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Q&A With Sonny Shackelford
Release: 09/12/2005
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Sept. 12, 2005

Husky wide receiver has emerged as one of the Huskies best pass-catching threats. Against California he set career highs with six passes and 124 yards. He recently sat down with to talk about his early season success and about his future plans.

GH: How did it feel to have such a big game last week?

SS: "It felt great to have a career game, but we didn't come out with the win. So, it was ups and downs, I was upbeat that I played a good game, but I was also down because we lost the game."

GH: Do you think that you and Isaiah have a special chemistry?

SS: "We have a quarterback-wide receiver chemistry, we hang out a lot, just like all of the guys do. We are all friends. I don't know what was going on during the last game. He just decided to throw the ball in there, and me, as a receiver, wanted to get it."

GH: What is one non-football related goal that you have set for yourself?

SS: "I just want to graduate with my degree, and go on and make a whole bunch of money, so that I can pay for everything that I want to pay for."

GH: What are you planning on majoring in?

SS: "Right now I'm planning on majoring in Communications. But sometimes things change."

GH: Do you know what you want to get into with your Communications degree?

SS: "Not really! But I like the camera, and I like to talk. Maybe a newscaster, but maybe something more, because I don't think they get paid too much."

GH: What is one spot on campus that you like to hang out?

SS: "The football office. I like to hang out with coaches, so I can let them know that I want the ball."

GH: Do you have a favorite play that you feel like you can score a touchdown on everytime?

SS: "I feel I can score a touchdown on any play. I like plays that are fun, trick plays are good too, because for some reason, on a trick play you are always wide open."

GH: You were a QB in high school do you think that you will be throwing the ball on a trick play anytime soon?

SS: "I did last year, hopefully I'll get one this year."

GH: Thanks for the interview Sonny!

SS: No problem.

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