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What They Are Saying About Jake Locker

"Don't get me wrong," Locker explained. "I really look forward to the N.F.L. But it's not going anywhere. You can never go back and play college football." "Don't get me wrong. I really look forward to the N.F.L. But it's not going anywhere. You can never go back and play college football."
- Jake Locker to New York Times reporter John Branch, April 2010.

"That's the best quarterback we've played in nine years here. Jake Locker has ridiculous talent."
- Pete Carroll, former USC head coach and current Seattle Seahawks coach

"He is, in my opinion the most difficult weapon to defend in Division I football."
- Mike Bellotti, former Oregon head coach

"Locker is a stud, and he's hard to bring down. I can't say enough about that kid. We would take him on our team any day."
- Jan Jorgensen, former BYU defensive lineman

"He is a phenomenal player, so we used every weapon we thought we had and I think what it showed is we're going to have to look a little further if we ever play a young man like that again."
- Bronco Mendenhall, BYU head coach

"He's a big guy with great speed. He throws the ball well. I don't know who to compare him to other than Jake Locker. He's done an excellent job. He's a very talented young guy."
- Bob Stoops, Oklahoma head coach

"He's got a big, powerful lower body and speed. He's got the ability to make people miss but also shed tacklers. If I didn't have to coach against him, I'd be a lot bigger fan."
- Jim Harbaugh, Stanford head coach and longtime NFL quarterback

"The kid's one of the best players in the nation, as versatile as it gets for a quarterback."
- Bo McNally, former Stanford safety

"For my two cents, Washington quarterback Jake Locker is the Pac-10's most valuable football player. He can beat you throwing, running, improvising and by sheer will, if nothing else."
- Greg Hansen, columnist for the Arizona Daily Star

"If you had to ask me right now who is going to be the number one pick in the 2011 draft, I would say it's etched in stone it's going to be Jake Locker. You can mark that down. Jake Locker, if he's not the number one pick, it's an upset.''
- Mel Kiper, ESPN draft expert

"To me, [Locker] was considerably more gifted than Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford's Pro Day was exceptional. The accuracy is what you want in a quarterback. So he's got everything you want and is going to be a solid pro. But if it were me making the decision and I had to pick, Jake Locker is the guy I would feel more comfortable with. He has more raw talent, is just more gifted physically and his character and that he's a big, strong leader and super competitive. He would have gotten consideration with that first overall pick.''
- Nolan Nawrocki, Pro Football Weekly draft expert

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