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 Tyrone Willingham will announce his 2007 recruiting class on Wednesday.
The newest class of Huskies is ready to sign their National Letters of Intent on Wednesday and is the place to be to find out all the scoop.

Throughout the day, will report the latest signings in this Signing Day Chat. As soon as the Washington coaching staff has received each athletes' LOI and the fax has been verified by the UW Compliance office, we'll report it here FIRST! Only then, are the members of the 2007 class officially HUSKIES!

If you have any comments or questions as we verify LOI's, we welcome you to submit them here. We'll post some of your thoughts and answer as many of your questions as we can.

We'll have updates throughout the entire day; including a 12:00 p.m. interactive chat with UW recruiting coordinator Chris Tormey, live video of Head Coach Tyrone Willingham's press conference at 2:00 p.m. and up to the minute updates of all the activities.

Stay tuned all day to the Husky Signing Day Central! Good morning Husky fans! Today is a very exciting day and we'll be here with you until we get all the National Letter of Intents. We can't comment about prospective student-athletes until their fax is received and verified, so keep that in mind when you submit your questions.

Gordy Halverson, London: Let me be the first to say GO DAWGS!! NCAA rules require that we post signings on a press release first before we post here....but I can tell you right now, things are going as planned.

Jason (Sea): no news yet Actually, the first two signings we can share with you are cornerback Byron Davenport and Jared Ballman. Ballman signed an LOI and Davenport signed a financial aid agreement. Both of these occured during the JC signing period. The reason Davenport signed the financial agreement instead of the NLOI is because you can only sign one LOI during your career. He signed one with UCLA and played as a freshman for the Bruins.

Congrats on joining the Husky family!!!!

Here is where the official release can be found and where we will have the news first: Official Release

Lake Forest Park: I'm excited about our commits but what happens if the player signs the LOI and then decides not to come here but another school? Once a student-athlete signs a LOI and it becomes validated they, have to go through all the proper channels to get out of a LOI...meaning sitting out a year to transfer, etc. So, we have received a bunch of LOI's but as I said earlier, we can't comment on the signees until we post them in our release. Let's talk a little about the first two signees we got: Davenport and Ballman.

Davenport should provide depth at cornerback, while Ballman should compete for the punting job right away. If you haven't seen it yet we just released that we have gotten 20 LOI's!!!!!!

Here is the updated list: Official Release

Bobby (Yuma, AZ): This might sound like a dumb question, but how do you guys actually make sure the letters are signed by the athletes? It is not a stupid question. It is actually such a good question that I went and got Marcus Boyle, the football recruiting administrator, the legal guardian has to be present with them and we have their signature on other documents that we can use to verify them. The coaches are also usually there too.

Scott Kennewick WA: At what point can a kid begin to be recruited? Sophomore year or ? Thanks and GO DAWGS!! September 1 of their junior year in high school is the first year coaches can contact prospective student athletes.

Scott Kennewick WA: So is the "financial aid" agreement comparable to a full scholarship? You can only give full scholarships to football recruits. For various administrative reasons, athletes have to sign something, but can only sign a LOI once in their career.

Scott Kennewick WA: Do the Huskies recruit the east coast at all? They recruit all over the country. One of the linebacker recruits, Austin Sylvester is from Reno, Nevada and went to the Hun School in New Jersey. So, although he is originally from the west coast, he did attent prep school in the east. FYI...just saw Isaiah Stanback, and he was wearing two shoes! No boot! Rumor has it that he has been invited to the NFL Combine. He and Dashon Goldson will both be in Indianapolis strutting their stuff. Just got word that Mason Foster has signed his LOI and it has been verified. Congrats Mason...he is the 21st LOI we've received today so far. JUST WANTED TO SEND A REMINDER...since we are the official website of the Huskies, we cannot comment on student-athletes until we receive their LOI's.

Hong (Fremont): I heard Spencer H. will play ftball. Is it true? Yeah, he's going to walk on to line up next to Caeser Rayford and block kicks. JUST KIDDING!

Scott Kennewick WA: Great news on Isaiah! After listening to the Tyrone Willingham radio show he had stated that one of the keys to building a great football team is being strong up the middle ie QB, TB and Center on offense and Nose Tackle, MLB and Safety on defense. Do they feel like they got those needs filled in this class?...more specifically Nose Tackle and Center. Thanks and GO DAWGS!! It's too hard to tell right now where guys will end up, but coach Tormey can address that in his chat at 12 pm. Here's the link to Tormey's chat if you want to submit questions to him: Tormey Chat It's too hard to tell right now where guys will end up, but coach Tormey can address that in his chat at 12 pm. Here's the link to Tormey's chat if you want to submit questions to him: Tormey Chat This just in....Willie Griffin is the 22nd we got out of 27.

Scott Kennewick WA: You're a funny guy Hong!

Jason: At 7'0 240 lbs Hawes isn't going to be playing Football. Too Funny.. But Brandon Burmeister might

Scott Kennewick WA: Seriously though, how about Brockman?! He could be a devastating tight end or defensive lineman. That would be sweet, but I think he's pretty busy with basketball!

David (Magnolia, WA): Excluding any spring ball attendees, what does the coaching staff do with regards to the new players between now and fall camp? Do they simply just "keep in touch" until then, or are there any other events that happen before the fall? Per Coach Bob Simmons: "We just keep in touch and keep them informed...Make sure all their academics and paperwork is in order. We get them familiar with the program." Just an FYI, we are doing this chat live from the Football Offices. The coaches keep popping in to see what we're up to. They all seem very relaxed and in good spirits. There really isn't much they can do but wait for the LOI's to come! Stay tuned...we just got another letter in! Vonzell McDowell just was confirmed in. He is the Huskies 23rd signee and second player from Rainier Beach HS in Seattle (Emeka Iweka).

Mark (Eastside): Can you guys describe what happens on a visit? Here is a summary from Marcus Boyle, recruiting administrator: They're here for 48 hours. They take them to lunch, then they meet with the coaches and academic advisors...and then he had to leave to go check the fax machine. We'll have more later!!

Mark (Tacoma): What does Coach Willingham do on signing day? Can he call the prospects or visit with them? Can he attend their press conferences? Let me ask him...he's standing right next to me: He cannot attend their press conferences. Many of them they speak to and congratulate them during the day. And he monitors the progress of them throughout the day. He says he could use some rest now!!! Back to what happens on a visit: after they meet with the coaches, they go on upper campus, go to dinner, hang out with their recruiting host. The second day, they have a big academic breakfast, take a tour of the stadium, tour the facilities, hang out again with their host. Sunday they have breakfast and then their off. We have another announcement in a second!!! Kelani Aldrich is officially in. He's number 24...we're waiting on 3 more!

Aloha and congrats to Kelani!!

John ( Mill Creek): Is there anything going on at the B.A.C. tonight to go over the recruits.

John ( Mill Creek): Is there anything going on at the B.A.C. tonight to go over the recruits. Signing Day Celebration there tonight! Doors open at 6, celebration starts at 7 p.m. Oh year, that is in the BOAA (Bank of America Arena), not the BAC!

Ed, Graham: Coach Ty, Do you see some significant contributions or expectations from any of this new group (of course with exception of Izbicki)? Coach is no longer standing next to me. Last year we only played two true freshmen, so it's hard to tell right now who will contribute next season. That might be a good question to submit to Chris Tormey, who is chatting at 12 p.m. Here is his chat room: Tormey Chat

Bobby (Bellingham): What is the mood in the football offices? Excitement? Relief? Anticipation? I'll bet you can cut the tension with a knife! I would generalize the feel as relaxed. The coaches keep popping in and out and seem to be all in great moods. I bet they can't wait until today is over though, because they have been burning the midnight oil.

Chester (Lancaster): Are you guys showing coach willingham's press conference online? Yes we are. We are the EXCLUSIVE carrier of the live Tyrone Willingham Press Conference at 2 p.m. Here is a link to the press conference: Willingham PC

Beach (Hermosa): Any word on a potential 28th signee that who until very recently was leaning elsewhere? Unfortunately, as I've said before I cannot comment on anyone until we receive LOI's. I can tell you we are expecting 3 more LOI's.

Rob (Yakima): How did you guys get two guys from the same high school in Redlands California? Who recruits that area for the Huskies? I saw this question earlier so we went and asked Coach Trent Miles about Fouch and Persley:
Trent Miles on Fouch:

He's got a great family. His mom is an high school athletic director at another school. His dad played ball at Arizona State. He was a quarterback. It's a great family. Academics mean a lot to them. He's a great person, a tough kid.

We got interested in him early in the spring and got him up here in the summer. He's been a solid commit since July. It's been a pretty smooth process.

Trent Miles on Persley:

He's a great kid and a great, raw athlete. He's only been playing football a couple of years. He was a track guy, a triple jumper. He's got a lot of explosion. His best football is ahead of him. He can run. He's long and lanky. He needs to play the game some more, but J.D. Williams will develop him and he'll have a good chance to contribute.

His family is great. They came up on the visit. Good people. He's a solid, solid person, academically and socially.

Trent Miles on Redlands East Valley Coach Kurt Bruich:

He runs a really top-notch program. You go and watch them practice and it's very organized. He knows what he's doing. He's the son of the "dean" of Inland Empire coaches, the coach at Kaiser High School. He's been groomed to do it and he does a great job. It's fun to deal with him.

Matt (Seattle): Is there a charge for the event tonight at BOAA It's $35 and you can pay at the door.

Mark (Seattle): Is there a timeline for receiving all the LOI's, are they expected by a certain time today? What are the hangups sometimes? We start getting them at 7 a.m. local time for the kids. The signing day period ends at 11:59 p.m. on April 1.

Brad(New York): I'm a UW Alum in NY. Its nice to see you guys doing things like this. It looks like we're waiting on the three best players in the class. They like to keep us in suspense!! Thanks, we are just trying to keep up with the Joneses. There are just a few hang ups and it looks like it could be the afternoon that we'll be official on some of the LOI's, but hopefully all will be good in Huskies land!

Alex (Kirkland): I don't want to name any names, as I know you can't, but is there any news on the guys who HAVEN'T sent LOI's yet? Is there any consternation among coaches re: these/this player(s)? I guess the best I can say is that the coaches are all relaxed and just waiting! WE'LL HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT IN A MINUTE...drum roll please! With all the questions we have received in this chat, I think I've got one you've all been waiting for.

Anthony Boyles is in!!! He's No. 25 to be confirmed. Congrats to Anthony!

DAWG4LF, Bellevue: Outstanding! Congrats to the coaching staff for landing Boyles and all other recruits. I very much look forward to seeing them play in 2 years, if not next year.

Mark (W Seattle): Congrats Anthony!! Welcome to Seattle, its great to be a DaWg!!

Scott Kennewick WA: Boyles...that was the guy I was afraid might not sign...GOOD JOB ANTHONY! GO DAWGS!! Scott

SEA: FINALLY BOYLES I thought that one might get some of you excited!!! Stay tuned. It might be a little bit before we have any more announcements, but we'll keep you posted.

Nick: how good is boyles???? Who knows? Seriously, there is no exact science to recruiting. You have to put faith in the coaching staffs who have to in return put faith in the kids and their HS coaching staffs.

Caleb (Seattle): What does the $35 pay for? This is regarding the Signing Day Celebration obviously. There will be a buffett of food and a no host bar available. The Husky coaching staff will be on hand and they'll be showing video of their signees and giving you an analysis of the players. I've been several times and it is a great event!

Steve Everett WA: Things are looking great. Looking forward to the Dawg future!! Me too. Can't wait for the opener in Syracuse. Since we've got some time, anyone planning on making the trip out to Syracuse?

Bill, Vanc WA: recruits from 12 states, very nice. Looks like the Dawg recruiting is back on track. Now we need a good bowl win to put us back in the upper echelon of the Pac 10. Congrat Husky coaches!

Scott: I hope to make it to to get going now, I'm driving over the pass for the recruiting banquet! Hope to see a lot of you there! GO DAWGS!! Drive safe!

Matt (Snoqualmie): I would have loved to make it back there for the opener, but couldn't get the family to buy in. But they easily agreed to go to the Hawaii game.

Chris, Seattle: Hi Bill, count me in if you plan to go out to Syracuse.

Randy Pasco WA: Will Ty Willinghams conference be available on "replay" type of broadcast on the official site? We will carry it live at 2 p.m and then have it archived too. You can use the the link that I posted earlier to watch the archived version of the PC too.

Pablo (East Valley): Welcome to all the new Huskies! Now, let's get working and kick some tail the next four years!

Josh (kirkland): I am excited about this class. Congrats to coach Willingham and his entire staff. GO Dawgs!

Tom, Seattle: As a graduating 2007 senior I've yet to see a winning season as a student but, I can assure you I will be on hand with three of my UW Alumni buddies in Syracuse to see us start the 07 season with a win! Go Dawgs!

Jeff (Snohomish): My son & I will be there. Making a week long vacation out of it. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!

Gerald (Vancouver): I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Ballman kid. WIth all the things he's gone through he should be in good company with the UW folks. Welcome to the family Jared! We're behind you.

Randy Pasco WA: I really like this class. Definately a "blue collar" type od class. This class will definately give coach Willingham alot of players to get into his system. Excellent job coach! Just wanted to remind you all that Chris Tormey is chatting at 12 p.m today. Go ahead and get your questions in now here: Tormey Chat

Joe, Seattle: how many LOI are expected to come in today?? 27 By the way, some of your questions that I am not posting, I am forwarding into Chris Tormey's chat, because he could definitely give you better analysis of the new Huskies.

Another note, not to toot our own horn (TOOT-TOOT), Tormey's chat will mark the first official word from anyone on the Husky coaching staff about the class.

Caleb (Seattle): Without naming names, are any high schools having events where these players all sign there letter of intent at a pep rally/assembly of some sort? Is that the hold up? I'm sure lots of the kids are having celebrations at their high schools, but no UW coaches are going to any. It's a quiet period right now, so coaches can only talk to kids via phone. We are different than other press and recruiting web sites in that we are part of the university and adhere to NCAA rules. That said, we had to clear doing this chat and other chats regarding signing day. The NCAA has loosened it's leash quite a bit. It used to be we could only have one announcement on signing day and had to announce the signings all at once.

I think the holdups for the rest of the LOI's are administration.

Portland: Rumor is that one individual sent his LOI b a while back but is not yet listed on Any truth to that? There is more to it than just receiving the LOI. We have to have additional paperwork and make sure all is correct on the LOI before we announce anything. Stay tuned...we should have another announcement in the next couple of minutes!!! Here is an interesting fact and note:

Dr. William Davis, Professor of Government and Faculty Athletics Representative at Texas Tech University, founded the National Letter of Intent (NLI) program in 1964.

A common misunderstanding related to the NLI is that the NCAA national office administers the program. However, in actuality, the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) has administered the NLI program since its inception in 1964

Alan: is there a cut off time to accept LOI? They have until April 1, 11:59 p.m.

Paul (Visalia): I'm really happy with this class. Do you know how many more LOI's are we waiting for? Also, I'm planning on flying out to syracuse and the hawaii game with my son. I can't wait. August can't come any sooner. Still waiting on word for a couple more....actually just one....after I give you the latest announcement in a second!!!!! Devin Aguilar from Colorado is the Huskies 26th signing! Way to go Devin!!!!

Bronco (Spokompton): Dawgman has all 27 LOI's Checked off as signed...any truth to this? We have 26 officially approved LOI's. We will let you know if, and when, we can confirm anymore.

Jack, Bellevue: No question here. Just a statement. The STUD has landed. I was waiting on the Anthony Boyles signing. I feel he is the prize of this class. Congrats to Coach, the team and DAWG Nation!

Mark (W Sea): This has been great, thanks for setting it up real time. BTW, the Jonee's server keeps crashing ;) By the way, here is the release regarding last year's recruiting class: 2006 Signing Class

Bronco (Spokompton): I can hear it now,"Locker down the middle, Boyles has it...TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!

Tom, Seattle: In the past Coach Willingham has closed spring practices, are there any indications that he will open one, two or all of spring practices this season? There are both positives and negatives in doing this but at this point it would seem better to open at least a couple to give the media and fans some positive news about the team, excite ticket holders, etc...Whats the word? Tyees can attend practice whenever they want. They just have to get it cleared from the Tyee office.

Not too sure what policies will be this spring. ATTENTION: Chris Tormey is chatting in just a moment.

Gordon (Seattle): I've seen Aguilar play basketball and football. He will be a player TW and Romar fight over. Should be fun. He's going to play both correct? I could see him being the starting PG on the basketball team. Yes he's that good Evidently, he has indicated his desire to play basketball at the UW. Situations like that are always nice since players on a football scholarship don't count against the basketball team's scholarship limit ... same goes for when football players participate in track, baseball or whatever else. Coach Tormey's chat is taking place in a separate room. Go back to the front page of and click on the link for his chat.

Hong (Fremont): Hi Chris Tormey. Good jobs! We got those two posts backwards ... but yes, Coach Tormey's chat is going on in another room right now. Just to re-iterate, we have a lot of questions sent to us here that we simply cannot answer due to NCAA regulations and/or privacy concerns. We appreciate all the input and we're answering as many as we can! Hopefully, the reason that things have slowed down here is simply because everyone is over in Coach Tormey's chat. We'll keep things going as long as there's news to report.

Rav (Bremerton): Is Erik Folk related to the Arizona kicker with the same last name? He is indeed. His brother Nick was an outstanding punter AND kicker at Arizona. Erik also has another brother who plays soccer at UCLA.

Bow Down!: Man, this has been a great day! I'm so fired-up. Get the season underway TODAY! Well, the spring game is first up. It'll be April 28. But yes, this is usually a fun day for college football fans.

Sean (Carlsbad, CA): I hear Nick Wood is a pretty good wrestler. Can you share anything about that? Wood is the top heavyweight on the Poway wrestling team, which is the top team in the state of California. Certainly, that says something about him. We will continue to give you updates as we get them, but we also need to prepare for the Tyrone Willingham's press conference. Well, it's official. Brandon Johnson is now a Husky! That makes 27 new Washington football players for the 2007 season. Thanks so much for joining us today at! We are thrilled that we were able to provide accurate information the moment it became official. Make sure to register for the FREE Dawg Channel and watch coach Tyrone Willingham's press conference live at 2 p.m. right here on

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