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Crew Teams Open Season at San Diego Crew Classic
Huskies aim to continue streaks on Mission Bay.

March 23, 1999

This Week: Washington sends its men's and women's varsity, junior varsity and novice eights to Southern California for the 26th renewal of the San Diego Crew Classic on Mission Bay, March 27-28. Competition begins at 7 a.m. each day with the Grand Finals set to begin at 12:30 Sunday afternoon. All races are 2,000 meters and begin at Sea World Park in Fiesta Bay and finish at Crown Point Shores.

This Week
San Diego Crew Classic
7 a.m., March 27-28
Mission Bay/Crown Point Shores (2,000 meters) San Diego, Calif.
Men's and women's varsity, junior varsity and frosh/novice will compete.

Husky Invitational
7 a.m., Sat., March 27
Montlake Cut (2,000 meters)
Seattle, Wash.
Husky crews along with area colleges, clubs and universities will compete.

The Coaching Staff
Head men's coach: Bob Ernst (Irvine 67), 12th yr.
Frosh men's coach: Fred Honebein (Cal 91), 1st yr.
Head women's coach: Jan Harville (UW 74), 12th yr.
Women's novice coach: Eleanor McElvaine (UW 85), 9th yr.
Women's assistant varsity coach: Erin OConnell (UW 96), 2nd yr.

Rob Lorenz (mens varsity)
Jim Bargfrede (mens frosh)
Tracy Tylee (womens novice)

Last Year (IRA / NCAA Results) Men at Camden, New Jersey

varsity         2nd
junior varsity  5th
frosh           2nd
Women at Lake Lanier, Georgia NCAA team champion
varsity         1st
junior varsity  2nd
varsity four    4th

Defending Champs: Both the Husky mens and womens varsity eights will be defending their titles in the premier races of the regatta; the men aim for a fifth straight Copley Cup while the women look to extend a streak of seven straight Whittier Cup titles. It was a clean sweep for the Husky women last year, as they also will be defending titles in the junior varsity and novice eight races.

Washington at the Crew Classic: The Huskies have been a dominant force at the Crew Classic since its inception in 1973. On the mens side, Washington has won the Copley Cup (varsity 8) 13 times, including the last four in a row. The junior varsity finished second in its 1998 grand final, snapping a streak of four straight victories. They have won the grand final 13 times. The frosh eight also finished second in 98. The Huskies have 11 frosh victories to their credit.

On the womens side, Washington owns a commanding hold on the Whittier Cup womens varsity eight grand final, having won the last seven races and 13 overall since its inception in 1978. The junior varsity has been just as dominant, also winning seven in a row and 14 total grand finals. The novice eight completed a UW sweep in 98 and has seven victories since their race was added in 1989.

A Quick Look at the Huskies: The Washington womens team enters the 1999 season as two-time NCAA Champions, having earned the first-ever title in back in 97 and repeating the feat last year. With a few seat changes, much of the varsity boat that won the NCAA grand final returns, along with three new rowers. Senior Missy Collins is her second year as the varsity womens coxswain, and her fourth year in the UW program. Sabina Telenska will stroke the boat for a third straight season, Katy Dunnet is in the 7 seat, Rachel Dunnet is in the 4 and Vanessa Tavalero is in the third seat. Tiffani Sumner, who rowed on the varsity boat as a freshman in 96, returns to the 5 seat after two years with the junior varsity. A trio of sophomores who rowed together in the varsity four at the NCAA Championships, round out the boat. They are: Rika Geyser (6), Nicole Borges (2) and Nicole Rogers (bow).

Much of the junior varsity boat returns as well, led by senior captain Jan Williamson, who sits in the bow seat. Lara Tilmanis is the coxswain, followed by Romany McNamara at stroke. Noelle Anderson (7), Theresa Nygren-Birkholz (6), Kate Tylee (5) and Lindsey Horton (2) return, along with newcomers Lora Steele and Jenni Vesnaver from Australia.

Veteran coxswain Sean Mulligan will guide the varsity men for a third straight year. He was instrumental in leading the Huskies to an IRA Championship in 97 and a second place finish in 98. A trio of rowers who have been together since their freshmen year are back, with Dave Calder at stroke, Eric Funk in the 7 seat and Mike Chait in the 5 seat. Alex Wahnseidler, a transfer from Oregon State, is in 6, and John Clark, a transfer from Temple, is in 4. Ivan Douttchak moves up from the frosh crew into the 3 seat. Seniors Steve Todd (2) and Aaron Beck (bow) both return with championship experience; Beck is a three-year varsity letterwinner and Todd begins his second year on the varsity boat after winning an IRA Championship with the junior varsity in 97.

On the junior varsity boat, Andrew Yeung (cox), Kelsey McDaniel (stroke), Hans Hurn (3), and Jesse Huey (4) all rowed together on the frosh boat that finished second in its NCAA grand final last year. Seniors Evan Stuart, Pat Ormond and Todd Bowser make up the 7, 6, and 5 seats. Newcomer Greg Krause is in the 2 seat and senior Kevin Dolan is in the bow.

About the Crew Classic: The San Diego Crew Classic is the first major regatta of the collegiate rowing season. Over 3,000 athletes from more than 100 clubs, universities and colleges from across the United States, Canada and Europe are entered in more than 80 races over two days. For two heat events, the top three finishers will progress to the Grand Final and the next three will progress to the Petite Final. For three event heats, the top two finishers will advance to the Grand Final and the the next two will go to the Petite Final.

Here is a look at the schedule and fields for this weekend: (lanes 1-7, left to right)

Saturday, March 27 Copley Cup (mens varsity eight)

8:10 a.m.   Heat A: California, Penn, Wisconsin, Stanford, Columbia
8:20 a.m.   Heat B: Washington, Yale, Temple, Oregon State, Virginia Whittier Cup (womens varsity eight)
8:30 a.m.   Heat A: Washington, Wisconsin, USC, Oregon state, Yale, North Carolina
8:40 a.m.   Heat B: Virginia, Michigan, Ohio State, California, Washington State, Penn.
Mens Frosh Eight

 9:30 a.m.  Heat A: Washington State, Virginia, Cal, Pacific Lutheran, UCSD, UC Davis, Sacramento St.
 9:45 a.m.  Heat B: Long Beach State, Stanford, UCSB, Washington, Chapman, Cal, SDSU
10:00 a.m.  Heat C: Oregon State, Davis, Santa Clara, Orange Coast, Willamette, UCLA, Irvine.
Womens Junior Varsity Eight

10:10 a.m.  Heat A: USC, Ohio State, Texas, Wisconsin, UCSD, UC Davis, Trinity
10:20 a.m.  Heat B: Cal, Iowa, Willamette, San Diego State, Washington, North Carolina, Orange Coast
10:30 a.m.  Heat C: Michigan, Oregon St., Washington St., Virginia, UC Irvine, Sacramento St., Stanford.
Mens Junior Varsity Eight

10:40 a.m.  Heat A: California, Yale, Wisconsin, Virginia, Orange Coast College
10:50 a.m.  Heat B: Penn, Washington, UC Davis, Oregon State, Santa Clara.
Womens Novice Eight

11:00 a.m.  Heat A: Texas, SDSU, Washington, USCB, Sacramento St., Davis, Santa Clara
11:15 a.m.  Heat B: Virginia, Davis, Willamette, USC, Orange Coast, Oregon, Pacific Lutheran
11:30 a.m.  Heat C: Cal, Chapman, Michigan, UCSD, Irvine, WSU, UCLA
11:40 a.m.  Heat D: Oregon State, Long Beach State, Loyola, Stanford, UCSB, California-B.
Sunday, March 28
Racing begins at 7 a.m. The Whittier Cup Grand Final is scheduleed for 2 p.m. and the Copley Cup Grand Final will begin at 2:15 p.m.

Leading the Team: Captains for the 1999 season are seniors Jan Williamson (Edmonds, Wash.) and Sean Mulligan (Lansdale, Pa.).

Opening Day: The 13th annual Windermere Cup Opening Day Regatta is set for Saturday, May 1. This years field will include mens and womens crews from New Zealand as well as Brown University womens crews. New Zealand appeared in the third annual Windermere Cup, in 1989, and place third behind Italy and Washington. The inclusion of the Brown womens team should give the Huskies an early look at potential NCAA competition. At the 1998 NCAA Championships, the Huskies and the Bears were tied heading into the varity eight grand final.

Varsity Men
cox: Sean Mulligan (sr., Lansdale, Pa.)
stroke: Dave Calder (jr., Victoria, B.C.)
7 - Eric Funk (jr., Margate, NJ)
6 - Alex Wahnseidler (jr., Corvallis, Ore.)
5 - Mike Chait (jr., Seattle, Wash.)
4 - John Clark (jr., Orlando, Fla.)
3 - Ivan Douttchak (So., Kiev, Ukraine)
2 - Steve Todd (Sr., Kirkland, Wash.)
bow - Aaron Beck (Sr., McLean, Va.)

Junior Varsity Men
cox: Andrew Yueng (Hong Kong)
stroke: Kelsey McDaniel (So, Shawnigan Lake, B.C.)
7 - Evan Stuart (Sr., Cathlamet, Wash.)
6 - Patrick Ormond (Sr., Lake Forest Park, Wash.)
5 - Todd Bowser (Sr., Redmond, Wash.)
4 - Jesse Huey (So., Arlington, Va.)
3 - Hans Hurn (So., Redmond, Wash.)
2 - Greg Krause (Littleton, Colo.)
bow - Kevin Dolan (Sr., Bainbridge Island, Wash.)

Frosh Men
cox: Ashley Rosser (Fr., Seattle, Wash.)
stroke: Peter Dembicki (Fr., Vancouver, B.C.)
7 - Matt Farrer (Fr., Savannah, Ga.)
6 - Matt Deakin (Fr., San Francisco, Calif.)
5 - Patrick Stewart (Fr., Mercer Island, Wash.)
4 - Chris Hawkins (Fr., Seattle, Wash.)
3 - Logan Birch (Fr., Anchorage, Alaska)
2 - Jon Burns (So., Vancouver, Wash.)
bow - Brendan Paterson (Fr., St. Louis, Mo.)

Varsity Women
cox: Missy Collins (Sr., Bothell, Wash.)
stroke: Sabina Telenska (Jr., Prague, Czech Republic)
7 - Katy Dunnet (Sr., West Vancouver, B.C.)
6 - Rika Geyser (So., Pretoria, South Africa)
5 - Tiffani Sumner (Sr., Portland, Ore.)
4 - Rachel Dunnet (Sr., West Vancouver, B.C.)
3 - Vanessa Tavalero (Jr., Sacramento, Calif.)
2 - Nicole Borges (So., Mississauga, Ontario)
bow - Nicole Rogers (So., Larkspur, Calif.)

Junior Varsity Women
cox: Lara Tilmanis (Jr., Portland, Ore.)
stroke: Romany McNamara (So., San Francisco, Calif.)
7 - Noelle Anderson (So., Marysville, Wash.)
6 - Theresa Nygren-Birkholz (Jr., Seattle, Wash.)
5 - Kate Tylee (Sr., Seattle, Wash.)
4 - Lora Steele (Victoria, Australia)
3 - Jenni Vesnaver (Adelaide, Australia)
2 - Lindsey Horton (Jr., Olympia, Wash.)
bow - Jan Williamson (Sr., Edmonds, Wash.)

Novice Women
cox: Mary Whipple (Fr., Sacramento, Calif.)
stroke: Erin Becht (Fr., Buffalo, NY)
7 - Kellie Schenk (Fr., Lake Oswego, Ore.)
6 - Alexa Helsell (Fr., Seattle, Wash.)
5 - Shannon Oates (Fr., Lakewood, Wash.)
4 - Anna Mickelson (Fr., Bellevue, Wash.)
3 - Kara Nykreim (Fr., Kirkland, Wash.)
2 - Annie Olson (Fr., Quinault, Wash.)
bow - Johnna Haberman (Fr., Kirkland, Wash.)

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