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    For all those who are following the Washington-Arizona game live on, we are happy to provide ANOTHER way fans can follow the game from their homes in front of their computers.

    Brian Beaky, from the UW Athletics Communications staff will be writing about game day events as they happen live from Bank of America Arena. We're going to let the action dictate what we talk about and we're also going to let you, the fans, send in comments or questions during the game.

    So Saturday evening, pull up a chair, tune into the game action provided by the ISP Sports Network on the Dawg Channel All-Access (it's FREE!!!), load up the Gamertracker to keep stats, and keep us company by following our comments as the action unfolds.

    And don't be shy...we want to hear from you!!

  • Brian Beaky: We're about 40 minutes frfom game time right now, and there's already about 2.000 people here at Bank of America Arena. As I drove in through the parking lot tonight, I saw a lot of Husky fans outside tailgating. In the arena, there are four screens set up and they're currently showing the WSU-USC games and Ohio State-Iowa. The crowd just went crazy when USC had a long run -- and booed when the Trojans player didn't score. Should be a fun night!

    Jeff (Mill Creek): What does Washington need to do to beat Arizona? They are saying that this is the most important game of Stoops career.
    Brian Beaky: Hi Jeff -- this is definitely an important game for the Dawgs. So far this season, Arizona's defense has looked pretty solid -- they held USC in check for nearly the entire game last weekend On offense, though, it's been a different story -- the Wildcats ran dead last in the Pac-10 in every major statistical category. The Huskies, too, have largely been winning games with defense lately, so this has the makings of a low-scoring affair. That means that field position and turnovers could prove crucial. The Huskies need to hold onto the ball and not give Arizona a short field. If they can do that, and the defense plays the way it did in the second half against UCLA, then the Dawgs should be able to get out of Tucson tonight with a low-scoring win.
    Brian Beaky: Touchdown USC. Big cheer from the Husky faithful. This crowd is definitely in the gameday spirit ... in fact, as I'm writing this, fans on both sides of the arena have started the back-and-forth "Go! Huskies!" cheer. 25 minutes and counting and this crowd is ready to go!

    Sean (Alexandria): 18 year season ticket holder, just moved back east. Made the last two games... My guess is the team with the fewest mistakes wins this game. Neither team is blessed with outstanding talent- so don't hand em' anything!
    Brian Beaky: Hi Sean -- thanks for chiming in. I think you're exactly right. Field position is going to be crucial in this game, so it's going to be important for the Huskies to hold onto the ball.

    Alex (Lake City): I wish I could be there at the BOA. How big of a crowd is there?
    Brian Beaky: Hi Alex ... we're about 20 minutes from gametime now, and people are still filing in. The whole south side of the arena is full, and folks are starting to pack into the north side as well. I'd estimate about 3,000 right now ... and they're still cheering ... some students down in one of the corners are acting as cheerleaders, and just got a "Let's go Huskies" cheer going around the arena. Hopefully they'll have reason to cheer after the game starts, too!

    Vic (Redmond): What's the temperature down there?
    Brian Beaky: Hi Vic ... the temperature here in the arena is a nice, comfortable, 65 degrees ... oh, wait, you probably meant Tucson. :) Last I heard it was 94 degrees around 5:30 p.m., but they expected it to cool down to around 60 by the time the game ends.

    Sean (alexandria): Will the audio link above (Live Audio) work as we get closer to the game?
    Brian Beaky: Is anyone else having trouble with their Live Audio link? If so, let me know and we'll try and get it addressed before gametime.

    Casey (Spokane): Do you think that Stanback is going to have a big game against this tough defense?
    Brian Beaky: He's played well against a couple of tough Ds the last two weeks. It will be important for the offensive line to give him time to make good decisions.
    Brian Beaky: I jsut checked the audio link on my computer, and had a couple of other folks check it as well, and it sounds like it's up and running. Give it some time to buffer after loading it and try again, if you're still having trouble.
    Brian Beaky: Almost kickoff now, and we'll put the final attendance figure here at Bank of America Arena at about 4,000 ... they're just showing the starting lineups on the video feed right now, so we should be kicking off very soon!
    Brian Beaky: Kickoff, and the Husky fans are on their feet, waving their hats and doing the kickoff cheer. Here we go!

    Brice (Seatle): Is the live audio feed online the same feed on the local radio station that broadcast husky games? (not sure if it's ok to mention the name but i am sure you know it) thanks!
    Brian Beaky: Hi Brice -- the live audio feed is the Washington ISP Sports Network, with Bob Rondeau and Chuck Nelson on the call, and Elise Woodward working the sidelines. Bob just gave a shout out to all those here in the arena, which elicited a pretty big cheer.
    Brian Beaky: As does a swarming defensive effort by the Huskies' line. Second and long for the Cats.

    Casey (Spokane): Huskies get first first down on first drive!
    Brian Beaky: A big run from Stanback for the first down. His shake-and-bake of the d-lineman brought a huge roar from the crowd here in the arena. First down Dawgs!

    Mac (Qatar): Last week it was Kuwait, now Qatar, good to be in for the game again this week!
    Brian Beaky: You win the "I followed the Huskies' game from farthest away" award this week, Mac. Thanks for joining! What time is it in Qatar, anyway?
    Brian Beaky: A high punt snap leads to a wobbly effort from Sean Douglas. Arizona is penalized on the return, though, so Arizona will start deep in its end zone.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): I hope Huskies get things rolling especially after beating UCLA last week. If they play well tonight, I'd be impressed
    Brian Beaky: So far, so good, Wolf. The Huskies held Arizona in check on its first drive, and picked up a couple of first downs of their own before having to punt. Arizona just had a penalty on its first start of this series, too, so that'll move 'em back even farther.

    Mac (Qatar): 5:20am
    Brian Beaky: You're a committed man, Mac. That's true Husky loyalty!

    Noah (St. Louis): Line play should be key in this game. Which team is winning the battle in the trenches so far?
    Brian Beaky: Funny you'd ask that question now ... Noah. Gunheim just went up high to bat down a third-down attempt from Tuitama. Huskies ball, and the crowd here breaks into a "Let's go Huskies!" cheer again.
    Brian Beaky: Incomplete pass on a screen play to Ellis leads to a UW third down. The Huskies have looked good on the ground so far tonight, but haven't been as successful in the air ... reminiscent of last year's game in Tucson. Remember, that one was headed to 13-7 Arizona at the half before Stanback's big bomb. The Huskies then pounded it on the ground in the second half for the big win.
    Brian Beaky: Well, we've been emphasizing field position all night, and the Dawgs just delivered. A deep punt by Douglas is pinned down by Roy Lewis at the 1. This is a big series for the Husky d.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): Therers Huskies' fans everywhere!! I can say I am one of Huskies' die-hard fans and proud of it
    Brian Beaky: We're proud to have you in the family, Wolf.
    Brian Beaky: A near safety for the Husky d on first down and the crowd here is going crazy. They think it should have been a safety, and from the replay, they might be right.
    Brian Beaky: No gain for the Cats on second down either. Third-and-10 for Arizona on the 1.
    Brian Beaky: Tuitama took the snap in a shotgun and tried to go deep. His line actually gave him good protection on this one, he just overthrew his receiver. Fourth down from 1yard line!
    Brian Beaky: Nick Folk, Arizona's punter, dropped the snap but JUST managed to get the punt away. It only goes out to about the 35-yard line though. We said short fields would be important in this game ... here's the Dawgs' chance to cash in.
    Brian Beaky: No room to run for Rankin or Stanback on the Huskies' first two plays. Both went around right tackle, and in both cases, linebackers were there to meet the Husky rushers. Third and long.
    Brian Beaky: Stanback threw it up for Shackelford and the safety, Michael Johnson, made a great play to snatch the ball away. I'm sure the Arizona defense will be fired up, but in some way this reminds me of Stanback's pick last week ... the Huskies were out of field-goal range, and wouldn't have gone for it on 4th down if they hadn't gotten the first ... so, Arizona will take over on the 10 -- which is about where they would have been with a punt anyway.
    Brian Beaky: No room to run again for the Cats on first down. UW's d line is getting a good push, and the 'backers have been there to fiull the gaps.
    Brian Beaky: Of course, as I write that, Chris Jennings finds a big hole over the left side for an Arizona first down -- just their second of the game.
    Brian Beaky: Good pressure on a corner blitz from Lewis forces Tuitama to throw to his hot read for just a short gain. It's nice to see the UW defense mixing it up a bit with the looks they're giving Arizona.
    Brian Beaky: Another first down on a quick pass from Tuitama. Arizona's moving the ball this drive with plays that develop a little quicker than those they were running on their previous series. Maybe they just have a bit more quick in their step after the turnover.
    Brian Beaky: Two big stops from the UW d, first stuffing a run on 1st down and then batting down another pass -- their second already -- on second down. The d-line is getting a great push at this point, but hasn't gotten to Tuitama yet.
    Brian Beaky: Nearly a pick for Roy Lewis -- the ball was tipped up into the air and landed just inches beyond his grasp. If he could have caught it on the run, there was nothing between him and the endzone.

    alex (san antonio: what uniforms are the huskies wearing?
    Brian Beaky: The Huskies are in the same set they wore at Oklahoma -- white shirt, purple pants,
    Brian Beaky: A "defense, defense" chant for the BofA faithful on third down ... and a huge cheer when C.J. Wallace breaks up Tuitama's pass attempt. Fourth down for Arizona at their own 45.

    Silentwolf (KS): Looks like Huskies' D is working overtime this time
    Brian Beaky: The d has done a great job of putting pressure on Tuitama so far. One thing that might be a bit of a concern is that on both of the passes he has thrown deep, he's had open receivers ... he hit Steptoe for a big first down on one, and overthrew Steptoe for what likely would have been a 99-yard touchdown pass on the other. You know the Arizona coaches in the press box are going to go back to that play again when they feel the time is right -- might be something to watch down the road.

    Greg (san antonio): Is the audio working? I just found this site. Hi Alex, great to see another Husky in the alamo city.
    Brian Beaky: Hi Greg -- give it a minute to buffer, and it should work just fine.
    Brian Beaky: Kenny James just put a shake-and-bake on a pair of Arizona defenders to turn what looked like a 5-yard screen pass into about a 15-20 yard gain ... tack on a 15-yard personal foul penalty for the Cats and it's first-and-10 Huskies at the Arizona 25. Looks like the Dawgs at the very least have the field position back.
    Brian Beaky: Wow ... Stanback pitches to James, who throws it back to Stanback for a 25-yard TD ... but Anthony Russo is called for clipping on the play. So, instead of a touchdown, it's third down on the 40.
    Brian Beaky: And just like that, Russo redeems himself, catching a screen pass from Stanback and taking it 20 yards down the sideline. Arizona's coaches cannot be pleased with their tackling ... first Stanback, then James, now Russo have made the Arizona defenders look silly.
    Brian Beaky: Russo's play puts the Huskies in field goal position, but Braustein misses the 37-yarder wide right. In a defensive battle like this has been, every point can be crucial, so it's too bad to give up the three. It's Braunstein's first miss of any kick this year, though, so we'll give him a pass on this one. What's encouraging is how the Dawgs marched the ball downfield on that drive. Next time they do it, hopefully they can turn it into 7.
    Brian Beaky: A crazy play benefits the Wildcats this time ... Tuitama tried to go deep down the middle to Thomas, but Roy Lewis was able to get in front of it and bat it into the air ... unfortunately, it ended up going right to Thomas, who caught it at the UW 35 for a first down. Add that to the penalty on the TD catch by Stanback, and it appears that, at least at this stage of the game, Lady Luck is wearing red and blue.
    Brian Beaky: More luck for Arizona ... a 51-yard field goal attempt is good. 3-0 Cats, but the Dawgs D is holding tight, and the offense is moving the ball. It's 3-0, but it feels like it should be somewhere in the vicinity of 13-3 or so, in UW's favor.
    Brian Beaky: Getting a few more notes about the Live Audio. We have our web folks looking into right now; I'll give you an update as soon as I get one.
    Brian Beaky: And the crowd at Hec Ed goes crazy! Stanback rolls right and throws back across his body, hitting Sonny Shackelford across the middle for about a 40-yard gain. First down Dawgs in Arizona territory again.
    Brian Beaky: Stanback hits Shackelford again, this time at the Arizona 10-yard line. The pass was similar to the one that was intercepted earlier ... only this time, Shackelford got position on the DB and pulled the ball down. 1st and goal, Huskies.
    Brian Beaky: First play is a give to Rankin up the middle. Gains about 2 to the 8.
    Brian Beaky: Stanback runs a play-fake up the middle and keeps it, taking to the 3. 3rd down.
    Brian Beaky: TOUCHDOWN, WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!
    Brian Beaky: Washington's coaches call a pass on third and goal from the three ... giving Stanback the option to run it if no one's open Shackelford is, though, and Stanback hits him on the left side for a touchdown. Braunstein, too, gets back on the good side with the extra point, and it's 7-3 Dawgs.
    Brian Beaky: I've been saying it all night ... the Huskies are moving the ball in this game, they just hadn't yet capitalized with points. Maybe this score will change that for future drives. its 1105 pm here in south bend in...what is the scorew of the game?
    Brian Beaky: Welcome, Songo. Washington has just scored to go up 7-3 with 5:26 to play in the 2nd quarter. A couple of fantastic passes by Stanback on the drive. Piotr, I haven't heard from you in a while.

    eric arizona: i live in phoenix but i am all seattle fan go washington my nickname here is seattle
    Brian Beaky: One question, Eric - why aren't you in Tucson??!! The Dawgs need all the help they can get.

    alex (san antonio): yeah theres's 5 of us from randolph listening online and watching ohio st. GO DAWGS
    Brian Beaky: Tell all your friends that the Huskies appreciate their support, Alex. Go Dawgs!
    Brian Beaky: OK, so, back to the game. There was really no need to recap Arizona's possession after the TD, because frankly, there wasn't much to it. Three-and-out, punt, UW ball around the 40 yard line.
    Brian Beaky: Stat update ... total yards are 190 for UW, 112 for Arizona. Arizona's are a bit deceptive, though ... they've had a couple of big plays, but haven't been able to move the ball with any consistency.

    Casey (Spokane): What was the final score of the USC WSU game?
    Brian Beaky: USC 28, WSU 22. The fans here don't know that yet, but I'm sure there will be a big cheer when they do.
    Brian Beaky: The crowd here at the arena has probably swelled to about 5,000 -- and they're feeling good.

    eric phoenix: i wish have to work
    Brian Beaky: No problem, Eric. You're there in spirit, and here as part of the greater Husky Nation!
    Brian Beaky: Another HUGE play from Stanback. Stanback launches deep down the sideline to Russo, who spins around acrobatically in the air to catch the ball over what was pretty tight coverage. First down Dawgs inside the 10 yard line.

    gurghi (Lexington, Ky.): See any of the Dawg b-ball in attendance?
    Brian Beaky: Not yet, Gurhgi, but I have seen athletes from several other UW sports teams. I'm sure the hoops guys are around here somewhere.
    Brian Beaky: James carries it up the middle and it looks like a TD, but the refs spot it at the one ... BUT WAIT! ... after a brief conference, the side judge raises his arms into the air -- TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON!!!!
    Brian Beaky: The Huskies have moved the ball well every time they've had the ball, and now have a 14-3 shortly before half. The Husky defense has looked great, too, but it will be interesting to see how things change now that Arizona is going to be forced to throw more -- pass defense has been improved the past two weeks, but it's going to get a stiff test here over the next 33 minutes.

    Sean (Alexandria): Major character drive there. That's one thing I noticed about this years team- character. It's 11:10, gonna have to resort to the chocolate covered espresso beans!
    Brian Beaky: Espresso beans, rock music, whatever you need, Sean. This is going to be fun!

    eric phoenix: is stanback washington,s only black qb since warren moon
    Brian Beaky: He is, actually, and he and Warren are good friends. In fact, Isaiah mentioned last week that Warren whispered something in his ear in the second quarter that lit a fire in him just before that long TD drive before the half.
    Brian Beaky: A good completion for a first down by Tuitama is called back for holding. Even when the Cats do something good, they haven't been able to take advantage.
    Brian Beaky: Fumble by Arizona recovered by the Cats. 4th and 13 Arizona, out of field goal range.
    Brian Beaky: TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON?!!!!!!!!!!
    Brian Beaky: The UW got the ball back at its own 20, after a 15-yard pass to Shackelford, Stanback found Quintin Daniels downfield for a 20-yard gain, which he turned into a 65-yard TD with a couple of shake-and-bake moves, and some more horrid tackling from Arizona. 2 plays, 80 yards, 21-3 Dawgs!

    Andy (Puyallup): How many people did they say are watching the game at Hec Ed right now? Go dawgs!
    Brian Beaky: There's about 6,000 here now, and you must believe they were going crazy as Daniels dove for the pylon at the end of that run. It's actually a really cool atmosphere here in the arena ... there's currently a "Go! Huskies!" cheer going back and forth between the North and South sides of the arena, and the fans here all seem to be enjoying this rare experience. It's a neat feeling. Husky fans are the best ...

    tahoe dawg: Score update?
    Brian Beaky: I think I mentioned it in my last post, but I'll mention it again here -- less than a minute to play in the half, 21-3 Dawgs.

    eric phoenix: i have been a uw fan seen i was 10 now i am 35 i still have not gone to a game is that sad
    Brian Beaky: Eric -- the Huskies are in Tempe next year. Get your tickets now! What's most impressive is that you've stayed loyal to the Dawgs that long, without ever having seen them in person. The gameday atmosphere is amazing ... you MUST make a trip to Husky Stadium when you can. I am a ND fan a Ty willingham fan and now a Washington Hushy fan
    Brian Beaky: We're glad to have you, Songo. Coach Willingham has done a great job putting the pieces in place to return the UW program back to its rightful spot at the top of the conference.

    Silentwolf (KS): Whooo hoooo Dawgs is on a ROLL!!!! There may be joy in Dawgville after all!
    Brian Beaky: It's halftime, Wolf, and right now Husky fans are feeling pretty good. I'll be back with some halftime stats in just a minute.

    Silentwolf (KS): Whooo hoooo Dawgs is on a ROLL!!!! There may be joy in Dawgville after all!
    Brian Beaky: Some quick halftime stats: Total Yards: UW 333, ARZ 124 Rush Yds: UW 87, ARZ 18 Pass Yds: UW 246, ARZ 125 Stanback: 10x14, 246 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT ... 4 car, 27 yds Rankin: 8 car, 34 yds Shackelford: 5-106-TD.

    Noah (St. Louis): Brain, can we go back to my question about line play? Is Isaiah's success throwing the ball coming from inside the pocket? Or is he rolling out? Also, how consistent has the UW d-line been in pressuring Tuitama? Thanks.
    Brian Beaky: Good question, Noah. Isaiah has definitely been moving around a lot, throwing on the run. The UW line has done a good job of giving him time to make plays and -- most importantly when a quarterback is running around and changing direction a lot -- have yet to be flagged for a single holding call. Or a false start, for that matter.
    Brian Beaky: On the flipside, the UW d-line has been in Tuitama's face all day. They've only gotten to him for one sack, but they've been in the backfield all night, and have batted down two passes. He's had open receivers at time, but missed them after rushed throws. It's a fair analysis to say that, perhaps outside of UW's wide receivers -- who are catching EVERYTHING, and making Arizona's defenders look silly with their moves after the catch -- the d-line has been the top unit on the field tonight.

    Silentwolf (KS): If Huskies win tonight which will push their record to 4-1 (I'll stress big 'IF') would that give them inside track for a bowl game?
    Brian Beaky: You'd have to feel good about their chances, Wolf, with three home games left and a couple of winnable games on the road as well.

    Folsom, CA: What's the weather like at Husky Stadium for the die hard fans.
    Brian Beaky: The game's in Tucson, actually, where at last report the temperature had dropped from a high of 94 to the low 80s.
    Brian Beaky: The second half is underway and it's UW's ball. Hopefully the Huskies can come out of the half the way they did against UCLA and Fresno, and not the way they did against San Jose State and Oklahoma.
    Brian Beaky: Another long catch-and-run after a play-action by Stanback, this time to Marcel Reece. 1st and 10 Dawgs at midfield.

    Tony (Omaha): In Omaha on business. Following the Dawgs. Great half of football. Huge stats for Isaiah. Meee Likeee!
    Brian Beaky: Me too, Tony. Me too.

    Rabid Dawg (Salt lake City): Longtime Dawgfan here following the game from the quiet of my home in Utah. Team looks good so far this evening, what's the atmosphere there in the arena right now?
    Brian Beaky: It's actually pretty special, Rabid Dawg. There really hasn't ever been an event like this here before, at least not since 1982, so I think all the fans are really excited to have a chance to watch the game. There are about 6,000 in the building, with both sides of the arena filled and the overflow crowd sitting on the basketball court in front of the big-screens. So far, you'd swear you were at the actual game -- chants back and forth, stifling noise on Arizona third downs, the works. And who knows, maybe the Dawgs are feeling the support down in Tempe!
    Brian Beaky: Stanback scrambles on third down, but comes up a yard short. Douglas' punt goes in the end zone and it will be Arizona ball at the 20. It will be interesting to see if they test the UW corners deep. They've had guys open, but so far -- largely in part to pressure from the UW d-line -- Tuitama hasn't been able to find them.

    eric phoenix az: who do you compare stanback to
    Brian Beaky: In a lot of ways, he's like Marques Tuiasosopo, what with his scrambling ability and cannon arm. They're also similar in the sense that you knew that there would be one play in every game where you'd say, "What the heck did he try that for?" But, if you try to coach that out of them, you coach the magic out of them as well.
    Brian Beaky: Well, just like that -- two long pass completions from Tuitama. The first was a rollout dumpoff to the fullback, the second a stright-up pass over the corner. Arizona's moving the ball now, down inside the Huskies' 20.
    Brian Beaky: Another screen moves the ball to the UW 5, first and goal. The Huskies stuffed UCLA on three different drives inside the 10 last game, let's see if they can do it again.
    Brian Beaky: SACK BY SCOTT WHITE!!!
    Brian Beaky: White came in untouched for the sack. Third down Cats.
    Brian Beaky: Under pressure from Bomar and White, Tuitama throws it u to the endzone, where Dashon Goldson -- yes, Goldson in at corner -- makes a terrific diving play to slap the ball out of the receiver's hands.
    Brian Beaky: And the field goal is missed!!! Another HUGE goal line stand by the Huskies' d -- their fourth in two games. This is quickly becoming a hallmark of this defense.

    Lindsey (Lynnwood): Hi! You are pretty cute!
    Brian Beaky: Thanks, Lindsey in Lynnwood. I will post any and all compliments. :)

    Pasco, Wa: Thank you for this commentary. The Huskies progress is testimony to a positive, complimentary, dependable coaching staff. It is good to see them coming back.
    Brian Beaky: Great points, Pasco. The Huskies are playing with toughness and discipline this year -- exactly the traits that Tyrone Willingham is so well-respected for.

    Vancouver. WA: Wow Doesnt this bring back memories? the return of the dogs But are they for real?
    Brian Beaky: It looks pretty good, so far. Long way to go, though.
    Brian Beaky: The crowd in the arena is currently singing "Bow Down to Washington" after a brief playing of it over the radio feed.

    Pasco, Wa: Is the o line protecting Standback as well as it seems?
    Brian Beaky: Well, not on that play. Arizona brought the house and Stanback was lucky to scramble to the sideline befre being killed. But so far, they've done enough to give him time to make plays.
    Brian Beaky: Another high snap leads to a mis-directed punt from Douglas. Arizona will have good field position when they take the ball -- the Husky D is going to have to step up again.
    Brian Beaky: Arizona goes right back to the passing game, with Tuitama throwing a quick-out to the sideline for a 9-yard gain into Husky territory. Great pressure on second down, but Tuitama just gets it off to the receiver for a first down at the 36.

    alex (san antonio): I know i’am not taking any chances tonight with if, i’am staying here all night until I know we got the W. 2 Too many yrs of losing keeps me up all night anyways GO DAWGS.
    Brian Beaky: We're here with you, Alex. Go Dawgs!

    Nick (Seattle): any update on the live it supposed to be working? THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE COMMENTARY!!
    Brian Beaky: Hi Nick ... I've followed up with several of our web folks who tell me that the audio feed is working properly. They suggested rebooting your browser and trying again. Also, if you're using a Mac, it won't work -- unfortunately, Macs don't currently support our live media platform.

    Silentwolf (KS): Huskies' defense is more like 'bend but don't break' they seems to be doing well tonight
    Brian Beaky: Good point, Wolf. Speaking of "break", they just got a bad break when they got a ton of pressure on Tuitama to force a nearly-intercepted incompletion, only to be called for roughing the passer. It's a tough call, and first down for Arizona at the UW 26.

    Paul Hood: Hey Brian - Sounds like a blast! Does it look like the defense is as solid as it sounds on the radio?
    Brian Beaky: Good point, Wolf. Speaking of "break", they just got a bad break when they got a ton of pressure on Tuitama to force a nearly-intercepted incompletion, only to be called for roughing the passer. It's a tough call, and first down for Arizona at the UW 26.

    Paul Hood (Seattle): 3rd and goal - defense denies the Catz a TD AND and field goal! Does the defense look as solid as it sounds on the radio?
    Brian Beaky: They've been getting tons of pressure up front, which has negated the fact that Tuitama's had open receivers if he can find them. Gunheim, by the way, just swallowed Tuitama whole after the QB got away a desperation (and incomplete) pass on second down.
    Brian Beaky: Well, we've said all night that Lady Luck has gone Arizona's way tonight, and it happened again ... for the second time tonight, a UW defensive back got his hand on a ball to deflect it -- right into the hands of an Arizona receiver. This time Syndric Steptoe took it straight into the endzone for Arizona's first TD. How the UW offense responds will be key.

    Return Of The Dogs (Vancouver): Why So Flat after halftime???
    Brian Beaky: It's a good question, and one that I think every UW coach and player wishes they could answer. For whatever reason, besides the UCLA game, the Huskies have come out flat after halftime in each of their other four games. Perhaps it's worth noting that the UCLA game was the only one where they faced a significant deficit at halftime -- the first three games were close at halftime, and in this one, they obviously had a big lead. It's not an excuse, just an observation.

    Johnny (New Zealand): Brian, how's the running game looking, especially since UA is supposed to have a good front four? Hopefully Louis and Kenny can find some holes here in the 2nd half...Oline looking good?
    Brian Beaky: Johnny in New Zealand -- our second overseas contributor tonight. Thanks for joining! To be honest, the Dawgs aren't using the running game much -- they're mostly running short passes, or having Stanback scramble out of passing sets.. They came out running a lot early and it was OK, but with the passing game clicking, they're sticking with it for now.

    Pasco, Wa: Is number 69 in the offensive playing?
    Brian Beaky: No, at the moment Washington has stuck with its starters on the line. Those five have actually played every down of every game so far this year -- quite an accomplishment for a group that had never lined up together before spring ball.
    Brian Beaky: Third down for the Dawgs, and Stanback's pass to Kirton is nearly intercepted ... the Huskies will be punting again for the second time in two drives this half.
    Brian Beaky: Steptoe fakes a fair catch on the punt, which freezes the Huskies' punt cover team. Douglas' punt lands at the 10, but with the Dawgs biting on the fake, there's no one there to down it and it rolls into the end zone.

    Silentwolf (KS): Return of dogs, I used to live in Vancouver. I believe Arizona probably changed some of game plan for 2nd half. The game is far from over...
    Brian Beaky: You're right, Wolf -- Arizona looks like a more confident team this half, on both sides of the ball. They're sticking on the UW receivers, and Tuitama is making quick throws to negate the Huskies' pass rush.
    Brian Beaky: Tuitama misses a deep pass badly, and with tons of time to throw. Second down Arizona at their own 35.
    Brian Beaky: Sack by Gunheim on second down and a forced fumble, but Arizona recovers. Gunheim just shoved aside his blocker and drilled Tuitama from the backside. That's definitely what Huskies' fans want to see from big #7.
    Brian Beaky: More pressure on 3rd down and an incomplete pass. Gunheim and Ala sandwiched Tuitama after the throw -- legally. :)

    Folsom, CA: Does Gunheim look close to 100% or is he showing lingering signs of his earlier injury?
    Brian Beaky: He's been getting into the backfield all night. He looks strong tonight -- like what Husky fans expected from him this season. Just like last week's game was a breakout one for Ala, this has been Gunheim's best effort to date this year.
    Brian Beaky: Stnacbk looks for Russo deep on 1st down after the punt, but it's overthrown. Second down Dawgs at their own 35.
    Brian Beaky: As I watch Louis Rankin get swarmed at the line of scrimmage on second down, I have to note that the Wildcats are tackling much better this half. You have to know a defensive-minded coach like Mike Stoops let them have it about their tackling at halftime ... Stanback's third-down pass is incomplete. Steptoe's fair catch is a real one this time, and it's Arizona ball at the 19.

    alex (san antonio): yeah the offensive if flat so the defense needs to step it up in the 4th. dont bend and dont brake please!!!
    Brian Beaky: It's on them right now, for sure. Hopefully they can continue to hold until the offense regains its footing.

    odoyle: seems like the db's are getting soft,do you think they are already moving into a prevent type defense?
    Brian Beaky: No, the DBs are still playing a traditional zone. Tuitama's gone to some quick reads and short passes on slant routes this half, which have led to some 10-, 20-yard gains. I expect them to do more of that on this series.
    Brian Beaky: Running play sniffed out by Goldson for a short gain. Second down.
    Brian Beaky: Ala had Tuitama in his grasp on second down, but was pushed in the back by an Arizona offensive lineman just before he would have sacked Tuitama. No call, and Tuitama completes the pass for a first down.
    Brian Beaky: Holding called after a short run -- second and 20 cming up for Arizona.
    Brian Beaky: I really can't emphasize enough how well the defensive line has played in this game. They're pressuring Tuitama on every pass.
    Brian Beaky: INTERCEPTION!!!!
    Brian Beaky: Finally, a bounce goes the Huskies way. Scott White drilled the receiver as he caught the ball, sending it into the air where Goldson grabbed it for the pick. First down Huskies in Arizona territory.
    Brian Beaky: Maybe this will give the Husky offense some momentum. Big plays by the Husky d have been key so far in this game.
    Brian Beaky: Another three-and-out for the Dawgs. They ran the same play on first and third down -- Isaiah's pass was nearly picked on first down, and he ended up just throwing it away on third down. Arizona's DBs are sticking to the UW receivers like glue this half.
    Brian Beaky: Douglas' punt is downed by Lewis at the 2. Another big chance for the Huskies' D to turn the momentum in this game.
    Brian Beaky: A one-yard run and long incompletion for Tuitama. Third and 9 from the 3.
    Brian Beaky: Tuitama completes a pass to the 8 on third down, but White and Goldson are there to stuff it before it can go any further. Another Arizona punt from the end zone -- and remember, Folk dropped the last one before jsut barely getting it off.
    Brian Beaky: 3rd qtr total yards -- AZ 142, UW 46. The Dawgs MUST move the ball on this drive.
    Brian Beaky: The punt is good, and it's Huskies ball at their own 40. Rankin carries it for about four yards on first down.
    Brian Beaky: Another short run for the Dawgs. It looks like the coaches are happy to keep playing the field position game and run the clock down.
    Brian Beaky: Score update: 21-10 Dawgs, about 14:00 to play.
    Brian Beaky: In Tuitama-like fashion, Stanback throws short to Rankin, who gives the Arizona defenders first-half flashbacks with a nifty shake-and-bake move to gain another 15 yards. First down, Dawgs!
    Brian Beaky: Stanback's first-down pass is a long one towards Russo, who has the ball slapped away. A flag was thrown, but the officials are conferring about what probably shouldn't have been pass interference.
    Brian Beaky: And in fact, the flag is picked up. No call, second down Dawgs at the Arizona 43.

    Larry Merced, CA): Can't get the live audio. Is it working?
    Brian Beaky: Try rebooting your browser. Also, if you're using a Mac, the platform unfortunately won't support our live media.

    Brice (Seattle): anyone down there at hec ed taking pics or video of the crowd that showed up? would love to see what im missing!
    Brian Beaky: We've tried, Brice, but the lights are turned down low to make the screens easier to see. KOMO-TV was here earlier, though, and I think a couple of the other stations might have been as well. Hopefully, they'll show some of this on the local news tonight -- it's been a lot of fun !
    Brian Beaky: A huge run from Stanback on third down is called back for holding. Rankin makes another big run on third down but it's not enough. Fourth down Dawgs.
    Brian Beaky: Arizona brought the house to block the punt, but Douglas got it off to Steptoe, who calls for a fair catch at about the 15 yard-line.

    eric phoenix az: how do you think the dawgs will do against usc i think they will do good
    Brian Beaky: I'll answer that question in eight minutes and three seconds, Eric, if you know what I mean. :)

    waikoloa: how is #66 doing?
    Brian Beaky: I haven't called Daniel's number a lot tonight, but he's done a great jo getting pressure up the middle, which has created some holes for the guys on the outside to get to Tuitama.
    Brian Beaky: A first-down completion for Tuitama is coming back on a holding call against Arizona. The o-lineman really had no choice -- Brandon Ala was about to nail his quarterback before the penalty.
    Brian Beaky: Second and long from inside the 10, and a short pass goes nowhere when Scott White puts the receiver on his back. He's having another great game. Third and long from the 9.
    Brian Beaky: Howell comes on the blitz and sacks Tuitama at the 5. Another great stand for the UW D!
    Brian Beaky: Stat of the game so far? Arizona has 9 yards rushing. That right -- 0.
    Brian Beaky: Sorry, that would have had more emphasis if I had properly put "0" the first time. My typing skills are wearing out!

    Ryan (Vancouver BC): Is the crowd a factor at all or have they been taken out of it?
    Brian Beaky: It's really impossible to tell, Ryan. We're getting the Washington ISP Sports Network feed here in the arena, so we don't really get a sense of the crowd noise. The crowd here, though, has been amazing.

    JoAnna (Centralia): Just found you. Been looking all over the internet for an update. 8 min left in the 4th and the dawgs are in the lead?
    Brian Beaky: 6:07 to play, 4th quarter, 21-10 UW, Husky ball ... inside the 10 after a pair of utstanding scrambles by Stanback!
    Brian Beaky: Interesting note ... Carl Bonnell was at quarterback for UW's first-and-goal play from the 5. I can't tell from the angle I have if Stanback was on the field as a receiver, or if he came out after taking a hit on that last scramble.
    Brian Beaky: Bonnell in again on second down ... looks like Isaiah's out of this game for now. Bonnell's pass on second down is incomplete.
    Brian Beaky: 3:45 to play.
    Brian Beaky: James carries to the 4 on third down, but that's as far as he'll get. The Huskies are sending out the field goal team on fourth down to make it a 14-point game.
    Brian Beaky: And the kick is wide right. It was off the same hash as Braunstein's earlier miss. Arizona will have the ball on their own 20 yard line, down 11, with 2:34 to play.

    Ryan (Vancouver BC): Does the Stanback injury look serious?
    Brian Beaky: It's impossible to tell, Ryan. All we have here is the Arizona scoreboard feed -- which obviously isn't showing injured players -- and the Washington ISP Sports Network radio feed. If we get a sideline update from Elise Woodward over the radio, I'll let you know.
    Brian Beaky: Tuitama completes a pass on first down, but gives the yardage back to Greyson Gunheim on second down. Gunheim just buried Tuitama for a big loss -- at least his second sack of the night, and probably the fourth or fifth for the UW d line.

    Honolulu, HI: Sounds like Ala is having a good game. Cheering for the Huskies and especially the Hawaii players. Wish I were back in Seattle...
    Brian Beaky: Three more home games on the schedule! There's still time! The Hawaiian players have always been a huge part of the Huskies' success -- in all sports, really -- and this year is no exception.
    Brian Beaky: Official word on Stanback is a bruised shin. If the UW defense can hold here -- and it's currently 3rd-and-20 Arizona -- it's likely Bonnell will come in to kneel it out.
    Brian Beaky: A great open-field tackle by Wallace save s first down! Huskies ball, 1:55 to play. One first down and this game is over.
    Brian Beaky: The fans here at the Arena are singing Bow Down to Washington again. This is a huge confirmation win for the Huskies, assuming they can hang on.
    Brian Beaky: By the way, Stanback is indeed back under center for this drive Shows you what I know.

    Ethan (St. Louis): How much has Dashon Goldson played tonight?
    Brian Beaky: Ethan! Goldson appears to be back at full-go in this game. He had the big pick in the third quarter -- at that point, it had been all Arizona after halftime, but the defense was able to limit them to just a couple of first downs after that. He also made a couple of big tackles on short screens to the outside receivers, and in general didn't appear limited at all.
    Brian Beaky: Kenny James gains about 20 yards on a tough run, bouncing off tacklers to the Arizona 10. Stanback can now take a knee and this game will be over.

    Ryan (Vancouver BC): Boo-Ya!!! Dawgs Win!
    Brian Beaky: It's over, Ryan! Huskies win it, 21-10 -- a fantastic road win that will, in a lot of folks' minds, validate those two home wins over Fresno and UCLA.

    odoyle: if the huskies hold on and win this game,they would be one of the top teams in the pac you think hey will have a decent chance at a ranking and possibly a top ranked bowl game??
    Brian Beaky: The Huskies received votes the last couple of weeks, so it's possible they could crack the top-25. I know from talking to the Huskies' players and coaches, though, that they really don't care about the rankings. It sounds like a cliche, but it's true. You don't get any extra points on the board just by having a ranking in front of your name. For the fans, though, it would be a great reward.

    Silentwolf (KS): That's amazing that Huskies has held Arizona to 9 rushing yards!
    Brian Beaky: An update on this stat for you, Wolf. Arizona finished the game with -9 rushing yards, after the sacks by Howell and Gunheim on the last couple of drives. A fantastic performance by the UW d.

    JoAnna Centralia: Yes!!!! Dawgs Win!!!! Go Purple!!!
    Brian Beaky: Go crazy, Joanne! Go crazy!

    alex ( san antonio): man all this talk about a bowl game i wish they could play in the alamo bowl
    Brian Beaky: How does the Sun Bowl sound, Alex? Obviously, the Rose Bowl remains the goal with a 2-0 conference record, but if the Huskies drop a couple along the way, a trip to El Paso might be the reward.
    Brian Beaky: Just noticing a lot of UW football players as the crowd thins out ... EJ Savannah, Chris Hemphill, Jordan Murchison, Darin Harris, Robert Lewis, Michael Houston ... basically, every guy who is injured or redshirting or otherwise didn't make the trip is here. You have to believe their voices were among the loudest in this crowd of 6,000 or so tonight.

    Rabid Dawg (Salt Lake City): Good solid road win, but the coaching staff cannot be happy with the ineffectiveness to move capitalize and move the ball in the second half.
    Brian Beaky: There were definitely some things to address. I don;t necessarily think the running game is one, though ... everything was working for the Dawgs in the first half, and after building up a big lead, Arizona knew the Huskies were going to try and run the clock in the third quarter. They plugged the middle and trusted their corners -- who, realistically, might be the best combo in the Pac-10 -- to keep the Huskies' receivers in check, and they did. Likewise, the UW defense had success against the Arizona offense in the second half after IT became one-dimensional the other way.

    Ryan (Vancouver BC): Can you believe that the UW vs. USC game actually is going to have meaning?
    Brian Beaky: Should be fun, Ryan. Thanks to everyone for hanging around tonight. Let's rest those voices so that they're ready to go to cheer the Dawgs next week at USC!

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