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 Coach Tormey (right) presents Mason Foster, a member of the 2007 recruiting class, with the Husky Fever 12th Man Award.
Wednesday marks one of the biggest days of the year for Husky Football--Signing Day. Join for the first comments by the Husky coaching staff about the 2008 UW Football recruiting class.

Husky Football Recruiting Coordinator Chris Tormey will conduct a live chat with fans beginning at noon. He will cover such topics as the recruiting process at UW, an analysis of the class and other issues. Fans will be able to submit questions to Coach Tormey throughout the day and during the live chat. is the only official source of signing announcements. Bookmark our Signing Day Central page and check it out for updated information throughout the day.

We'll have updates throughout the entire day; including pay-per-view video updates with Bob Rondeau, Sonny Sixkiller and special guests at 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m. Throughout the day you can follow a live chat/blog about the latest news, plus we are offering free live video of Head Coach Tyrone Willingham's press conference at 2:30 p.m. Hello everyone! We will have Coach Tormey here at 12 Noon to answer your questions regarding today's signing class, the recruiting process at Washington, his favorite recruiting stories... nearly anything you ever wanted to know. Also, don't forget you can review this morning's signing day chat, check out the official signee biographies or watch the great three-part pay-per-view special right here on Coach Tormey will be here soon. He's finalizing a few administrative details. Coach Tormey is now here and we can get started. We have a number of questions already submitted, so be patient. We will do our best to get to them all.

Elmo (Pullman): Will any signees other than Chris Polk be here for spring?
Chris Tormey: Thanks for the question, Elmo. There is a possibility that Kurt Mangum could be here as well. He needs to finish up his high school commitments. Of course, we also have Devin Aguilar and Anthony Boyles from last year's class in for the spring as well.
Chris Tormey: We talk about future schedules a great deal. The fact that we play the best competition every week is important - both inside and outside the conference schedule.
Chris Tormey: Not sure if (Cody Bruns) is faster. Mario was pretty fast. He might be more polished coming out of high school because of the program he has been in.

Alvin (magnolia): Coach, Do you project Kelemete as an end or interior tackle? He seems like a heck of an athlete and most underated in this class.
Chris Tormey: He is athletic enough to be an end, but has the size potential to be a tackle. I can see he and Everrette as ends and Noble and Ta'amu as inside players.

Bradley (Olympia): Coach, Are we no longer recruiting junior colleges? Seems like we had success with Wells.
Chris Tormey: We still evaluate junior college players. But, we believe the best way to build a program long term is with high school prospects.

CJ, Seattle: Congrats on a wonderful 08 recruiting class. I was wondering how you were able to get Chris Polk away from Southern cal schools and what his impact may be for the upcoming season?
Chris Tormey: Charlie Baggett did a great job recruiting him. His mom was looking for the best all-around environment for his. They really like Coach Willingham and his emphasis on developing the players in this program.

Gorgeous George (Surrey): Will any offensive lineman play this year? Is Ikehara the next Olin Kruetz?
Chris Tormey: I'm not sure of that, but I sure hope so! Kruetz was a great player.

Umberto (East LA): Who is in the competition with Brandon Johnson for tailback?
Chris Tormey: It is going to be very competitive at that position. We will play the best player regardless of what class he is. Right now, it is hard to say who that is.

Chrissy from Liberty Lake: Coach could Allen Carroll play defense too if needed?
Chris Tormey: He is really more of a prototype offensive lineman and that is where we project him at this point.

Jeff (CA): What is a recruit's typical schedule during an Official Visit?
Chris Tormey: Once they arrive on Friday around lunchtime, they typically try to get a campus tour that day, have an appointment with Coach Wilingham and their position coach. There is a dinner that night and then out with their host. On Saturday, there is an academic program with various professors to discuss how academics and athletics work here at Washington. There are more tours and position meetings and a player panel for the parents. It is a busy weekend, but we try to schedule some free time on Saturday. We finish it up that night with a tour and dinner and wrap it up Sunday. We have just 48 hours to get it all in and put UW in the best possible light.

Ed (SanJuan): What about Greg Walker? Is he linebacker?
Chris Tormey: Greg is talented. Whether or not he is able to move to linebacker depends on his growth - how much bigger he gets.

Jake2 (Vanc): Who are the fastest players in this class?
Chris Tormey: Adam Long is probably the fastest player. He runs in the low 21's in the 200-meters and in the 10.5 range in the 100-meters. I think we have excellent speed across the board in the skill positions.

mike White Center: Hey coach what are your thoughts on the kids from Evergreen. Do you think they'll play early?
Chris Tormey: I think Senio will have a chance to play early because of our depth at defensive line. Hopefully we will be able to redshirt Luther since we have some experience players like Jake Locker and Ronnie Fouch coming back at quarterback.

Jacob (Washtucna): I am really excited to hear about Noble comming to UW. Will he be in the mix for playing time with Reffet, Afoa and Lobos graduating?
Chris Tormey: I think all four of the defensive linemen will be in the mix. They each have their own unique qualifications. Craig is a solid 6-3, 300 and is very aggressive. Coach Hart is really looking forward to getting these guys on board.

Adam (Kirkland): Out of the thousands of high school players how do you narrow down which prospects to pursue? Congrats on the great class!
Chris Tormey: There is no short answer to that question. We start close to home. We start in the Northwest and in California. Out-of-state, we see where the interest is reciprocal. There is hundreds of hours of video analysis that go into the recruiting process and that is just the starting point. Evaluation of academics, toughness, character... all of that goes into the process. We try to get it down to about 75 active recruits and about half of those come on an official visit.

Josh (Chicago): Coach, you had to get a little creative to find linebackers this year (Louisiana, Arizona); were there just less linebacker-type guys closer to home?
Chris Tormey: There weren't as many linebackers in Washington or California this year, in terms of quality depth. We are very happy with the ones we signed today and think they will play for us. It doesn't matter where they are from as long as they can play.

Mothra (Sendai): Are you going to be taking any walkons? Will Tripper Johnson be on scholarship?
Chris Tormey: We can't talk about anyone specifically, but we continue to try to have a strong walk-on program and if they can play for us, we'll take them. That's for sure.

Shawn (Belltown): Coach, As far as your student athletes serving as hosts, who were most effctive serving as hosts and informing recruits of the positive of Washington?
Chris Tormey: I thought everyone involved with the process did a great job. It really isn't possible to bring in a good class unless they get a good vibe from our players. It really shows that our players have bought into Coach Willingham and his program. Recruits can sense that when they come on a visit.

Torrance (Smokey Point): Will Mason Foster be a starter this year? What defenseive schemes are you looking at with the linebackers we have?
Chris Tormey: Mason wil definitely be in the mix to start for us at linebacker this year. He is agreat example of a young man that was somewhat under the radar a year ago and turned out to be one of the best players i the class. He is very versatile and can play any one of the LB positions. It is too early to speak specifically about our defense next year.

Ramon (bellevue): Hypothetical question...assume two recruits at the same position of equal size and strength. But one has an edge in his 40 time and the other an edge with his vertical leap. Which is more attractive to you?
Chris Tormey: Easy... The tougher one.

Erik (Phoenix): Coach, COngrat on the Class! How were you able to keep so many of the kids close to home to stay and go to UDUD
Chris Tormey: We have had a lot of contact with the local kids very early in their careers. So, we have developed good relationships with them, their parents and high school coaches. Obviously protecting your home state is critical in the recruiting process and that's where the emphasis starts for us.

Edwin (Astoria): How are Jason Wells and Donald Butler recovering? Will they be ready for spring?
Chris Tormey: DOnald appears to be recovering nicely and should be ready for spring football. Jason is also recovering well, but because of a recent surgery won't be available for the spring.
Chris Tormey: Thanks so much for joining the Huskies today. I need to run. I hope you can join us tonight at the Signing Day Celebration. Go Dawgs!

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