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 Isaiah Stanback will lead the Huskies against OSU on Saturday.
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    For all those who cannot watch the UW-OSU game live at Husky Stadium, is going to provide another way fans can follow the game from their homes in front of their computers.

    Editors of and hopefully a few special guests will be writing about game day events as they happen. We are hesitant to call this a blog or a chat, it's more a combination of both....maybe a chlog!

    Anyways, we're going to let the action dictate what we talk about and we're also going to let you, the fans, send in comments or questions during the game.

    So Saturday afternoon, pull up a chair, tune into the game action provided by the ISP Sports Network on the Dawg Channel All-Access (it's FREE!!!), load up the Gamertracker to keep stats, and keep me company by following our comments as the action unfolds.

    And don't be shy...we want to hear from you!!

    We're aiming to start all the action by 3:00 p.m...Go Dawgs!!

  • Brian Tom: Hi all...this is Assitant Director of Athletics Communications Brian Tom coming to you live from Husky Stadium. There is currently 30 minutes on the clock before kickoff...and despite the dreary day, this game has got a level of excitement about it that hasn't been felt at Husky Stadium in a while.

    As I stated, it's a cloudy, some would even say foggy day, but the good thing is that there is no rain. Temperature is around 52 degrees right now, so it's going to be the coldest game of the year so far.

    I'll be periodically checkin' in before the game starts,

    seattle: what channel is the game on on the tv or the radio? ~Rashelle
    Brian Tom: The game will be on FSN Northwest and you can catch the game on the ISP network, which varies from city to city. You can always listen live on link is above.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): Brian, what happened to live chat last week? I couldn't even get in one at all
    Brian Tom: We only are doing them for home games, and for the Arizona game, we decided at the last minute to do one from Bank of America Arena. Brian Beaky did that one and we had more visitors for that chat than any other during the year...10,000 page hits!!! I guess I could do one in front of my TV for road games, but I'm assuming most are watching and I can use a day off every once in a while!!!
    Brian Tom: Just a little fun fact....former Husky Athletics Director Joe Kearney is in the VIP box up in the press box today. Evidently, when Tyrone Willingham was a student at Michigan State, Kearney was the AD at MSU. Other sightings in the press box, former Husky men's basketball coach Marv Harshman. Also, Sulu from Star Trek, George Takeai is at the Husky Huddle signing autographs and will be part of the band's show...hopefully he'll beam himself up to the press box today and say hello.

    Patty from Los Angeles: What's going on there!
    Brian Tom: Hi Patty....The OSU band is on the field now for a pre-game show. They're playing Back in Black right now....hopefully they'll be Thunderstruck by the Huskies today!!

    sam: I am here in So Cal wishing I could be rockin in Husky stadium this weekend...Go Dawgs.

    Noah (St. Louis): Any update on when live audio will be available to Mac users?
    Brian Tom: Hey Noah!!! It will be available when Mac comes out with Panther...which is several months away??? As you know Noah, I'm usually on a Mac. I'm switching to a PC next week...wish me luck!!
    Brian Tom: 13:35: Husky Band on the field now!!!!

    Ryan (spokane): 8 min to game time GO DAWGS !!!
    Brian Tom: WOW....Sulu must have beamed you forward in time...I've got 12:51 on the clock....I guess the game starts at 3:35ish.

    Noah (St. Louis): Brian, good luck with the PC! How was the Hoopla last night?
    Brian Tom: Hoopla was a lot of fun. I think it was an overall success. The dancing was FUNNY....Phil Nelson and Cameo Hicks were awesome, while Coach Romar and Daugherty stole the show.

    The dunk contest was sweet too...track athlete Norris Frederick almost stole the show....I'll have video of the dunk contest and dance contest up on All-Access sometime next week. Meanwhile I did interviews with Pondexter, Brockman and Appleby...check them out!

    Brian Tom: Hoopla was a lot of fun. I think it was an overall success. The dancing was FUNNY....Phil Nelson and Cameo Hicks were awesome, while Coach Romar and Daugherty stole the show.

    The dunk contest was sweet too...track athlete Norris Frederick almost stole the show....I'll have video of the dunk contest and dance contest up on All-Access sometime next week. Meanwhile I did interviews with Pondexter, Brockman and Appleby...check them out!

    Adrian (Baghdad): Brian, How's the wind? Strong enough to be a factor? Thanks again for keeping us updated.
    Brian Tom: Hey Adrian good to have you from Baghdad again...There is no wind today. Shouldn't be a factor. Last year's game against OSU was miserable weather wise...but it didn't seem to bother Alex Serna last year as he hit 6 field goals.
    Brian Tom: Clay Walker, Matt Fountaine, Dashon Goldson and Sonny Shackelford are the captains for the Huskies today.

    Evan Webeck, Snohomish,WA: I am a huge husky fanatic and want to get your prediction on the game today
    Brian Tom: Huskies 99, Beavers 1....In reality I think this is the Huskies day to shine. They've haven't had an easy game all year...and this won't be one...but I feel with all that is riding for the Huskies and the chance to build on what is appearing to be a great season, the Dawgs will play their best game of the year. I think they'll key and Bernard and make OSU QB Matt Moore beat them. Expect the Huskies to run and then run some more.
    Brian Tom: BIG play for the Dawgs to start the game...56 yard pass to Russo....GREAT START!!
    Brian Tom: Braunstein with a 45-yard field goal attempt and it's good...the longest of his career! Huskies lead 3-0.

    The Dawgs stopped themselves on that drive, but Michael came through big so the Dawgs at least escaped with some points....11:47 on the clock.

    Brian Tom: 11:35 OSU will start on their own 27.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): A fast start is very important for Huskies. It will enable them to show them that they're for real.
    Brian Tom: I think they've already shown they are for just will show that there is no hang over from the USC game.

    Mac (Qatar): sorry, just got in. good to be here again. what happend with the chat for last weekends game? we had a streak going. when we have the chat, the dawgs seem to win!
    Brian Tom: We are 4-0 with a chat....I can tell you though, there will likely be no chat for the remaining three road games...I would have to do them in front of my TV at home and I don't have a wireless!
    Brian Tom: OSU is obviously going to their strength out of the box. Yveson Bernard is chalking up most of the yards....for them. They're on the Husky 30 right now...2nd and 9.
    Brian Tom: Husky crowd and Scott White caused the Beavs to move early on 3rd and 3.
    Brian Tom: Big conversion by Beavs...on 3rd and 8. Down the the Husky 6. D needs to pick it up.
    Brian Tom: Bernard goes in from 1 yard out...Huskies are not wrapping him up, they're trying to bump him down...not going to work today. The officials are reviewing the play for some reason...they may be checking his knee down or forward progress being stopped. It's going to be close.
    Brian Tom: TD stands. Extra point good...6:13 in the first, Beavers 7, UW 3. This start is very familiar to all other games this season. The D gets run over on the opponents first drive and starts improving once they become more comfortable...we'll see.

    Ryan (spokane): whats the turn out for todays game?
    Brian Tom: Ryan, it's a really nice crowd...the biggest of the year. A few empy seats in the horse shoe and in the upper corners, but mostly packed.
    Brian Tom: Dawgs will start their second drive on their own 32.
    Brian Tom: 15 yard rush by Kenny James...I am looking for lots of that.
    Brian Tom: 9 more for Kenny on first down.

    zack Mercer Island: What's the score?
    Brian Tom: Zack, OSU 7, UW 3. The gametracker is above that allows you to follow the score and stats of the teams.
    Brian Tom: Huskies look like they're going for it on 4th and 5.
    Brian Tom: Huskies gain three...OSU will take over with 3:07 left in the first.
    Brian Tom: Bernard goes for 7 yards on back-to-back plays...he is good.
    Brian Tom: Seven more for Bernard...Goldson is slow to get up. Looks like his ankle of right leg.
    Brian Tom: Bernard is at 50 yards already and our defense looks like they're asleep right now. The crowd needs to wake everyone up!!
    Brian Tom: If I was Mike Riley, number 26 would get the ball every play.
    Brian Tom: Huskies make a stop...Serna will start the second quarter with about a 28 yard attempt. END OF 1: Beavs 7, Huskies 3.
    Brian Tom: Serna just made his 12th career field goal against the Huskies. OSU 10, UW 3.
    Brian Tom: Almost slammed the restroom door into George Takai accidently...also saw Marv Harshman walking around the press box...I am surrounded by greatness, or as my mom would suggest, THEY were surrounded by greatness....
    Brian Tom: It looked like the Huskies just got sick of Bernard running for 10 yards on first down and blitzed Wallace in. Look for him to be shadowing Bernard for the rest of the game. 77 yards for Bernard with 11 minutes left in the 2nd!
    Brian Tom: Huskies start on the 11...Rankin rushes for 3 on his first carry of the game.
    Brian Tom: 8:51 in Second: OSU 10, UW 3...Huskies call their second time out of the half. Final score, Arizona 20, Stanford 7...Stanford have 53 yards and 4 first downs in the game...OUCH!
    Brian Tom: OSU will start on their own 23 after the Huskies had to punt...this game is starting to feel like the UCLA game a little.
    Brian Tom: Scott White just made the easiest pick of his career...looks like the second half of the UCLA game has started right now???
    Brian Tom: UW will start on the OSU 12...turnovers have killed the Beavs this year! The back up QB Sean Canfield was the one who through that one. It's his second series of the game. Don't know if Moore is hurt.
    Brian Tom: STANBACKKKKKKKKK from 3 yards out takes it in himself! Hmmmm...for some reason the crowd is back in the game...and so are the Huskies! 10-10 tie with 6:36 left in the 2nd.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): Yesssssssssssssssssss touchdown!!!!!!!!!
    Brian Tom: OSU will start from the 31...Matt Moore is back in the game.
    Brian Tom: Huskies stop the Beavs on 3rd...the Dawgs look like they'll start keying on the run early in OSU's possessions now and make OSU pass.
    Brian Tom: Huskies will start on the OSU 24...Wood coughed up the punt, but Fontaine was there to pick it up.
    Brian Tom: 23 yard option rush by James on 1st down, followed by 4 up the middle....good start.
    Brian Tom: James is up to 72 yards rushing...Bernard 82. Looks like a good running battle is in store for us.
    Brian Tom: Stanback is off on his passes. He's overthrowing his receivers. OSU will start from the 10 after a nice punt by Douglas. GO DEFENSE

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): Whoa what a great run by James!
    Brian Tom: Are you watching the game in KS?
    Brian Tom: White gets another pick, but there is a's picked up. White now has four picks on the year.
    Brian Tom: 32 yard completion to Elllis...first and goal...ISAIAH Bulls in for a 4 yard TD run.....unbelievable turn of events. 28 seconds lef and the Dawgs will some how (most likely) enter the locker room with the lead. TO's are KILLING OSU once again....Huskies 17, OSU 10.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): I wish!!!! I am following the game on gametracker as well as in here.
    Brian Tom: Well'll see the good news in a second.
    Brian Tom: Halftime: Huskies 17, OSU 10.

    Please check gametracker for Halftime stats.

    OSU band is going to play at halftime, followed by the UW and a tribute to Star Trek.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): Brian, you've piqued up my curiousity about good news... :)
    Brian Tom: Have you tried listening to the broadcasts on the internet??
    Brian Tom: Congrats to Kerry Lepse who scored two goals in her soccer game today.

    Silentwolf (Olathe, KS): I'm deaf... This is the visual tool I use to keep track of everything (smiles)
    Brian Tom: Oh wow...I'll try my best to be your eyes and ears.

    SIlentwolf (Olathe, KS): Thanks, Brian. It means a lot to me. Hence my handle name: Silent-- then wolf (wolves are my favorite animals)

    Tim (Boston): What's the deal with the defense? We don't appear to be able to stop Bernard.
    Brian Tom: Bernard has touched the ball 22 times in 33 plays for OSU and UW is going to need to contain his effectiveness in the second half. Give the D some credit though, especially Scott White as he has made two picks that have led to 14 UW points. As I stated before the game started, UW will need to key on Bernard..they started to do that late in the first half after Bernard had already done much of his damage.

    Jimmy (Renton): Scott White's the man! ... I guess it's a good thing he came back to the team this year, huh? Go dawgs!
    Brian Tom: Good for us and good for him. He's a big reason we're 4-2 and he has probably played his way to All-Conference honors and a sniff from the NFL.
    Brian Tom: Another fumble on the punt return by Wood...the ball was on the ground for what seemed like forever but freshman Donald Butler jumped on it. Huskies will start from the 15.

    wedgewood: what are the scores?

    wedgewood: what are the scores?
    Brian Tom: Huskies get a break....fumble by Russo, but they ruled his forward progress was stopped. So instead....FIRST DOWN HUSKIES!
    Brian Tom: Huskies are stopped. OSU will start on their own 13.
    Brian Tom: Scores from the Pac-10:
    Oregon 30, UCLA 20
    Cal 21, WSU 3
    Arizona 20, Stan 7
    USC 7, ASU 0 in the first.

    Jimmy (Renton): How's the crowd today? Looks pretty good on TV!
    Brian Tom: Yeah, it's a nice crowd...they seem somewhat quiet. I think they may have been expecting more from the Huskies....

    Big play by OSU's Ruben Jackson...51 yard pass play from Moore.

    Brian Tom: OSU two plays by air and Clinton Polk in at RB.
    Brian Tom: Serna comes in for the 26 yard FG...good of course. He is now 13-for-13 in his career against the Huskies. 7:02 in the third, UW 17, OSU 13.

    The offense needs to respond with a long drive. So far they have depended on the D to set them up for their TD's...their FG was the only drive generated completely by the offense.

    Silentwolf: Huskies will need at least two touchdowns to put the game away and their defense holds OSU for the rest of 2nd half.
    Brian Tom: Could be last team with the ball wins the game...unless OSU offense decides they want to keep giving the ball back to Scott White.
    Brian Tom: End around by Russo for 12 yards and looks like there was a 15 yard late hit by OSU. The Dawgs will have the ball on the OSU 46.

    Jimmy (Renton): OSU seems like the Huskies did last year ... they're not bad, but they have a hard time winning games. Remember, the only teams they've beat this year are Idaho and Eastern. (knock on wood)
    Brian Tom: If you're right, then Husky fans have nothing to worry about tonight....(knock, knock).
    Brian Tom: OSU will start on their own 20 after Douglas' punt goes in the end zond.

    Seems like Isaiah is forcing the issue today a little bit. He's been good when the D gets the ball bakc for him, so here's hoping Scott White or one of his buddies can make a big play.

    Brian Tom: 80 yard pass TD for OSU...looks like it is going to count. Very poor coverage there as no one was on Sammie Stroughter. OSU 20, UW 17...5:15 in 3rd. WAKE UP DAWGS!!!!
    Brian Tom: Huskies will start from their own 28. Let's see if Isaiah can lead the Huskies to an answer back.
    Brian Tom: Shackelford just made his second catch of the game. He has 11 yards after going for three straight 100 yard performances.

    Ethan (St. Louis): My brother Joel wants to know what the makeup of the UW secondary is right now. Is Goldson at safety? Who are the CBs?
    Brian Tom: Goldson has strictly been playing safety, while all we've seen is Fontaine and Lewis at corner. I loved your movie Fargo! Huskies going for it on 4th and are shut down again.
    Brian Tom: OSU ball on the OSU 36. The crowd is getting into ti.
    Brian Tom: Big play by OSU passing game, but they appeared to cough it up again....UW Ball on the 37. OSU is going to appeal the play, but I'm 99% sure they're going to lose the challenge.
    Brian Tom: Huskies will luck out of a 3rd and 25 due to roughing the passer by OSU.
    Brian Tom: End of 3: OSU 20, UW 17

    The Husky legend today is Jason Chorak...he is going to be honored in the West end zone.

    Brian Tom: Attendace today is 62,656.
    Brian Tom: Huskies can't convert on 3rd again. OSU will start on their own 22.
    Brian Tom: Gunheim has to be helped off the field. 2nd and 7 for OSU.
    Brian Tom: OSU offense is opposing their will on the Huskies right now. 1st and goal. The Huskies MUST keep them out of the end zone.
    Brian Tom: Huskies just picked up a personal foul for a hit on Moore despite that he handed the ball off. TD for Bernard. The Dawgs look to be in a little trouble and losing their composure at this moment. OSU 27, UW 17 with 12:32 left in the game.

    Bernard 25 carries for 132 yards and 2 TDs.

    Brian Tom: Gut check time for the Huskies!!!
    Brian Tom: The Dawgs are going the wrong way on this important drive. Two minus yard plays and a penalty. 3rd and 26.
    Brian Tom: Isaiah jsut made a 23 yard run but took a hit to the head and looks down for the count. 4th and 2 and Bonnell is warming up.
    Brian Tom: It's as quiet in Husky Stadium right now as I have ever heard it. Stanback's right anklye appeared to bend the wrong way on the play...might not be his head at all.
    Brian Tom: IS is off the field. It definitely is his ankle. We'll see how the Dawgs respond from this point on.
    Brian Tom: OSU will start from their 30. You can bet you'll see a lot of Bernard right here.
    Brian Tom: Of course OSU passes on the first play...incomplete.
    Brian Tom: Personal foul by OSU after the 2nd down play will back them up...3rd and 21. The crowd is back!
    Brian Tom: Isaiah is getting carted up the tunnel. Looks like it is Bonnell's game to win.
    Brian Tom: Hey all...I'm signing off. Benton Strong will once again carry you to the end. Thanks for all your questions and joining me!!!
    Benton Strong: Hey everybody, Benton Strong with you and I'll finish up tonight. Carl Bonnell is in the game, but it isn't mop-up duty. It's a big time.
    Benton Strong: Douglas pins the Beavers on the 8-yard line with a 44-yard punt and OSU has the ball and a 10-point lead. 6:46 left
    Benton Strong: The crowd is getting back into it. A mist has settled over the stadium but the "go...Huskies" call and response can be heard as loud as ever.
    Benton Strong: Huskies force a 3-and-out. OSU will punt from it's own three. 4:52 left. Washington needs a quick score and then the ball back.

    Scott (China): What are Bonnell's stats for his career? Is he capable of a comeback with so little time?
    Benton Strong: He doesn't look so good right now. It's 4th and 7 for the Huskies and it looks like they may go for it. He came into the season with 228 yards passing in his career. Had 41 and a TD at Oklahoma.
    Benton Strong: Bonnell hits Robert Lewis. First down.
    Benton Strong: Huskies go 3-and-out. OSU takes over athe Huskies 44.
    Benton Strong: It's been a tough second half for the Huskies as it looks like they will lose to OSU for the third straight year at home.
    Benton Strong: OSU has clinched the game as Bernard rushed up the middle for a first down and the Beavers will run out the clock.
    Benton Strong: The Huskies drop to 4-3 on the year with their first home loss.
    Benton Strong: Thanks for joining us everyone. We hope to see you back here in two weeks for Homecoming as the Huskies take on Arizona State.
    Benton Strong: Final score Oregon State 27, Washington 17.

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