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The Husky women's varsity
eight won the Windermere
Cup by defeating Brown Univ.
and the New Zealand
Under-23 National Team
on a choppy, wind-swept
Lake Washington.

Crews Sweep Windermere Cup Races
Rowers battle strong winds on Montlake Cut

May 1, 1999

SEATTLE - Rowing through wind-blown chop on Montlake Cut, the Washington men's varsity eight won its ninth consecutive Windermere Cup with a time of 4 minutes, 30.40 seconds over the 1,500-meter course, seven seconds in front of the New Zealand National Team (4:37.65). The Husky women's varsity eight regained its Windermere Cup title, posting a time of 4:57.86, finishing in front of Brown University (5:03.52) and the New Zealand National Team (5:16.48).

The Husky men's victory came by about two boat lengths in front of the under-23 team National Team from New Zealand. The women's victory came by a length over the Brown varsity and well ahead of the women's under-23 team from New Zealand.

With winds blowing over 30 miles per hour near the starting line, the course was shortened to 1,500-meters for safety reasons.

"We would not even normally practice on a day like this," UW men's coach Bob Ernst said of the windy conditions. "People were bailing water out of their boats at the starting line. It was a crazy, crazy day out there."

Washington crews won 10 of the 11 races in which it was entered. The only upset came in the women's open eight, where Western Washington crossed the line in 5:13.40, ahead of Washington's first team in 5:14.23.

The men's junior varsity also regained its Cascade Cup, winning in 4:35.13. The victory gives the jayvees their seventh Cup in the last eight years. The women's Cascade Cup remained in Washington's hands for the ninth year in a row as the Huskies won in a time of 5:13.13, about a boat length ahead of Brown's junior varsity crew. UW crews swept the top two spots in both the men's freshman race and the women's novice race. For the men, it was sixth straight victory and for the women, the 10th in a row.

This year, the Windermere Challenge Cup featured three boats of US National Team rowers, racing in combined boats.

Washington remains at home to host Oregon State in a dual regatta, at 9 a.m., Saturday, May 8 on Montlake Cut.

The 1999 Windermere Cup Races

  • Montlake Cut (1,500 meters)
  • Seattle, Wash.
  • Overcast, strong winds

    Men's Masters Eight (30+):
    1st-LUC 5:08.62, 2nd-LWRC 5:25.98, 3rd-SYC 5:39.55, 4th-SRA 5:39.82

    Women's Masters Eight (40+):
    1st-LWRC 6:00.69, 2nd-LUC 6:03.71, 3rd-MM 6:14.86, 4th-SYC 6:45.67

    Women's Masters Eight (50+):
    1st-CRC 6:31.56, 2nd-LGRC 6:44.08, 3rd-MM 6:50.79, 4th-IRC 6:57.43

    Mixed Masters Eight (40+):
    1st-MBC 5:58.72, 2nd-VIRC 6:06.13, 3rd-GLC 6:12.89, 4th-MBRC 6:30.35

    Men's Masters Eight (60+):
    1st-AMRC 5:44.72, 2nd-MRA 5:52.63, 3rd-LGRC 6:15.04, DQ-PRC/AM 5:51.97

    Men's Varsity Four:
    1st-UW-A 5:09.83, 2nd-LUC 5:13.51, 3rd-SPU 5:44.44, 4th-L&C 6:08.66

    Women's Varsity Four:
    1st-UW-A 5:51.96, 2nd-UW-B 6:03.88, 3rd-SCU 6:29.97, 4th-L&C 6:55.24, DNS-SPU No Time

    Women's Open Eight:
    1st-WWU 5:13.40, 2nd-UW-A 5:14.23, 3rd-Willam 5:20.60, 4th-UO 5:27.85, 5th-UW-B 5:37.13

    Men's Open Eight:
    1st-UW 4:36.66, 2nd-PLU 4:47.54, 3rd-Gonzag 4:53.31, 4th-Willam 4:57.70, 5th-UO 4:59.35

    Women's Junior Eight:
    1st-Gorge 5:50.42, 2nd-ORU 5:59.54, 3rd-Marin 6:08.38, 4th-LS 6:08.93

    Men's Junior Eight:
    1st-OakStr 5:20.93, 2nd-VCRC 5:23.67, 3rd-GL 5:30.10, 4th-ORU 5:30.26

    Women's Novice Eight:
    1st-UW-A 5:29.17, 2nd-UW-B 6:03.28, 3rd-OCC 6:14.64, 4th-SDSU 6:20.58

    Men's Freshmen Eight:
    1st-UW-A 4:51.11, 2nd-UW-B 5:01.54, 3rd-OCC 5:05.72, 4th-OSU 5:05.94, 5th-Gonzag 5:19.17

    Women's Windermere Cascade Cup:
    1st-UW 5:13.13, 2nd-Brown 5:22.42, 3rd-Gonzag 5:40.60, 4th-PLU 5:42.03, 5th-OCC 5:58.67

    Men's Windermere Cascade Cup:
    1st-UW 4:35.13, 2nd-OCC 4:43.20, 3rd-OSU 4:44.68, 4th-WWU 4:47.81, 5th-Gonzag 5:02.20

    Mixed Windermere Challenge Cup:
    1st-USA-A 4:36.44, 2nd-USA-B 4:38.96, 3rd-USA-C 4:44.62

    Women's Windermere Cup:
    1st-UW 4:57.86, 2nd-Brown 5:03.52, 3rd-NZ 5:16.48

    Men's Windermere Cup:
    1st-UW 4:30.40, 2nd-NZ 4:37.65

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