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Washington-Stanford Postgame Quotes
Release: 12/22/2005
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Dec. 22, 2005

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HEAD COACH June Daugherty
General Comments:
"I'm just so proud and happy. This is why we play the preseason we play, we had success in the preseason and these guys came ready to play. Focus has been awesome, hats off to the seniors; the whole team deserves this but especially the seniors. This is a great win, and they all played like it too. This is a really exciting win and they get a few days off for Christmas and then we get ready to go down to the desert."

On the key factor in the game: "All we talked about was that we need to get back out there and playas hard as we can with our defense. We didn't think the game was out of hand at all; we put pressure on the basketball, denying lanes. The front line was trying to do a great job defensively, and it all worked. A little piece here and a deflection there and we were off and running. It just seemed like the crowd got into it, and the whole momentum just shifted. But it was our defensive effort, there is no doubt."

On if the team would have come back from 10 down last year: "I'm just glad they did this year, I don't know. I just felt that half way through last years season that we started to make the strides, the poise, and the leadership that we can get it done. I am just glad we did it this time. In the huddle these guys were great, they were mad about it and they were fired up about it, they were just encouraging each other. Kayla is really big on getting one stop at a time, and it is that simple. They brought the energy and the effort and we are really happy with the win.

On the aura of Stanford basketball: "They are a great team, what can you say, Olympic coach. We always try to keep the focus on Husky Basketball, and that is enough. That is all we can control, is how we play. We just went after it and did our thing."

On the last 10 seconds of the game: "I thought the last 55 seconds of the cal game was long. When I looked up I think it was 8.3 or 8.4 and they got all the way down there after three dribbles and a whistle was blown and there was still 7.0. I looked at the table and said what are you guys doing. As of late what is going on with the official's whistle is linked to the clock, and I guess the batteries miss fired. On top of it, that was a veteran crew and getting it down to 5 was certainly made us breathe easier, it was better than 7. The way they can shake the 3 they can get right back in it like that."

On the crowds influence on the game: "I think that it was just like Kayla said, you felt like the crowd lifted us up. It was amazing energy, it was just amazing energy, and at the same time the focus was there in the timeouts, this is what we need to do, we were checking off the fast breaks and everything else. We just kept hustling, we went after every lose ball and we try to do everything that we can to make it tough on teams defensively."

On Smith's play in the game: "She is a great player. We were fortunate. We just kept playing hard. Liked we talked about, it is so hard to double book Smith because of the three point shooting, because Wiggins is so special. She can hit the three, she can take you off the dribble, she is just a great player."

On playing getting some easy baskets through backdoor cuts: "At half time, Mike was talking to these guys. `You just have to cut harder.' We are stacking them a little bit offensively, in our motion offense, playing against a zone, well they came out in man and in a zone, if you cut harder you break them down and that is what gets you the backdoors and the easy looks, or easier looks. Again, when you are on the floor, and the crowd is like that, when they are shooting defense from the sidelines, you don't here you teammate call screen and that causes someone to get open."

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