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2016-17 Basketball Season Ticket Renewal
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Dawg Talk: Tyee Office

Did you ever wonder how you can improve your season football seats? How does the Tyee Club work? What about the point system they use for football and basketball seating priority? Does the money I donate really go toward student-athlete scholarships? How does parking work on football gameday?

These and the many other questions that are on the minds of Husky faithful will be answered next week when hosts the first Tyee Town Hall online chat.

Washington athletic department representatives from the various areas - such as the Tyee office, the Husky Ticket Office, the development staff and the marketing unit will be available to answer your questions right here on on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 1:30 p.m. (Pacific).

Simply submit your question in advance using the form below, or join us live on Wednesday to get the straight scoop straight from the source!

We want to hear from you so be sure to submit your questions today! We will be starting very soon. Thanks for those of you that got your question in early. We'll try to answer as many questions as possible. This chat will be archived later so you can refer back to this. Don't forget, if you have any further questions feel free to contact the Tyee Office at 206-543-2234 or the Ticket Office at 206-543-2200.

JW (Bellevue): Our family Tyee Membership was started by my grandparents in the 1940's, continued by my parents and I thru the 80's 90's to present. Now my elderly Mom would like to officially pass it to me and my kids, is there a process for this?
Tyee Staff: Your mother can send us a letter outlining her wishes to transfer the account to one of her immediate family, stating the family relationship, and provide a name and mailing address for that family member.

Scott Kennewick: My question is regarding total Tyee points. I've been a season ticket holder since 1992. For at least three seasons I reduced my season tickets down to general admission seats in the east endzone. I decided to purchase more tickets and bring other family and friends. Does that still count as continuous season ticket holder? For most of my years I've also been a Tyee but not continuously. How does that effect my points?
Tyee Staff: Concerning Tyee, should you rejoin in the future, your points for contributions and Tyee years will still exist. (The Ticket Office can answer the portion about general admission season tickets.)
Husky Ticket Office: A general admission season ticket does qualify as a full season ticket in terms of continuous years of purchase.

gig harbor: Please tell us how many Tyee members there are for the football program. If we want to improve the facilities...why will the UW not allow more Tyee members to help finance it?
Tyee Staff: Including basketball, we have about 7,500 donors. We set no limits for the number of donors. If donors want preferential seating, the only limits we have would be availability of seats.

roland y. (Apple Valley, CA): I know priority is in effect for away game seating, but does someone really look at the opponents seating chart before determining where to seat us fans in priority (higher numberd seats, location to 50 yd line.) SInce we sit close to the same people each game, the system is being used, but why are the seats sometimes worse than Gen Adm. IE at ASU last year, our seats were the furthest away from the field on benches with no back rests, yet one section over closer to midfield were seats with backrests, filled with Husky fans. Also at USC two years ago, the seats were once again as far away as could be. Does someone look at yardage and where higher numbered seats are or do you just start tossing them out based on a guess or whim?
Husky Ticket Office: Away game tickets are allocated by season ticket customer priority. Customer priority is determined by a mix of consecutive years of purchase and Tyee priority points. Before allocation, UW's ticket director contacts the host school to find out if there are any unusual intricacies with the seating arrangements. In most situations the "best" seats are determined as the seats closest to the 50 and closest to the field. In the case of the ASU and Hawaii games last year, visiting fan seats were scattered all over the stadium. This made the allocation process much more challenging than most. Keep in mind that visiting team tickets are never in very desirable locations in the stadium. The best seats are reserved for their season ticket holders just like our seating arrangement at Husky Stadium. We did complain to USC two years ago because those seats were "new" and were in an even worse location than most other venues. Rest assured they place all of their visiting teams in the same area.

Tom (Mukilteo, WA): Havent you noticed a significant change for the worse at B of A since the ridiculous price increases for Tyee seats for basketball games? Meaning quiet crowds, late arriving crowds, smaller crowds, etc. I sure have and it seems as though you have priced certain fans out of buying season tickets. A jump from $350 to $900 for Tyee purple was pretty steep don't you think? Especially in light of the trams recent struggles. I know I won't be renewing unless you bring the prices down to a more realistic level.
Husky Ticket Office: The basketball donor levels were set two years ago after careful consideration which included input from the Tyee Executive Board. Although the higher levels were increased to $900 and $450, we did choose to keep the lower levels reasonable at $150 and $250 per seat. Non-donor seats are also available for purchase. We have actually seen an increased demand for the $900 level seats as it seems there is a high demand for the best seats in the arena. We have seen a significant drop off in our $150 and non-donor season tickets as those are locations that have less demand. Although pricing may have had an influence on our loss in season ticket holders, the fact that the team did not make the post-season certainly was another factor. Despite the loss of season ticket holders we have still seen capacity or near capacity crowds for most of the Pac-10 games.

marcia c.: It's been a tough mens basketball yr. Are you still doing seat reallocation next yr?
Tyee Staff: Yes, we are reallocating men's basketball seats for next season. Our model is to reallocate every three years regardless of the success rate of our teams. We reallocate seats for men's and women's basketball, football and volleyball. Unique to basketball was the 10-year's Founder's Club which guaranteed founding members seats for 10 seasons. Because of the 10 year commitment, we were challenged to restructure our reallocation schedule to a 3-3-2-2 format to accommodate the 10 year period meaning we entered Bank of America Arena in 2000, then reallocated in '03, '06, '08 and '10. After 2010, we will return to our normal three year time period.

Kirk (Seattle): Wht are there so many sideline seats general admission and not Tyee?
Husky Ticket Office: Assuming this is a football question, the only non-student general admission seats we have are in the east end zone.

Ben (Portland): Who is going to replace Lou Gellerman as the football PA announcer?
Marketing: The marketing staff will be announcing soon a search process and we hope to have somebody in place for the Spring Game. Lou was an institution here and it will be tough to replace him!!

Richard (Ferndale): I am a Tyee member, and my seats are on the south side upper deck. Since this isn't a reallocation year for the south side, is there any chance of upgrading seats (if former Tyee members happen to drop their season tickets during a non-reallocation year?)
Tyee Staff: Yes, but upgrades will depend solely upon availability, and we cannot guarantee where openings will occur.

Paul (Seattle): If you request improved seats and the new seats provided you don't like can you keep you old seats before the official change is made?
Husky Ticket Office: For Tyee, your request would be considered according to your specifications, so you need to be clear about what you consider an improvement. Once the move is made, the old seats are assigned to someone else, so unfortunately moving back is not an option under our system.

We have two different seating systems, Tyee and non-donor. There is a specific place towards the bottom of the form. In that box put a note saying you would like to be contacted before moved. Tyee seating is reallocated every three years and within that system you can / will be moved depending on how your priority points stack up against all Tyees.

Steve , Portland: As a first time season ticket holder I recently agreed to a desposit for tickets. I was interested in possibly obtaining better seats by becoming a Tyee donor. I was told some one would contact me. How long does it generally take for this contact to occur?
Tyee Staff: The packets are being prepared now to be mailed in the next two weeks.

Seattle: If I contribute to Tyee at a smaller yearly dollar amount but I do so over many years can I get upgraded to pretty good seats. Or do I have to contribute big bucks?
Tyee Staff: You earn points for contributions, but you also earn longevity points. Over time, the longevity points will add up at the rate of 7 points per year, 5 for each year of season ticket purchase, and 2 points for each year of Tyee membership. Over the years your seats should improve even with small gifts. The current minimum annual gift is $175 per seat.

Bobby (Monroe): I have a group of boys who would like to attend a Husky baseball game. How do I go about doing that? Is there a price break for kids? Any way they could be bat boys?
Husky Ticket Office: We have discounted group tickets for all Husky sports. Husky baseball group tickets can be purchased for $3 each when 15 or more are purchased in advance. You can only do this in person or by phone (206-543-2200). As far as bat boys, the baseball office handles the selection of batboys. Call the UW Athletics Department main line at 206-543-2210 for more information.

Mark (Bellingham): What are the cut-off levels for the "covered at times" and "always covered" seating preferences on the north side?
Tyee Staff: Depending on the wind conditions, rows O through T are covered at times. Any other times all rows above should be covered, unless we see extreme weather conditions like the Oregon State game three seasons ago!!

Stephen & Mary Ann S.: How long will it be till we can move to tickets on the 50 yard line in the same row or two rows back from where we are currently?
Tyee Staff: Call the Tyee Office at 206-543-2234 and we can discuss your points and rankings. We do not want to discuss these subjects online.

Taft Ring, Oak Hill, VA (1957): 1) What is being done to improve the game day experience at HS? (Other than getting some W's) 2) When will the weasel logo be history?
Marketing: We will answer that in two parts. Part 1- We are constantly trying to improve the game day experience for our fans. We review everything from our scoreboard presentation to our concessions lines to our ushers. This evaluation takes place on an ongoing basis so that immediate improvements can be made in most situations. Additionally, we have hired an individual whose profession is to travel around the country to evaluate college football and basketball games, NBA games, and NHL games. Not only has he provided valuable feedback, he has also provided suggestions based on experiences he has had at other venues. We encourage you and other fans to also feel free to provide us with feedback on specific areas of the game day experience.
Marketing: Part 2- The university will ultimately be retiring the current secondary dog logo but no timeline for this retirement has been set.

Richard R. Bellevue Wa: Don't you think it's a bit unfair to totally drop all of someones points if they have been lifelong members if they must miss one year. I would think you could have some type of system to be put on "hold" or not start totally over if one year is missed. I'm aware of an elderly couple that had 40 years built up that lost everything a year one of them got very sick. I realize it is a buisness and that the word loyalty doesn't mean much any longer, but I would think the people that supported the program through the rough times are due a bit of thanks at times. Thank you
Tyee Staff: We actually have two different policies regarding season ticket priority; Tyee and Non-Donor seating.

The Tyee priority point system takes into account consecutive years of purchase, Tyee membership and total donations to ICA and even donations made anywhere on campus. The non-donor seating priority is based solely on consecutive years of purchase.

So, if somebody drops out a year and comes back as a Tyee member, they will keep some of their priority when they return (based on previous donations). For non-donor seating they would be starting over.

Gary (Seattle): I've been a U/W season football ticket holder for > 15 years, and my seats improve slightly each year (a row down, a seat or 2 closer to mid-field in the upper deck of South stadium. I'm near the 10 yard line now - Woo-Hoo!) But it seems that now (as opposed to in past decades ??) the only chance I will ever have to get a really good seat (even if I live to work > 100 years at the U/W (not terribly likely even though I do like my job) is to give many thousands of dollars to the Tyee fund (more than just once.) That doesn't seem fair to me... Comments ? Am I wrong ?
Tyee Staff: What most fans consider the best seats in Husky Stadium are mostly Tyee seats. Tyee seats require an annual donation in addition to the ticket cost. Currently the Tyee levels are $175, $275 and $375 per seat. If you choose to donate at those levels there is a good chance your seats would continue to improve. Non-donor seats are restricted to areas outside of Tyee and therefore improvement chances decrease the closer your seats get to the 50 yard line.

Frank, Seattle: Since next year is a basketball relocation year, can a Tyee member request and keep the same seats they had for this current season?
Tyee Staff: You can request the same seats, but we cannot guarantee you will get them. In a reallocation process we cannot promise the same seats. Seats are allocated based on donation level and priority. If your donation level and priority qualifies you for the same seat, you will retain your seat.

Scott Kennewick: So are you saying that if a person is a Tyee for 20 years and drops for one year, he comes back the next with almost the same priority if he joins Tyee again?
Tyee Staff: He'll some priority, but he will lose consecutive years of season ticket priority (5 pts per year).

Eric Simmons/Seattle: We have a group of 6 and we like the aisle but don't care whether we sit all in one row or are split between two rows. Can we get close to the field by splitting rows? Also here's a note: we added 2 to our original 4 seat holders a few years back and subsequently found our our point total had been diluted by doing so. We have another friend who'd like to join our group but we're not willing to further dilute our points. I understand you want to avoid syndicates etc. but it seems there should be a way to add people to a group w/out sacrificing points. (the two we added were not Tyee members prior to joining us and the other who wants to join us is not a Tyee member either)
Tyee Staff: We often split large groups into two or more rows, but you will not be closer to the field. We do not encourage fans to purchase tickets in someone else's account. Every day we deal with the consequences: when account holders pass away, move out of town, or quit attending games because of health reasons. Those unfortunates who are buying tickets in these dropped accounts are left with nothing--no tickets, no giving history, no points. Your friends should open their own accounts and purchase tickets in their own names. We can sit you together and average the priorities.

Scott Kennewick: That's the biggest point total isn't it? To have continuous season tickets?
Tyee Staff: Yes. The point system is on right here.

Rick S. (Snohomish, WA): My question regarding seat improvement is twofold: 1. Does it help to pay for your tickets early rather than waiting until the "last minute"? 2. Our season tickets are in section 50 row X. In 2007 it was publicized that season ticket sales were down, so I assumed our tickets would improve by at least a few seats and/or rows. And yet, we ended up with exactly the same seats we had in 2006. Why was there no improvement; given reduced season ticket sales?
Husky Ticket Office: Non-donor season ticket holders need to pay by the deadline to be considered for seat improvements. This year's deadline is March 3rd. Although season ticket sales dropped from 2003 - 2006, a majority of the customers who left were relatively new. Most of the long standing customers stuck it out and therefore we didn't see major seat improvements in the non-donor areas. The best way for non-donor customers to increase their chances for a seating change is twofold. One is to consider purchasing Tyee seats. Tyee seats are typically the best seats in Husky Stadium but require a $175, $275, or $375 per seat donation for purchase. For non-donor seat improvements, offer the most general preferences for us to consider. Rather than asking for the same height, aisle specific, etc... only ask for better yardage (despite the height), different height (despite the yardage) and that will open up more opportunities.

GR (Seattle): Why does there seem to be a mystery about each persons point total? Why not report total points accumulated and overall standing each year when season ticket renewals are sent out. Failure to be open about this information leads to distrust and the impression that something is not entirely above board within the allocation process.
Tyee Staff: The priority rankings have been sent to Tyees every year since 1987 on their Tyee renewal form. They are priority rankings, not points to allow everyone to see their status. That number is located on your form above your name, the middle number of the three.

Bruce: I have had 2 season tickets for basketball for 12 years. This year I raised the donation level to $450 but the seats are still in the second to the top bench seats on the side. We don't seem to move toward center court even with increased donations. What are realistic expectations?
Tyee Staff: Last year was not a reallocation year, therefore there was little opportunity to move. This coming year is a reallocation year. Donors are seated by donation level first and then within their priority rank. Currently you're at the second highest donation level, meaning there are about 2,000 seats ahead of you right now. There are approximately 1,200 donors within your level, so it will come down to how you fall in the priority rankings within the Tyee point system.

marysville: I would like to know how to go about purchasing football tickets to away games?
Husky Ticket Office: Away game tickets are sold to the following groups:
Husky Football season ticket holders
Husky Football 4-Game plan holders
Big W Members

Season ticket holders will receive an away game order form in mid-April. If there are tickets still available after the priority deadline (end of May), tickets will then be offered to current UWAA members for a specific time period during the summer. If you do not plan to be a member of any of the groups above, we encourage you to contact the host school to purchase tickets.

Dave Lynden: Any changes being considered for the 5th quarter?
Tyee Staff: Glad you asked this question, because we're in the process of determing what, if any, changes will be made for the 2008 season. We would love to hear your ideas. Please call the Tyee Office at 206-543-2234.

Jan (Bellevue): Any chance you can remove the ads surrounding the "jumbotron"? They both commercialize and cheapen the facility. At least you got rid of the Value Village ad.
Marketing: Thanks for the question Jan. We rely heavily on revenue derived from our corporate partners in order to operate our athletics program. Being able to provide exposure opportunities is a big part of the corporate partner program and is unlikely to change. ISP Sports is our rights holder in this area and does have a keen eye on making sure our corporate presence is tasteful and within our university policies.

Karen Portzer (Seattle): The Bus service on Downtown routes have been variable over the years. Some supervisors are excellent, while others are less desirable. Last year we had a supervisor on the route that insisted that he would only load one bus at a time. When I suggest he should be loading two buses -- one express and one local he became very irate with me. "No lady this is what works!" The year before, one of the supervisors only loaded express buses to downtown. I had to wait for 11 buses to get a local bus. (the two expresses were completely full by the time I got to the door). So the question becomes.....when is metro ever going to get their act together and give us good consistent local bus service after the game?
Tyee Staff: We appreciate your comments and we will share your comments with our contacts at Metro.

Lake Stevens: What plans are in place so that your Tyee members are able to utilize their parking benefits? Last year there were a couple of times Tyee members were turned away from various parking lots because they reached capacity well before kickoff......does not make sense?
Tyee Staff: As you noted, we had some issues fulfilling Tyee parking benefits in the E-1 lots last year. We are in the process of working with UW Parking Services to make sure this is not repeated and to improve service to Tyee members in 2008. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused to you or other Tyee members.

Scott Kennewick: How are football ticket sales going so far?
Husky Ticket Office: We have almost 900 new season ticket deposits that have been placed and renewals have been moving at a brisk pace. We are optimistic that we will surpass last year's season ticket totals.

Dave (Issaquah): Any chance that the UW might give points (no matter how few) to fans who purchase tickets for away games? The cost of tickets, lodging and transportation is high, but it is a great way to support the Huskies even if the revenue doesn't go into the UW coffers directly. Other schools in the Pac-10 do this, why shouldn't we?
Tyee Staff: You don't get points for purchasing ANY single game tickets. It is for the donations and years of season ticket purchase. There is a points committee within the Tyee Executive Board that we can share your suggestion with. We will also look into the policy of other Pac-10 schools.

WD (Bothell): For football does/can the Tyee office publish a list of point totals per giving level (sans names/account numbers). It would be nice to know before a reallocation year where I rank within my giving level and where I would rank in other giving levels if I decided to upgrade.
Tyee Staff: Feel free to call the Tyee office and ask how you stand current. In the coming months a new donor software system will be implemented to online access to your Tyee account system. You will be hearing about this prior to its implementation. Thanks for all the great questions!!! We answered as many as we could in the last hour and a half. Once again, we reiterate that if you have further questions we encourage you to browse the Donor Programs section of the website on and to give us a call 206-543-2234 for Tyee questions and 206-543-2200 for ticket questions. GO DAWGS!!!

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