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Tyrone Willingham Monday Press Conference Quotes
Release: 09/25/2006
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Sept. 25, 2006

Comment on Sean Douglas getting Pac-10 Player of the Week:
"That's exciting. I just found that out just before I sat down. When you have a player like the one I've labeled in Sean's category to have the possibility of being the best punter in the country, then you are excited when he gets those kinds of honors and awards. It's a good week for Sean and hopefully he will continue to be even better.

On concern with running game:
Very (concerned). Because to be the effective offense that we would like to be we need both. We need to have the ability to pass it and we need to have the ability to run it. And right now we are coming up a little short on our run game.

What do you think are the problems?:
We need to have better execution, and provide our runners with enough changes that make it easier for them.

What changed in the running game from your first two games to the last two?:
Probably opponents. That has a lot to do with that. The guy on the other side of the line of scrimmage has a lot to do with that. I think that we have played some physical and mobile teams the last couple of weeks and I was not deceived in the second game because we got some yardage there at the end of the ball game.

Were you surprised to see that you had votes in the top 25 polls this morning?:
No, we're 3-1.

Are you concerned with how far Sean Douglas is punting the ball. He is out kicking his coverage and would you want him to kick it higher or something like that:
In a perfect word, you would like Sean to hang it up for 8 seconds and be 60 yards down the field. We will work on his improvement in a week or so. But you also have to improve the coverage. You have to just get off blocks and do a better job there.

What changed in the final 3 quarters defensively:
I think that we got a little more comfortable with what we were doing. And we were moving around much better such as getting off blocks. We wanted to put the run game down a little bit, and earlier in the game we did not do that.

Was there a confidence let down by the team:
No, I think that our guys were eager to play the football game. For some reason we were just not comfortable at the beginning of the ball game. After the last drive of the second half we got more comfortable with what we were doing. We had some things go in our favor and we got to that comfort level.

Can the spread offense continue week after week and help to compliment your base offense:
We would probably like it not to. Because we think that the other things in our package are good too. It depends on the team you are playing. Next week the spread may not be too affective. It may be something else that you go to give you what you need. But hopefully we can get back to the things tat we started the season with and go from there.

Arizona was a team that you ran well on last year. What did you do during that day to make the running game so successful:
James Sims. With his determination and the way that he ran the football.

How was the injury situation after the game:
The injury situation was pretty good. After the ball game we had maybe three guys that came out of the lineup at certain times but they all went back in. We had nothing show upon Sunday so we came out of the ball game pretty good.

What's Jordan Murchison status:
He is behind a couple of guys right now. He is behind Dashon (Goldson) and others in our rotation.

What's the status of Goldson:
He played about 12 snaps and we felt that was the right number for him. We were pleased with those 12 snaps.

How important is it for young people to taste success:
It is more critical today than 10 years ago. Because we are in more of an instant culture right now. Some years ago there might have been the ability to persevere through the learning process. Today things need to happen right away.

How can you build on what has happened during the first several games:
Another victory. And another victory and another victory. That will give us validation for all the things that you are doing in my mind.

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