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Husky Women Sweep Cal; Bears End UW Men's Streak
Crew squads compete in Montlake Cut regatta.

April 24, 1999

SEATTLE - Washington's women's crews swept three races and the California men snapped a six-year UW varsity winning streak in the annual dual regatta on the Montlake Cut Saturday morning.

The women's varsity eights provided fans the closest race of the day as the Huskies and Bears were within a seat of each other all the way down the course. Washington pulled ahead over the final 100-meters and crossed the line first in a time of 6 minutes, 26.0 seconds over the 2,000-meter course. Cal was right behind at 6:26.9. It was the ninth consecutive victory for the Huskies.

In the men's varsity eight, California covered the course in 5:33.0, winning in open water and reclaiming the Schoch Cup that Washington had held for the last six years. The Huskies crossed at 5:44.0. The race, which began in 1903, is the second-longest rivalry in intercollegiate athletic history. The trophy is named for Delos Schoch who was a Husky oarsman from 1934-36.

The Husky women's junior varsity and novice crews staged a close race among themselves, with the JV boat edging across the line first at 6:27.7 with the novice right behind at 6:28.8. The Cal junior varsity was a distant third at 6:38.2. It was the seventh straight victory for the Husky JV and the 10th straight for the novice women.

Washington's varsity fours also finished first and second in its race, with the UW-A crew crossing at 7:21.4 and the UW-B crew at 7:28.0. Cal was again a distant third at 7:51.4.

The UW varsity four claimed the lone victory of the day for the men, winning easily in a time of 6:27.0, open water ahead of Cal at 6:43.

The Bears' junior varsity and freshmen men won for the second year in a row. The Cal JV finished in 5:40.6, about four boat lengths ahead of UW at 5:47.0. The Cal frosh crossed in 5:47.0 while UW was four seats back in 5:49.0.

Washington now prepares for the 13th annual Windermere Cup Opening Day races, where the Huskies will face New Zealand national teams and the Brown University women's team. Action takes places Saturday, May 1 along the Montlake Cut. Racing begins at 10:20 a.m. and continues through noon.

California at Washington
Montlake Cut (2,000)

Men's Results

Varsity Eight
1. California 5:33.0 (cox: Mike Lennig, stroke: Nito Simonsen, 7 - Luke Walton, 6 - Sture Bjorvig, 5 - Sebastian Bea, 4 - Mike Wood, 3 - Jake Wetzel, 2 - Graham Taylor, bow - Kevin White).

2. Washington 5:44.0 (cox: Sean Mulligan, stroke: Dave Calder, 7 - Eric Funk, 6 - Alex Wahnseidler, 5 - Mike Chait, 4 - Whit Hammond, 3 - Jesse Huey, 2 - Steve Todd, bow - Aaron Beck).

Junior Varsity Eight
1. California 5:40.6

2. Washington 5:47.0 (cox: Andrew Yueng, stroke: Kelsey McDaniel, 7 - Evan Stuart, 6 - Ivan Douttchak, 5 - Todd Bowser, 4 - Patrick Ormond, 3 -- John Clark, 2 - Greg Krause, bow - Kevin Dolan).

Freshman Eight
1. California 5:47.0

2. Washington 5:49.0 (cox: Ashley Rosser, stroke: Peter Dembicki, 7 - Matt Farrer, 6 - Matt Deakin, 5 - Patrick Stewart, 4 - Chris Hawkins, 3 - Logan Birch, 2 - Jon Burns, bow - Brendan Paterson).

Varsity Four
1. Washington 6:27.0 (cox: Adrian Dahood, stroke: Tim Bacon. 3 - Will Simonson, 2 - Dan Shapiro, bow - Hans Hurn).

2. California 6:43.0

Women's Results

Varsity Eight
1. Washington 6:26.0 (cox: Missy Collins, stroke: Sabina Telenska, 7 - Katy Dunnet, 6 - Rika Geyser, 5 - Vanessa Tavalero, 4 - Rachel Dunnet, 3 - Nicole Borges, 2 - Theresa Nygren-Birkholz, bow - Nicole Rogers).

2. California 6:26.9 (cox: Jessica Thomas, stroke: Julie Nichols, 7 - Marlowe Penfold, 6 - Megan Dirkmaat, 5 - Caroline Ingham, 4 - Cory Bosworth, 3 - Mercy Ringelmann, 2 - Whitney Webber, bow - Elizabeth Powell).

Junior Varsity Eight
1. Washington 6:27.7 (cox: Lara Tilmanis, stroke: Romany McNamara, 7 - Noelle Anderson, 6 - Jenni Vesnaver, 5 - Kate Tylee, 4 -Lora Steele, 3 - Jan Williamson, 2 - Lindsey Horton, bow - Maggie Seay).

2. Washington novice 6:28.8 (cox: Mary Whipple, stroke: Erin Becht, 7 - Kellie Schenk, 6 - Kara Nykreim, 5 - Shannon Oates, 4 - Anna Mickelson, 3 - Alexa Helsell, 2 - Annie Olson, bow - Johnna Haberman).

3. California 6:38.2

Varsity Four
1. Washington - A 7:21.4 (cox: Paige Pfunder, stroke: Kim Oates, 3 - Mary Strazer, 2 - Eryn Boyles, bow - Melissa Guerrero).

2. Washington - B 7:28.0 (cox: Jamie Ballard, stroke: Nicole Griesbach, 3 - Kristin Lundberg, 2 - Leslie Rattan, bow - Trisha Rosenberg).

3. California 7:51.4

Washington Quotes

Sean Mulligan (varsity mens coxswain)
We knew it was going to be a tough race. We just wanted to try and close the margin from San Diego (Crew Classic). Those guys (Cal) are just really good. They are on fire right now and everything is clicking for them. Theyve got a lot of power. We just need to row a little bit cleaner. We need to relax and not get so tense heading into the race.

I thought we had a better first 1,000 (meters) than we did at San Diego. We were only about a length down at that point, which is a much closer margin than last time. Once we got into the third 500, we started bouncing around a little bit. Thats were you could tell Cal was very well conditioned and they had a lot of power. In that third 500, thats were they sat up and just took off. They probably took five seconds on us in that third 500.

I've been watching college rowing for years and they are probably the fastest college varsity Ive ever seen. Ive been following rowing for a long. Im impressed. Im really impressed because I know were going fast right. We are going really fast right now and we are probably ahead of where we were the past two years, when we won in 97 and finished second last year (IRA national championships). Cal just has it all dialed in right now. They are on a mission to get the whole thing done. Hopefully we can stop them by the end of the year.

Missy Collins (varsity womens coxswain)
I was expecting a good race. I knew they would be with us the whole way. We had a good start and an aggressive settle. We were up about a seat and a half in the first 500. They pulled back in the middle 1,000. It was seat-for-seat all the way down.

(on the close finish) I wasnt nervous. I knew we had a good sprint and they seemed to take their sprint early. I just told our boat we had to go and it was now or never.

Jan Harville (head womens coach)
(on the varsity eight race) They were great races today. Starting with the varsity race, we knew it was going to be a stroke-for-stroke battle. We were prepared for that. I give all the credit in the world to Cal. We knew they were going to be right on top of us. I told our team, the race isnt over until the last stroke. Its going to be stroke-for-stroke and its going to be a gut check. Thats exactly what it was. Its not very often you actually race a race side-by-side, pretty even, all the way down and then pull it out. It certainly was a hard row. I think others might have expected us to walk away, but we knew that Cal was faster and we knew that we would be challenged. We were pleased today. Its a great rivalry and Im glad to see it heating back up on the water.

(on the junior varsity/novice race) That was an outstanding race. It was a great statement about the depth of our team. We have good rowers coming up for the future. That is exciting. We know that our jayvees are fast. Everybody learned something today. That is part of the process of these races. You cant expect to walk over everybody because we have too much respect for the competition. I think we learned a lot.

Husky Notes
Whit Hammond raced in the varsity boat for the first time this season, rowing in the 4 seat ... he had been out with a rib injury ... Hammond was in the varsity boat as a sophomore last year ... Jesse Huey was in the varsity 3 seat for the second week in a row ... John Clark and Ivan Douttchek moved to the junior varsity, in the 3 and 6 seats, respectively ... the varsity women made a few seat changes, with Tiffani Sumner, who normally rows in the 5 seat, out sick ... Vanessa Tavalero moved to 5, Nicole Borges moved from 2 to 3 (starboard to port) and Theresa Nygren-Birkholz moved from the junior varsity 6 seat to the varsity 2 seat ... in the junior varsity boat, Jenni Vesnaver moved from 3 to 6 and Jan Williamson moved up from the bow seat to 3 while Maggie Seay made her first appearance in the jayvee bow seat ... on the novice boat, Kara Nykreim switched with Alexa Helsell, from the 3 seat to the 6 seat.

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