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Husky Fans,

As you have probably heard by now, Washington junior quarterback Johnny DuRocher has been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and is scheduled to undergo surgery soon.

You can read about Johnny's situation by clicking here.

During this holiday season, we ask you to keep Johnny in your thoughts and prayers. has created this special page for Husky fans to send their well wishes to Johnny.

Please fill out the fields below and we'll post your comments throughout the next few days.

Bob (Yakima): Johnny, your upbeat attitude toward this tough time in your life is an inspiration. Thanks so much for your positive outlook. The Husky Nation will be thinking of you.

Palm Desert: Johnny - From an old dawg, our prayers and best wishes are with you. Hal

Taylor (Shoreline): Johnny, you are in all of our prayers. Good luck with basesball.

Keith Badgley (Kent): Johhny, you will be in our prayers for a safe and successful surgery. Your help and assistance to my 8 year old son during this last year's Husky Baseball Camp is something both he and I will remember. Thank you for touching our lives, and being an insipiration to us.

Rob (Auburn): JD, You are so the man! I'll be praying for you this week dude. Keep up the positive outlook, man!

Charlie (New York City): From another "old dawg" and my family, all the best Johnny. We will be thinking of you during this holiday season and looking for you on the husky baseball field!! Take care..

Jay (Spanaway): Johnny, from one "Brave" to another, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep the positive attitude bro, alot of people that you don't know care about you.

Seiber (Everett): JD, You attitude regarding this condition is truly great. You are miles ahead on the road to recovery. Good thing too, it's baseball time... Thanks for putting it all in perspective for the rest of us. A blessing disguised as a concussion?! WHOA! We all have a lot to be thankful for! Here's to a speedy recovery from charter members of Team CRIBDAWG.

michael (UT VOLS): Johnny, my thoughts and prayers are with you. you will be just fine. hang in there your friend michael

Kiomoto (Dawg from Japan): May you all best!

Brandon: Johnny, best of luck in recovery and go tear it up for the Diamond Dawgs! Get well!

Kathleen (puyallup): I survived surgery on a golf ball sized benign tumor in July, and am doing will you!!!! It's rare and there's a whole family of us out there on the web if you or your family need support!!! Good luck!!!!

Len (Pasadena): Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. Hope you'll be Rose Bowling in January 2008!

Jim-Issaquah: Best wishes on your speedy recovery. Pitchers make more money that QB's anyway, and you will get to work on your golf game on the off days!

Mike (Pasco): Best wishes from an eastside Coug. Here is to a speedy recovery and a long successful life.

Travis (Graham): You know your boy Screech would have to send you a message. Cant wait to see you on the diamond GO DAWGS

Lindsey (North Carolina State Univ.): My sister was also diagnosed with a benign brain tumor near her cerebellum when she was 25 years old and 8 months pregnant. It has not been easy, but we've learned what is important in life. Best of luck to you from Raleigh, NC.

Chuck (Bellevue): You will do well in baseball, and will continue to be an inspiration to athletes in football and baseball, in fact, in all sports.

Ryan (Spokane): We will be praying for you over here in Spokane. Good luck in baseball this year.

Gary Fox (Kirkland): Hey buddy, get well soon. I heard today on the radio that you helped teach Jake Locker the ropes. That is fantastic. I hope the best for you in other sports and life. I am pumped that you helped us get us back in that ASU game and I think that your impact on the team will be felt for many years to come and in the community as well. Hang in there!

Gene--Sumner: Hang in there Johnny. My prayers are with you.

(Florida): You are in my prayers. Hang on and have faith, you will make it through this.

Alan (Seattle): Take care and best of luck!

Taft (Oak Hill, VA) Cl 1957: Have had my season tics since '57. You are as tough and commiteed as any dawg QB of the past. Good luck with your health and pinstripes career. 8 )

Chirs (Go Bucks!): JD, my thoughts and prayers are with you. My wife was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma brain tumor 2 years ago and I've learned a ton about the options.

98 from the left side: John, You have been very impressive on how you are handling this. You will shine again.....perhaps on the baseball field. Our prayers are with you.....Andy's Dad.

Erik Douglas (Spanaway): Hey Johnny, I just wanted let you know that I will be remembering you in prayer. Keep a positive attitude. I am a friend of your dad, and let him know I will be praying for your whole family.

Jennifer, Seattle: I am sorry to hear about your situation, but please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you have a speedy recovery and get healthy again soon. Take care, and I will look forward to watching you play baseball!

Horizon Lines (Renton): You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Damon ( Sedro-Woolley ): My prayers and my thoughts are with you.

Sabrina (Italy): all my best wishes and prayers for you from Italy.

Krystal (Graham): Johnny, If anyone can get through this its you. your a strong person and i wish you the best!Krystal c/o2003

The Browns (Snohomish): Best wishes and prayers to you for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Thanks for all you did to help bring the Dawgs back!

Scott, Kirkland: JD- Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Best of luck in baseball. I will be praying that God keeps you safe and helps you heal quickly. Thank you.

Alex (Centralia): Johnny, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your surgery and for a speedy recovery. Good luck on the baseball diamond this year. I'll be rooting for you! GO DAWGS!!!!

GO (marysville): Good luck with the surgery, and with Baseball. Thanks for all your contributions to UW football.

Kirk (Seattle): Good luck with your surgery, looking forward to seeing you suit up with the Diamond Dawgs. Thanks for being a Husky!

David (Seattle): get well soon johnny. thanks for sticking by the program during these tough times, it will not be forgotten.

Bryan (Ballard): Get wellsoon. Hopefully you can play next year!

U.N. Lewis (Denver): Johnny, you'll definitely be in my prayers! All the best for a quick recovery and successful return to the field of dreams from the CU Buff nation.

Tony D, (Maple Valley): Johnny, Thanks for all of your hard work with the team. Here's wishing you excellent health and happy holidays. Go Dawgs.

Erin (fellow student): Johnny, I've never met you face to face but I wish you happiness. You have been given a challenge to your body and your spirit, but I hope that you don't let this get your spirit. Look up man, I wish you happiness.

Nora (Tacoma [last]): While it is never good to see a fellow Dawg down, I know you will get back up again soon no matter what has knocked you down. Go Huskies!!!

Rick (Fountain Valley, CA): All the Husky fans wish you the best of luck in your life, may it be a long one......

Mike (Edmonds): Thanks for all you've done for the UW football program, Johnny. Get well soon!

Morgan Powell(Spokane): Johnny, You just aren't catching any breaks are ya man? Just know that I truly admire your courage through out this whole thing. Best of Wishes from me and my fellow eastside Huskies. Get back out there quick, you will definitely be in my prayers. Rejoice in your sufferings, sufferings produce endurance and endurance produces character, character produces hope and hope cannot be diminished because it has been poured into us through the Holy Spirit- Romans 5:3-5

Colleen (Auburn): Looking forward to seeing you in a purple & gold baseball uniform

Brandon (Seattle): Hang in there because better times will be ahead! I will be praying for you!

vancouver bc: Johnny You are one of my fondest memories at Bethel High. You are a true Brave. Ms Brown

Dana, Bellevue: You are a great person and I admire your attitude during this challenging time. Best of luck to you, and keep thinking helps!

chance (seattle): Best wishes.. we will be looking for you at husky ballpark this spring

Seattle: Johnny, hope you'll get well soon. I'll keep you in my prayers. T

Tanya (Bothell): Wish you the best and a very quick recovery. You will be in our prayers.

Brian D (Seattle): Johnny, You are going to be among the best health practitioners in the world. Ten years ago my wife nearly died from a ruptured brain aneurysm. The medical staff and neurosurgical team at Harborview did an incredible job saving her life. Through the grace of God and the committment by the staff at Harborview she made a complete recovery and is living a wonderful productive life working full time and also raising our child. We will keep you in our prayers and have all the confidence in the world that the team at Harborview will grant you a full recovey and let your pursue all your future hopes and dreams.

Stan (Camano Island): From one Husky to another - the best to ya, man. We'll be seeing you on the diamond before ya know it. Go Dawgs!

Stan (Camano Island): Hey Johnny - We Huskies stick together. We'll be seeing you on the diamond before ya know it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and GO DAWGS!

Paul (Yakima): Johnny, Was great to see your grit against ASU. You'll get through this with that same toughness. Best to you... and go Dawgs!

Nick (Bellingham): Johnny, the thoughts and prayers of Husky Nation are with you...even though you weren't with the program long, your contribution will never be forgotten

Al (Smokey Point): The very best to you. You will come though this just fine and a lot stronger. Looking forward to seeing you on the diamond.

Mo (tacoma): Good luck, I know that all will work out for you. maybe you won't be playing football but who knows maybe MLB? Good luck kid.

John (Seattle): Best of luck to you Johnny. Thanks for all of your hard work as a Husky Football player and may God be with you next week.

Su (Penang- Malaysia): Hey.. Johnny, ALL THE BEST and May you ALWAYS BE WELL AND HAPPY.. Though I don't actually know the huskies well, but.. I really do hope that you'll be healthy again.. :)

Joan (Kirkland): Johnny, I have watched you as an athlete and admired your skill and poise. This courage and determination will help you meet your current challenge with success. You are going to be back for the Huskies (on the diamond this time) before you know it. Best wishes.

Greg: Honor is the gift a man gives himself--Rob Roy It is refreshing to see someone deal with adversity the way you have. Congratulations, and good luck in this next chapter of your life!

Joe & Loretta: Our thought and prayers are with you Johnny. Hang in there, God will take care of you. Two GREAT Husky fans.

James(Seattle): Get well soon Johnny, we'll be waiting for you back on the field!!!

Scott Kennewick WA: Johnny God bless you and keep you. I'll pray for healing and for a successful surgery for you and for God to embrace you with his love!

Scott Kennewick WA: cont...Johnny thank you for coming home and being a loyal Husky! You have helped the team and all of your hard work is appreciated!

Jerry (Bellevue): Johnny, from one BIG DAWG to another, all our prayers are with you and your family!

Terri(Kirkland): My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and a long successful life.

Steve (Ferndale): JD I'm sure that every one of the FernDawgs are praying for you. Look forward to seeing you this spring and next fall.

segen (seattle): Hang in there johnny, God is with you. I know that you will come out of this just fine, and you'll be out on the field before you know it.

Vincent (Eugene, OREGON): Rivalry aside, I knew Johnny when he was a student here in Oregon. I wish him the best of Health. A career in Football is nothing, but having life is something. God bless Johnny!

Chris,Newcastle: Hi Johnny I wish you well in your surgery and recovery. I will say hi to you at Husky Ballpark. Good luck.

Emily (Seattle): Our thoughts are with you Johnny, God bless you !

Mary (Silverdale): Johnny, our thoughts and prayers are with you for a quick recovery. Thanks for being a HUSKY and for all you've done. Best wishes in health and life. Go Dawgs!

Dave (Juneau, AK): We're all behind you Johnny. You have great doctors at UW. I'm sure you're in great hands. I'll keep you in my prayers. Husky forever.

Jeff (UW): You are my hero. Go dawgs.

Brian (Kirkland): Your football career may be over, but your life is not. Live Strong, Johnny!

Mike (Newport Beach, CA): Johnny - best wishes for a successful procedure and a quick recovery. From your Southern California Dawg contingency, you are in our prayers and we're in your corner. Hope to seee you on the field or the diamond again soon.

Ilima (Federal Way): Johnny-as a two time brain tumor survivor and the mom of a malignant brain tumor survivor, our family has learned that a great positive attitude and lots of humor will get you where you need to be!! Stay tough and we'll be thinking of you and wishing for a speedy recovery.

Ping (Taipei): Hi Johnny, get well soon.

Carl (Lake Forest Park): Johnny, Thanx for the example you've set for all of us. Have a speedy recovery. You're in our prayers.

Mike (Vancouver, WA): Johnny, best wishes and a speedy recovery! Go Dawgs.

Rick (Poulsbo): God bless you Johnny. Thanks for all you've given to the University and the community. My prayers for a long and healthy and happy life. Keep the faith -- stay confident -- and don't forget to study! :-) Best Wishes!

Ken (Calgary, Alberta Canada: Johnny: Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery from one of the only Husky fans in Western Canada. GO DAWGS

Bruce (Vancouver, WA): The Lord works in mysterious ways. This is just another step on the path He has chosen for you. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Alisha (Graham): You are a true inspiration to many. As well as everybody else, I am thinking of you. Take care.

Shannon (UW): Every Husky game I've been to I'd see you on the sidelines and comment to someone "dang, that guy is pretty cute". I guess somehow it escaped my attention that "that guy" is also one of our quarterbacks! Anyways, you're amazing, get better soon! Go Dawgs!

Amanda (Kirkland): Hang in there buddy!!! Our thoughts are with you.

Alex (Salem, OR): Good luck to you Johnny... The Husky family will miss you.

Matthew(Gig Harbor): Johnny, You are an inspiration to us all. God bless and have a speedy recovery.

Ken (Mukilteo): Good luck, you've got the support of your fellow students!

Tawney's Fall City: Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Best wishes for a speedy recover and a great baseball future.

Dave (Camas): Johnny, may God bless you and keep you safe. You will be in my prayers. GO DAWGS!

Kirk (North Bend, OR): Good luck. I know you're a fighter so you'll have a great chance of a successful recovery.

Time: Johnny, God will be with you from the beginning and ending of your surgery.

Collin (Seattle): Mighty are all the men who wear the purple and the gold. Good luck.

Erik (The Netherlands): Johnny, from The Netherlands, I wish you all the best! with your mental fitness you can also beat illness!

Angela (Houston): God is in control, Johnny. He'll bring you through. Don't stop smiling.

Kyle (Oregon): Stay strong. Here's more well wishes for you from an Oregon Husky.

The Russos (Renton): Johnny, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care.

Aunty Kimmy Puyallup: Johnny good luck on thursday youll be in my thoughts and prayers take care love you aunty kimmy

bob Lynnwood: hey buddy I'll be praying for you this week dude.. the husky nation will be thinking about you!.. i feel this new coaching staff is going to turn around the huskies and we will be a force in the Pac 10...

Tom (Mukilteo): Prayers and thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery.

sligh Family: God bless you

The Sligh Family, Graham: God bless

Bryan (Aubun, Alabama): I am not a Huskies fan or even a PAC-10 fan. I heard of your situation and was impressed and inspired by your courage. Good luck and get well soon from the Aubun Tigers.
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