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Washington vs. UCLA Post Game Quotes
Release: 02/11/2006
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Feb. 11, 2006

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Postgame Quotes Washington vs. UCLA Bank of America Arena; Seattle, Wash., February 11, 2006

Lorenzo Romar Quotes

On UCLA: Pretty simple, you ask me who the most physical team is in the Pac-10, UCLA has got to be it. They are very physical, and they came after us. I give our guys a lot of credit because our guys came right back at them. It was a street fight for forty. UCLA makes it that way and thatÍs why theyÍve won a lot of ball games. UCLA is not some underachieving team without talent that all they have is to play hard. They play hard as if thatÍs all they have, but yet they have talent and thatÍs a great combination.

On letting Justin Dentmon play through mistakes: Our guys really stepped up. For good reason people were very critical of Justin after the Stanford game and prior to that whatÍs wrong with him. I think heÍs bounced back now with three very very good performances. He has done a fantastic job for us here. Many asked if he would bounce back and I felt like because Justin has great character, that he would and he has. It has been very good to see that. If you believe in freshman, a lot times thatÍs what you are forced to do. I spoke to Justin earlier when he began to turn the ball over quite a bit. I told him that there was another freshman who averaged over four turnovers a game and sometimes would get seven or nine turnovers and that was Jordan Farmar. But he was a freshman and I think if you believe in someone that is young like that, youÍve got to let them play through their mistakes. The returns were definitely on the positive side. He was like someone who got punched and it was still stinging, but he was trying to act like it didnÍt hurt. But he hung in there. He came right back and he just got right back in the batterÍs box. He got up off the canvas and he just got right back, put his chin right in there. I knew that it was bothering him and I think what we are seeing here in the last three games is Justin Dentmon in the quietness of his own mind saying, ñIÍll make it up.î And itÍs nice to see that heÍs come back and done a great job.

On being out-rebounded: They had their way with us on the boards. We hadnÍt gotten out-rebounded like that in a long time. IÍm sure that when we out-rebounded them the last time, they had it marked on their calendar that they werenÍt going to let that happen and they were very aggressive.

On the importance of winning the game: I said earlier that Gonzaga was a big win for us in the non-conference because we had won some games, but maybe hadnÍt won one against someone that was nationally recognized as one of the best. I think at this point, after a three game losing steak, to come out and beat the conference leader, is going to take our confidence a long way.

On holding UCLA leader Jordon Farmer to 13 points on 2-for-7 shooting: You have to give Brandon Roy a lot of credit for that. Obviously you play defense as a team, we tried to help. We talk about Brandon being the provider, and this is the last time IÍm going to say this: in the pre-season when it wasnÍt scoring as much, people were wondering what was wrong and it wasnÍt need. We were winning games by 20 and 25 points and other guys were getting open looks. Well, when the defense clamps down, and Brandon started scoring, well maybe he was shooting too much. Well, we needed him to defend and just put the clamps on the best playmaker in our league and one of the best playmakers in the country, he stepped up. To put Jordan Farmar in a situation, the great player that he is, to go 2-for-13 with seven turnovers, thatÍs pretty impressive and you have to give Brandon a lot of credit for that.

On the team overcoming adversity: Anytime you face adversity you can always look back on it and refer to it and draw upon it to get you through the next episode of adversity. I think it will make us tougher in the long run. YouÍre down 12 to UCLA and come back and win on the road; those things are character builders. Tonight our guys never dropped their heads. There were a lot of momentum changing situations in that game. It was a rollercoaster, but at the same time you are constantly getting it. I donÍt think our guys backed down, and also didnÍt get disoriented at all. They stayed in there and I think that is the mark of maturity on our guyÍs part.

On Brandon Roy: Brandon wasnÍt going out to score, yet he scored 20. He wasnÍt going out to do a great job defensively and win the game. Guys that put all of their stock and their whole being into how many points they scored, if they have an off night their life is shattered. He doesnÍt do that. He goes out and plays to win the game. Because of his high level of ability and his high IQ level, he finds a way to just get in there and get it done.


GENERAL REMARKS:"They are a very good team, you have to credit Washington. I thought that they were very good today. They forced us into 20 turnovers,14 in the first half. Those turnovers were really huge, we were only downfour and they had seven more possessions just based on turnovers. Our defense gave us a chance to win this game, it was 60-60, all the mistakesare going through your head, it was 60-60 and we had a wide open three. I don't know how much time was left when we missed that three. A couple of times we forgot to do our defensive assignments. Williams scored late in the game on the right block closest to their bench, we were supposed to run a double."

ON ALFRED ABOYA: "Alfred Aboya had a terrific game,, he had his best gameas a Bruin today, 15 and 8, I am very excited about his performance. I thought he did a very good job.

ON MBAH A MOUTE'S FOUL TROUBLE: "It hurt us to have Mbah a Moute out with foul trouble. He needs to be thinking about what he needs to do to get more minutes in the first half. We ended up taking him out with two fouls and he didn't play. He has got to be more aware of not getting into foul trouble at the beginning of games, which has happened the last three games now."

ON Brandon Roy: "Brandon Roy was terrific, he got to the line 16 times. That is a lot of times, a lot of possessions, especially when we were doubling him a lot of the time. It was working, but he kept going to the line every possession. It must have been three possessions in a row, where he get fouled, maybe three out of four."

ON DARREN COLLISON'S FREE THROW TO TIE: "We gave ourselves a chance to win the game, and Darren, it was tough for him to miss the foul shot to tie the game, but that is not why we lost the game. We lost the game earlier, and it was magnified the last two minutes when there was no more time to play. "

ON PHYSICALITY OF THE GAME: "It was just two teams playing really hard. This was like a NCAA tournament team, only we are playing them on the road in their own backyard. They are a very good team. Washington has a chance to really go a long way. If anyone is questioning the level play in the Pac-10, they should watch this game because we are good, we have a good team. They beat us here on their home floor, it was a great win for them. But if anyone is questioning the level of play of the Pac-10, watch this game here. It was two teams just clawing and scratching. It was really physical in the first half, and I thought they did a good job of getting six offensive rebounds in the first half, and probably three or four of them led to baskets for them, which gave them that four point lead."

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