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In The Trenches With Patrick Reddick
Release: 09/25/2002
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Sept. 25, 2002

In his five-plus years with the Huskies, senior wide receiver Patrick Reddick has just about seen it all; the highs of a Rose Bowl championship, the lows of a 6-6 season, two head coaches, and a remarkable six different position coaches. A native of Newbury Park, Calif., Reddick learned the ropes as a freshman in 1997 from future NFL receivers Jerome Pathon and Fred Coleman, played alongside Paul Arnold and 2002 NFL Europe MVP Dane Looker, and is now passing on his knowledge and experience to budding stars Reggie Williams and Charles Frederick. That's not to say the senior is an old Dawg < this Husky still has bite, as evidenced by his 11 receptions for 106 yards and a TD so far this season, the catch total ranking second on the team. After earning an extra year from the NCAA due to a knee injury which kept him out of action for almost two full seasons, Reddick is ready to cash in the chips he's earned with his hard work off the field, and pay out big dividends for the Huskies this year. Did you know that you are at least tied for an NCAA record?
Patrick Reddick: "No; which one?"

GH: In six years, you've played for six different position coaches. Since most guys only play five years at most, and most positions have more continuity at the coaching spot, it's hard to imagine anyone topping that number.
Reddick: "It really doesn't bother me, because for me it's the norm. I really don't know anything else. I try to adjust to each coach and things that he has to say, and just take in something from each coach. It's really not a big deal."

GH: What lessons do you try to pass on to the younger guys?
Reddick: "Just how to be a Dawg. My main thing is that we have a certain way we play around here, and we've got to play within that standard. I like to learn things from younger guys as well as teaching them stuff. I don't really go around talking much, though; I like to lead by example."

GH: What was the feeling last year when you broke for a 75-yard touchdown in a win over Arizona? Did you think you were going to score on that play?
Reddick: "We studied that route all week, and it was like clockwork. The safety came down, and I just ran by him, then Cody hit me in the seam. It was really fun. Scoring was weird, because I started hearing the crowd. When you're running, you don't hear the crowd much. Then I got to the end zone, and the crowd noise kicked in. It was like, OeWow, I scored!' It was fun."

GFH: So what DO you hear, or think about, when you're running?
Reddick: "Scoring. First down or scoring, one or the other."

GH: What's it like when you do score and the Husky Stadium horn goes off?
Reddick: "Man, I can't really explain it to you; it's so much fun. I just wish I could do it more often."

GH: How much pizza do you think you can eat in one sitting?
Reddick: (eating pizza as he answers) "I've been eating pizza all weekend, so I'm tired of it. Now I could only eat one piece. I don't eat much. OK, maybe like four or five pieces."

GH: And offensive guard Elliott Zajac? How many pieces could he eat?
Reddick: "He'll probably eat like 10 or 20 pieces."

GH: I heard Paul Arnold is quite the culinary genius; would you ever eat a pizza he made?
Reddick: "I might. You've always got to try something new."

GH: Do you think it would be any good?
Reddick: "Who knows? I have no idea."

GH: When you're washing down that pizza, do you reach for the Gatorade, Powerade, or Snapple?
Reddick: "Gatorade."

GH: Traditional flavors, or something cutting-edge?
Reddick: "Anything except for lime, it's kind of nasty."

GH: Yeah, lime is sick. Thanks, Pat!

contributing to Steve Hitchcock

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