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Dawg Talk: 2008 Football Recruiting Class

The 2008 Husky Football signing class is complete. All indication are that the class could be one of the best in the nation.

Here is your chance to share in your excitement for the 2008 class in the first edition of's Dawg Talk, a new feature that allows Husky fans a forum to share in their Husky pride.

In this edition of Dawg Talk, we want you, the diehard Husky fans, to share your thoughts on the Husky class. Where does this class stand in comparison to previous classes? Who are you most excited to see on the field? What are this classes strengths?

Or, just share your stories about attending the Signing Day Celebration or anything about any of the member of the class you think other Husky fans would be interested in knowing.

This is your chance to be heard by other Husky diehard fans just like you! Submit your response now and return later to get the hear what others have to say.

David J. (Chehalis): This years class is an excellent class that addresses a bunch of our needs. I am pumped to see the group of wideouts develop and think that the group of gents we got on D-line are going to be huge factors. I can't remember the last time we had a big guy like Alameda that could be a one-man run stuffer?

ALAN-SEATTLE: I would like to see the best athelets be put on the defensive side of the ball. Do you think that will happen? I think Coach Willingham and the staff feel they addressed both sides of the ball with some really athletic players.

On the defensive side they added 5 defensive backs, including Adam Long, reported to be the fastest of the Huskies and one of the best 200-meter sprinters in California. Local product Justin Glenn is also a great prospect at cornerback for the Huskies. They also addressed the need for more defensive linemen by signing four that all could be contributing next season. Craig Noble, Alameda Ta'amu and Senio Kelemete can all push for time on the interior if they come in and show they are ready for the step-up to collegiate football.

At the same time, the Huskies were able to add a bunch of bullets to Jake Locker and the Huskies offensive guns. Chris Polk, who the Huskies pried away from USC, is enrolled now and chomping at the bit to get on the field for Spring Football. The Huskies will have to await for the Lakes duo of Kevario Middleton and Jermaine Kearse until fall, but once they arrive on campus, they should be given every opportunity to earn PT.

If you want some further proof of the athleticism of the Huskies class, I recommend you check out their bio pages on and look at their highlight videos!

steve chan (bellevue): It is hard to compare this class to previous ones, since none of them have hit the field. But it is safe to say that the excitement that surrounds this class is the most since maybe the Reggie Williams class?

Erik (Boston): Will Chris Polk play receiver or running back? I ask because he looks great on film as a running back. As a junior, Polk played wideout and caught 62 passes for 1,167 yards and 12 TDs. Most of those came from projected Husky backup quarterback Ronnie Fouch.

As a senior he rushed for 2,561 yards and 29 TDs, while catching 18 passes out of the backfield.

Receiver or running back? I think Coach Willingham has a nice dilemma on his hand, but initially will try Polk at wide receiver, where he is currently listed on the Husky roster.

Kammie (Index): I think the following players will play this year. Boyles, Aguilar, C. Polk - Position of need and the talent represents un upgrade. Middleton - Will see PT early given two seniors. Dailey - I think he's plays fullback and special teams. Physical specimen. Noble - Huge talent and physically ready in position of need. Kelemete - Will provide depth at defensive end. Physical specimen. Mangum - Will provide depth and play special teams if he comes in early as planned. Long - Can't leave speed like that on the bench.

Scott Kennewick: The Dline guys look awesome! You rarely see two big Defensive tackles of this quality in the same class.

Scott Kennewick: I really like the big defensive ends also. Guys that are big and strong enough to play sooner rather than later.

Juan Rodriguez Sunnyside: Did we get some good defensive players to help up our defense? Juan, the coaching staff is very excited about the group of freshmen they brought in on the defensive side of the ball. They have what they feel is a great combination of size, speed and athleticism. Plus, they addressed some needs on the defensive line and secondary and added some depth at the linebacker position.

Nick Swanson (Aberdeen): On paper it is hard to not be excited about this recruiting class. But as we have seen this past year just because it looks good on paper and highlight films does it mean this recruiting class is going to be the major turn this program needs?

Scott Kennewick: Nick I really think this class is way better than Nueheisels class of 2001 or whatever year he had that was so highly rated. The class is heavy with Washington kids, plus the coaches did a great job in Socal.

Josh B (Federal Way): I think that we actually have a chance to have a winning record this year! I am so excited and I cant wait to see this new class and see what they can do! Who do you think out of this class will benefit us the most? I can't really single out one player that will MOST help us out next year, but Coach Willingham preaches that the best players will see the field, no matter what year they are in school. That said, I think the most glaring loses from last year are on the defensive line and wide receiver corp, so you can expect at least 2 new faces at each position to crack the two deeps and possibly even fight for a starting spot in 2008.

songo-so.bend: what type of O will UW there going to be serious spread O ran?? I'm not a coach, but what they started last year with Jake Locker will probably be what you can expect to see in 2008...except with more twists and turns. If Locker progresses in a normal manner which you can expect since he has a year under his belt, you can bet the coaches will trust him more this year and push his abilities to bend the defenses. It is very exciting to imagine the limitless potential the Husky offense can have with Locker at the helm!

Erik Kennewick: What about the new coaches? are they going to be able to take the Dawgs back to the glory days of Don James? That's a good question Erik. I don't think Coach Willingham would have brought Ed Donatell or Brian White into the program if he didn't feel they could help build Washington back to the level that Husky fans expect. The duo brings a multitude of experience and success, both at the collegiate and professional levels, to the program and should be an asset to Washington's pursuit at making future Rose Bowls.

James L (YORK): With this class being talked about with all the potential it could bring how does this affect the head coaches job with expectations for 2008? You can bring in all the players you want but if there is not stability at Head Coach what are you really trying to accomplish? There is pressure to win every season on head coaches of NCAA football teams. For as high as the expectations are for fans, I can guarantee you that Coach Willingham and his staff hold themselves to an even higher standard. Outsiders and fans will always question the coaches and I think they have accepted this as the nature of the business. All they can focus on is getting the Huskies better and preparing for, once again, one of the most attractive and challenging schedules in the nation.

Scott Kennewick: Do the dawgs have enough kickers and punters? I think the staff feels very comfortable in the depth at both kicker and punter. They return both starters from last season, with both Ryan Perkins and Jared Ballman able to play both positions. They also have scholarship kicker Erik Folk and walk on punter Kiel Rasp that could push the starters. Three-deep at punter and kicker is a very exciting prospect for the Huskies.

Craig Missoula: Any word on when the spring game will be held? Officially there is no set date. It is still up in the air based on some negotiations to make it a bigger event.

Nick Swanson (Aberdeen): Will Kavario Middleton play at DE or TE? The way I see it is we need the major help on defense so I would assume DE would be the best fit for him. The coaching staff is going to try Kavario at tight end first. They class does include four other defensive linemen and have loaded up on talent there.

Chris (Seattle): Will Cody Bruns contribute early on in his career after having such a prolific high school career? How does he stack up against the other WR's on the depth chart? The coaches love what Cody brings to this class and he will have a chance to play early. Despite the loss of five contributors at wide receiver from last season, the Huskies have a lot of young talent at the position. If Bruns proves that he is ready to contribute, Coach Willingham will play him. As he says, the best players will play...until they hit the field, it's just too early to tell who will man the position next season. Thanks all of you for submitting questions. Stay tuned for the next Dawg Talk subject.

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