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Women's Basketball Player Diary

Nicole Castro

Kristen O'Neill

March 13, 2006

Hello again Husky fans! Words cannot express how excited we are about making it to the BIG DANCE and being recognized as a #9 seed!! Making the tournament has been our goal all year and to have achieved it is an unbelievable feeling. As a fifth year senior, having only been to the NCAA's once, I have a great appreciation for what it means to be selected as one of the top 64 teams in the country and am truly grateful for this opportunity.

I am a strong believer that our team is good enough to compete with anyone in the country. However, with our tough losses at the end of the season, we had to hold our breath in hopes that the selection committee felt the same way. Let me tell you, being listed as a "bubble team" made this last week seem like an eternity! There was so much anticipation and speculation leading up to the selection show that it was hard to know what to believe.

On Monday, our immediate basketball family gathered together in the Founder's Club to watch the show. We had just come from an intense practice and had a little time to sit down to a quick meal before it started. (Special thanks to Varlamos for making our favorite broccoli-cheese dish once again… Maggie says it's the best pasta she has ever had… and to Kate, our D.O.B.O extraordinaire who works so hard to make everything possible- you truly deserve more credit for all you do!) As soon as the show started, the room became completely silent. With the exception of Kayla and company, who were yelling at the TV to 'hurry up' during the commercial breaks, the room remained that way until it erupted in cheers as we saw our name flash on the screen!! It was such a fun celebration to be a part of: we all jumped from our seats and started screaming and cheering- there were hugs all around and even a few tears of joy. The wait was finally over and, for the first time in way too long, we could say that we are going to the dance!

We are very excited to play in Tennessee and hope that ya'll can join us. We have a tough road ahead of us and need as much purple and gold representation as we can get!! Minnesota is a very talented team and I am sure that they are looking to get some revenge after we upset them in our house last year. So pack your Wranglers, cowboy hats and boots and come ready for a ho-down! We have been waiting for this for awhile and are ready to get our grove on. Yee-Haw!!

Go Dawgs!!
Kristen O'Neill

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