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Stanley Daniels Q&A
Release: 10/18/2006
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Oct. 18, 2006

Husky senior offensive lineman Stanley Daniels met with the press on Monday. Here is what he had to say to the media.

How do you guys fix the problems you had in time for Cal?
"You really have to focus on the mistakes that you made. You have to focus on correcting these mistakes and understand that the next team that you play is going to try and capitalize on those same mistakes. That goes into how well you listen to the coaches, this is one of those weeks where we are going to see how much team by in that we have. How much the team buys in will determine how well we are prepared for the next team and how well we will correct our mistakes."

Is this team better prepared to bounce back after a loss than teams in the past?
"Oh yeah, it is a different mindset this year, it is a different team, all of the coaches are back for a second year. Guys understand what we have to. WE have seen with the early success that we have had, that when we do what we are suppose to do we are successful. We are definitely a different team."

Was there any hangover from losing a close game at USC the previous week?
"I don't think it was that, I just think that they played better than us that day. It is unfortunate when that happens. Coach Willingham always says the team that played better on that day is going to win, and they did."

After the first half, where the team was ahead but was not playing at their best, did that lead to some complacency?
"I don't know. I went out there with the mindset that we were going to win regardless of what was going on. That is just how I feel as a player; I thought that we were going to win. We got in a situation where we were running out of time and the plays that we needed to make we weren't making. For me, I always have confidence that we are going to win, so when I looked up at the clock in the fourth quarter and we didn't have enough time anymore it surprised me because I was zeroed in on what I was supposed to be doing. They made more plays than we did, that is the bottom line."

What was Sunday's practice like?
"Well we came in and we sat down, the coaches were very blunt and honest like they always are. We watched the tape, made the corrections, we saw the things that we were doing wrong. The coaches were not yelling and screaming at us, they were just simply telling us that if we want to win the game, the things that we were doing we can't do."

What was it like watching the film?
"It is never good. That is the worst part of football, when you watch tape and top of that you have a loss, that is the worst part of football. To be a great player and a great team you have to embrace those moments because that is important. If you don't learn from your mistakes you are going to do them again. As they say history repeats itself. We are mature enough as a team to know that if we do not correct our mistakes they will continue to happen and other teams will exploit them."

What was the difference between yesterday and last Sunday after the loss to USC?
"No, a loss is always the same. We were obviously upset that we lost, but the work ethic and the confidence is still there. There is no difference really."

What happen during the game when you came out at one point?
"I twisted my ankle really bad. I think it was their center or maybe their guard, pancaked this guy right on my leg, and twisted it. I went out and got some spat, randomly the other coach called a timeout. It gave me a little more time to spat up and get back in the game. I didn't miss a play."

When Carl is in there, is it a whole lot different?
"No, it is not. That is the thing; Carl and Isaiah pretty much have the same attributes. Isaiah is a little more explosive, but both run about a 4.4, they both have cannons; they both are the same height. They both are pretty much the same QB except for the fact that Isaiah is Isaiah and Carl is Carl. That doesn't really matter for the offensive line, we know what they can do, what their strengths and weaknesses are, we have to do the same thing no matter who is back there."

What is it going to be like without Isaiah the leader on the field?
"Isaiah is still going to be the leader of the team, weather he is out there or not. That is a leader. A leader just doesn't lead when he is playing or when he isn't hurt. He has always been like that, that is not going to be a difference."

Losing a senior leader like Isaiah, does it make it more incumbent on you?
"Yeah it does. When you are on the offensive line it makes it hard to make a play that sparks everyone, the plays that we make on offensive line people do not see. If I had four or five pancakes in a row, you wouldn't see that unless you broke it down on tape. If Isaiah makes a play and goes up field, bam the team is sparked. A good team, if someone is injured or someone is not doing well, someone else has to step up."

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