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Q&A With Sean Douglas
Release: 09/06/2006
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Sept. 6, 2006

Punter Sean Douglas had an 45.7 yard average on his punts last Saturday which helped the Husky defense with field position. Sean is going after the school record for punting average, and he will try to keep up the momentum next Saturday against Oklahoma. How does it feel to get off to a good start and contribute to the first win of the season?
Sean Douglas:
It feels good you know. I had those three punts that were all inside the 20 and that obviously helps out the team a lot. It put a lot of yardage between San Jose State and the end zone. So you know the better I do, the better it is for the team. how does it feel to drop a punt inside the 2-yard line?
Sean Douglas:
When you hit a long one it feels good, but I think it is more of a rush when you get that one that just sits right there on the one. On offense, there is no room for a mistake then. If one guy misses a block or a count, the defense is right there for a safety and it is impossible to get out of. How important is it to make a good punt every time, and how does it aid you when it is bright and clear and 85 degrees?
Sean Douglas:
It was perfect. I only had three attempts that game and in my mind those attempts should be perfect. If I had 15 attempts I could have one or two bad ones, but with three you want to make them all count. How does it feel to finally be 1-0?
Sean Douglas:
It's awesome. My freshman year we went to Ohio State, and that was the year after they went to the national title game. That was a tough game and we didn't win that, and we haven't won a home opener since, so it feels good to be 1-0. The only other time I have been 1-0 was my senior year in high school, so it has been a long time coming. Talk about getting that win in front of the home crowd.
Sean Douglas:
It feels good. The fans around here used to be a little more into Husky Football. It kind of fell off the last couple of years, because of our record. It is good get out there and let everyone know that we won. We have a big game this Saturday against Oklahoma, and if we win that, I'm sure that the fans will be back to the normal Husky fans that packed the stadium and the rest of the season they will be there and support us. Does the projected forecast of 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity affect how you will be able to kick the ball?
Sean Douglas:
I don't know. It is what I am used to kicking in, because you know in Nebraska the weather is about the same as in Oklahoma. So it will probably bring me back to being home and how I started to learn how to kick and all that. I think that humidity might hold the ball in the air a bit more, but it is not a lot if any. Does the team have Adrian Peterson on its mind at all?
Sean Douglas:
I would assume so. I don't go to any of the offense-defense team meetings. Sometimes I sneak into a position meeting, but it is usually an offense or quarterbacks meeting. He is a Heisman candidate and he had a really good game last week and he is a great running back, so I would assume that we would have our eyes on him. The Huskies went for it on a lot of fourth downs Saturday. Are you expecting more of this style of play or are you expecting to get out there a little more?
Sean Douglas:
It just depends on what part of the field we are on, what coach feels the momentum of the game is and the way the wind is blowing. Going towards the open end of the stadium last Saturday affected how far I could kick into the wind, as opposed to with the wind.

If we are driving on them--4th and one, 4th and 2--then that is just the decision he makes. It makes a statement as a team because you believe you can. And when you get it on 4th down you put the monkey on the defense's shoulders because they are saying, "we've got another four downs..." So it is just something that helps the team out when you get that because everybody starts getting hyped about it.

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