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Postgame Quotes
Release: 09/06/2009
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Sept. 6, 2009

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On the overall effort of the Huskies:
"I'll say first, there's no moral victories, but I'm very proud of our football team. They played hard, they played physical, they fought through adversity, they competed until the last second on the clock and that's all we could have asked for coming into this ballgame. I think the initial goal I set earlier in the week is that when this game was done, that other football team respected us. I have a feeling they respect the Washington Husky football team."

"With all of that being said, it's not acceptable. We play the game to win and unfortunately, we were in the red zone five times and we settled for four field goals and had a turnover. That's how you can lose. We talked about the turnover battle coming in and we talked about red zone execution and those were two areas that didn't happen for us and I think that was the key to the ballgame."

On whether the overall game execution was as much as he could hope for:
"No, I would have hoped that we would have completed a couple of those balls in the red zone for touchdowns. It would have made me feel a lot better. I think it would have changed a little bit of the complexion of the game. We score that second-to-last drive to possibly cut it to a three-point game. That puts a little more pressure on them, the crowd's really in the game, but instead we settle for a field goal and an eight point game. Then they go down and drive and score. I think that just changed a little bit of the complexion of the game."

"Like I said, I'm really proud of our guys. And I'm proud of the mindset in that locker room afterwards. They're not accepting this. They're hungry. They want to go back out, get to work Monday and start getting ready for Idaho."

On what he saw in quarterback Jake Locker's performance:
"The first thing is that his competitive nature is amazing. The guy just doesn't quit. I saw accuracy in throws that I don't think he had before. I saw an understanding of an offense that is going to allow him to continue to grow. I was very proud of him because in the first game, this offense against that defense, those athletes - I thought he performed very well."

On what he thought the problem was in the red zone:
"I'm going to take some of it. I call the plays and obviously the plays that were called weren't good enough and if they were good enough, then we didn't quite execute them the way we wanted."

On whether he was happy with the run game:
"I really was. I thought Chris Polk played a really good football game. He was physical, he caught the ball well. I thought Johri (Fogerson) did some nice things for us. And obviously what Jake (Locker) did with his legs was effective as well. Chris (Polk) brought a physical nature to his game that he hasn't shown before. He's been showing it in training camp, but he didn't show it last year. You're always wondering if it's going to show up when a real game comes around and he was able to do that."



On Washington:
"The football team that we play today was a very good football team. That Jake Locker is mobile and accurate. They designed a nice scheme that complements what he does. They had a nice back that can run the football and they are going to be nothing but better. My hat's off to that new coaching staff. It appears to me they're well prepared and organized. It was really a very good effort. I can tell you that team will be the most improved team in the conference and we're very thankful we came, performed the way we did and came away with victory."

On the LSU offense:
"Offensively, we turned it back to our opponent a couple of times and when they got it, they kept it. It was the dangdest thing. I want to say in the first half we got four possessions and in the second we got not many more."

On LSU defense:
"The drive that they go down the field at the end of the game, certainly we're playing a soft coverage and catching underneath. The opponent went the length of the field and scored. I think our new defensive coaches did a good job. They put the team in position to do make tackles and do things. I think we missed some tackles early on. If we don't miss those tackles I think we're much better on defense. There were times that I saw that Tiger defense as the kind of defense that I want to see."



LG Gregory Christine

Physical health after the game:
"I feel good, I felt like my in-game strength was good."

On the biggest differences preparing and coming into this game under Coach Sarkisian:
"We were definitely more focused coming into this game. We all were focused on what we needed to do instead of what we thought they were going to do. We all were focused on our assignments and not who was across the ball from us."

On preparing for LSU's speed on defense:
"We made sure we all watched enough film to get a firm understanding of what they do on each play. We also made sure that we were in our spots on each play, because if you're not in your spot, their speed can beat you."

DT Alameda Ta'amu

General thoughts on the game:
"I feel like we played a great game, but I feel like we shot ourselves in the foot too many times."

On the biggest differences preparing and coming into this game under Coach Sarkisian:
"We were a lot more focused getting ready for this game, and we were all working more as a unit. We all felt like brothers coming into this game. We all wore this black bracelet on our arm; we were like a band of brothers getting ready for LSU. The team was just so close before the game. We were ready."

On what you can take away from this game for next week:
"We cannot have any DAPs, [Dumb] plays. We played really well today, but we shot ourselves in the foot with penalties and turnovers."

FB Paul Homer

On the first game with the new offense:
"I felt really good about the offense, we made a lot of plays and the guys played great. The offensive linemen especially played a great game. You saw everybody make a play in every position."



RB Charles Scott

On winning game one on the road:
"We came out and I've got to give props to Washington. They came out and played a hell of a game, they made a stand against us, and they dominated. We just had to fight back, make a few adjustments, and overcome some of the stuff we're not used to seeing."

On struggling in the first half:
"No, I just knew there were two or three wrinkles that they were going to throw at us that we hadn't seen because they've got coordinators from here, coordinators from there, and we weren't sure what was going to go on, compared to previous years. We knew there was going to be two or three wrinkles we had to iron out and we did, and we came to win."

WR Terrence Tolliver

On the win:
"We had to make some halftime adjustments and we were playing sluggish in the beginning. I think the halftime adjustments worked and they kind of hurt us when they scored that last touchdown in the end."

On the first half:
"I don't think the long trip hurt. They were just more prepared than us in the first half and they came ready to go. I mean, like I said, we just had to make some halftime adjustments and we came out with the victory."

On his second touchdown:
"It was a corner blitz, and I ran a three-yard out or whatever, and he just threw the ball and made the play. He audibled at the line."

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