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Kayla Burt Player Diary

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Feb. 21, 2006

Well it's been forever once again and it has been more difficult than I had once thought it would be. I am talking about this diary of course and with all of the crazy things that have gone on my senior year….I am writing for a final time. I will hand the reins to the other seniors Kristen and Nicole to finish off the season and have a chance to jot down their final thoughts as we all embark on our new lives after the season.

It's been an amazing ride to see the game in so many different ways and learn so much along the way. Never in a million years did I expect my career to go down the way it did. When I was in sixth grade with the dream of making it to college I never thought that I would play, then sit, then play, then sit again. But with the things life has given me I have been so blessed and so thankful for each step. There is truly no way to express what your life has been after nearly losing your life at such a young age and receiving all the attention it received. It has taken me to this very day to figure it all out and comprehend what my life is and what my future holds. I believe we go through the things we do only to grasp and embrace what is set before us and we cannot try to go our own way.

I have been so thankful for my teammates, my family, my coaches, and the fans for the way they have embraced me through my roller coaster college years. College is usually the time that we learn about who we are and really challenge ourselves to grow as human beings. Now at 23, I can see so clear what my life means, what I must do to give back to those who have given me so much, and that my future is so bright with opportunity.

Now as far as the season goes….we are about to head to the Bay Area after coming off our final home sweep of the season against the Oregons. Cal and Stanford on the road are going to be two very tough games. We are going to finish with a strong week of practice and head down to Cali expecting two hard-fought battles. We played both of these teams great at home and left a bit of a sour taste in their mouths so we know they are going to come out fired up to beat us on their home turf. We have no choice BUT to be ready!

Thanks to all the fans that have been diligently checking the website only to see that the last entry was in December and still held out hope for one more. It's the final one from me as well. Once again thank you all for the support you have shown me during some difficult but fulfilling times in my senior year. Go Huskies!!!

Signing off,

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