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    For all those who cannot watch the UW-UCLA game live at Husky Stadium, is going to provide yet ANOTHER way fans can follow the game from their homes in front of their computers.

    Editors of and hopefully a few special guests will be writing about game day events as they happen. We are hesitant to call this a blog or a chat, it's more a combination of both....maybe a chlog!

    Anyways, we're going to let the action dictate what we talk about and we're also going to let you, the fans, send in comments or questions during the game.

    So Saturday evening, pull up a chair, tune into the game action provided by the ISP Sports Network on the Dawg Channel All-Access (it's FREE!!!), load up the Gamertracker to keep stats, and keep me company by following our comments as the action unfolds.

    And don't be shy...we want to hear from you!!

    We're aiming to start all the action by 3:30 p.m...Go Dawgs!!

  • Hey everybody...just wanted to give you a head's up that the audio on All-Access is not working right now. CSTV online is aware of this problem and is trying to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience to fans from a far that are depending on this to keep up with your Dawgs.
    Brian Tom: 29:14 before game: Both teams are on the field warming up...I think we're going to have a great crowd today. It's the first game where I think the student section will be packed.

    Men's hoops coach Lorenzo Romar was over where the band sits during the game on a mic addressing the student section and getting them fired up. It's amazing how well he connects to the students here at the UW and how much the students love him in return.

    Brian Tom: 21:00: By the way, before the game I went to Chandler's on the water and sitting a couple tables away was Troy Aikman and Joe Buck. They're in town to broadcast the Seahawks-Giants game tomorrow, but I bet Aikman will somehow find his way to Husky Stadium!

    Riley (Corvallis, OR): What are some of the pregame rituals there at Washington?
    Brian Tom: Pregame rituals....I think the team sacrifices a chicken, does a voodoo hex over the opponents mascot, and Isaiah does a rain dance....

    18:52: The Husky band just toodk the field. The drum major on the south side bit it while running onto the field on the 30...hopefully that is not a sign of things to come!?!?!?

    Jim (C'ville): Brian, shouldn't you be more careful about betting? (Aikman reference)
    Brian Tom: Good point. Thanks for pointing that out. Say hi to Tatum and Patti!!!!!! Ga. Tech's wide receiver's pretty gosh darn good....remjind you of Reggie!

    So, there any Husky fans in Charlottesville, VA??

    Adrian (Baghdad): Great to join you guys. I can't get the audio but hopefully can keep up on Gametracker. Go Dawgs!
    Brian Tom: Adrian thanks for joining from Baghdad!!!! I'll let you know when the live audio is back on!
    Brian Tom: Adrian and all, Try the audio's working now!!!

    Jim (C'ville): No, everyone in town is at the Dave Matthews concert tonight. Good luck. My best to "Bagdad Bob Bechthold." Go Hoos!
    Brian Tom: I'll pass along a hello to everyone. Dave is playing with the Stones at Qwest Field sometime soon....and they think the Hawks games are loud there.

    9:25: Husky Band unfurling the flag....We are going to have a great crowd today!!! It looks like a lot of fans are here and ready to cheer.

    Brian Tom: 4:30: Mark Palaita, C.J. Wallace, Sean Douglas and Brandon Ala are today's captains...congrats guys!
    Brian Tom: Both teams are ready to go...the Husky fans are DEFINITELY ready to go too. I remember the days when Husky Stadium was the toughest place in the Pac-10 to play. Looks like the fans are going to try to recapture that today.

    Washington will kick off to UCLA and defend the West endzone (closed end) to start the game...Go Dawgs!!

    Adrian (BD): What does the crowd # look like? Are they fired up?
    Brian Tom: The only places I see empty are upper corners of upper decks and in several places in the horse shoe. The fans are loud. A key for UCLA will be to take the UW crowd out early.
    Brian Tom: 11:17: Dawgs hold UCLA on 3rd and goal...UCLA's Medlock hits a 28-yard field goal for the 3-0 lead. 11 plays, 53 yards for the opening drive.

    While UW stopped UCLA, the D has for a second-consecutive game came out slow. They'll need to get more pressure on Olson or it could be a long day. Chris Stevens got a legal late hit on Olson and we'll have to keep that up if we want to shut them down.

    Alexander, Laguna Beach CA: How do you think the dawgs can execute agaist UCLA?
    Brian Tom: Honestly, I haven't seen UCLA play this year, but if Isaiah does his magic, Washington can compete against any opponent. But if they have a bunch of three and outs (like they just did) it could be a tough day. Too early to talk that way though.
    Brian Tom: 8:25: TD UCLA.....bad start for the Huskies. 10-0 UCLA...I hate to say this, but the Huskies need to answer back to get the crowd back in this game.

    Silentwolf, Olathe, KS: Its good to be back here.. As usual the game isn't shown live in Kansas ... Lets hope Huskies do well against UCLA.. I am aware that they usually don't do well against Bruins Huskies' defense would need to step up against Olsen.. Go Dawgs!
    Brian Tom: TBS is a national station so if you have cable and TBS, it's on!!

    Adrian (BD): What that a bad snap to the punter or a fumble?
    Brian Tom: Snap was a tad high, but I bet Sean would say he should have had it.
    Brian Tom: 6;05: Markey with a 63-yard rush...1st and goal for UCLA. Ugh!
    Brian Tom: By the way, Donald Butler is playing in the nickel spot that is normally manned by EJ Savannah.

    Huskies make a stop on third and hold UCLA to another field goal...UCLA 13-0.

    I guess one positive so far is that there is 4:51 left in the first and the Huskies are two possessions away from taking the lead. The Dawgs need to wake up though!!! GO DAWGS!

    Brian Tom: End of 1st....Dawgs trail 13-0.

    Not much to say about the way we played in the first quarter, but I'm pretty sure Coach Willingham will have something to say to the players.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): If Dawgs' defense steps up for the rest of game, they may just have a chance as long as their offense gets rolling
    Brian Tom: Olson has too much time to throw right now. That will need to change.

    BJ (Canadian gulf islands): Off sailing in the gulf islands and missing the dawgs. Need more updates!
    Brian Tom: Do you need a cabin boy? I can be there in 10 hours...

    Medlock showing why he will be the Pac-10 All-Conference kicker nails a 51 yard field goal. four possessions, four scores for UCLA....16-0 UCLA...188 total yards UCLA...-4 for the Huskies.

    Brian Tom: 11:35: Huskies will start their fourth drive on their own 11 yard line.
    Brian Tom: 9:29...Huskies 3-and-out. No first downs for the Dawgs yet.
    Brian Tom: 8:16: Markey coughs it up, but UCLA gets of those days...he's got 95 yards already!
    Brian Tom: 7:42: Huskies make their first stop that will cause UCLA to punt....unless they fake it!
    Brian Tom: 6:50: Husky ball on the 21. Baby steps...need to get a first down.
    Brian Tom: 6:30: Huskies get their first first down on a pass interference call...questionable call. Weird note, that is the first Husky first down they have gotten via a penalty this season.
    Brian Tom: 5:43: IS gets hit and fumblses the ball. He was trying to pass, but he couldn't quite get his arm in motion. The Huskies are going to have it reviewed, but it looks to me like a good call.
    Brian Tom: Call stands...Roy Lewis comes off the end for a sack on UCLA's first play. He had a clear shot.
    Brian Tom: Huskies stop UCLA again...should have had a pick, but it's DEFINITELY been one of those kinds of days so far. Husky ball, 4:25 on the clock, 1st and 10 from the 8.

    Hate to state the obvious, but the Huskies need to score so they have something to build on in the second half when they'll get the ball first.

    Brian Tom: 2:48: Huskies get a first down completion!!! Dawg are -14 on the ground. They came into the game with Pac -10 rushing lead.
    Brian Tom: 2:40: 35 yard pass completion to Shackelford!
    Brian Tom: 1:40: Dawgs on the 21...1st and 10.
    Brian Tom: 1:12: 3rd and 10. IS needs to convert!
    Brian Tom: 23-yard TD pass to SHACKELLLLLLLLLLLLLLFOOOOOOOORD!!!! Dawgs stepped up to the plate and answered. PAT GOOD! UCLA leads 16-7 with 1:05 left. Dawgs MUST NOT let UCLA score would totally deflate what they just accomplished.
    Brian Tom: Dashon Goldson is out there playing. Made a tackle on Markey...Chris Markey has 105 yards now on 11 carries.
    Brian Tom: 0:29: Third and four for UCLA...the Husky fans are getting back in this...a great sign for the second half.
    Brian Tom: Half time...UCLA 16, UW 7.

    Keys for UW in the second:
    --UW must establish a running game. Nothing came easy in the first half and breaking a few runs might give IS more time to throw.
    --UCLA is playing like they want it more right now. Their defense is looking blazing fast. --Must slow down Markey.

    Brian Tom: The university is honoring Warren Moon right now on the field. The crowd isgiving him a standing ovation right now...I'm going to take off for a few minutes and be back for the second half.

    Mac (Kuwait): the dawgs scared me there for awhile, but with that last drive before the half, we now have a ballgame!

    Mac (Kuwait): Warren is the Man. A quality individual with an amazing life and career
    Brian Tom: The Husky Band just did a tribute to Queen. It was a great show today! A couple of the kids were ripping on electric guitars on a stage to Bohemian Rhapsody. The student section gave the band a standing o for the show today.

    Let's hope the Huskies can come out of the gates with their own rendition of Under Pressure on the UCLA QB....that's after we score of course!!!

    Brian Tom: The teams are back on the field...were 1:40 away from kicking off the second half.

    I've had several submissions from you guys about Warren Moon. He was great and along with Joe Steele, probably the greatest Husky of the 70's. Who else out there do you consider the best players of the 70's?

    Brian Tom: Huskies will start on the 35 after Medlock kicked the ball out of bounds. Good sign?
    Brian Tom: 14:02: Quick first took the Dawgs well over 20 in the first half to get their first first down.

    Mac (Kuwait): It seems we may need to set up running game by throwing the ball in the second half rather than vise versa
    Brian Tom: SHACKELFORD....TD....................28 yards....Who are these Huskies and where were they in the first half???

    13:00 into the third and the score is UCLA 16-14. Let's see if the defense and the crowd can help stop UCLA.

    Mac (Kuwait): how about Sonny Sixkiller for the 70's
    Brian Tom: too many diet pepsi's for me has fizzled my feeble brain....good call Mac.

    Johnny (New Zealand): What's going on with the running game--specifically, James and Rankin? Is UCLA just controlling the line of scrimmage?
    Brian Tom: I think the UCLA defensive line is making some serious penetration causing serious havoc. The duo hasn't had many attempts either, due to the fact we were mostly three and out early and needing to pass the ball to get back into it.
    Brian Tom: 10:26: UCLA has a 3rd and 13. Huskies got bailed out by a delay of game.
    Brian Tom: Great call by UCLA to run, but they came up just short. They'll have to punt.

    First down for the Huskies on the 31....9:15 to go, UCLA still leads 16-14.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): I'd say Spider Gaines in 70's Sonny Sixkiller etc
    Brian Tom: I forgot about him. He could run like Forrest Gump....and drink Dr. Pepper's like him too.
    Brian Tom: 8:25: IS just got hit from behind and turned it over. Took too much time. Huskies nosw have 3 turnovers.

    Scott(China): Is the crowd providing any help during the second half or are they lackluster (aside from loving Queen!)
    Brian Tom: Hey Scott...thanks for joining us from China. I'd have to say that the crowd has been really good. Considering the hole the Huskies dug themselves into, they didn't bag it.
    Brian Tom: 6:18: 3rd and 12 on the Husky 15.
    Brian Tom: Huskies pick it off...Mesphin Forrester!!! HUGE stop.
    Brian Tom: Husky total offense...1st quarter -4 yards...168 since.
    Brian Tom: 3:35: Huskies will have to punt on 4th and 8 from their 24.
    Brian Tom: Douglas just hit a 68 yard punt....79 yard return by Terrence Austin. UCLA will start 1st and goal from the 9. Douglas outpunted the coverage.
    Brian Tom: 0:42: 4th and goal from the five...Medlock nails a 22 yard field goal...UCLA 19, UW 14
    Brian Tom: End of the third: UCLA 19-14. IS ended the third with a nice QB drive for 17 yards.

    Today's Husky legend is former linebacker Ink Aleaga.

    Johnny (New Zealand): Why did the Dawgs call timeout before UCLA's drive?
    Brian Tom: I think they wanted to gather themselves after giving up the big play and get some different personel into the defensive lineup.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): Huskies will need one more touchdown and defense do their job for the 4th quarter. If Huskies is able to defeat UCLA, their curse might as well be lifted (I am sure you're aware that Huskies had lost 8 out of 9 games against them) and solidify their chances for a bowl bid.
    Brian Tom: I am knocking on wood as I post your submission Mr. Silentwolf!
    Brian Tom: 12:51: I should not have posted that last one...Stanback is picked off. Four Husky turnovers...3 by IS.

    Scott (China): Ps. thanks for this as well, its the next best thing to listening or watching the game!
    Brian Tom: Scott, you can listen...just click the link at the top of this page.
    Brian Tom: 10:32: Huskies will start this drive on the UCLA end of the field from the 46. Let's GO Huskies!!! I'm gettin' a little nervous!

    Scott (China): Sadly the Chinese Government feels Huksy games are a threat to national pride, so audio is blocked...oh well!
    Brian Tom: 8:30....Huskies have a 1st and goal form the five!!
    Brian Tom: TOUCHDOWN HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stanback finds tightend Johnie Kirton in the end zone wide open. The Huskies lead for the first time all game. They'll go for 2.
    Brian Tom: Stanback finds Kirton!!! UW 22, UCLA this curtains for UCLA??
    Brian Tom: Hey all! I've got to head down to the field to set up for Post-game. Benton Strong will bring it home for you all...hopefully a Dawg Victory!!! Thanks to all of you for following along, especially the guys over seas representing the US Military!!! This place is really rocking right now. I wish you could ALL be here! Brian Hey everybody, Benton here with you to finish off the game. This is the most exciting I've seen Husky Stadium in years and I'm from Seattle. The Press Box is shakin! INTERCEPTION RETURN FOR HUSKY TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dan Howell, the Husky linebacker who returned to action this week after attending his father's funeral, picks off Olson and returns it 33 yards for a Husky Touchdown. XP is good, Huskies by 10 with 6:02 left. What a moment for Howell.

    Johnny (New Zealand): How much time is left? What kind of D will the dawgs be in you think?--hopefully not some kind of prevent or something... We will just need to keep UCLA out of the endzone which we've done well. They've kicked 4 field goals. Probably see some type of nickel. UCLA muffs the kickoff and the return is stopped at their own 6-yard line, plus a penalty. We are seeing the return of Husky football right now! Dominating the 4th quarter.

    Johnny (New Zealand): Keep us up to speed Brian...I'm on the edge of my seat...suspense is swelling... This is edge-of-your-seat action. On back-to-back plays the UW defense stuffed UCLA. It's as exciting as it gets her at the Stadium. Three and out for UCLA, will punt for their own endzone. 4:07 left and a score would ice it. Stanback up the middle and it looks like the Huskies are going to run the clock out. Isaiah's numbers are solid. 18-of-28, 200 yards and 3 touchdowns in the air.

    Scott (China): Everyone must be going crazy! Is the crowd comaprable to the Ohio State game with the goal line stop many years ago? Scott this crowd is the best it's been since Miami a few years ago. They are affecting the game like they haven't in years here. It so exciting to be part of the return of this program. Washington will punt from the UCLA 33. Sean hits it short and it's fair caught at the 11. Here comes the crowd again...... 1:23 left in the game after a Brandon Ala sack. It's 3rd and 18 for UCLA on their own 24-yard line. This would be it. INCOMPLETE PASS ON 4TH DOWN! HUSKIES GET IT BACK! THAT SHOULD END IT! Stanback will take a knee. UCLA will call it's last time and WASHINGTON WILL WIN!. 29 seconds left and the Huskies lead 29-19. The fans are singing Hey, Hey, Goodbye.

    Johnny (New Zealand): Nickel D, Benton? Are we blitzing to get any pressure? I'm assuming UCLA is running out of the shotgun with a mulit-receiver set... The were and Olson had all day to throw. The one sack he pretty much fell down after being touched. But we had everyone downfield. THAT'S IT. ONE FINAL KNEE AND THE HUSKIES WIN! Thank you for joining Brian and I in the chat today. Dawgs move to 3-1 on the season. It's a great day to be a Dawg!!!!

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