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Husky Strength & Conditioning

Our Mission

It is the goal of the University of Washington strength and conditioning staff to build championship athletes with an EXPECT TO WIN attitude toward life, competition, and academics. We believe each athlete holds the future of Husky Pride in their hands and teach that they are a part of a team and family of traditions that is reserved for only those worthy of wearing the purple and gold. It is a special privilege to be a part of this family and when you do accept that challenge you are greeted with open arms and a pat on the back that says: "Welcome to the greatest experience of your life, now let's get to work." 

To be successful on your journey as an athlete at UW, it is important that a firm foundation is put into place that you can grow and lean on in pressure situations. Building that foundation starts in the weight room with the best strength and conditioning staff in the nation. Our staff consists of six full time nationally certified strength and conditioning coaches. Athletes are trained in team and individual training sessions to meet the strength, speed, mobility, and endurance challenges that each sport demands. We build athletes that are more resistant to injury and can compete annually for conference, regional, and national titles.

The Husky strength staff adheres to the HOW TO approach in training.  Athletes must learn how to properly execute the most basic drills and exercises safely first, before adding resistance, high volumes, or manipulating drills to make them more complex. We also focus on HOW FAST we want drills executed, overloaded, or advanced to maximize total working capacity so athletes are able to spend more deliberate time training for their competitive events to yield greater results. 

There are three core concepts that we look for in our athletes: Do you love the game, do you work hard every day, and are you coachable. Athletes that present these 3 traits often meet and excel far beyond their personal goals.  There's just one question: Do you have what it takes to be a Husky?

Our Staff

Ivan Lewis, Head Coach 221-7654
Mike Anderson, Assistant Coach 543-2223
Rose Baker, Assistant Coach 221-2948
Tyson Brown, Assistant Coach 685-7516
Matt Ludwig, Assistant Coach 616-2416
Henry Ruggiero, Assistant Coach 221-7654
Kenechi Udeze, Assistant Coach 221-2947
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