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With so many Husky athletes participating in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Husky nation is rightfully so beaming with pride. would like for fans to share their thoughts and pass along any well-wishes to the athletes as they represent their respective countries. Please submit your thoughts, along with your name and city.

Return later as we post all the comments from Husky Nation.

Anthony (Seattle): Indeed it is a great time to be a Husky! To all those in China representing the Huskies, we are proud of you and hoping the best! Go Huskies!!!!

Niko from Fall City: I can't wait to see Brad Walker soar above the competition and bring gold back to the states.

Rich (Portland): We will be cheering for you! Go Huskies!!

Marina Simenstad (Liz's mom): Good luck everybody, representing all your countries - go USA! go Canada! (Hi Rob!) I'm so proud to know you're all there

Rick (Cottage Grove, OR): What a cool think for so many Huskies to be competing in Beijing! Go Dawgs! Represent us proud.

Brian (Seattle): Anna and Mary, congrats on the HUGE WIN! The Huskies and USA are proud of you. Congrats to David for winning the silver!! It's pretty cool that you were the first person to earn a medal for Canada!!


Venus (Bothell): Your talent and effort is much appreciated and truly inspiring. All of you make us proud to be Huskies. Go Dawgs!

Mark (Seattle): To all of you Huskies, we are proud of you. You are an inspiration to us all. Represent UW well. Go Huskies. Special congrats to Anna, Mary, and David. Well to go.

MIchelle (Seattle): Go Huskies! Congrats to the US women's 8, who rowed a great race and congrats to Canada's pair... Great job winning your country's first medal!

Vince (Granite Falls): Yeah Dawgs!

JB (Mill Creek): Way to represent the UW! Good work to all and good luck to those yet to compete!

Jennifer (Ellensburg, WA): Husky athletes, you inspire me!! Have fun!

Rebecca (Seattle): Go Huskies! You guys are awesome and we're proud to have you representing us! Congrats to the women's 8 on your gold medal! WOOF!

Folsom CA: I'm super proud to be represented by all of the UW rowers! Go Huskies!

Jeff (Folsom CA): Congratulations to all the Huskies who made it to the Olympics! Go Huskies!

Scott Kennewick: Great job DAWGS!!

Mike (Seattle): Hope was right! Any other fool want to argue the point?

Marcus (Centralia): YES!!!!!!! Dawgs Rule!

rich (portland): Congratulations Hope on your GOLD! You have earned every ounce of it!
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