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 Chris Tormey will be the first Husky coach to comment on the 2007 UW Signing Day class on Wednesday.
Wednesday marks one of the biggest days of the year for Husky Football--Signing Day. Join for the first comments by the Husky coaching staff about the 2007 UW Football recruiting class.

Husky Football Recruiting Coordinator Chris Tormey will conduct a live chat with fans beginning at noon that day. He will cover such topics as the recruiting process at UW, an analysis of the class and other issues. Fans will be able to submit questions to Coach Tormey throughout the day and during the live chat. is the only official source of signing announcements. Bookmark our Signing Day Central page and check it out for updated information throughout the day. Coach Tormey will be joining us in just a second. Everybody, Coach Tormey is here right now. Everybody, Coach Tormey is here right now.

Erick F. Walnut Creek, CA: Chris, what in your opinion is the single most overlooked trait for a potential recruit. Good Luck and GO DAWGS !!
Chris Tormey: I think character, because that usually determines work ethic and how much they can improve while they are in the program.

Johnny Sack, Tacoma: Who are the players that will most likely be needed to play right away or early in their career.
Chris Tormey: We'll know a lot more about each of these prospects and their abilities after two weeks of fall camp.

Brad (New York): So right away coach. The question everyone wants to know. Who do you think is going to make the biggest impact the soonest.
Chris Tormey: You never know but both kickers will have an opportunity to compete right away.

Morris: Is Eweka likely to play DL or OL? Williams RB or S?
Chris Tormey: Emeka will start out on defense, while Nate will start out on offense.

Alex (Kirkland): Hi Chris, Of these new recruits, which ones stand out to you as being real potential leaders or captains, based on charisma, football IQ, etc.
Chris Tormey: We hope they all have the capabilites to be captains! It is a solid group all around. Todd Turner is in here congratulating Coach Tormey on a great class. He'll be back with us in a second.

Doug: Coach, could you give us a quick run down on our O-line commits, and your thoughts on them?
Chris Tormey: They all have the size we're looking for. Tall, rangy player with good feet that have the abilitiy to play offensive guard or tackle.

Jeff Lebowski: What position will A. Sylvester start out at?
Chris Tormey: He is a very vesatile athlete that can play linebacker, fullback or tight end. To be honest, we haven't made a final determination about where he will play.

Ek (D.C.): Coach, why so many RB's? Can you say anything about which actually project to play at the position?
Chris Tormey: They will all have the opportunity to play running back. Our running back depth is extremely thin and we felt we needed an infusion of talent at that position. High School running backs are typically the most talented on their team. As we all know, you can't have too many good athletes.

Bill (Redmond): Any idea how many miles you flew this recruiting season?
Chris Tormey: I did 20,000 alone to Hawai'i, plus all the times to California. So upperward of 30,000.

Morris: The LB recruits seem to be hidden gems. How did UW find them when other schools lightly recruited them?
Chris Tormey: Seaside is off the beaten path (Mason Foster). Tim Lappano did a great job of establishing a connection there and I really liked his tape. Cort Dennison is another very versatile athlete that plays wide receiver on offense and line backer on defense. We liked his movement and we think he is the kind of athlete that we're looking at for WLB. He was recommended by a former player I know.

Randy Pasco WA: Will Tyrone Duncan start on the DL or OL? How strong is Nick Wood? He sounds like a beast.
Chris Tormey: Tyrone will start out at defensive tackle. He has good lateral quickness and a lot of upside. Nick might be the strongest player in the class. He is also an outstanding heavyweight wrestler.

Kelly,Puyallup: Victor A. looks like a stud! Any reason why he wasn't more highly recruited?
Chris Tormey: 2006 was the first year of high school football for him. He has great size and he likes to hit. He will play safety.

Doug: What type of runner is Yakaboski?
Chris Tormey: He has good acceleration and vision. Once in the secondary, he can make you miss.

Jerry (Mount Vernon): Thanks for taking the time here with DAWGFANS, Chris. I have been reading about Boyles and Aguilar all morning. Everybody is raving about Boyles, but from I can see it seems that we 2 very similarly talented WR's signed. What is your take on these 2?
Chris Tormey: They are both extremely athletic. Boyles has a little more size, but Aguilar is a Division I basketball prospect as well, so you know he has good ball skills.

Johnny Sack, Tacoma: What position do you see Q. Richardson playing? this class done?
Chris Tormey: Quinton will compete for playing time at strong safety next season. I like his size, his athletic ability and toughness. He may grow into a linebacker someday.

Robby: Coach will Alvin Logan be a DB or WR?
Chris Tormey: We recruited Alvin to be a wide receiver.

Abe: Chris, Great class. Who would you compare Kalani Aldrich to? Can he grow into an interior lineman?
Chris Tormey: He's taller than Greyson Guheim. He's 6-7. He might get big enough to play inside on defense or maybe even offensive tackle, but he has the athletic ability that you're looking for in an edge pass rusher.

Charlie (New York City): It seems to be a growing trend to start true freshmen. What are your thoughts about that with respect to this class?
Chris Tormey: Our philosophy is to play the best player regardless of class. Hopefully a few in this class will be able to make an early contribution. It's hard to keep up...there are so many questions and the web is slow, so be patient! thanks for sending in so many great questions!

Patrick (Arlington): How accurate are the rankings (ie. or of the high school player? Are the rankings a good indicator of player potential or are they as worthless as pre-season college basketball rankings?
Chris Tormey: Rating college prospects is a difficult task. I'm not sure who decides how many stars a player gets on recruiting networks and I'm not sure what their criteria is. We prefer to do our own evaluations irrespective of recruiting evaluations by web sites.

Scott Kennewick WA: How important is the purple and gold camp for the Washington coaches? Thanks...GO DAWGS!!
Chris Tormey: Very important. Several of this year's recruiting class attended our camp last summer. It just gives us a great opportunity to evaluate their abilities first hand.

Paul (Peshastin): Can you describe who recruits the state of Washington? Don't you guys break down recruiting by region?
Chris Tormey: We do. We split Washington state seven ways by region. I cover Seattle.

Doug: How does the internet affect recruiting for you and the coaches? There are some horror stories about recruiting sites costing schools recruits.
Chris Tormey: There are no regulations for recruiting web sites so it's open season on prospects. They can help you or hurt you.

Steve Everett: Coach do you think the new corners will contribute right away?
Chris Tormey: We need them to! Obviously we don't have a lot of depth at that position. Hopefully they'll all compete for playing time.

Sean (Carsbad, CA): Coach, Any good stories from the recruiting trails!
Chris Tormey: Not really!!!

Mark (Seattle): Do you expect any of these recruits to enter school early and apply to this past season alotment? Congrats on a great class!
Chris Tormey: Yes, Ronnie Fouch, Jared Ballman, Austin Sylvestor can all be here for spring. They'll get to compete in Spring practice and the entire summer conditioning program.

Alex, ,Seattle: How much time off does the coaching staff get now. Or what's up next?
Chris Tormey: We working hard right now on next year's class. Spring Break is right around the corner.

Charlie(New York City): Is there a effort on the part of coaches at UW to spread their recruiting efforts to farther reaches around the country?
Chris Tormey: We will go anywhere where there is a legimate interest in the University of Washington and the football program. Coach Willingham's reputation gives us national recoginition.
Chris Tormey: Thanks for all the questions, I've got another committment and I'm sorry I could get to every one. Hopefully we'll see you all tonight at the Signing Day Celebration. Thank you all for making this day a smashing success for Continue to follow the Signing Day CHat and don't forget, you can watch Coach Tyrone Willingham's press conference live on at 2 p.m. and if you can't watch it live, we will have it archived. I hope none of you got fired for slacking at work today and following us!!

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