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 Kevin Forrest leads the Huskies with nine goals through seven games.
Washington men's soccer player Kevin Forrest will be joining for a live interactive chat this Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 12:30 p.m.

Forrest, a junior from Edmonds, Wash., leads the Huskies and is second in the nation with nine goals this season for the fourth-ranked UW soccer team. In addition, Forrest is third in the nation with 2.71 points per game.

Forrest has returned to the Huskies this season on a torrid pace after sitting out 2005 with a foot injury. He has hardly missed a beat already earning Pac-10 Player of the Week honors also Soccer America Team of the Week honors for his exploits on the field.

The forward will lead the Huskies (7-0) against the Oregon State Beavers on Sunday at 1 p.m. in the team's Pac-10 opener. Fans that can not attend the game, can follow all the action on with Gametracker and live video on the Dawg Channel All-Access.

Submit your questions now, or return on Tuesday at 12:30 to ask your question live. Kevin has just arrived and will start answering your questions in just a moment...

Ann (Portland): Kevin- I have three sons and they all love soccer. What advice can you give parents who would like their children to pursue soccer, or any sport for that matter, as a means to get a college scholarship? How can we help them achieve this dream?
Kevin Forrest: Hi Ann, thanks for the question. My advice would be based on my own experience in that my parents encouraged me to take sports as far as I could but they never pressured me. All the hours I have spent practicing on my own have been more from internal motivation than from my parents pushing me. Although an occassional push does help! I would just advise you to give them every opportunity to excel and let them take it from there.

daniel (so cal): does ucla deserve a #10 ranking this week?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Daniel. I am not a ranking expert but I have seen UCLA put out a great team every year since I have been here (they have won the PAC 10 four times in a row). They also have played Maryland and Virginia away and got two losses that way. So those really tough games shouldn't hurt their ranking too much. We are excited to play them in 2 weeks regardless.

Christopher (Seattle): When you jumped over the wall on Friday after scoring that goal, you almost ran over me and my brother. That was awesome! Do you have any other cool goal thingys your going to do when you score?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Christopher! I am glad you liked the celebration! Some of us forwards on the team have been talking about how to celebrate our goals, but you'll have to come out to our games in order to see what we have come up with. We also have to be careful not to celebrate too much because then the ref can give us a yellow card.

Haley (Shoreline): Who have been your biggest supporters/mentors in soccer? What was your "big break" that got you on college coaches' radars?
Kevin Forrest: Haley: My biggest mentor in soccer has been my Dad. He also played at the UW and then he went on to the NASL and played for the Sounders back in the 70s. He has helped me since I was a young kid all the way up till now. But my youth coach, Alan Hinton, also helped me develop a lot as a player. He is a former English Premier League player and is one of the most knowledgeable soccer players I know.

Frank (Shoreline): Kevin, Dean Wurzberger seems like a pretty cool dude. What's he like to play for?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Frank. Yea, Dean is a cool dude. He can be pretty intimidating when you first enter the program as a freshman, but as you get to know him through the years you really see what a great guy he is, both on and off the field. He not only cares about our results, but he cares about the development of each player as well.. That goes for Coach Seth and Coach Rich as well. And Darren Sawatzky.

Molly (Bellevue): What has been your most memorable goal so far this season?
Kevin Forrest: Molly, my most memorable goal so far has been the goal I scored on Sunday vs. Marshall. I had just missed a penalty kick (my second miss of the season) and was feeling kind of down, so when I scored the scissor kick volley it felt redeeming!

Brian (Lynnwood): Hi Kevin -- what an awesome year you guys are having! I bring my son to the games when I can, and he loves watching you guys play. What skills do you think are most important for him to develop if he wants to continue his career after high school?
Kevin Forrest: Brian: I remember when I was a kid and I came to the Husky soccer camp when Dave Chesler was still coaching here. He gave some really good advice, he told us that in order to stand out to college coaches we needed to excel at something. He said it's better to be excellent at one thing than just good at a bunch of things. So whatever your sons' strengths are, try to build on those as much as possible.

emma, friday harbor, wa: hi uncle kevin ~ am i still your favorite little cousin? i love you so much! can i come and watch you play soccer? i will give you a big hug after your game! did you know that i turned three on june first? i'm so big! ryan and jake are jumping on the trampoline right now so i have to go. mimi is writing this for me. you and henry are my very favorites! i love you! (^_^) emma rose
Kevin Forrest: I love you Emma!!! I will give you the biggest hug ever after Sunday's game!

exroomy (the rock): you play with some amazing defenders, do you feel comfortable with fischer back there?
Kevin Forrest: Exroomy (Garrett Miller): You are right, our defense is amazing! We have only three goals against us this season, which makes us one of the leaders in the nation. Fischer has come into his own as a defender and yes, I would trust him in the back 1 vs. 1 against any forward in the nation.

Ken (shoreline): Your team has already scored almost as many goals as last season. What is the team doing different this year to score so many goals?
Kevin Forrest: Ken: Your right we have scored 21 goals so far this year and we scored 23 goals all of last season. Our offense is definately explosive, and has some components that were missing last year. Our two wingers, JoJo Katz and Raphael Cox have been playing great which forces defenses to spread out at the back. This leaves more room for Ely and I in the center. We have lots of scoring threats so the burden doesn't fall on any one player to score, which is essential for a winning team.

Alejandro (Caracas, Venezuela): Hey Kevin, congratulations on the great season the team is having and the offensive powerhouse that is Kevin Forrest. How do you see the team?s chances against the Beavers this Sunday and hopefully making a run at the Pac-10 title this season?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Alejandro, excited for business classes to start soon? OSU has proved to be a thorn in our side the last couple of years. They have upset us both at their place and at home in the last two years, so we are not underestimating them. They also have a good start to this season at 5-2-1. We are looking forward to the game, we know how we are capable of playing, but we just have to get out on the field and show it.

Ward in Henderson Nevada: Doesn't it help to reduce the pain of missing PK's when you find out that Gilberto of Brazil and Arsenal missed one a few days ago in a big match against Man.U.
Kevin Forrest: Hey Dad. Yea it makes me feel a lot better! Thanks. Haha, don't worry I'm over it now.

Chris (Ballard): Do you set any kind of individual goals for yourself in terms of scoring? Points, goals or whatever?
Kevin Forrest: I don't set specific performance goals in terms, also called 'outcome goals' in sports psychology. I have learned to focus on everyday preparation instead, and focusing on how to improve and become my best. Coach Seth calls it, "Controlling the controllables." I can't directly control how often I score each game, but I can control how sharp I am (shooting, ball control, fitness, etc). But I would like to break my Dad's scoring record at the UW, which was 14.

Rob (Sonoma, CA): Kevin, Man, congrats on you guys' great start! This could be the year the Huskies burst on the national scene and become one of the elite programs!!! Can you describe the style of your coaching staff and what have they done differently this year to get you guys going so well offensively?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Rob, that's a good observation. The coaches really do modify and adapt their coaching to the players we have and to the most modern techniques. Dean really looks to Jose Moreno, the Chelsea coach, for the best ways to manage the players. We bring out heartbeat monitors in training, and have all sorts of different fitness excersises that involve playing rather than just running around the track. As far as the offense goes, the coaches give us lots of freedom to do what we want up front. The defense is very structured, but we are allowed creative freedom. The coaches have really set up an environment where as forwards we can try things and make mistakes without have to worry about getting pulled off or yelled at. This has allowed us attackers to really improve!

Josh (Eugene): Dude, you got way better while you were hurt! What the heck did you do last year anyway?!
Kevin Forrest: Hey Josh. I would say that this season has really been the first chance I have had to show since my sophomore season in 2004. And yes, I would agree that I have improved a lot (and still have a long way to go), but I wouldn't necessarily say that all of my improvement was during my injury. In 2005 I think I was set to have a good season, but had to miss it with my injury. So now all the hard work I have put in since 2004 season is showing.

Trevor (Kent): What team do you most look forward to playing each year?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Trevor. Our Northwest rival is University of Portland and that is always a huge game for us. I personally look forward to playing UCLA, because they have established themselves as a national contendor every year, so I believe the quality of our team really gets tested against the best when we play them.

Paul (Mission, KS): What is your favorite professional soccer team and why?
Kevin Forrest: hey Paul, well first I want to say that my favorite leagues is the EPL. I absolutely love watching those games. It is hard for me to pick a favorite in that league because so many of them are great to watch (Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool). I will have to say Tottenham is my favorite just because I watched them play Liverpool at White Hart Lane when I was 16 in London with my club soccer team, and it was such a great experience when they won. Darren Anderton, a Tottenham midfielder, was favorite player for a long time.

Garrett (Edmonds): What soccer players do you find inspiration from?
Kevin Forrest: Good question Garrett. I always love hearing the underdog stories. Players who weren't always touted as superstars, but worked hard and became successful that way. Kind of like the tortoise and the hare. I can relate to that. I wasn't a blue collar recruit out of high school, and I have had my struggles on the UW team, especially freshman year when I wasn't sure if I was good enough. I hope players who aspire to play D-1 soccer can look at my experiences and be inspired that they can make it too. When I trained with some MLS teams this summer I heard lots of stories of guys who had average college careers and then blew up and ended up having stellar pro careers. It's really inspiring. Clint Dempsey is a guy who is a superstar now but it wasn't always like that for him.

Judith (Tacoma): Is there any one thing that you worked on in the offseason that has helped you this fall?
Kevin Forrest: Hi Judith. Yea, I stretched a lot and worked on injury prevention. I learned not to take my health for granted when I had to sit out for 5 months from soccer last year. As far as soccer specific, the main three things I work on are my shot, my ball control, and my fitness.
Kevin Forrest: Hi Judith. Yea, I stretched a lot and worked on injury prevention. I learned not to take my health for granted when I had to sit out for 5 months from soccer last year. As far as soccer specific, the main three things I work on are my shot, my ball control, and my fitness.

John (Mukilteo): What is it like to play alongside another good forward in Ely Allen?
Kevin Forrest: hey John. It's great having Ely up top with me, and there is a noticeable difference playing up front when he is not in. He is an unusual player because he has so much finesse and skill to go along with his speed. Having him up front really opens up space for me too, because defenses have to focus on him and mark him tight.

Ted (Baltimore, MD): Being on the East Coast, we hear alot about the teams on this side of the country but not much frrom the West Coast. What is it going to take for the Huskies to get more national respect in soccer?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Ted, that's a great question! That is something that we as players and the coaches focus on. The Husky soccer program has a good tradition, we have Pac-10 titles, we've sent lots of players to the MLS and the USL, we have advanced to playoffs almost every year since Dean has been the coach (15 years), but nationally we don't have the swagger of a team like UCLA because we have no Final Four appearances! This team, in the past, has had a curse of getting upset and knocked out in the 1st and 2nd round of playoffs. Only one season did we make it past that, my freshman year we made it to the Sweet 16. So national respect will come when we show what we can do when in counts the most, during play offs.

Ryan (Silverdale): What's your favorite UW team to watch (other than soccer)?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Ryan, UW basketball for sure!! They are awesome to watch.

Todd (Seatle): Kevin, what happened to the mowhawk? Any chance to can bring it back for the postseason?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Todd, I have definately done some experimenting with my hair in the past year. Last year was unfortunate because I had grown my hair out really long for the season, going for the Luis Garcia (Liverpool) look with head bands and everything. I may bring the mohawk back though, we'll have to see!

Bo Ring (fremont): What team did you play for growing up?
Kevin Forrest: Hey, nice name haha. I played for Crossfire Sounders under Alan Hinton. We had 5 guys from our team end up playing D-1 after high school. Most noteable was Colin Rigby, a superstar forward who played for University of Denver and now has tranferred to SPU to let his skills reign in Seattle.

Sara Miller, Seattle: Hi Kevin- I've been to your 3 home matches and have been mighty impressed with what I've seen. I know your Pac-10 season starts this Sunday vs. OSU, which means the competition will most likely be more tough. My question is what do you think is the primary reason for the teams super high goal count so far this season? I think you guys have something like 26 goals for to 3 goals against. That is a mighty impressive stat. Thanks and hopefully you guys will be making a trip to St. Louis in Dec. Good Luck!
Kevin Forrest: Hey Sara, thanks a lot for the support! Yes we know that Pac-10 play will be a real challenge but we are looking forward to it.

nancy (palo alto): You play each team in the Pac-10 twice, does that alter your strategy going into the first game of the series?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Nancy, well the strategies change based on if we are home or away. Sometimes it is smart to sit in or play more defensively if the team is at an unfamiliar field, whereas at home we look to do the opposite and expose the other team.

Frank (Steilacoom): One of your new guys, Rafeal Cox, looks really good. What do you think of his play so far this season?
Kevin Forrest: Frank, I totally agree with you, Raph is playing great. We played together on the Hibernian Saints, a men's team based out of Starfire for about three summers together, and I was very glad when the coaches recruited him the UW. He has lots of speed, and is very quick on the ball. He more than makes up for his lack of size with his quickness. He also serves in fantastic crossed from the left.

Evan (Bothell): Kevin, congrats on the great start to your season and the much sweeter is this start since you missed last season injured?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Evan, that's a good question. When I had to sit out last year and watch our team's goal drought, I felt like I could have made a big difference. But there was no outlet to that feeling because I knew it would be a year before I would get a chance to prove it. So now that I have had a good start, I feel very satisfied, and I am very thankful as well to have been healthy all season.

Garrett (Tacoma): Hey Kevin, Did the fact that your father played soccer at Washington influence your decision to become a Husky?
Kevin Forrest: Garrett: Yea I think it did indirectly. I grew up coming out to Husky games with him, and have always loved the atmosphere around the school, as well as the loyalty by everyone in Seattle to Husky Pride. I wasn't trying to play here just because my Dad did, but I think growing up around the school and following the team as a kid had a big influence.

Jeff (Mill Creek): I've been to all three home games this season, so I've seen you score several times this year. Which goal is your favorite this season? I'd probably pick out the one from Sunday, though maybe because it's freshest in my mind.
Kevin Forrest: Hey Jeff. Yea you picked it right, I answered a similar question earlier, and the main reason is that it came so soon after a missed penalty, so it was redemptive.

jenny (la): do you spend more time practicing because classes haven't started yet? is there any advantage being at a quarter school vs. a semester school?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Jenny. I actually am a bigger fan of the semester system. I like playing during school because I get in a good routine, and all my friends from school are around. With the quarter system we have 2 months where the school is quieter and we have tons of free time. It doesn't bother me too much, I would just rather have school start earlier since I have to be here anyway, and we could get done sooner too.

Michelle (Shoreline): Congrats on a great season so far, Kevin! I'm sure you're very busy with school and soccer, but what do you like to do in your free time?
Kevin Forrest: Hi Michelle. Actually school hasn't even started yet so I have more free time than you can imagine! I like reading, but honestly I spend way more time playing PS2. The guys on the team like to hang out and a lot of us play video games like FIFA soccer or MADDEN.

Rain, Renton: Kevin, loved you're celebration after your first goal Friday. Do you think before hand what you're going to do when you score or are you an improvisor?
Kevin Forrest: Hey Rain. I'm glad you enjoyed it! So did I! Well you obviously saw me beat the keeper and trip in front of a wide open net a while before I scored. I decided after that miss, that if I scored i was going to do a special celebration to make up for it! It was such a rush!

Chad (Poulsbo): What's the best thing for a high school player to do in order to make it to the college level?
Kevin Forrest: hey Chad. There are different level of college, obviously, and they require different things. Like if you were looking for a D-3 program it would mostly be important to meet with the coach and make sure you could get into the school academically. For a D-1 program, ODP (olympic development program) and a high level club team are the the most important ways to show yourself.
Kevin Forrest: Well my time is up. I want to thank all of you who wrote in and those of you who just read along. I am sorry I could not get to every question but I appreciate your interest Husky Soccer and look forward to seeing you out at our PAC-10 games this season!!

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