with Bob and Sonny. He says he is getting in shape and that off-season conditioning certainly isn't like it was in high school. He says he is a little sore! Chris has a 10:30 a.m. class, so we are appreciative of his effort to come over for today's signing day special. Here's a great fact that might have escaped your attention. Cody Bruns is the 2nd all-time leading receiver nationally!

Mark (PA): So whats the deal with Polk then? Does he lose a year of eligibility? Chris Polk will have five years to play four. He just happens to have graduated from high school early and can enroll in classes and work out with the team. Eligibility works on the competitive season schedule. Obviously, football is played in the fall so that's what it is based on. Bob and Sonny are on the air (well, internet) and the show looks great! Allen Carroll is a great-looking prospect at offensive line. He attends McClymonds High School in Oakland, Calif. That's the same high school as redshirt freshman Willie Griffin - so he was blocking for Willie last year! Another note - Terence Thomas, a 6-8, 305-pound lineman from Caldwell, Idaho is from the same high school as former Husky QB Cody Pickett. Not sure if Thomas is a cowboy to the same level as Cody! Another note - Terence Thomas, a 6-8, 305-pound lineman from Caldwell, Idaho is from the same high school as former Husky QB Cody Pickett. Not sure if Thomas is a cowboy to the same level as Cody! Another birthday shout out! Sandy Erickson in the football office is celebrating today! Hey, if you aren't watching the Pay-Per-View.. check it out! The show looks great. If you can't watch is live, register anyway. You can watch it all day long. Chris Polk is on the show right now... He mentioned feeling that the Huskies were family and that he felt comfortable during his visit to Washington and does not regret his decision one bit! Chris Polk is a high school teammate of Ronnie Fouch and Marquis Persley. Good question. Chris Tormey will be on a live chat at noon and he'd be more suited to answer that. However, most of the recruiting services have noted that the talent in Washington deeper this year than in most year. Chris Tormey will be on with Bob and Sonny at 10 a.m.

John (Renton): It's got to be a huge advantage for Chris Polk to be here early and participate in the off season drills and spring football. Do you see this as a trend for PSA's to complete HS early and enroll in the winter? For sure, the trend nationally is for high school athletes to get their academic affairs in order early in their prep career so they can graduate early and get to college in time for spring practice. Just think about the huge advantage of getting used to the speed of the game, the complexity of the playbook, the relationships with the team, etc.. Much is made during the recruiting process of the role of the current players. They do host the prospects on the official visits in order to provide some perspective of what it is like to be a Husky and start forming the bond of being a teammate. Many of the visit-related comments from prospects are related to how cool the visit with the guys can be. Welcome a few more new Huskies! Dominique Blackman, David Freeman, Mykenna Ikehara, Kurt Mangum, Vince Taylor and Everrette Thompson.

Scott Kennewick: Can the shows be watched later in the week? Yes, we'll have today's pay-per-view specials archived. The first show should be up any minute. They will be available to those who purchased the package for one month. Then, we'll make it free for everyone.

Scott Kennewick: Is Senio Klemente really projected as a defensive lineman? Defensive line is what the coaches have told us is Senio's position... today! Of course, that could change once he gets on campus and starts fall camp. Kellen, you are right about the speed of this class. Hard to say who is the fastest. Kearse was a member of the 4x100-meter relay in the Washington state meet. Long ran a 10.53 in the 100-meters in the state meet in California and won the 200-meters. He beat current Husky Curtis Shaw in that race. Dailey was a standout hurdler, which would imply pretty good speed, too!

Scott Kennewick: What were the two positions of most need for the Huskies? Thanks and GO DAWGS!! Well, that' a good question for Coach Tormey. But, it is obvious that the Huskies lost several receivers (7 of the top 8, actually). And, there are clearly needs for top-quality depth at defensive back and defensive line... It appears those needs are being met today! Welcome to Johri Fogerson! Welcome Anthony Gobern and Greg Walker! Welcome Jordan Polk! We have a total of 24 signees so far and expect two more! Chris Polk told us this morning that he is the cousin of signee Jordan Polk. Chris Tormey will be here at noon for a special chat. You can ask specific questions to him at that time. Johri Fogerson's letter came in late today since his mom is currently in Hawai'i and there is a two-hour time difference. Interestingly, there are several reports out in the Internet world regarding letters being signed but not announced by the school. Why is there a difference? Pretty easy answer to this one... Just because a prospect has said he faxed his NLI, there are a few factors in play before it is official. 1) Did the fax actually come across legible? 2) Is it signed by all parties (printed and signed)? 3) Is it dated properly? 4) Are all the check boxes actually checked? This might sound kind of goofy, but there are a number of stories out there of invalid NLI's and the prospect changing his mind before the validity is confirmed and/or changed. And, believe it or not, sometimes the prospect and his parents might not agree on the decision of which school to attend...

Kellen (MC): Is Vince Taylor projected as a WR or safety? Is Greg Walker projected as a safety or linebacker? The coaches have indicated that Vince and Greg will both start out at safety. Vince certainly had strong stats at receiver at Eastside Catholic, but projects as a safety here at UW.

Bii (Seattle): Who are the two signees that we are waiting for? As we mentioned earlier, we expect two more NLI's to come in. We are prohibited by NCAA rules to comment on who, exactly, that would be.

Peter (Redmond): What position does Chris Polk figure to play, RB or WR? Oddly enough, both positions have been vacated by seniors and have a lot of in-experienced depth from this year's and last year's classes. It looks like Chris Polk will go into the spring as a receiver. The reports from Jake Locker and the coaches are that he has great hands, awesome speed and is catching on with running routes and such very quickly.

Josh (Chicago, IL): Most years, one or two guys originally recruited to play offense end up jumping over to defense (i.e. Nate Williams last year). Are there any offensive guys that Coach Donatell might try to convince to make the switch and bolster the defense? Great question. We suspect there will be a few - in addition to the receivers they are projected as defensive backs. That would be a good question for Coach Tormey at noon. It is worth noting that Ed Donatell hasn't had a chance to see our guys, much less the prospects at this point. So far we have 10 signees from Washington and 9 from California. And one each from Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Hawai'i and Louisiana. Clearly Bradly Roussel wins the long distance award! Welcome Demitrius Bronson!

Tony (Kent): How is Demitrius Bronson going to fit into the Huskies Offense next year? Tony, now that we have Demitrius' NLI we can finally answer this! The coaches have him listed as a running back and he clearly has great credentials. It stands to reason that he will be given a chance to come in and compete immediately, particularly with the departure of Louis Rankin. As we've mentioned before, join us at noon for Chris Tormey's chat. He will be very informative and can speak to every recruit who signed today!

Fact Checker: Just nit-picking here, but shouldn't Ikehara win the "long distance award"? I believe Baton Rouge is actually closer to Seattle than Hawai'i, as the crow flies. Great catch! IT"S DONE! Kavario Middleton is signed, sealed and delivered! The 2008 UW signing class is in the books!

Shoreline: Where does this class rank post James/Lambright Era? Well, rankings are certainly impossible to validate and it isn't our place to do that. But, certainly this class is awesome! Coach Wilingham will be on the Signing Day Special PPV at 11 a.m. If you haven't watched the previous two shows, check them out... They really are great!

Kellen (MC): Didn't Tormey say 2 or 3 more? Maybe someone left? Tormey did say that, but it was about an hour ago... All 26 NLI's have been validated and approved... Let's go celebrate! Perhaps tonight at the Signing Day Celebration at Bank of America Arena. Spots are still open. Come by and join Husky fans, coaches and several current players tonight at 6 p.m. Further on that point, Jake Locker, Juan Garcia and Jason Wells are scheduled to speak at tonight's event! It is sure to be a pretty cool night. AND, we'll have video highlights of all 26 signees on the HuskyTron - and a good meal to boot!

Jar: Out of the tailbacks (Dailey, Bronson, Freeman) who is the most likely to see the field in 2008? Hard to say at this point. All three are great backs. One things is for sure, the Huskies are going to have serious depth at tailback! Well folks, that's it from here. Be sure to join us at 12 noon for a chat with Chris Tormey. Also, make sure to check Signing Day Central at 2:30 for Coach Tyrone Willingham's official press conference - live right here on FYI... That presser is free to registrants of the Dawg Channel and not part of the PPV package.

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